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Marketing VS Branding: What’s The Difference?

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Marketing VS Branding: What’s The Difference?

Are you confused on what is the difference between marketing and branding?

Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t know the answer there are a lot of people who don’t know. In fact it is not just people that don’t get the difference or what they are. There are businesses that don’t either. Do you have a clear picture of what your brand is? If you are a business owner it is important to know what both are so you can utilize them both. In this article we will discuss what marketing and branding are and the differences between the two.

marketing vs branding

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is the active promotion of a brand or product. It is known as a push tactic as you have to push the message out over and over. Marketing builds brand awareness and let people know that your business exists and that they should choose your business over others. What message are you pushing out there to get sales? It is what brings in customers through social media, video marketing, blogging, SEO, PPC, TV, newspaper, magazine, radio and other marketing platforms. It can be measured in likes, shares, analytics, sales, and phone calls. You may have seen a TV commercial or Facebook ad on your phone with a celebrity. It all comes down to buy our product or services, as we are better than our competitors.

branding is strategic

What Is Branding?

Branding is the essence of the company, service, or product. It is know as the pull strategy. Your brand is you “voice”, what your company promise is, and mission of the company. What are you communicating to your consumers when they think about your brand, see your brand, and hear your brand? Does your brand set up different values than your competitor? Branding can be measured through sentiment. Have people heard about your business? What do they say about your business when you are not around?

loyalty and brand

Customer Loyalty & Branding

Did you know that branding wins over marketing? Really why is that? Branding is what brings in customers loyalty. Branding is what will turn customers into a long relationship. What makes you want to buy certain brands has to do with branding. Branding is not like marketing where is says buy me. Branding says this is what I am and why I exist. If you like me you can purchase me, support me and then recommend me to others. Do you ever notice that when people buy a new car they usually stick with the same brand? They have had a good experience and our loyal to the brand. Think of a restaurant that you go to for years. What do you like about it that makes you keep coming back? There are so many pizza businesses for example and yet you keep going back to the same one. Competition can be fierce and it is your branding that will set you apart from other businesses. Branding will keep your customers coming back for more.

What They Both Have In Common

Both marketing and branding don’t have an end date. Just like laundry it is never ending. They both are needed to have a successful business.

What are the misunderstandings of marketing and branding?
Here are 4 misunderstandings:

Misunderstanding #1- You Define Your Brand

Even though you set up your company and your brand, your customers are the one that define your brand. Your customer’s perception of your business is what will be passed off to other people. Therefore your customers own your brand.

Misunderstanding #2- Branding Is A Simple Formula

There is no simple formula to branding. Every business is unique and not cookie cuttered. Even if they are in the same field and both Determatologists for example they are going to have different needs, values, and identities. Branding will always be a customized experience.

Misunderstanding #3- Marketing Comes First

Branding comes before marketing, as it is the core of your marketing strategy. If you are a new business owner it is important to know what you brand is, what makes you unique before you start to market your business.

Misunderstanding #4- Branding Drives Sales

Branding drives an enduring reputation and long-term relationship. Marketing is the one that drives the sales.

think of branding

Marketing methods over the years will evolve. It wasn’t too long ago that we didn’t even have the Internet. Then when the Internet came social media marketing, video marketing, blogging, PPC etc. came about. While marketing methods and platform may change branding will remain the same.

Back To You…

Did you know the difference between marketing and branding before this article? Do you listen to your customers and then market it to them based their needs? Please comment below.

12 Holiday Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

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12 Holiday Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Are you looking for tips to getting your small business more sales this holiday season?

“Tis the season for both giving and receiving. This time of year can be stressful and overwhelming. Let’s make it more fun and festive with tips to get your business in the holiday spirit and attract more clients. In this article are 12 Holiday Marketing Tips For Small businesses.

