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Guest Posting Do’s And Don’ts

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Guest Posting Do’s And Don’ts

Why Would Anyone Want To Guest Post?

Are guest posters nuts? Blogs aren’t fast to write, so why are people begging to post on someone’s blog! What’s in it for them? Guest blogging is a great way to enter and meet the popular community of bloggers. Guest posting pays in the form of gaining quality backlinks and traffic on your own blog. Contributing guest posts to some of the well-known blogs not only puts you in the spotlight, but also helps you learn how to interact with other bloggers through commenting and discussions. Here are some guest posting do’s and don’ts to keep in mind before entering the guest posting world.
guest posting dos and donts

Do: Copy The Blog Owner’s Brand

If the blog owner’s brand is writing in a certain style, conversational tone, or with a particular slanted attitude, make sure your guest post is written that way too. It’s this type of content, style or tone that it’s followers like. Research not only their niche, but the blog owner’s attitude, style, and tone.

Don’t: Send The Same Generic Email To Every Blog Owner

Sending out the same generic email requesting a guest post. This is not going to increase your chances of receiving that all important ‘yes.’ This is because it shows the blog owner you’ve shown enough interest in researching their own blog before generating your email. They will feel that you’ve probably have sent the same generic email to hundreds of other blog owners. They are looking for guest bloggers that can offer fresh unique content and that starts right in the email.

Do: Make It Personal

Personalizing your email by doing your research first for each blog owner is a tedious job and time-consuming. However, just like other important tasks in SEO and online marketing, the more difficult something is to do, the more chances of success. Take some time to create the best blog you can write for guest posts and don’t hesitate to comment on the posts that you enjoyed reading.
catchy headlines

Do: Use A Catchy Headline

Impress the blogger with your catchy headline. Make it clear, fresh, interesting and meaningful. For example: 10 Easy Online Marketing Tips To Consider.

Don’t: Take It For Granted That Your Blog Will Be Published

Remember that by permitting you to submit a guest post for their blog, the blogger is doing you the favor, not the other way round. Even if you feel you’ve created the most compelling content in the blogosphere. Stay humble and let them know that you would really be grateful if allowed to submit a guest post for their blog. If they publish your post, remember to be thankful.

Do: Approach The Blog Owner With Multiple Choices

Most blog owners want to test your skills before accepting a post. So, instead of sending over a completed blog, introduce yourself, ask what subjects they may want you to write on, and offer a few ideas. This shows the blogger that you’ve taken the time to research their niche, create new ideas and are flexible. This also lets reminds them that you are humble and they are in charge.

Don’t: Be Arrogant

It doesn’t matter if you are the best writer in the world, you’ve no excuse for arrogance. Bragging about your talent and claiming that the blog owner should be pleased to publish your content is only going to make the blog owner reject your request. Keep in mind what you can do for the blog owner, not what he can do for you.

link to your website

Do: Include Links In Your Author Bio

Instead of adding backlinks to the body of your guest post, think whether this link is really useful there or whether it would look better if the link is placed in your author bio at the end of the blog.

Back To You…

Have you found successful tips for guest blogging that we haven’t mentioned above?  If so, our audience would love to hear about them. Please comment below.

About Our Guest Blogger Diana Maria:

Guest Blogger Diana Maria

Diana is a writer/blogger by profession. She loves writing, traveling, and reading books. She contributes to Regal Cigs

Connect with Diana on Facebook, and Twitter

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3 Efficient Content Marketing Tips

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3 Efficient Content Marketing Tips

Have you tried using content marketing in your business?

You may be thinking, “Content marketing – never heard of that! What is it?” Content marketing is a way to communicate, offering value, and expanding your business brand with prospective clients without selling.  The article you are reading right now is content marketing. Expensive paper mailers are joining other paper advertising of the past. It is now 2013 and trying to save advertising dollars by going online is where the action is. Content marketing can boost up your brand and your site’s online presence. Since the main objective of every business is to earn the best ROI, it is important that they reach out to the maximum number of people in the shortest time possible and content marketing can do that for both your business brand and site.

content marketing tips

To learn the effective ways of doing content writing, you can go online and find numerous tips. However, it is a fact that there are more than just a few conventional strategies. This article aims at discussing three effective tips on content marketing.

Here are 3 effective tips for effective content marketing:

•   Say NO To Hardcore Selling

•   Content Must Be Of Superior Quality

•   Studying And Monitoring of Analytics

Effective Content Marketing Tip #1 – Say “No” To Hardcore Selling

Content marketing is an all-comprehensive process. Sales people are sometimes annoying which makes buyers avoid hardcore selling. The excessive pushy attitude of the sales people, who are desperate to get their products or services sold to the potential buyers, becomes absolutely irritating. The approach of content marketing is different and instead of turning off clients you are attracting them.

