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Launch Yourself Into The World Of Blogging

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Launch Yourself Into The World Of Blogging

Blogging has been around for quite some time. In fact some of the most visited online sources for fashion, tech and politics, among others, are blogs. Bloggers have not only transformed their popularity into increased number of clicks but also their blogs into a source of revenue. However, not everyone took this trend up when it was just a flourishing idea; some users have only begun using blogs to air their views. With time internet usage trends keep changing; here is a brief but smart guide for what you need to know about blogging in 2014.

world of blogging

Blogging Is Personal, Yet A Responsibility:

Blogging as an idea in itself is a personal endeavor. However, it will not be so personal once you get down to the business side of it, or once you write on topics that by their very nature are not personal. A blog is not an exercise in writing but it is an excellent place to express your personal creativity but you cannot take advantage of the same excuse if you are writing on politics, or advising your followers on fashion. This makes it of paramount importance that you be careful with what you write because it might come back to haunt you someday. Also make a schedule as to when you will post new entries and when you will comment. Without consistency, you won’t get far.

Cost Factor And Job:

Host your blog on a blogging service provider like WordPress or Blogger for free and save money. You don’t need to get a domain in your name. Similarly, you need to do it, the blogging, as something you can do on the side, along with your day job or at least as long as you cannot afford to be a full time blogger. This will help you keep the bucks coming while you can get down to the nitty gritty of getting your blog growing up to become a massive attraction for followers.

Design, Content And Hired Hands:

Choose a design that suits the content that you want to base your blog on. Do not make it flashy or something unless that is what you want. You should try your hands only on the topics you are comfortable with. If you are okay with something, then you should take it head on; but if you are not, you should first cover all your bases before moving on to writing something about it. You can also hire someone to do the job as well. Just make sure that you oversee all the content that they create for your blog, for it is your blog after all.

Use Blogging Software And Services:

You should use blogging services and software to make the best out of your time. They not only help you create beautiful looking blogs but they will also help you finish your tasks in an organized and timely manner. Most blogging software have their mobile applications as well. Use them to post an entry if you are on the road. Also take full advantage of social media to promote your blog.

Interactive, Informative:

Focus on making your blog more interactive and informative. Long blog entries, or posts, are still read but with the arrival of blogging applications on the mobile devices, longer posts are losing their charm. Add images, graphics, audio, video, infographic and such to help your blog stand out among the rut. Also allow your followers to interact with you through comments and emails, provide links to your social networking profiles and invite them to participate in quizzes, surveys and such. This will keep your followers tied up to you blog for a long time


Make every effort to monetize your blog. Use Google’s various ad services and ads from other companies. You should also make sure that you do not take affiliates lightly. They prove handy when it comes to making some serious bucks of your blog.

What’s In, What’s Out:

Most of all you should always be careful about what you are writing on. Write on topics that are in and avoid the ones that are on the out. A fresh perspective on an old topic will also work but make sure that you have something unique and different to add to the already tried topic.

About Our Guest Blogger Racheal Dane:

guesst blogger racheal DaneRacheal Dane is a wordsmith who prides herself in her ability to sight a typo from miles away. Her passion has led her to become a professional blogger and her dedication towards mastering her craft has made her a respectable blogging expert. In private life, she is renowned for holding a fulfilling conversation on her own and you will never find her short of words.

New to blogging? Here are some tips for you

How Can You Condense Time Frames & Maximize Blogging Success?

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How Can You Condense Time Frames & Maximize Blogging Success?

Are You Looking For Great Ideas To Blog About While Squeezing The Most Out Of Your Time? 

Do you have a blog action plan? Having your own action plan plays a crucial role in the overall success of your online blog. In this article we will discuss some basic steps to make your blog more successful in terms of attracting visitors or other goals you may have.  Successful bloggers always know exactly what they will do to get what they want (even if they don’t always spell things right). Unlike the bloggers who blog randomly and pray for success, they follow their own action plan.

condense time frames blogging

What Do Top Bloggers Do?

There are no hidden secrets; they create a plan to succeed. They don’t just try their first time and succeed. It is through experience and practice; they train just like top athletes.  They list the tasks to be done, outline the strategies, and propose the tactics to achieve their goals. Below are three steps that will help you stay organized and focused as you build your blog plan.

How to Plan Your Blog Writing

Blogging Step #1 - Evaluate Your Writing Progress And Goals

Goals-Do you have blogging objectives and goals set for blogging? 

If you want to reach your goals, you have to stay focused on them. The purpose behind creating a blog can vary. Are you trying to attract more traffic and subscribers? Are you trying to generate money through online marketing strategies? Are you just sharing your expertise with other people? It is important for you to evaluate your blog and blog related posts to determine if your are achieving your purpose. Your readers will continue to follow you once they understand you are traveling down the same path with each posts towards your goals.

Audience-When you are writing your goals, keep your audience in mind.

Target AudienceWho is your audience? What would they like to know about your niche? What problem can you help solve for them? How do you meet the needs of your target market? What makes your business or blog special from your competition? What are they really passionate about? What would they be Goggling to find?

End Results-Know what you are aiming for.