12 Holiday Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Holiday Marketing Tip #1- Be Present On Social Media

There is nothing worse than having your social media presence empty or deserted.

be present on social media

Holiday Marketing Tip #2- Make Engaging Holiday Posts

Post funny cartoons and use hashtags so people can find your fan page. Ask questions to your audience with a picture such as what is your favorite Christmas movie?

funny christmas cartoon

Holiday Marketing Tip #3- Run A Holiday Contest

Think of something in your business that people would love to win. Whether it is a product or a discount off a service offer a great deal!
People are more likely to like and share if it something they really want to win.

Holiday Marketing Tip #4- Holiday Coupons

Offer a discount on a service or buy one get one Free. Get your fans and customers a great deal and design a nice eye catching coupon

Holiday Marketing Tip #5- Blogging About The Holiday

Think of how you can incorporate your brand and the holidays. Is your brand about exercise and nutrition? You could blog about holiday recipes or how to stay in shape around the holidays. Try to tie your product or service in with tips or how to.

Holiday Marketing Tip #6- Holiday Small Business Events

Partner or find other businesses that are already having a one-day event where you can set up a booth and sell your products and services.

Participate in Small Business Saturday, which is always the Saturday after Thanksgiving and follows the popular shopping day Black Friday.

small business saturdayIf there are no events start your own and offer door prizes, free food, drawings, and awesome prizes to reel people in to your event.

Holiday Marketing Tip #7- Holiday Email Greetingss

Email your customers to have a great Thanksgiving and wish them a Merry Christmas and New Year. Make it cute and festive with graphics! Don’t put any promotions on this email.

Holiday Marketing Tip #8- Holiday Specials To Loyal Customers

Offer specials to customers that you already have. You could offer free shipping, secret sales, and discounts.

Holiday Marketing Tip #9- Cross Promote Coupons and Sales

When you give your customers a bag fill it with other coupons and sales of other local business and have them do the same for you.

happy holidays cardHoliday Marketing Tip #10- Holiday Cards

Send your customers real holiday cards not ecards. They are more memorable and won’t get lost in the junk mail.

Holiday Marketing Tip #11- Holiday Bonus Gift

You may have seen this before at the mall. Offer a free bonus gift with a purchase of whatever and of course you pick what the gift is and the amount that they have to purchase at least to get that prize. This will draw them into buying more.

promotional calandersHoliday Marketing Tip #12- Give Them A FREE Calendar

Print a personalized calendar to give out to your clients. Depending on what your business is you can get creative. Be the brand your customers see every day.



Back To You…

Do you have other holiday marketing tips to add that was not on the list? What do you do for holiday marketing that works great?

7 Ways To Boost Your Content For Social Media

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7 Ways To Boost Your Content For Social Media

Are you using social media effectively?

Are you using social media to drive traffic, leads, engage with fans, and increase sales? Do you want blog articles, videos, and other posts to have more shares? Have you heard of the word, “content marketing” and had no idea what is but felt you should know? In this article we will discuss 7 ways to boost your content for social media.

boost your content for social media

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating consistent valuable content to share it to attract and retain more customers and fans.

Why Should Small Businesses Invest In Content Marketing?

Smaller businesses don’t have huge budgets like a large business. They need to build brand awareness and leads with a limited budget. Content marketing is a great way for a small business to do both.

Here are other great benefits of content marketing for small businesses:

• Build brand awareness
• Be an authority in your niche
• Create loyalty and trust
• Position your business as an expert in your industry
• Generate traffic to your website
• Provide value to your customers and fans
• Educates your products and services

Content Marketing And Social Media

Did you know that content marketing and social media are interconnected? After you create a blog post, infographic, vlog, etc you post it on social media to dispense it out. Social media then can promote your content when it gets a lot of shares and likes. Depending on what social media platform you use it can also have SEO benefits and boost your ranking too. When they are used together they can give your marketing a boost.