The only mention of selling in the contents, (in case it is unavoidable) must be done only for the linked ads or soft/indirect selling. Those who try to convince people desperately, meet failure as people get infuriated.

Effective Content Marketing Tip #2 – Content Must Be Superior Quality

quality contentWhat brand is your company putting out in the online world? What is your target market seeing from you? Are you constantly putting fresh unique information out online? Your target online audience must be constantly given something new to notice. This is why it is important that you keep updating your articles, contents, videos, images, etc. with those of fresher higher quality. Contents, which are of low stale quality often, fail to reach out to the targeted audience on time and this is why their endeavor to gain fans online fails. Superior quality articles must be free of any kind of grammatical error and must contain unique quality information and practical suggestions.

It doesn’t matter if the keywords are capable of driving huge traffic to a particular site. As a matter of fact, low quality articles written with high ranking keywords are of no use in generating traffic for a website.

Effective Content Marketing Tip #3 – Studying And Monitoring Of Analytics

Why is analytics an important part of content marketing? It helps article writers to understand what the market wants or the prospective buyers are looking for and create the articles accordingly. Also, this is way that writers get acquainted with the right keywords and use them in their articles.

Thus on a concluding note it can be said that content marketing is one of the most effective marketing efforts that can be used by online businesses. It helps efficiently in increasing the popularity of their business brand as well as the returns on their website.

Your Turn…

Have you used content marketing for your business and have found positive results? If so, please share with our audience below.

About Our Guest Blogger James Pattrick:

James Pattrick

James Pattrick is a popular author writing articles on Satisfaction Survey and related topics. In this article he has given information regarding the customer satisfaction survey.

Connect with James on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter

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5 Reasons Why to Be On Instagram

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5 Reasons Why to Be On Instagram

Why should you be on Instagram for business?

Instagram: The Concept

Instagram is a social networking photo sharing service that allows the users to upload and share pictures on different networking sites. The most common social networking sites through which Instagram shares the images are Facebook and Twitter.

5 reasons to be on instagram

Instagram – The Benefits

Instagram definitely has its share of benefits. Many businesses have started using Instagram to create stronger relationship with clients. Businesses can easily upload pictures of their services and products while applying some sort of the digital filter in several social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook via Instagram photo-sharing application. This helps in creating a positive brand name for their business.

Another benefit of using Instagram is that it allows the uploader to share images and share information through hashtags. It is the hashtags that help in gathering all the necessary search results and organizing them categorically on the website of Instagram. In fact, this concept helps in getting connected with other notable heads on the industry as well customers in a very effective way.

How Can You Use Instagram For Business?

You can use Instagram to show off your products, services, show how things are made, show what your products can do, before and after pictures, portfolio of your work, events, and more. You can post questions with your picture to your follower to get the conversation started and engage.

Does Instagram Drive Traffic?

Definitely! Instagram provides shortcut badges to business brands to drive heavier traffic. Any business and brand can simply include an Instagram icon onto their web portals to notify clients about their photo-sharing profiles. Instagram not only has launched the OPP (Online Profile Page) but it also offers a significant way for the brands to make clients look at the profiles with more intensity. Instagram has introduced icons and shortcut badges that can easily link to the client brand’s Instagram profile. It is easier for the businesses to place icons on a brand’s online portal that encourages a single click access to the profiles. This allows the businesses greater chance to highlight their services and promotional offers. Facebook owns Instagram. And according to Facebook officials, there is a strong demand for Instagram feature from Facebook users. Instagram badges are designed to help brands bring more clients to their profile pages while driving up more traffic to the Instagram site. This also helps in introducing more clients to the Instagram concept. The end result: more Instagram users to look out for.

You can also use hashtags in Instagram. This is important  when people are searching. They can find your brand and pictures when you use the hashtags correctly.

Does Instagram Push Your Brand Out?

Again, a very common question. The answer is a BIG YES. Instagram, at its present stage, can be highly beneficial in developing a very distinct and winning personality for the business. When combined with some other type of social media, Instagram can be highly beneficial in pushing your brand out to a different height. It is an excellent promotional concept that takes advertising to an altogether different level. It also provides a great opportunity to figure out about the client reactions about the business and brand while calculating  the potential leads. However, the quality of photos being uploaded and shared makes a big difference. It is something that needs to be focused on strongly in order to allow Instagram to push your brand to a great height. Sharing the right set of photos through can make wonders for your business in gaining positive remarks from prospects.

How Can You Use Instagram To Market Your Brand And Business?