You cannot measure your progress until you know the end result you are aiming for. Each goal should be quantified and have a date.  Example of goals could be: number of posts per week, number of page views, number of subscribers, number of unique visitors, Google page rank, etc.  So it will look something like this: I will post  2 articles every week, with a total of 48 posts every 6 months. I will contact at least 10 blogs in my niche where I can submit guest posts. I will raise my blog’s page ranking from 1 million to 100,000 by next December 1st.

Blogging Step #2 – Create An Effective Action Plan

Do you want to increase your blog traffic?

Then you need to know how to attract it and have a plan. If you don’t have a plan, you won’t know the odds and it will take longer to reach no matter what your goals are. If you get in the increasing traffic game and treat it like it is a sport you are competing in, it will start to happen. On the other hand, if you have no plan or goal, there will be no increase in traffic.

What is your action plan for your blog?

Page GoalsAs soon as you have listed your aims and objectives, start prioritizing by listing tasks and set timelines in order to achieve them. You can set different priories for different tasks; it all depends upon how you set your goals and objectives. Knowing the “why” of what you are trying to accomplish speeds up your results. When you know the “whys” you will know what order to put things in.

Have you checked out what your competitors are doing?

Check out competitor blogs in your niche. Make notes of what they are doing right and wrong.  Don’t steal their words, but copy the way they organize things. Your competition can give you great ideas for your business and marketing it as well. When you are all done with analyzing the competition go back to your to-do list of what you can do to make your blog stand out above theirs.

Questions To Consider As You Plan:

• How many hours can you commit to work on your blog every week?

• How often are you going to write?

• Will you be doing product reviews or writing tutorials? 

• Will you be answering customers frequently asked questions?

• Are you going to have guest bloggers, a staff of other bloggers, or tackle it all yourself? 

• What topics will you write about?

• What are the most pressing problems of your prospective clients?

• When will you publish your new posts, daily, weekly? 

• Are you going to outsource some of your articles for backup?

• Are you going to make some video blogs?

• Are you going to have podcasts?

• How many guest posts are you going to do?

• How will you promote your articles?

• How are you going to advertise yourself on social media sites?

• How often will you comment on others blogs?

Make an action plan based on the priorities of tasks.

Blogging Step #3 – Do The Work: Execute

Are you concentrating on the “why” for each tasks?

Constantly review your “why” of each task. Do as many of the tasks as you can do each day. Some tasks have to be put off until later as they will require you to wait for time or money. Keep reviewing your lists and checking off items. By concentrating on the “why” more than on the task, it will seem effortless. Keep in mind what it will feel like when you accomplishing your tasks. Feel the satisfaction as you cross each task off your list.

Are You Using Your Time To Optimize Your Talent?

You have to define your goals and objectives in order to become a successful blogger.  It all comes down to your niche, purpose, audience, and your way of action. Use your time to optimize your talent more.

Why is being consistent in blogging important?

Being consistent in blogging is important because it is the only way to increase readers and achieve blogging success. One way of being consistent is to keep the topics within your niche. If your blog is about dentistry then you want to make sure that is what you are blogging about. Be consistent is important with the amount of times you post your blog. Readers get use to reading your articles and look forward to the next one. Maintaining content and updating your blog shows your commitment to your readers and subscribers. Blogging isn’t just about content it is about providing value and being the expert that helps them. Give your readers value in your content. Everyday action is the hardest one but so long as you have tried and added something meaningful every time you can’t ever be down on yourself!

Back to you…

If you have a blog up and running, what has worked or has not worked for your blog? What other steps or tips need to be included that we did not mention? Will you try to plan out your blog? Please leave below a comment and share your thoughts. Share and Enjoy:

Guest Posting Do’s And Don’ts

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Guest Posting Do’s And Don’ts

Why Would Anyone Want To Guest Post?

Are guest posters nuts? Blogs aren’t fast to write, so why are people begging to post on someone’s blog! What’s in it for them? Guest blogging is a great way to enter and meet the popular community of bloggers. Guest posting pays in the form of gaining quality backlinks and traffic on your own blog. Contributing guest posts to some of the well-known blogs not only puts you in the spotlight, but also helps you learn how to interact with other bloggers through commenting and discussions. Here are some guest posting do’s and don’ts to keep in mind before entering the guest posting world.
guest posting dos and donts

Do: Copy The Blog Owner’s Brand

If the blog owner’s brand is writing in a certain style, conversational tone, or with a particular slanted attitude, make sure your guest post is written that way too. It’s this type of content, style or tone that it’s followers like. Research not only their niche, but the blog owner’s attitude, style, and tone.

Don’t: Send The Same Generic Email To Every Blog Owner

Sending out the same generic email requesting a guest post. This is not going to increase your chances of receiving that all important ‘yes.’ This is because it shows the blog owner you’ve shown enough interest in researching their own blog before generating your email. They will feel that you’ve probably have sent the same generic email to hundreds of other blog owners. They are looking for guest bloggers that can offer fresh unique content and that starts right in the email.

Do: Make It Personal

Personalizing your email by doing your research first for each blog owner is a tedious job and time-consuming. However, just like other important tasks in SEO and online marketing, the more difficult something is to do, the more chances of success. Take some time to create the best blog you can write for guest posts and don’t hesitate to comment on the posts that you enjoyed reading.
catchy headlines

Do: Use A Catchy Headline

Impress the blogger with your catchy headline. Make it clear, fresh, interesting and meaningful. For example: 10 Easy Online Marketing Tips To Consider.