So how can you boost your content marketing to make the most out it and get more shares and likes?

catchy headlines stand outHere Are The 7 Ways To Boost Your Content For Social Media:

Tactic #1-Choose A Catchy Headline That Stands Out

First impressions are everything. Before someone decides to read your blog post or watch your Youtube video they will read the title first. If it doesn’t relate to them they won’t read or watch the video.

A great article headline will draw the readers and glorify what the information is all bout. Just look at a magazine and check out all the headlines that are on the front page. A good headline can make or break your content marketing strategy.

Tactic #2- Compelling Images

Does your blog post or article have any images in it? People are more likely to read it with compelling images. When there is a lot of text it can turn them off. Images can help deliver the intended message with bigger impact. It can help organize your paragraphs and content. People remember images and think in pictures. Using pictures will make it more memorable. The image should add to the article or blog post. If it breaks up too much text it can lose its purpose and be a turn off.relate to the audience

Tactic #3- Relate To The Audience

Is your content relevant to the audience? What will they learn if they read it? Think of frequently asked question you get from your customers and fans. Those questions they ask would make a great subject for your content marketing. You can educate them on your services and products. Relate to the audience of why they should read it.

Telling stories and giving examples are a great way to relate to your audience. Your writing style should be in a language they can understand. If you use too many technical terms it can turn them off.

Tactic #4- Share Content In Groups & Communities

Did you know there are groups and communities on Facebook and Google Plus on all different types of subjects? After you have your blog post up besides sharing it on your fanpage you can share it to the community. Depending on your niche and what groups you are in they are more likely to share your content than say your friends and neighbors. The groups you join are about its members and how the group can provide value for them.

Tactic #5- Optimize For SEO

Use keywords throughout your post. Try to include them throughout your article without it looking spammy or hard to read. They should be placed in the title, headings, introduction, conclusion, anchor text, and pictures etc.

Add SEO title and meta description. Just about all the SEO plugins will allow you to type in what you want for you SEO title and meta description.

Use hashtags when possible to get your content found. Check out our article, “Brand Exposure With Hashtags For Every Day Of The Week”.

Tactic #6- Make Using Google+ A Priority

Google plus is owned by Google. When you post an article on Google+ it can improve your search ranking. So when someone is looking for something on Google and it has your keyword in it your article can show up. Check out our article, “Love that Google+!Social-share-bottons

Tactic #7- Add Social Sharing Buttons

This may seem obvious to most bloggers and marketers but to someone who is doing their blog themselves or a newbie they might skip over this step. Adding social sharing buttons at the bottom of you posts encourages users to take action and share.

Back To You…

Do you agree with the 7 tactics from above? What tactics are you doing to optimize your social media posts? What other tactics should be added to this list? Do you feel content marketing and social media are helping your business?

Follow the St. Paul Marketing Team on social media if you haven’t yet!

Brand Exposure With Hashtags For Every Day Of The Week

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Brand Exposure With Hashtags For Every Day Of The Week

Are you looking for ways to get more fans and increase your brand?

Are you trying to find what to post for your social media that your fan will like? Are you looking for ideas on what hashtags to use for each day of the week? Are you stumped on hashtags and which ones trend? Here is a hashtag guide for every day of the week that will increase your brand exposure.

brand exposure

Why Uses Hashtags For Days Of The Week?

Hashtags that have a certain day of the week that has a theme with it are not only popular but also trendy. It allows you to share what is currently trending. Other people can look up your hashtag to see what other are saying and it can get you more followers and likes on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This is a great way to get your business or brand out there.

Why Is It Good For Managing Social Media?

Did you know that brands that use hashtags are more likely to show up in search results? Using hashtags for the days of the week is also a great way to organize what content to share to mix up. This helps your brand stay sincere, relevant, fun, and makes you an authority of your field. Using hashtags can make your business posts more engaging and inviting. People are more likely to share something when they are not being sold to. It makes your brand more approachable and something more likely that they are going to share or comment on. Your fans will see a post and because they can relate to it they will more likely interact, share, or like it. Just by using #TipTuesday or #ThrowbackThursday can help make updating your social media creative and fun!