Before any further discussion, let’s provide a very simple fact about Instagram: it is very easy to use. This application allows the user to create great images with little effort. In fact, sharing the images on social networking sites through Instagram is simple, fast, and extremely easy. Sharing photos to social networking sites like Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and Facebook can be done directly through Instagram. In fact, Instagram can also be used to share photos through private emails. Use this to drive traffic back to your website or Facebook fan page.

Now, coming to the actual point – does Instagram help in marketing a particular brand and business? Yes, definitely yes! It does and does it with absolute ease. Instagram allows the option of visual concept sharing without any sort of cheap advertisements. It is something like visual storytelling that effectively does that promises higher continuity & more artistic value than any of the other platforms present. Instagram profiles simply focuses on business awareness and product branding. The concept of clickable links in comments and captions are absent in this approach. Instagram uses a very simple yet effective way to market your business and brand. Also, being mobile is preferred by most of the businesses for promotional campaigns.

Instagram & Facebook – The Connection String

Instagram can be easily connected to Facebook by simply tapping on the Instagram’s profile tab. Once the profile tab is tapped, a new window will open that says, “Edit Sharing Settings”. Tap the new window and select “Facebook” from the list of social network site opitons being displayed. After selecting “Facebook”, simply log in to get connected.

Back To You…

Are you following any brands on Instagram? If you are using this for your business feel free to share with others how you are using it for your businesss. Leave your comments below.

About Our Guest Blogger Diana Maria:

Guest Blogger Diana Maria

Diana is a writer/blogger by profession. She loves writing, traveling, and reading books. She contributes to David Fett

Visit Diana’s website:

Connect with Diana on Facebook, Twitter, and business Twitter World Financial Group.

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How To Manage Your Social Media Campaign – Without Getting Overwhelmed

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How To Manage Your Social Media Campaign – Without Getting Overwhelmed 

So you’re an entrepreneur and business owner. Great isn’t it? But not exactly a breeze. One of the most important aspects of running an online business is using social media effectively – but how do you manage it all and not get overwhelmed?

how to manage social media

1. Know What You Want.

Have a clear vision of what you would like your business to become. Think of it in positive terms – ‘I want a 10% increase in turnover within 2 months’ rather than ‘I don’t want my turnover to stay static.’

Make sure this goal is SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable (within your control), Realistic (a stretch but not impossible), and Time based (give it a deadline.)

2. Break It Down.

Break the goal down into manageable steps. This gives you a strategy. Then assess how social media fits into this strategy. That will give you some practical actions that will guarantee progression but stop you from getting overwhelmed. Remember – even if you stumble, you’re still moving forwards.

3. Prioritize The Bottom Line.

Technologies come and go (remember Myspace? Friendster?) but the bottom line of your business is the number one priority – always.

Social media is a great addition to your marketing strategy – but is can’t replace the nuts and bolts of effectively running your business the old fashioned way.

I’m not saying ignore social media, but I am saying keep it in perspective – it shouldn’t be your only strategy and if a there’s a day where you’re in contract negotiations to sign a big deal which means you miss Twitter for a day it’s not something to sweat about.

4. Choose Your Social Media Platforms – And Stick To Them.

To say that there are a lot of social media networks is an understatement.

As a business owner, some may hold more appeal to you than others. For example, I love Twitter for its ease of use, chatty nature and ability to connect directly with peers, influencers and potential clients. Facebook is great for building a community but can also very easily become a time vampire!

I also like commenting on articles and blogs (or responding to comments made on my articles–hint, hint!)

What are your preferences? In all likelihood, if you enjoy the platform, you’ll be much more inclined to use it more frequently–so start with what you like and go from there.

5. Be Honest About What’s The Best Use Of Your Time.

This can be a tough one. Are you on social media for personal enjoyment or for business gain? And does this choice determine what and how you share on these networks?

Is social media something you personally want to be part of or would it make better use of your time to outsource it to a virtual assistant or specialist service?

6. Automate

Automate as much as you can. There are some great tools to help you make social media more manageable. Services like Hootsuite, Buffer, and StumbleUpon, can all be great tools to take some of the hard work out of your social media campaign.

7. Notice Progression

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they’re working towards any goal is focussing too much on where they’d like to be and not noticing the progress they’ve already made. This can lead to feelings of despondency and de-motivation – especially with a big goal that will take some time to achieve. By shifting your focus to the progression your made and how far you’ve come, you can build not only your motivation but your self-esteem too.
 Above all else, business should be enjoyable. If it’s getting stressful, notice the signs and take some action – get support, clarify your priorities and work your plan.

Back To You…

Do you have tips about managing social media effectively? Comment below so we can all learn from each other.

About Our Guest Blogger Jo Casey:

guest blogger Jo CaseyJo Casey is a trainer, coach and writer who specialises in helping people develop their emotional resilience so they have less stress, be more focused and feel happier.

