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12 Holiday Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

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12 Holiday Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Are you looking for tips to getting your small business more sales this holiday season?

“Tis the season for both giving and receiving. This time of year can be stressful and overwhelming. Let’s make it more fun and festive with tips to get your business in the holiday spirit and attract more clients. In this article are 12 Holiday Marketing Tips For Small businesses.

12 Holiday Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Holiday Marketing Tip #1- Be Present On Social Media

There is nothing worse than having your social media presence empty or deserted.

be present on social media

Holiday Marketing Tip #2- Make Engaging Holiday Posts

Post funny cartoons and use hashtags so people can find your fan page. Ask questions to your audience with a picture such as what is your favorite Christmas movie?

funny christmas cartoon

Holiday Marketing Tip #3- Run A Holiday Contest

Think of something in your business that people would love to win. Whether it is a product or a discount off a service offer a great deal!
People are more likely to like and share if it something they really want to win.

Holiday Marketing Tip #4- Holiday Coupons

Offer a discount on a service or buy one get one Free. Get your fans and customers a great deal and design a nice eye catching coupon

Holiday Marketing Tip #5- Blogging About The Holiday

Think of how you can incorporate your brand and the holidays. Is your brand about exercise and nutrition? You could blog about holiday recipes or how to stay in shape around the holidays. Try to tie your product or service in with tips or how to.

Holiday Marketing Tip #6- Holiday Small Business Events

Partner or find other businesses that are already having a one-day event where you can set up a booth and sell your products and services.

Participate in Small Business Saturday, which is always the Saturday after Thanksgiving and follows the popular shopping day Black Friday.

small business saturdayIf there are no events start your own and offer door prizes, free food, drawings, and awesome prizes to reel people in to your event.

Holiday Marketing Tip #7- Holiday Email Greetingss

Email your customers to have a great Thanksgiving and wish them a Merry Christmas and New Year. Make it cute and festive with graphics! Don’t put any promotions on this email.

Holiday Marketing Tip #8- Holiday Specials To Loyal Customers

Offer specials to customers that you already have. You could offer free shipping, secret sales, and discounts.

Holiday Marketing Tip #9- Cross Promote Coupons and Sales

When you give your customers a bag fill it with other coupons and sales of other local business and have them do the same for you.

happy holidays cardHoliday Marketing Tip #10- Holiday Cards

Send your customers real holiday cards not ecards. They are more memorable and won’t get lost in the junk mail.

Holiday Marketing Tip #11- Holiday Bonus Gift

You may have seen this before at the mall. Offer a free bonus gift with a purchase of whatever and of course you pick what the gift is and the amount that they have to purchase at least to get that prize. This will draw them into buying more.

promotional calandersHoliday Marketing Tip #12- Give Them A FREE Calendar

Print a personalized calendar to give out to your clients. Depending on what your business is you can get creative. Be the brand your customers see every day.



Back To You…

Do you have other holiday marketing tips to add that was not on the list? What do you do for holiday marketing that works great?

Effective Email Marketing: Requirements and Benefits

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Effective Email Marketing: Requirements and Benefits 

What is the most effective means of staying in touch with prospects and clients in terms of cost and reach?  Email marketing! 

Emails provide not only an essential way to communicate both necessary and important information, but also it is a surefire method of building your reputation. It also provides trust among clients and prospective clients as they get to know, like, and trust you. While expensive advertisements tend to rule in terms of effectiveness, the Internet with the social media networking provides great opportunities to advertise. You can place an ad on Facebook for example and offer a webinar, Ebook, or video in exchange for the opting-in so you can capture their email and get them on your email list. Then the email marketing begins

effective email marketing

Here are some requirements of effective marketing and benefits of using email marketing for your business.

What Are The Requirements Of Effective Marketing?

1. Quality:

Email marketing informs people who are already interested in your product or services. They have opted-in for receiving your emails and want to know about updates within your niche and new products or services. Your email list caters to a group of people who know you and knows about your business. Many will follow you back to your social media sites and fan pages. They will refer friends and family to your products and services through giving your posts, comments, videos, or blog, a like, a plus-one, comment or share in their social media channel. This definitely improves your search rank and hence visibility.