Are you ready to dive in and spice up your social media and get more fans? Get started with this guide and expand your audience:

Hashtags For Monday

motivaitonal monday#MarketingMonday
tip tuesday#MeatlessMondayRecipe

Hashtags For Tuesday


Hashtags For Wednesday

wacky wednesday#Wednesday

Hashtags For Thursday


Hashtags For Friday


Hashtags For Saturday


Hashtags For Sunday


Choose the hashtags that fit your brand the best.
Tailor your posts based on your services and products.

Back To You…

Do you feel there are other hastags that need to be added to this list that we missed? Do you feel that certain hashtags work better than others. Feel free to comment below.

Extending The Shelf Life Of Your Content – The Easy Way

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Extending The Shelf Life Of Your Content – The Easy Way

Are you a blogger or writer that is searching for a way to keep your content fresh and increase its shelf life?

When you publish a blog post it only stays fresh and in the public eye for so long. If you want to sustain your content for a longer period of time, you need to develop new strategies. Most of the successful content writers follow a pattern that is unique. Do you want to increase the shelf life of your content? This article provides eight strategies that can extend the overall shelf life of the content you created so it will outlast other writer’s content.

shelf life of content

Extending the shelf life of your content the easy way: 

Content Strategy #1 

The first step is to search for archives as this can help you to find material that could be helpful in extending the shelf life of your content.

Content Strategy #2 

Evaluate your old posts and you may find a new idea emerging from it. A new little idea can be the big thing for the future. You can even combine different set of ideas to churn out a much bigger idea that has larger audiences and can sustain interest for longer period of time.

meetupContent Strategy #3

Spend more time at networking events and keep abreast of the latest trends. There is a social media site called that is a great place to network. Put in your interest and zip code and find business networking groups near you. 

Content Strategy #4

Social media updates can be converted into bigger stories that will last in the public interest for long time. There are interesting tweets that can be explored and can act as a strong base for your next writing. Just check your tweet stream or Facebook page updates and timelines for better results. For more information check out the article, “Has your social media gone stale“?

Content Strategy #5   

You can spread the same message in different formats but in an interesting manner. The same piece of information can be converted into an audio form or video form.

slide shareContent Strategy #6 

Turn your PowerPoint presentations into a slide share (go to Just give the readers a taste and then they have to go to your website to see more. It can be used to showcase the main headlines of your writing or author notes. Give value to your audience and readers.

Content Strategy #7

Speeches can be converted into a useful and meaningful content. 

Content Strategy #8 

In the end, the main key to keeping your content sustained is to always provide rich and unique content. Make your blog or content so informative that the users don’t have to move to another website for the information that he or she are searching for.

If you are planning to be an effective content writer and want to increase the time period your content can be sustained, consult SEO India agency that specializes in sustaining your content.

If you have had any strategies that have worked for you comment below and share with our readers.

About Our Guest Raj Kumar Mishra:

guest blogger Raj Kumar MishraRaj Kumar Mishra has more than five years of experience as Online Media and Marketing Consultant, which allows him to enable companies to enhance and meet their Digital marketing goals. He has spent the most recent four years of his career focusing building Strong terms of Digital Marketing for his clients. In addition to his strengths on Building Brands and Serving Online Marketing strategy for his clients. He is a passionate technology and digital media Writer at Seo India Agency.

Connect with Raj on Google+.

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5 Online Marketing Strategies For Small Level Enterprises

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5 Online Marketing Strategies For Small Level Enterprises 

Do you shop online? If you have a business, do you sell online? It has been found in research studies, that about one-third of consumers across the world shop online i.e. via Internet and these figures are shooting up day-by-day. Most business owners are now selling their products and services online and those who are not selling online, are losing their customers.

However, just having a presence on the web or online is not enough. Every business owner must use effective marketing strategies in order to convey their message about business. In this article, outlines 5 online marketing strategies which will help small business owners attract more visitors to their website.