She’s worked extensively in the public, private and non-profit sectors with companines ranging from large organisations like Daimler Chrysler and Toyota to small companies with a handful of employees along with solo entrepreneurs.

You can find out more about Jo, and get her free report on, “How you can cut your stress in half” by going to

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Choosing Blogging Platforms For A Beginner: Blogger Vs WordPress

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Choosing Blogging Platforms For A Beginner: Blogger Vs WordPress

Are you a beginner at blogging and deciding over which platform to use?

Are you confused on what the differences are between Blogger and WordPress? In this article we will discuss Blogger versus WordPress and the pros and cons of each platform.  As we all know, over the past few years, blogging has become a well-known activity and many people have found it as a career path. Done with enough dedication and focus, blogging can be a profitable activity and full time self-employment.
blogger vs wordpress

From a writer’s point of view, the world of blogging has broadened the amount of people that are exposed to posts and texts. Up until some years ago, writing and being a writer was reserved for a few lucky people whose work caught the attention of editorial companies, or were brave enough to market and publish themselves.

Today, even though the quality of the texts is still a requirement, the Internet allows us to expose our work and build a following. It is really up to us to use the tools correctly and take advantage of this situation that many writers did not have before.

Being a writer and producing a lot of work takes up most of our time. We (I dare to include myself in this category) are a breed of perfectionists that spend hours in a single paragraph. That said, it’s only logical that we need a platform that will make it easy for us to show our work and doesn’t take up all our time and energy.

I personally have little or no knowledge of programming, so when I’m faced to endless lines of codes, it might as well be drawings or numbers or unknown symbols, it all looks the same to me. It doesn’t matter how many tutorials (claimed to be dummy-proof) I come across; I will not master the art of programming, ever.

Why I Chose Blogger

I’ve gathered enough information to make my own choice between the available choices of Blogging Platforms.

A lot has been said about Blogger and WordPress and which one of them is better. The conclusion that is drawn in every article that I’ve read, is that the choice will invariably depend on the knowledge that you have on programming, or the available resources to hire programmers. It will also depend on what you intend to use your blog for.

As I stated before, have no programming skills whatsoever, so that’s why I decided on Blogger. A lot of people say that this platform doesn’t look as professional and that it can hurt the way you expose yourself to others. Well, although this is somewhat true, it can quickly be changed. Even though Blogger is much more user-friendly than WordPress, you do have to surf the web to find tutorials to tweak the templates and the overall look of your blog. You will swim through a bit of codes, yet you will not drown, I promise.

Myths You Will Hear About Blogger

You Do Not Own Your Content And It Can Be Deleted At Any Time.

You files are stored in Google servers, but are not held hostage there! This will only allow them to be in a much safer environment, as opposed to hired servers that can be hacked (doesn’t mean they will, yet the chances are a bit higher of this happening).

You should always back-up your files, and professional bloggers recommend that you do this at least every two weeks. It will depend on the amount of posts you make and the frequency.

As far as the blog being deleted, well, you have to maintain common sense here. Will you post offensive,  racist, inhumane content? Well if you will, you are bound to be banned. There are “Terms of Use and Service” in every company, as long as you read and respect them, nothing will happen to your blog.

Blogger Is Not SEO Friendly.

I have been reading up a lot about SEO and it’s a fascinating subject. What I’ve learned is that traffic of links will depend on your SEO skills (tied to strategies and other tools) and not on the platform. Besides, it doesn’t really make sense that the platform that is created by Google itself can’t be optimized, does it?

Sponsors Don’t Like Blogger Platforms.

What advertisers want (and this is coming from someone that has worked in advertising for several years) is to be featured in websites that have high traffic and readers that keep coming back to it. This will be possible due to SEO strategies and relevant content, not the platform.

The Pros Of WordPress

For lots of reasons people chose WordPress. It is a giant of a company that has grown over the past ten years. It was born after Blogger but it held its ground and it grew with many features that stand high competition towards the rest of the platforms.

WordPress is more suited for large companies that would rather have complete freedom as far as developing the website; there are endless amounts of plug-ins that are available for the WordPress platform that will make its functionality much more attractive.

However, in order to take advantage of this full development, you need to be able to manage programming codes. The slightest mistake (something as simple as a missing comma) could bring several files down and make them not work until the code is fixed.

If you don’t have that kind of knowledge, then you are probably going to hire help that can increase the final cost.

Decide For Yourself: Blogger Vs WordPress


You will find endless tutorials of active Blogger users that will guide you through the process of managing your account. WordPress forums have an active community but that it doesn’t seem to be very helpful.