Don’t: Take It For Granted That Your Blog Will Be Published

Remember that by permitting you to submit a guest post for their blog, the blogger is doing you the favor, not the other way round. Even if you feel you’ve created the most compelling content in the blogosphere. Stay humble and let them know that you would really be grateful if allowed to submit a guest post for their blog. If they publish your post, remember to be thankful.

Do: Approach The Blog Owner With Multiple Choices

Most blog owners want to test your skills before accepting a post. So, instead of sending over a completed blog, introduce yourself, ask what subjects they may want you to write on, and offer a few ideas. This shows the blogger that you’ve taken the time to research their niche, create new ideas and are flexible. This also lets reminds them that you are humble and they are in charge.

Don’t: Be Arrogant

It doesn’t matter if you are the best writer in the world, you’ve no excuse for arrogance. Bragging about your talent and claiming that the blog owner should be pleased to publish your content is only going to make the blog owner reject your request. Keep in mind what you can do for the blog owner, not what he can do for you.

link to your website

Do: Include Links In Your Author Bio

Instead of adding backlinks to the body of your guest post, think whether this link is really useful there or whether it would look better if the link is placed in your author bio at the end of the blog.

Back To You…

Have you found successful tips for guest blogging that we haven’t mentioned above?  If so, our audience would love to hear about them. Please comment below.

About Our Guest Blogger Diana Maria:

Guest Blogger Diana Maria

Diana is a writer/blogger by profession. She loves writing, traveling, and reading books. She contributes to Regal Cigs

Connect with Diana on Facebook, and Twitter

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Choosing Blogging Platforms For A Beginner: Blogger Vs WordPress

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Choosing Blogging Platforms For A Beginner: Blogger Vs WordPress

Are you a beginner at blogging and deciding over which platform to use?

Are you confused on what the differences are between Blogger and WordPress? In this article we will discuss Blogger versus WordPress and the pros and cons of each platform.  As we all know, over the past few years, blogging has become a well-known activity and many people have found it as a career path. Done with enough dedication and focus, blogging can be a profitable activity and full time self-employment.
blogger vs wordpress

From a writer’s point of view, the world of blogging has broadened the amount of people that are exposed to posts and texts. Up until some years ago, writing and being a writer was reserved for a few lucky people whose work caught the attention of editorial companies, or were brave enough to market and publish themselves.

Today, even though the quality of the texts is still a requirement, the Internet allows us to expose our work and build a following. It is really up to us to use the tools correctly and take advantage of this situation that many writers did not have before.

Being a writer and producing a lot of work takes up most of our time. We (I dare to include myself in this category) are a breed of perfectionists that spend hours in a single paragraph. That said, it’s only logical that we need a platform that will make it easy for us to show our work and doesn’t take up all our time and energy.

I personally have little or no knowledge of programming, so when I’m faced to endless lines of codes, it might as well be drawings or numbers or unknown symbols, it all looks the same to me. It doesn’t matter how many tutorials (claimed to be dummy-proof) I come across; I will not master the art of programming, ever.

Why I Chose Blogger

I’ve gathered enough information to make my own choice between the available choices of Blogging Platforms.

A lot has been said about Blogger and WordPress and which one of them is better. The conclusion that is drawn in every article that I’ve read, is that the choice will invariably depend on the knowledge that you have on programming, or the available resources to hire programmers. It will also depend on what you intend to use your blog for.

As I stated before, have no programming skills whatsoever, so that’s why I decided on Blogger. A lot of people say that this platform doesn’t look as professional and that it can hurt the way you expose yourself to others. Well, although this is somewhat true, it can quickly be changed. Even though Blogger is much more user-friendly than WordPress, you do have to surf the web to find tutorials to tweak the templates and the overall look of your blog. You will swim through a bit of codes, yet you will not drown, I promise.

Myths You Will Hear About Blogger

You Do Not Own Your Content And It Can Be Deleted At Any Time.

You files are stored in Google servers, but are not held hostage there! This will only allow them to be in a much safer environment, as opposed to hired servers that can be hacked (doesn’t mean they will, yet the chances are a bit higher of this happening).

You should always back-up your files, and professional bloggers recommend that you do this at least every two weeks. It will depend on the amount of posts you make and the frequency.

As far as the blog being deleted, well, you have to maintain common sense here. Will you post offensive,  racist, inhumane content? Well if you will, you are bound to be banned. There are “Terms of Use and Service” in every company, as long as you read and respect them, nothing will happen to your blog.

Blogger Is Not SEO Friendly.

I have been reading up a lot about SEO and it’s a fascinating subject. What I’ve learned is that traffic of links will depend on your SEO skills (tied to strategies and other tools) and not on the platform. Besides, it doesn’t really make sense that the platform that is created by Google itself can’t be optimized, does it?

Sponsors Don’t Like Blogger Platforms.

What advertisers want (and this is coming from someone that has worked in advertising for several years) is to be featured in websites that have high traffic and readers that keep coming back to it. This will be possible due to SEO strategies and relevant content, not the platform.