5 online marketing strategies

Marketing Strategy #1-Content Marketing

What is content marketing and what are the benefits? Content Marketing is a form of marketing which involves offering quality and relevant information to the users/audience free of charge with the goal of building trust from your audience while you position yourself as an expert in your business niche. To achieve success in content marketing, you must provide content which solves the problems and answers the questions of the users. The content can be in the form of a video, article, blog posts, or vlogs. With content marketing users will come to know that you are an authority of your niche and will provide them the information which is beneficial to them. Therefore, they will return to your website or where ever you are providing the information.

Check out this video on Content Marketing:

Marketing Strategy #2-Local SEO

Do you have a local business where customers are from your area? Most of the online buyers use search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing to search about products and services they need. Most of the users click on the sites that have higher in search results. Therefore, a high ranking is required to get on the first page. Presently, most of the sites that appear on the first page are branded ones and dominate the unbranded. online marketing

Local SEO is the SEO targets the local areas. Local SEO is chosen when you don’t want to promote your business worldwide. For example, if you want to target the localized audience such as Chicago for promoting used cars, then the local users will type in “used cars in Chicago” in the search column rather than the general keyword “used cars”. Therefore it is better to target the local keywords.

Marketing Strategy #3-Social Media Marketing

Have you tapped in to the power of using social media? Social media is an effective avenue to interact with your audience and engage with them to build strong relationships. Social media is being used by many brand businesses to promote their businesses. You can also promote your business by delivering your business message on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Linked in etc. Create an account on these sites and adopt strategies to build followers.

Marketing Strategy #4-Pay-Per-Click

If you want the quick results, then this is one of the best techniques for you. You can conduct a PPC campaign if you are so impatient that you can’t wait for your websites to climb high in search results. Your ads will be displayed on search engines, websites, blogs, etc. However, this is very costly.

Marketing Strategy #5-Reputation Marketing

Generally, the users who do online purchasing, like to buy high quality products and services. Therefore, you must provide them high quality products and services to get 5-star reviews about your business. The more excellent reviews you get on Google Local reviews, the more new customers will be attracted towards your business.

Your Turn…

Have you used an online marketing strategy to help boost your online presence and hence increase your visitors and customers that we haven’t listed? Our readers would love to hear about it.  Please share your strategy below.

About Our Guest Blogger Kristine Lise :

Guest blogger Kristine Lise

Kristine Lise is an author who is interested in written on SEO/Internet Marketing related topics. She is currently working with SEO Rank Smart, who offers the best SEO Packages to its clients. You can see more of her work on her company site. 

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3 Efficient Content Marketing Tips

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3 Efficient Content Marketing Tips

Have you tried using content marketing in your business?

You may be thinking, “Content marketing – never heard of that! What is it?” Content marketing is a way to communicate, offering value, and expanding your business brand with prospective clients without selling.  The article you are reading right now is content marketing. Expensive paper mailers are joining other paper advertising of the past. It is now 2013 and trying to save advertising dollars by going online is where the action is. Content marketing can boost up your brand and your site’s online presence. Since the main objective of every business is to earn the best ROI, it is important that they reach out to the maximum number of people in the shortest time possible and content marketing can do that for both your business brand and site.

content marketing tips

To learn the effective ways of doing content writing, you can go online and find numerous tips. However, it is a fact that there are more than just a few conventional strategies. This article aims at discussing three effective tips on content marketing.

Here are 3 effective tips for effective content marketing:

•   Say NO To Hardcore Selling

•   Content Must Be Of Superior Quality

•   Studying And Monitoring of Analytics

Effective Content Marketing Tip #1 – Say “No” To Hardcore Selling

Content marketing is an all-comprehensive process. Sales people are sometimes annoying which makes buyers avoid hardcore selling. The excessive pushy attitude of the sales people, who are desperate to get their products or services sold to the potential buyers, becomes absolutely irritating. The approach of content marketing is different and instead of turning off clients you are attracting them.