Default Templates

Blogger has a much more limited amount than WordPress (that has over 70 to chose from). This is why many people find it unprofessional-looking.

Downloadable Free Templates

Related to the previous item (Default Templates), a lot of designers are providing many templates that are free to download and use in Blogger; they are not that active on doing that with WordPress, since it’s much more difficult. You will find downloadable templates,  this will raise the final cost.


Blogger allows no editing in comments, though it does allow moderation (erasing comments). WordPress does allow to edit and moderate comments and its form is much more user friendly. This feature will be helpful depending on the importance you give to what your readers have to say (which should be a lot!).

Images And Video

Blogger will allow up to 1 GB of image storage and 16 GB of video storage. WordPress, on the other hand, will allow 3 GB of both video and image storage.


Even though Blogger doesn’t have a default system for measuring and giving out statistics, it does allow third parties to do it. WordPress does have a default system for stats, though they only last for two days and they don’t allow third parties to measure.

Mobile Phone Adaptation

This is a great feature for current days since Smartphones and tablets rule our daily routines. Blogger beats WordPress in this aspect since it does support this feature.

I hope this information was useful for you to make your choice. I already chose Blogger but because of my lack of programming abilities. Now it’s up to you!

Your Turn…

We want to hear what blogging platform you decided upon and the reason why. Are you happy with your decision? Let us know by commenting below.

About Our Guest Blogger Denisse Troconis Aoun:

guest blogger Denisse Troconis Aoun

Denisse Troconis Aoun is an Online Marketing Consultant. Passionate about US Hispanics & LATAM market-Hispanic Creativity for Latinos! I’m focused. I create. I learn. I grow. I work with iNetGiant.

Visit Denisse’s website:

Connect with Denisse on Facebook, Facebook Fan Page, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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Effective Email Marketing: Requirements and Benefits

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Effective Email Marketing: Requirements and Benefits 

What is the most effective means of staying in touch with prospects and clients in terms of cost and reach?  Email marketing! 

Emails provide not only an essential way to communicate both necessary and important information, but also it is a surefire method of building your reputation. It also provides trust among clients and prospective clients as they get to know, like, and trust you. While expensive advertisements tend to rule in terms of effectiveness, the Internet with the social media networking provides great opportunities to advertise. You can place an ad on Facebook for example and offer a webinar, Ebook, or video in exchange for the opting-in so you can capture their email and get them on your email list. Then the email marketing begins

effective email marketing

Here are some requirements of effective marketing and benefits of using email marketing for your business.

What Are The Requirements Of Effective Marketing?

1. Quality:

Email marketing informs people who are already interested in your product or services. They have opted-in for receiving your emails and want to know about updates within your niche and new products or services. Your email list caters to a group of people who know you and knows about your business. Many will follow you back to your social media sites and fan pages. They will refer friends and family to your products and services through giving your posts, comments, videos, or blog, a like, a plus-one, comment or share in their social media channel. This definitely improves your search rank and hence visibility.

2. Reach: 

The reach of email marketing can be huge. Your list can be divided into segments such as those interested in your niche or targeting customers. This can save time while it makes it easy to have focused campaigns.

3. Money: 

While most forms of advertising costs you a fortune, email marketing can be done for peanuts.

What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing?

1. Cost: 

Most paid advertising modes cost a fortune. The time of duration or display on TV, or the number of time it is going to be shown, the page and position on the newspaper, the size and colors of the advertisement can only add to the cost. Other popular modes of advertisements can be equally costly.

2. Promptness: 

While most paid marketing campaigns have a developing time and more time to be aired or published, email marketing can be developed in a very short time and within hours can reach the people declaring your news.

3. Personalized: 

One of the major aspects of email marketing is the very personal flavor that can be added to it. Mentioning their name makes it extremely personalized as customers like to be pampered and recognized. Moreover you can store a database of their personal choices and pamper them with special targeted offers.  Wishing them happy birthday and remembering their anniversaries can be added to your services and hence conversions.

4. Engaging Content: 

The fact that email marketing can be designed in a very short time, and that the templates can be saved for multiple uses, gives you the liberty of communicating with your customers and prospects frequently. Engaging content as well as informative content will make sure that they remain hooked to your emails and don’t unsubscribe.

5. Networking: 

Emails can be forwarded to friends and family at the click of a button and that makes it even more interesting, valuable, and viral. This way it can raise your customer base substantially at no extra cost.

6. Eco-Friendly: 

Email marketing can be more eco-friendly when compared to print media, or mail marketing campaigns.


The major advantage in email marketing is that the emails can be target specific and the overhead cost of such advertisements is extremely low compared to the other forms. Also, the fact that your email campaigns can be traced and tracked for effectiveness with some easy metrics, makes them awesome. One thing should be kept in mind that email marketing should not become a spam for the clients and prospective clients.