The Pros Of WordPress

For lots of reasons people chose WordPress. It is a giant of a company that has grown over the past ten years. It was born after Blogger but it held its ground and it grew with many features that stand high competition towards the rest of the platforms.

WordPress is more suited for large companies that would rather have complete freedom as far as developing the website; there are endless amounts of plug-ins that are available for the WordPress platform that will make its functionality much more attractive.

However, in order to take advantage of this full development, you need to be able to manage programming codes. The slightest mistake (something as simple as a missing comma) could bring several files down and make them not work until the code is fixed.

If you don’t have that kind of knowledge, then you are probably going to hire help that can increase the final cost.

Decide For Yourself: Blogger Vs WordPress


You will find endless tutorials of active Blogger users that will guide you through the process of managing your account. WordPress forums have an active community but that it doesn’t seem to be very helpful.

Default Templates

Blogger has a much more limited amount than WordPress (that has over 70 to chose from). This is why many people find it unprofessional-looking.

Downloadable Free Templates

Related to the previous item (Default Templates), a lot of designers are providing many templates that are free to download and use in Blogger; they are not that active on doing that with WordPress, since it’s much more difficult. You will find downloadable templates,  this will raise the final cost.


Blogger allows no editing in comments, though it does allow moderation (erasing comments). WordPress does allow to edit and moderate comments and its form is much more user friendly. This feature will be helpful depending on the importance you give to what your readers have to say (which should be a lot!).

Images And Video

Blogger will allow up to 1 GB of image storage and 16 GB of video storage. WordPress, on the other hand, will allow 3 GB of both video and image storage.


Even though Blogger doesn’t have a default system for measuring and giving out statistics, it does allow third parties to do it. WordPress does have a default system for stats, though they only last for two days and they don’t allow third parties to measure.

Mobile Phone Adaptation

This is a great feature for current days since Smartphones and tablets rule our daily routines. Blogger beats WordPress in this aspect since it does support this feature.

I hope this information was useful for you to make your choice. I already chose Blogger but because of my lack of programming abilities. Now it’s up to you!

Your Turn…

We want to hear what blogging platform you decided upon and the reason why. Are you happy with your decision? Let us know by commenting below.

About Our Guest Blogger Denisse Troconis Aoun:

guest blogger Denisse Troconis Aoun

Denisse Troconis Aoun is an Online Marketing Consultant. Passionate about US Hispanics & LATAM market-Hispanic Creativity for Latinos! I’m focused. I create. I learn. I grow. I work with iNetGiant.

Visit Denisse’s website:

Connect with Denisse on Facebook, Facebook Fan Page, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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Guest Post: An Article On Steroids

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Guest Post: An Article On Steroids

Should you accept guest posts or write guest posts for others?

Could guest posts be your ticket to earning big traffic and monthly revenues?  Yes!  Guest blogging is a great way to help grow your business. It is a free traffic strategy or an SEO backlink strategy at most. In this post we will discuss: What guest posting is, how it works, and why you want guest posts.
article on steriods

Search engines have changed their algorithms in a manner where content on your page is important. When you write meaningful subject matter that readers find relevant enough to share with their fellow peers, you rise in the new search engine results Page (SERP). It’s all about giving value.

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posts are articles submitted by non-members of a website or blog. It is another form of article marketing. What it is, is actually going directly to important websites with higher Page Rank and placing your guest post on there. When you write for a guest post you put links that go back to your blog or website. This provides backlinks back to your website or blog.

Most blogging sites that have guest bloggers allow backlinks in the author’s bio. This ensures that this writer is real and also provides a way to pay back the guest blogger with a link or links.

You can view guest posting as article marketing on steroids!

How Does It Work And What Are The Steps Involved?

You contact the owners of blogs and websites that are within your niche. Offer them an original article full of content and value in exchange for a link back to your website or blog. Towards the end of your post, ask a specific question of the reader and encourage them to reply with their answer. Then, after the post goes live, respond to each and every comment made on your post. Often you can build real connections via the comments and with blog owners as a result of a few posts.

What To Look For When Searching For A Site To Post On:

• A blog that is in the same niche

• Industry leaders

• Make sure their blog is of great quality

• Look for a high Page Rank

• Check to see they have social share buttons

• A place at the end to put your bio

Why Put The Effort Into Guest Posting?

Guest posting is a great way to build relationships with other business and blog owners in your market. When you focus on building strong relationships and helping others grow their business, you’ll gain more than just a single backlink or blog post could get you. This is where the real leverage is at.

Why Guest Posting Is Beneficial?


1. Traffic – SEO And Link Juice

link juiceGuest posts can bring lots of direct traffic to your website or blog.Other websites within your market are going to be linking to your website, often with the anchor text of your choice! Search bots love sites that have authentic information to offer especially if they can’t find it anywhere else. One of the many criteria for search engines is the quality of links that points towards a website also know as a backlink or off page links. Why is this important to you? This is important because the more links you have from relevant websites, the greater your chance is to reach the top ten on the search results page. By guest posting on websites that are related to or are similar to your website you are increasing the level of ranking via quality backlinks.

2. Establish Authority

How does a having a well written articles full of values and tips establishes you as a leader? When you submit a post not only is it important for search bots but also humans. They will read your article when you provide solutions to their answers. They want the gossip and the juice. You will be exposed to readers of a niche category who are looking for information, solutions, and answers. They are more likely to follow you if you write quality articles, and this establishes you as an authority.