The only mention of selling in the contents, (in case it is unavoidable) must be done only for the linked ads or soft/indirect selling. Those who try to convince people desperately, meet failure as people get infuriated.

Effective Content Marketing Tip #2 – Content Must Be Superior Quality

quality contentWhat brand is your company putting out in the online world? What is your target market seeing from you? Are you constantly putting fresh unique information out online? Your target online audience must be constantly given something new to notice. This is why it is important that you keep updating your articles, contents, videos, images, etc. with those of fresher higher quality. Contents, which are of low stale quality often, fail to reach out to the targeted audience on time and this is why their endeavor to gain fans online fails. Superior quality articles must be free of any kind of grammatical error and must contain unique quality information and practical suggestions.

It doesn’t matter if the keywords are capable of driving huge traffic to a particular site. As a matter of fact, low quality articles written with high ranking keywords are of no use in generating traffic for a website.

Effective Content Marketing Tip #3 – Studying And Monitoring Of Analytics

Why is analytics an important part of content marketing? It helps article writers to understand what the market wants or the prospective buyers are looking for and create the articles accordingly. Also, this is way that writers get acquainted with the right keywords and use them in their articles.

Thus on a concluding note it can be said that content marketing is one of the most effective marketing efforts that can be used by online businesses. It helps efficiently in increasing the popularity of their business brand as well as the returns on their website.

Your Turn…

Have you used content marketing for your business and have found positive results? If so, please share with our audience below.

About Our Guest Blogger James Pattrick:

James Pattrick

James Pattrick is a popular author writing articles on Satisfaction Survey and related topics. In this article he has given information regarding the customer satisfaction survey.

Connect with James on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter

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How Long Does It Really Take To Rank?

in Content Marketing, Local Marketing, Search Engine Optimization by Sue DeBrule 3 Comments

How Long Does It Really Take To Rank?

Ever wished there was a button to push to get your website instantly ranked? Sorry, that is not how ranking works.

How long does it take to rank your business website? Let’s imagine you have been working with an SEO or marketing company for two months but have not noticed any improvement in ranking. They guaranteed your website would be ranked #1 within the first 30 days for your keywords. You would be frustrated that you have not seen those outcomes! Yet when you complained, they explained that they added some meta tags and some backlink building. So you are left wondering when all these wonderful promises are going to help get your business website get ranked and what do terms like meta tags and backlinking mean? In this article we will talk about why SEO companies can’t guarantee ranking results, why you can’t just set up your site and leave, why SEO takes time, variables that influence ranking, and why marketing is an art.

how long take to rank

Have You Looked At The SEO Packages And Wondered What They All Mean?

You need to understand what SEO conditions and terms mean; otherwise you may be spending money on a worthless marketing package. True SEO and improving your website takes time, and for valid reasons.  Even with professional help and using the latest top-notch methods, it takes time to improve its ranking. There are companies who will guarantee faster outcomes, those who say they can get you to # 1, or that they can get your website a top ranking within a couple of weeks. The sad fact is, this is just not how it works. Beware and stay away from the companies that guarantee this!

Why Is SEO Similar To Working Out At The Gym?

working out seoUnless you are offering very unique products or services, or have very few competitors, it will indeed require some time and consistent effort. Great results take time, especially if you are a new business settings things up. Think of someone that is overweight and out of shape. Is going to the gym once or twice going to make them thin and fit? No, they have to do it often and keep doing it consistently. Unless they use a personal trainer who knows how the body works, it will take even longer to get fit and trim.  SEO works the same way!  If you stop your SEO routine, it is the same thing as if you stop eating right or working out.  There will be no positive results! Also, if you first spend the time needed to self educate plus putting SEO into constant consistent use, it will take even longer!  Sorry, but SEO results take time; need an educated strategy, and consistent effort.

Why Does SEO Take Time?