Your Turn… 

If you have had positive experiences and improved ROI using email marketing, please comment below and share with our audience your experiences.

About Our Guest Blogger Diana Maria:

Guest Blogger Diana Maria

Diana is a writer/blogger by profession. She loves writing, traveling, and reading books. She contributes for World Financial Group and Betaout.

Visit Diana’s website:

Connect with Diana on Facebook, Twitter, and business Twitter World Financial Group.

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4 SEO Strategies To Improve Ranking

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4 SEO Strategies To Improve Ranking

Do you feel that search engine optimization is constantly changing and hard to keep up with?

This is true in the most part, but there are certain techniques that you can implement with the future in mind. More often than not, successful search engine optimization can be achieved successfully simply by implementing strategies and knowing what to expect next. Nevertheless, keeping up-to-date with changes is important to ensure that your search engine optimization efforts are working for your business.
seo Strategies to improve

What Are The Latest Trends And Strategies Used In SEO To Improve Ranking

Strategy #1 – Backlinks

What is the most common trend in SEO? Backlinks that are from external websites. Backlinks can add value to your website as far as search engines are concerned. Links from relevant and popular sites are more beneficial for your website as anything less can potentially be picked up by search engines and become a negative.

How can you create backlinks? You can create backlinks to your website by posting guest posts on other sites, Web 2.0’s, getting your business on social media sites, and gaining visibility/shares, blogging, and more.

Strategy #2 – Social Media

Do you have a Facebook Fanpage or a Google+ Business page? Did you know that social media optimization is a fast rising importance in the world of SEO? Social media sites have become massively popular amongst web users and see millions of visitors each day. When you have a businesses page on these social media sites you are potentially gaining visibility to millions of people.

Search engines will recognize how popular your page is and you can gain links when users share your page. You have the chance to capture the attention of potential customers an engage with them at the same time. Social media should be on your agenda for Internet marketing.

Strategy #3 – Guest Blogging

How can you gain links back to your site while offering useful information and looking like the expert in your field?

Guest blogging is a great way to get traffic to your site.

What do you blog about on other sites? When you guest blog on another site it should be relevant to your website, products, or services in order for the post and the link to be effective. Gradually introducing guest posts can be beneficial and considered more natural by search engines. Natural efforts for SEO are favored by search engines and will get you in their good books.

Strategy #4 – Content

Content is a big contender in SEO. Search engines like relevant and unique content. Content should be clear and to the point; too much is not an issue for search engines, but can be for Internet users who want to find what they are looking for quickly. Updating your content on a regular basis will be appreciated by search engines and by users. Users that intend to return on a regular basis will only do so if you give them a reason to. Good, fresh content is important; the majority of search engine optimization articles you read today will explain that content is king when it comes to it.

Ensuring your best efforts doesn’t mean that you won’t be hit by search engine updates. All you really need to do is follow the rules, keep up with the trends, and make sure your search engine optimization efforts are as naturally formed as you possibly can. Social media and guest blogging can help you achieve this so consider every aspect to ensure effective Internet marketing for your website. Doing so will ensure that you see the increase in traffic, visitors, and customers, which means you will soon see an increase in profits as well.

Your Turn…

If you have found other strategies that help improve your page rank, please share them with our audience. If you have also found something that the search engines will penalize your page and decrease your page rank for, please share that with our audience also.

About Our Guest Blogger Pat Johnson:

guest blogger Pat Johnson

Pat Johnson is a freelance writer based in New York. Pat is an expert in Internet marketing and SEO. In his spare time; Pat enjoys classic computer games and swimming at the local pool with his niece.

Visit Pat’s website:

Connect with Pat on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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9 Easy Tips To Improve Your Search Rankings With Facebook & Google+

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9 Easy Tips To Improve Your Search Rankings With Facebook & Google+

Can social media networks like Facebook and Google+ improve your search results? You bet they can!

Of course, there’s a relentless, never-ending work that goes into it, but that’s one of things every business must do. The payoffs are worth it. You are likely to hit two birds with one shot. With constant social media activity, your business can engage with readers and customers while prepping your business to be found on search results.

improve ranking google plus facebook

Here are a few tips to go about doing that:

Google+ Search Result Tip #1 - Google+: Your Elite Ticket To Social Network And Enhanced Search Listings

Google built Google+ with a purpose (a dual-purpose, if you will):

1. It allows you to build a community and go social.

2. It helps your business “get found” on Google’s Search Listings.

Google+  dominates Google Search results. Google -  Rand Fishkin’s experiment with Google+ (searching for his own name). Let Google+ page flush your web pages – along with their own Google+ pages  in for better search rankings.