3. Building Strong Relationships

Ever been to a blog that has the most boring topic or not even good English and yet has a lot of comments? This is because they have established relationships with other bloggers and these bloggers are helping them back by commenting. So you don’t have to have the greatest content to have a lot of comments or traffic.

If you comment and tweet out their blog posts and hit the LIKE button on Facebook or +1 on Google+, they are more likely to reciprocate back to you. Guest blogging can amp up the relationship. How you may ask? If you have good relationship with your fellow bloggers and their readers then they will keep coming to your blog regularly. They may even subscribe to your email list and whenever you publish your latest blog post they will comment on it. If they share your latest blog post on their social media sites it will help bring your site more brand awareness and boost traffic. They can even refer advertisers to your site or write a blog post back for your site.

4. Branding

Guest posting is a great way to get your blog or business out there to let people know that you exist and for them to find you. How will people know your website exists if you don’t plant seeds? Every time you write a guest post for another site it plants a seed so, people know you exist. This gets your ideas out there and this is a great way to share it with readers who are interested in your article. Writing about your niche helps to establish your brand. Look for blogs and website that allow their guest posters to have the author’s picture in their bio. The St. Paul Marketing Team believes in branding and at the end of all our guest posts we also allow the links and social sites to help brand the author’s website or blog.

Why Would You Want Guest Bloggers On Your Site?

So it might sound scary to have guest bloggers, but look at all the benefits:

• Links to your site.

• It drives their fans and readers to your site.

• It is a cost free article.

• It gives you a break from having to write an article.

• It increases your relationship with the guest blogger.

• It provides fresh content with a new style.

• The author is likely to share it on social sites.

Guest blogging is definitely is a great way to grow your business online, not only from a purely traffic and conversion perspective, but also from a long term partnership perspective. The more successful the website is, the more traffic you will be able to generate to your own website, but this in turn requires you to provide very high quality articles in order to succeed.

Back To You….

If you have had interesting experiences with guest blogging which has increased your exposure or have been a guest blogger that gained exposure, we would like to share your experience with our audience. Please comment below.

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Blogging Basics For The Beginning Blogger

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Blogging Basics For The Beginning Blogger

Are You A Newbie In The Blogging World?

Blogging is the new way for websites to reach their full potential online. Everyone was a beginner at blogging at one time and it can be tough. In this article we will discus blogging basics for the beginning blogger such as: how you can keep your blogs interesting, how to make them informative, and how blogging can be useful in social media and forums.
blogging basics

Blogging is just as beneficial to a website to increase rankings in the search engines as SEO and snippets. People and businesses use blogging to attract search engines so that their site will show up at the top of the page. If your site doesn’t get on the first page searchers won’t find you and they won’t be able to find your website. Blogging can explain points that are relevant to the content on your website and what your niche is all about. When writing a blog it is important to use personal experience when available.

What Can Make Or Break An Article?

Keep the blog short to keep the interest of the readers. The usual amount of words is around 500. The blog should get straight to the point when able to do so. Some people use personal experiences and stories to draw readers in to create interest. Businesses can use blogs to attract prospects in their niche through the use of personal experiences and problems they have solved that others may be searching for.

What Keeps It Interesting?

• A blog should be interesting to the reader. There should be humor in the content when possible. Keeping it light and sometimes funny will keep the reader interested enough to continue reading and possibly to seek further information.

• Through the use of supportive information, blogs can attract readers to a website in search of further information. It should also contain information that teaches something of interest and have value. When sharing information it should be pertinent to the website.

How Do You Make It Informative?

• When writing a blog, make sure to include useful information that can inform an individual of something important. An example of this would be a blog about computers.

• Blogs can be useful in giving descriptions and tutorials, “how to” information, and information describing the different types of computers.

• Use blogging to teach how to complete certain tasks. They can teach the steps to something and teach where to look for further information on the subject.

What Should You Check Before Publishing?

After completing your article be sure to proofread and check the grammar and punctuation. Check for spelling and add in keywords to optimize your article. On page SEO is adding keywords to increase search engine visibility so they can find and access your website. Make sure your blog is full of interest and that you are writing for humans not bots.

How Can Blogging Be Useful In Social Media And Forums?

• Use blogging to express feelings, emotions, and opinions about subjects. Forums open up blogs for discussion by encouraging the expression of opinions.

• Discuss information or subjects that people are talking about and searching for. Then write an article about what they are searching for and give them answers. Color your article with emotional interest so it will create an engaging environment. You will get more comments, likes, shares, and +1’s this way.

• Blogging allows readers to chat back and forth as well as discussing everything. A blog can last for days or weeks of continuous conversation and can be shared on social sites.

Students use blogs to discuss and access school information. Teachers use blogs to list assignments for online and offline studies. A blog can give everyone the same information without having to email each individual person.

When you are ready to get started remember to keep your blogs interesting with high quality content, make them informative, and use social media to make it go viral. Building an audience takes time just persevere as you build.

Back To You…

What other tips do you feel beginner bloggers need? Experienced bloggers feel free to comment on over coming blogging hurdles below.