SEO takes time to improve and maintain your present ranking position. It all depends on many variables from thousands of aspects. If all the aspects which are known to effect higher ranking positions are favorably positioned, your web page ranking will go up in the search engines. It is all up to the current (ever changing) algorithms of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. SEO is a long-term continuous technique; it is not a one-time enhanced activity and then abandoned. The search engines are constantly hungry and you have to update your website information constantly. It is just like feeding a baby; it will continue to get hungry again and again. If it doesn’t get feed, it will die. The same rule of thumb goes with to ranking your website. Unless you continue to frequently update it with fresh unique content, your rankings will fall and then die.

Which Factors Count?   8 SEO Variable Factors:

SEO Factor #1 – What Is The Age Of Your Domain Name?

Is your website new? If so, how old are the top rated websites you will be competing against? If they are older then it is probably going to take at least a year to catch up, unless your competitors are bad at marketing and backlinking. Chances are they have spent precious effort and energy placing blogs and videos on their website trying to attempt to create fresh and unique content that will help them rank. You will need a good plan, consistent proven effort, and time to catch up. One of the hardest ranking challenges are competing with sites that has been around longer and are also actively competing for ranking. However, it can be done!

SEO Factor #2 – How Often Do You Have Fresh Unique Content?

Most marketers will agree that having lots of original, top quality content is essential. The fresh unique content you put out is what will drive the hungry search engines and visitors to your website. Search engines reward sites that have new fresh content and ignore the ones with common or stale content. Check out our article, “Has Your Social Media Gone Stale?” It will explain why you need to keep feeding the search engines with constant fresh content.socialmedia Stale

SEO Factor #3 – The Quantity And Relevance Of Your Material

Search engines decide which websites are the best match to explain the keywords placed into the search engines. If your website is about plumbing, it should have articles and videos that are related to explaining plumbing. The competitor that has the best quality and freshest content is the one that Google will rank higher.

SEO Factor #4 – Backlinks Need To Be “Natural Links”

natural backlinksYou’ll need quality backlinks (links coming from websites with high rankings) to your website to demonstrate to search engines like Google that you are an authority in your niche. You may be thinking “Great! I saw an ad for 10,000 inbound links for $50 – problem solved!” Sorry, but search engines have a lot of requirements for positioning a website, and thousands of methods of keeping you from gaming the system. If your website goes from just a few links to thousands in a short time period it looks suspicious. They will assume that it is not because you have just released an incredibly popular website content that everyone discovered and linked to right away. Search engines like to see “natural links”.  If you get too many links in an extremely short time period, search engines may punish your website by dropping you down even lower in their rankings or dropping you completely out of the Google search. This means you can’t just buy high quality links and get credit with them. Also, the links should be from top high quality websites that are at least somewhat related to your niche.

SEO Factor #5- The Keywords In Question

Putting keywords in your articles helps your ranking, but watch out for keyword stuffing. (Shoving as many keywords in as possible.) The search engines are looking for keyword stuffing and if you are found doing this, they may be put your website on their black list. It may also turn off humans as your article may look spammy and difficult to read.  If it seems unnatural to place a keyword in a certain part of your article, it probably will be classified as “stuffed”.  It is best to just place keywords naturally in the title, first paragraph, meta description, H1,H2,H3 tags, title tags or image tags.

SEO Factor #6 – Your Industry And Competition

industry competitionSome industries are highly competitive and a few have little competition. If you want to win the race to the #1 ranking position for your niche, the first thing you need to do is get professional advice for a strategy.  You will need constant fresh content, taking ownership of your very own unique long-tail keywords, to focus on keywords that will drive traffic to your website, and making those keywords uniquely yours (not just on your website but in your niche). The bottom line to winning the ranking competition in a highly competitive market segment is to either out-think your competitors or spend more trying than they do. Reviews on Google Plus stressing your keywords and engaging activities with your customers are also very important.