Google+ Search Result Tip #2 - Use Google+ As A Mini Blogging Platform

If you ever had to do SEO writing, you may do it on Google+(and not so much on your blog). The best practices still apply: never write for the search engines, ever. Find ways to pepper your keywords or key phrases a couple of times within each post you create for Google+ page but never overdo. Google+ pages also give you more control on your content to help you edit content whenever you like (not so with Twitter -  Facebook has limited editing capabilities).

Google+ Search Result Tip #3 - Google+ Is Your Indexing Catalyst

Anything shared on Google+ has a higher chance of getting indexed faster than normal webpages. Think of bringing in curated content, rewritten content that’s already present on your blog, and even your social media posts on Google+ again. Let Google feed on your content.

Google+ Search Result Tip #4 - Connect With The Sharks

The more you connect with the “influencers” on Google+, the better the chances of growing your Google+ network. Also, writing intriguing content for Google+ gets you noticed and makes “influencers” share your content. This works virally. Good content is shared; you are noticed. Google attributes more importance to your URLs when more people annotate, like, and share it.

Google+ Search Result Tip #5 - 10 Minutes To Fame On Google+

If you could just put in 10 minutes of your time per day and get a lot out of it, would you? Google+ makes it well worth your time. Just post on Google+  short content, tag others, comment on others posts, share others’ content, share your content, add a few awesome people on your circles, and allow others to add you in their circles.

Facebook: The Affable Social Behemoth

Facebook rankCan Facebook help to enhance your search results? Yes, it can, but to a much lesser extent than Google+. There are ways Facebook will affect how your web pages show up on search results on Google. There’s also a lot happening within Facebook itself.

Here’s what you need to do, beyond the basics:

Facebook Search Result Tip #6 - Geo-target Your Posts

One of the unique benefits Facebook presents to marketers is the ability to geo-tag your posts.  Annalise Kaylor wrote a post on mistakes, “Your Brand Makes That Makes You Look Like A Social Media Rookie” where she reveals that geo-targeting your posts gets you a better edge-rank. Further, geo-targeting sends out strong social media signals that help with precision targeting as far your SEO efforts are concerned.

Facebook Search Result Tip #7 - Engage In Open Forums, Events, And Groups

Facebook users (including brand pages) have ways to keep their Facebook activity private. For businesses, this can hurt. To maximize the reach of your Facebook fan page, engage with others on open forums, create events, and participate in groups. Search engines pick up all the content you produce in these forums.

Facebook Search Result Tip #8 - Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page For SEO

Start with the basics such as picking the best name for your Facebook Fan page. Next, pick a “vanity URL”. Set-up tabs on here on, it’s SEO as usual. Inject keywords at strategic places on your Facebook Fan Page, fill up your profile, and create custom SEO-optimized content updates.

Facebook Search Result Tip #9 - SEO Tricks Apply For Facebook Fan Page Updates

Rand Fishkin of suggests using your best keywords at the beginning of every update. You may also use “notes” on Facebook to enhance content volume on your pages to make sure search engines find your page.

Back To You…

Are you going to focus on both Facebook and Google+? What’s working better for you now? When you do a search for yourself or your brand name, what results are showing up?  Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.

About Our Guest Blogger John Siebert:

Guest Blogger John Siebert

John Siebert, President of Tranquil Blue, is the premier professional of web design in Tampa. He boasts 10+ years experience in web design & search engine marketing. 

Visit John’s website:

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SEO: 5 Questions You May Not Think To Ask

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SEO: 5 Questions You May Not Think To Ask

What is the most important factor to determine the success of a SEO campaign?

There are many factors in determining the success of a SEO campaign, but the most important factor is before starting the project to have an open conversation between the client and the SEO Solutions Company or specialist. This not only clears any doubts, but it also helps in the designing of better and more efficient solutions for the SEO project. Here is a list of five questions for both the client and the specialist to ask each other. You may not have thought of asking, but will be much better in every aspect if you ask.
SEO questions

5 Questions To Ask The SEO client:

Question 1: What is the niche or the target audience for the site?

Reason:  With the niche or the target audience known it becomes easier to develop the content. The unique interests, search patterns, and preferences of each niche audience helps to develop a more focused content that can be used more effectively for SEO purpose. Knowing the market of the target audience, helps in setting up more specific marketing goals.

Also understand what their brand message is and how they want their presence known on the Internet. This will also help you design marketing collaterals and other plans in a much more focused way.

Question 2: Which target market and markets do they intend to explore in terms of location or geography?

Reason: If a company is looking for global exposure their case will be different from a company looking for a specific country or location for business expansion. Asking about the preferred market or location will help determine specific SEO that will drive relevant traffic to the website.