About Our Guest Blogger Siddhartha Rahut:

Siddhartha Rahut

Along Sidra is himself a regular blogger and a contributor to His articles on blogging sites are really popular. 

Visit Sidra’ s website:

Connect with Sidra on Facebook and Twitter.  

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How Can Blogging Help Your Local Business?

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How Can Blogging Help Your Local Business?

Are you a local business owner that is looking for new strategies to get more customers?

If you have a website for your company, the next step to enhance your website and get traffic to it is to establish a blog. What can a blog do? In this article we will discuss how a blog can raise your company’s brand, get more traffic to your site, and make your business look like the credible source. If you want a result that can translate into more money and customers then blogging would be beneficial for your business.
blogging your local business

Blogging Reason #1 – Improved SEO Rank

Do you want more traffic to your site? Do you want more leads? By having rich content on your blog with relevant keywords that people are searching for, it will get more comments, attention, likes, shares, etc. If you had many articles that provided fresh unique content, your blog will rank on page 1 in the search engines. Blogging is a natural way to optimize your site for search engines to get your business found! Your articles could rank for various combinations and get free traffic.  Each new blog post you publish creates another way for prospects to find you. If you were Google looking at dozens of small static websites a thriving blog found on one site could be a huge quality signal, boosting that business blog to the top of the SERPs for many of their primary keywords. The higher your blog appears on the search engines results, the more people will visit your blog.  Which means, more exposure for your business. By adding local keywords you can also target your audience to where you live. By having a blog they are more likely to find you. If you’re blogging on a regular basis, there’s a good chance that Google will rank you higher in the search results. If they can’t find you online, they probably won’t buy from you.

Blogging Reason #2 – Increased Credibility & Authority

Do you want to establish your business as a credible source for a subject matter and the top source for your niche? If your articles are answering the solutions to all the problems they are searching for and your competitors are not, you will look like the credible source. When you have a great looking site that has quality content it adds to the favorable impression (“Yes, we’re the best business for …”). It makes them want to stay on the site and read more. By having a blog they are more likely to find you. When you blog, you create new content pages that will show Google you have “fresh” articles and this will also help increase your authority with them.

Blogging Reason #3 – Builds Social Presence

Social Media PresenceDo you want your business to be found on other social media sites?  People are finding businesses on social media sites. In today’s social media world, engagement with your customers is expected and having a blog is essential to market your business.  When you blog you add the ability for people to comment, share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and more. This is working smarter not harder as your fans are helping you to market. We are in the era where recommendations from friends are valued highly. The more people that share your blogs, the more your business is being promoted. When they share your posts, those links can turn visits into leads.

Blogging Reason #4 – Build Trust

Do you want people to know, like, and trust your company? Having a blog can answer questions and be solutions to what they are searching for. What happens when a prospect visits your static website? What is there to set you apart or convince a prospect? If it doesn’t standout they will yawn, get bored, and leave your site. When you add a blog on your site, they will discover a wealth of information.

Your blog should have articles with content that solve real problems. They will gain a better understanding of what you are about and what you do. When you educate people they get to know and like you.  This makes your business more credible and they begin to trust you. They can post comments and immediately engage with you. No more yawns, instead they will be more willing to contact you for help over another competitor.

Blogging Reason #5 – Branding

Do you want more control of your business brand? A business blog can allow you to dictate an image to potential customers. Blogging lets people learn more about you and how you can help others. When you write about what you know, what you are good at, etc. this is great for branding.

The best business blogs add value through fresh content before they begin to sell to their readers. They build a community and educate their readers about their market. The more they feel that they know, like, and trust you, they more they will buy from you.

If you have a business website that is missing a blog, you are also missing out on traffic, rankings, engaging with visitors, and more. Blogging is an essential part of your marketing campaign. Don’t skimp out where it counts! Start blogging today and show that you are the expert in your field.

Do you have a business blog that helped expand your business? If so, we would love to hear about it!  Comment below and share with other business owners what your business blog did for your business.

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Blogging Tips: How To Generate 10-30 Leads A Day Blogging?

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Blogging Tips: How To Generate 10-30 Leads a Day Blogging?

If you are considering blogging as a strategy to build your business, you need to learn how to generate leads from your efforts.  I am sure you know that clients are the life-blood of any business.

blogging tips

In this post I am going to share with you Blogging Tips that are going to help you generate leads and clients for your business.

First of all, lets explore.

Why Do You Need A Blog?

1.      Blog is your main HUB that connects with your target audience. Treat your blog as your online home, where people can visit, learn more about you and your business.

2.      It is your online asset because you own your blog. – I am assuming that you have a self-hosted blog. If you don’t have your own self-hosted blog I highly recommend you get one.

3.      Place to share your knowledge and a way to acquire valuable Internet real estate.

4.      Helps you build your brand visibility and social proof.

5.      In the world of people trying to get rich quick, blogging stands out as a tried and true way to have long term success.

6.      To generate leads, clients, and income.

Ok, lets get on with the topic.

How To Generate 10-30 Leads A Day Blogging?

• First of all, if you don’t have a blog yet start one now. I know it sounds obvious, but some of you learn so much about blogging, but procrastinating without just getting started.

• Know your target audience. This is the KEY to a successful blog. Who are you targeting? Whose problems are you going to solve? You cannot talk to everyone because then no one will listen. So, make sure you are clear on who your target market is.