SEO Factor #7- The Algorithm Of The Search Engines

Ask not what Google can do for you, but what you can do to make your site more attractive and appealing for Google. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are regularly changing their algorithms in an attempt to provide a better assistance for searching and more appropriate searches. SEO strategies are constantly modified. So if you are trying to use SEO for ranking, you must keep up-to-date with the constant changes.  What was popular just a few years ago is now probably banned on sites.

SEO Factor #8 – Certain Items Rank At Different Speeds

- Videos - Depending on your competition, a video can be ranked within a day to a week. This is why I personally love videos.

- Blogging - Keeping your content fresh and unique to attract websites with high ranking links to your website will makes your blogging time well worthwhile. It takes longer for a blog to be noticed and ranked than a video (a minimum of 24 hours) as it has so many variables. Using a keyword as a meta tag and creating interesting unique content which creates buzz and drives scores of new visitors will also help improve the speed.

- Local Directories - Registering in local directories usually takes between 3 and 6 months for search engines to notice.

Once your website starts to climb, your competitors will notice and begin working even harder on their own exposure. Good marketing is an art that needs commitment, practice, and time to devote to continuous analysis and learning.

Back to you…

Have you found some ways to decrease the time it takes to climb up the rankings in the search engines? If so, our readers would love to hear about it. Please comment below.

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5 Step Process Of Developing Impressive Content Strategy For An Unknown Business Niche!

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5 Step Process Of Developing Impressive Content Strategy For An Unknown Business Niche!

SEO companies and content writers generally come across a common problem of developing a content strategy for a unfamiliar field. For instance, if a client who deals in health supplements comes to an SEO company that does not have any experience of health supplements, it is difficult for the company to develop a strategy for its promotion through content development and link services.
content strategy

However there is plethora of information available on the web, it is still tough to come up with the best content developing strategy. These five steps will help you in developing content strategy for businesses unfamiliar to you.

Educate Yourself About The Product And The Company

Ask for information from the client or search on the Internet but make sure that you have in depth knowledge of the product and the company alike. It becomes easier when you target the right kind of questions. For instance, it would be of little use to ask whether the company owner uses the health supplement herself or asking how much money the company makes on the sale of one packet of X protein. Rather go for questions like what is the unique value proposition of the company.

Study The Niche Market

You cannot do much if you do not know about the trends in ‘health supplements’. Do not study just the client; equally essential is to know the competitor in and out. Study their promotional campaigns, links, content, blog, and everything that you can. Now, try to draw inferences from it. It helps to know what is working for them and if there is any loophole then you can utilize that for betterment of your product. It will also pour light on the key phrases that are popular.

Study Your Readers And Target Groups

You cannot do much if you do not know about the trends in ‘health supplements’. Do not study just the client; equally essential is to know the competitor in and out. Study their promotional campaigns, links, content, blog, and everything that you can. Now, try to draw inferences from it. It helps to know what is working for them and if there is any loophole then you can utilize that for betterment of your product. It will also pour light on the key phrases that are popular.

Study Your Readers And Target Groups

Analyze the product and the target group. Then try to find out what best appeals to them and what they solutions they are seeking. For instance if the health supplement company offers muscle building supplements then you should target gym rats who are dedicated to muscle building. This is very essential step as you decide what is going to attract the target group to the maximum potential.

Develop Quality Content

Now that you have identified your readers, the subject that will appeal to them, and all facts about the market and the company, strive hard to produce the best content. Try to make it informative and helpful to the readers and they will be attracted to you.

Analyze The Results And Take Relevant Actions

Analyze the results and the changes in them with every action that you take. Improve your strategy and fine tune your promotional campaign with every little lesson that you learn every day. Modify it unless you have reached you goal. You can then increase the visibility of the page by linking it with some good websites like St. Paul Marketing Team.

There are many companies which offer content development for any business you name, but there are only few who can give excellent results in every field. It is essential to know everything before devising a final draft for content strategy for an unknown field.

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