2. Reach: 

The reach of email marketing can be huge. Your list can be divided into segments such as those interested in your niche or targeting customers. This can save time while it makes it easy to have focused campaigns.

3. Money: 

While most forms of advertising costs you a fortune, email marketing can be done for peanuts.

What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing?

1. Cost: 

Most paid advertising modes cost a fortune. The time of duration or display on TV, or the number of time it is going to be shown, the page and position on the newspaper, the size and colors of the advertisement can only add to the cost. Other popular modes of advertisements can be equally costly.

2. Promptness: 

While most paid marketing campaigns have a developing time and more time to be aired or published, email marketing can be developed in a very short time and within hours can reach the people declaring your news.

3. Personalized: 

One of the major aspects of email marketing is the very personal flavor that can be added to it. Mentioning their name makes it extremely personalized as customers like to be pampered and recognized. Moreover you can store a database of their personal choices and pamper them with special targeted offers.  Wishing them happy birthday and remembering their anniversaries can be added to your services and hence conversions.

4. Engaging Content: 

The fact that email marketing can be designed in a very short time, and that the templates can be saved for multiple uses, gives you the liberty of communicating with your customers and prospects frequently. Engaging content as well as informative content will make sure that they remain hooked to your emails and don’t unsubscribe.

5. Networking: 

Emails can be forwarded to friends and family at the click of a button and that makes it even more interesting, valuable, and viral. This way it can raise your customer base substantially at no extra cost.

6. Eco-Friendly: 

Email marketing can be more eco-friendly when compared to print media, or mail marketing campaigns.


The major advantage in email marketing is that the emails can be target specific and the overhead cost of such advertisements is extremely low compared to the other forms. Also, the fact that your email campaigns can be traced and tracked for effectiveness with some easy metrics, makes them awesome. One thing should be kept in mind that email marketing should not become a spam for the clients and prospective clients.

Your Turn… 

If you have had positive experiences and improved ROI using email marketing, please comment below and share with our audience your experiences.

About Our Guest Blogger Diana Maria:

Guest Blogger Diana Maria

Diana is a writer/blogger by profession. She loves writing, traveling, and reading books. She contributes for World Financial Group and Betaout.

Visit Diana’s website:

Connect with Diana on Facebook, Twitter, and business Twitter World Financial Group.

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Email Marketing Tips: Interview With Amrik Virdi

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Email Marketing Tips: Interview With Amrik Virdi

E-mail Marketing – Why At All?

Although the issues that currently dominate social media and SEO: The good old e-mail newsletter is far from being exhausted. Here are some basic benefits:

• Correct transactions one makes rather than sending a newsletter with a tweet or a Facebook post.

• E-mail is personal, fast, and widely accessible.

• E-mail marketing is most effective for SEO as money makers in marketing (in terms of ROI).

email marketing tips

When Should I Start If I Want To Build An E-mail Distribution List?  How Can I Get New Subscribers?

Best Buy: Often it’s enough one-call in the order process to integrate its online stores in Opt. Even a newsletter checkbox in the contact can already generate new subscribers.

You should not wait 8 months with the first release. That would be too long of a time sequence and the subscriber will have forgotten that they ever subscribed to a newsletter. You can solve this problem with an autoresponder.

Other measures:

• Apply the newsletter to as many appropriate places on your site and list concrete benefits for the reader.

• Offer links to previous issues, so that the new subscriber will know what’s coming.

• Think about where you might apply for the newsletter subscription and offline.

• Provide a useful gift for new subscribers, such as an EBook, checklists or a small video course.

What Is An Autoresponder And How Can It Best Be Used?

With an autoresponder your emails will be sent in advance-scale in a specific sequence automatically. This can be a little three-part introductory course with useful information on a specific topic. Bloggers often use autoresponders to point to their best blog posts.