This post “Get This Before You Start Marketing “ will help you get clear on your audience.

• Believe in the value you have to offer to your target group of people. Most of the people don’t believe the value of what they already know. Whether you know it or not, there are so many people who need and want to hear what you know. So, don’t be selfish, share your value.

• Get an email marketing system like Aweber.  Using your email marketing system create an opt-in form where your target visitors can enter their contact details. You need to have at least their name and email address. (Some marketers only ask for email address, personally I like to get their name)

opt in

• Create a good opt-in offer. Give your audience a good reason to put their information and opt-in to your list. Your opt-in offer can be an E-book, podcast, video, or a video series… You can also use training videos from a system like My Leads System Pro,  if you are in the business opportunity niche.

• Create content consistently. Keep your blog fresh and post new content regularly. Schedule blog posting in your Daily Method of Operation.

• Install plug-ins to help you with Search Engine Optimization. For example: All in One SEO Pack.

share blog content




• Share your blog content on social media sites like Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Facebook Groups etc. to get massive visibility.

• Encourage visitors to comment and share your blog posts. You can do this just by asking your readers to comment and share. It is a good idea to have social icons at the top or bottom of your content so it will be easy for your readers to share

• Use a content syndication system like Tribepro to get massive social sharing.

It will be very easy task for you to generate 10-30 leads a day just by blogging. If you are crystal clear about your target niche and be consistent with creating fresh new content to your blog and distributing them.

It is my sincere hope that you will take these blogging tips to create massive success with your business.

About Our Guest Blogger Damayanthi Jayasinghe:

guest blogger Damayanthi Jayasinghe

Damayanthi, once struggling network marketer found her way into the world of online marketing due to her willingness to learn and never giving up attitude. Now she dedicates her time and effort to help other struggling network marketers to generate more leads and cash flow to their businesses.

To learn more about Damayanthi – visit her blog–

Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

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Life Saving Writing Skills Of An Entrepreneur

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Life Saving Writing Skills Of An Entrepreneur

Good Copywriting Is One Of The Most Essential Skills Of An Entrepreneur.

life saving writing skills

A legendary ad man, John E. Kennedy, coined the phrase “Advertising Is Salesmanship In Print”. This directly translates to the online world whether you are placing ads, sending emails, or writing article headlines.

Just about everything you do in your business, that touches a potential or existing customer, requires compelling copywriting. You can spend money on email campaigns, Google or Facebook ads, and other marketing activities, but without the correct verbiage, there is a good chance that you’ll just throw your money away, or waste a lot of time and energy with no results.

There are many approaches, and many marketing strategies that require essential writing skills. Today I will highlight tips for things like email subject lines, blog headlines (or articles), and ad content.

You Need An Approach

Try to think of ways to compel your audience, or persuade your readers to click on your ad, or open your email. How can you stand out? How can you look different?

Consider what direction you want to take before you start writing. Will you ask a question that makes your reader think about an answer? Will you make them curious, or perhaps write something controversial?

Take a look at four approaches for how you can get attention, and make people stop and click.

1. Make Them Curious

Write like you are having a conversation with your friends. If curious enough, they will want to get more info. By being a touch outrageous, you look different from other businesses. If they are curious enough, they will click.


“Beware They Don’t Trick You This Time”

Your audience thinks: Who is going to trick me? What was I tricked by before?

2. Ask Compelling Questions

If your reader ponders your question, you will have connected with them, grabbed their attention.

Great subjects are things that can burden someone’s thoughts. It’s great if your reader thinks about your question for a moment to find their own answer. It means they are not clicking away to somewhere else.


“Our Economy Continues to Decline. Ready for What’s Coming?”

Your audience thinks: Will I be okay? Am I ready for the next challenge? What’s next that I need to be aware of?

3. Being Controversial

Often the best direction, and most effective, is building drama or creating controversy. Like being drawn to watching a fight, people are fascinated with a controversial situation.

The National Enquirer has a line up of high-paid copywriters waiting to get hired. Their business model is entirely about creating controversy and dramatic stories. It must be working. Since the 2008 economic crash, they are one of the few national newspapers left in business.


“Flu Cure No One Wants to Share”

Your audience thinks: I had the flu. It sucked! Why wouldn’t anybody want to help?

4. Have You Qualified?

Get your audience to act upon your subject by using numbers, a countdown clock or calendar. Create a sense of urgency. Give them a time limit. Say there are only so many that qualify, etc.


“Will You Be One of 11 People to Qualify by Friday?”

Your audience thinks: I can qualify for anything. If it’s limited, I’m still sure I can get in. I better act now before the deadline.

Essential Writing Skills Of An Entrepreneur

When you look at other people doing the same thing as you, you’ll sound just like them. Instead, try to stand out using the tips I’ve provided. Also, make sure you are attracting customers that are right for your business.

Look to other industries for copywriting ideas and styles. Follow the experts and model what they are doing. Be a constant student of the art.

Whether you are a small business owner, a home business owner, or someone looking to leave a job and start something new, you need to continually develop the essential writing skills of an entrepreneur.