The particular advantage is that you have to put the autoresponder, the sender only once. Then you can directly start to build a customer relationship with the receiver – especially when one uses personalization variables sent.

How Do I Find A Suitable Newsletter Software Application?

Standard features include automatic subscribe and unsubscribe processes, list management with segmentation options, bounce management for returns, as well as a detailed reporting of openings and clicks.

Who has not a complete IT-development department in the back should share in any case to a provider that does not require that one uses its own e-mail server. So one must not even take care of complicated and expensive listings in the White ISPs (Internet service providers). White Listings minimize the risk of false spam-filtering.

Otherwise, it is advisable to opt for an e-mail application that comes with a template system that requires the newsletter creation and no special technical skills are required. It may be recurrent and layout to implement similar newsletter very quickly.

You can find some recommended hosted Newsletter tools for small and medium enterprises on Google.

What Is The Legal Side?

Am I allowed to take all my Email addresses from Outlook and export them? No way! Generally, one can doubt the need to prove that one recipient had the right to write. The proper way is a double opt in. Here, the recipient must first click the link to a confirmation Email to activate your subscription. The only way that you can legally is to be sure that the new subscriber was not registered by a third party without his knowledge.

Otherwise, you can also send its existing customers promotional E-mails, but there are four conditions for arising from § 7 para 3 of the UWG.

If you know that certain groups of recipients that could be particularly (competitors, former clients, etc.), it is also possible to set this from the outset on a blacklist.

How Do I Create An Attractive HTML Newsletter?

Generally, it is important to know that HTML newsletter works like HTML Site 12 years ago. Because e-mail clients like Outlook and Lotus Notes very restrictive with what they are actually are, one should completely renounce Flash content and video. The basic layout is intended to table structures, as Sheets (CSS) is very limited use can also style.

In addition, a width of 620px should not be exceeded – many email clients display in the preview window only small excerpts. The main message is so very far above the best placed.

Otherwise one should adhere strictly about what works well in the remaining Web:

• Headings and bulleted lists using

• Clear Call to Action formulate

• Use images sparingly in relation to the text portion

• Do you offer a mobile version or text-only version for mobile phones

• Avoid capital letters, red letters, or neon colors, if possible (risk of filtering)

What Is There About The Subject Line And Sender Names Considered?

Personalize the “To:” field with the first and last name of the recipient to reduce the likelihood of spam filtering.  Also choose a meaningful Your e-mail address – acts as not very customer oriented. Just as bad a sender name like “admin” or “service” is. Your company name will work probably better.

Together with the sender, the subject line decides whether the e-mail is ever opened. Unpack the core message to the beginning of subject, be sure that it is not too long, and make the text not too flashy.

How Can Social Media Be Integrated Into E-mail Marketing?

Generally, these routes are available:

• Facebook-Like Button: It allows the recipient to share the link to the newsletter with their Facebook friends.

• Share options for social bookmarking services such as Mr Wong, Delicious etc.

• ‘Tweet This’ Button: How can the tweeted link to the newsletter.

• Integration in the registration process: A person who signs up for the newsletter is now, often because the company is interested to follow the social web.

What Success Metrics Are Most Important?

CTR: very relevant, since the click rate on the one hand can be measured correctly and fairly, on the other the greatest possible interest in the contents represents (apart from an actual conversion

Opening rate: Also important to compare different editions to, newsletters. The problem is that the opening rate is determined by downloading a web beacons. Who the pictures are not in his e-mail downloads will not count.

Otherwise, you should always look at the opt-out rate are. A cancellation is rarely a bad reaction to the newsletter alone, but rather a series less interesting releases in a row. A feedback field in the withdrawal form can help you determine why someone has logged off.

The Best Tool Tips About Email Marketing?

I have been using Aweber (in English) to send emails – a really great tool.

About Our Guest Blogger Amrik Virdi:

Amrik Virdi

I am a Blogger, Podcaster, Web Developer & Graphic Designer from Kharagpur, India. I am very passionate about blogging. 

Connect with him on LinkedIn and Stumbleupon.

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