About Our Guest Blogger Bonnie Chomica:

guest blogger Bonnie ChomicaBonnie Chomica is a survivor of corporate servitude. Laid off three times in 10 years, Bonnie took control of her earning potential and moved her marketing career online. She now helps others escape the uncertainty of their jobs and coaches them to become successful Internet entrepreneurs. Bonnie is a strong leader, sharing insights into entrepreneurial mindset, marketing strategies, and the secret world of online marketing.

Connect with Bonnie at Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, My Website, and My Blog.

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How To Build Your Business With Content Marketing Buzz

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How To Build Your Business With Content Marketing Buzz

Do You Want To Convert Prospects Into Raving Fans And Customers?

Do you want to look like the expert in your field? Do you want people come to you instead of your competitor. You can with quality content and content marketing that attracts them. Like bees buzzing around a sweet flower you are creating your own business buzz, and attracting prospects with your content marketing.  In this post we will discuss building your business buzz with content marketing and how getting content will get you leads. Those that will adapt to this change will bloom.

Content Marketing Buzz

What Are The Flaws Of Traditional Advertising?

Traditional ad companies interrupt customers with mediums such as radio, billboards, yellow pages, local newspaper, magazine, T.V. commercials, etc.

These types of advertisements interrupt customers as they’re doing something else like listening to the radio or driving on the freeway. These ads do not provide value to the customer and don’t offer any inherent reason for them to see it. These types of ads only capture attention for a brief time, interrupt customers instead of giving them value, and end up being very expensive. They do not reach a wide mass audience as the Internet or social media does. You want to place your advertising where the customers are searching and hanging out.

Click On The Video Below To See The 4 Preparation Steps For Content Marketing:

What Is Content Marketing?

Is there a way to reach prospects without interrupting or spamming them?

Where do you get people that want to hear your message instead of doing everything they can to avoid it? Is there a way to advertise on a shorter budget and be where the customers are? Yes, yes, and yes!  Just as a beautiful flower attracts the bees, creating new content will have your business prospects buzzing around your content marketing.

Content marketing is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. It is an Internet marketing strategy that incorporates the art of mixing of creation and publication of original content. People want to decide based on their own information gathering. This includes blog posts, articles, case studies, white paper, videos, emails, and photos. Unlike traditional advertising that interrupts customers to get noticed, content marketing is the free content customers are looking for and want. The purpose of content marketing is to generate leads, enhancing a brand’s visibility, and making your company look like the expert. Repeated and regular exposure of your brand can build a relevant relationship to get them to know, like and trust you.

Providing value to prospects can be done in two ways. The first is educational content and second is as entertainment.  Educate your customers to the point that they are ready to purchase your product or services. Then keep them buzzing around your business by entertaining them. Your prospects are searching for answers so give it to them. Focus on their needs, common questions, common problems, and be a friendly helpful resource that answers questions for them.

Why Should You Use Content Marketing?

Competition is getting stronger on the Internet and content marketing can help you stand out. People will recognize your brand if they keep seeing it.

Content marketing generates qualified leads while it engages prospects in a branded environment without busting their budget. It is a great marketing tool that also helps to educate consumers on the products and services they use. This is the subliminal converting factor as it makes you look like the authority figure they want to follow. You can capture prospects names, email, and phone number on your website. Through the autoresponder you can communicate to prospects with emails and give them more value. This builds a relationship where they feel like they know, like, and trust you. After this is established, it maintains customers retention and loyalty.

Take advantage of content marketing and all of the other ways you can promote your site online.

Each blog post, video and article will last for the life of your business and you will give you a great return on your investment. You can reach thousands of people with just one post or video that took only a few hours to produce.  It will show up on the search engines in the organic (free) section. You can create content that will be shared over the Internet on social media.

Great Content Is Rewarded By Users Through The Search Engines.

In 2011 Google’ Panda update penalized sites that had no value to the web user in SERPs. 

The unique, new, and fresh content is what the search engines look for. Google wants to remove poor quality content from the search results and reward high quality sites with improved rankings.  Creating content just isn’t enough anymore. Make your content stand out by making it newsworthy with keywords, tips, videos, infographics, slideshows, and more.

What Are Examples Of Content Marketing?

The follow ways are examples of making your business more visible by using content marketing which informs or teach your prospects:

- Creating and regularly updating a blog.

- Writing articles for online trade publications.

- Writing guest posts for established blogs.

- Creating presentations that solve a problem and posting it

- Publishing an email newsletter online through social sharing services.

- Article marketing.

- SEO copywriting.

- Niche research services.

- Video marketing.

- Social media marketing.

- Blogging.

- Ebooks.

- Podcasts.

- Webinars.

- Enewsletters.

How Can Social Media Help?

Major players like Google are basing their futures on technologies that facilitate content sharing.

The social media site Google Plus uses what you “plus” and share to help your friends in their search results. With search results becoming increasingly customized, quality content is the secret key to social media success. Google Plus gathers information on your previous search behavior and then it adds what your friends have given a “plus” to.

When you are searching for a dentist in Woodbury, MN for example, if there is any content the search engines can gather  from your friend’s comments or have given a “plus” in their  searches to that particular dentist will be given a higher rating.  As a business owner you can places your videos, articles, and blog posts on social media sites. The more people share it the more it will get to search engines and give your business a boost.

Do you have any tips to personally add about “Content Marketing”? If so, please comment below.

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