Also asking about the preferred local search engine will help you do more focused SEO.

Question 3: Who are their top competitors?

Reason: Asking about their competitors and going through their competitors websites will help you understand a few factors necessary for better SEO. It will help you to identify the unique aspects of the competitors that draw traffic and better rankings. It will also help you identify their competitor’s weakness and client’s strength. This can be used to determine the right content. Look for certain features on their competitors sites that the clients would like to also use in their site and find the competitors flaws that you can use as a competitive advantage.

Question 4: What is the final goal of the site?

Reason: Knowing the final objective of the website determines which methods or ways to boost traffic and achieve the right results. This will also determine the correct performance indicators to explain the success or failure of the SEO campaign.

Question 5: Have there been previous SEO attempts?

Reason: This question will determine where you will need to start. This includes information regarding previous keywords used and to new keywords to target.  Knowing the webmaster control functions of the webpage will give you the keys to optimizing the site.

5 Questions To Ask The SEO Specialist:

Question 1: Can you rank my site to rank number 1 quickly?

If they answer “YES” – avoid this company!  SEO is a long drawn out and tedious process that needs to be given time for you to rank higher. Saying yes means they are either bluffing or using Black-hat SEO practices (using non approved practices which can get your site banned). Check out this related article, “Can SEO Gaurantee My Business Will GEt Top Rankings In The Search Engine Results”.

Question 2: Can you show some testimonials?

Testimonials from precious clients will help you understand a company’s or specialist’s potential. In case there is no testimonials available, try to get a client list to determine some feedback about them.

Question 3: Does SEO really work these days?

This will give you insights about SEO and how they tackle the new algorithms of search engines. They might show you some samples to prove their point.

Question 4: Should you use SEO software?

Good SEO companies will help you understand why it is useless to use any type of SEO software.

Question 5: Have any of your sites been blacklisted?

The answer will tell if the company is honest with its clients and uses only white-hat approved SEO trade practices.

Back To You:

Whether you are the client or the SEO specialist, it is always best to communicate. The more you ask questions and clear away the confusions, the better it will be for making the picture clear. Don’t feel shy, go ahead and ask the question that is on your mind that will always yield better results.

If you have had good or bad experiences due to communications prior to starting an SEO project, please share these experiences with us below.

About Our Guest Blogger Diana Maria:

Guest Blogger Diana Maria

Diana is a writer/blogger by profession. She loves writing, traveling, and reading books. She contributes for World Financial Group.

Visit Diana’s website:

Connect with Diana on Facebook, Twitter, and business Twitter World Financial Group

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5 Low-Cost Local Marketing Ideas

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5 Low-Cost Local Marketing Ideas 

How can you market your business locally without busting your budget?

Whether you’re a start-up business or you’ve been in business a while you don’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing to get extraordinary results.  Marketing is one of the most important aspects of survival and success for a small business. It can’t be ignored!

5 low cost marketing ideas

Without marketing, your company will lack needed exposure to survive and may not stand a chance at experiencing growth or success. In this article we discuss 5 low-cost marketing ideas your business can use.

How Can You Make Your Business Stand Out Yet Stay Within Your Budget?

How?  By investing your time in data analysis. Research helps you to maximize your budget in the right places and establish a marketing splash.  Through research you can find the right values and needs about potential customers to create “consistent buzz”. You need to find out what your customers value and are searching for before you plan your marketing strategy.

Here is what to research:

• The geographical location of your business. Learn where potential customers usually go: nearby park, malls, restaurants they love to dine in, grocery stores they shop in, and places they like to hang out online.

• Find out what is your customer’s pain and how can you solve it?

• Learn the products or services that they now purchase.

Does Your Business Have A Marketing Plan?

Developing a marketing plan can be as simple as scheduling a time line of when to: order business cards, attend networking opportunities, attend organizational meetings, attend speaking engagements, set aside time for social media, fit in time for blogging and more.

If you try to be known for everything you will be remembered for nothing. What are you known for? What do you want to be remembered for? What problems does your product or service solve?

Your Internet business marketing strategy should enhance and support your business’ overall marketing objectives, including getting more leads and sales from website visitors. The St. Paul Marketing Team offers you five low-cost marketing ideas that will promote your brand at a cost your budget can handle.

Consider These 5 Low Cost Marketing Ideas:


1. Video Marketing

Who doesn’t love a well-made video? They entertain and draw people in, compelling them to interact. Video marketing is one of the areas they specialize in. After creating an attractive clip about your company, they place it in multiple places online where those searching for your very product easily find them. The best part? Videos are posted at no cost to you.

2. Directories

When potential customers search for goods and services similar to yours, a  huge list of choices appears online including online business directories. You want to be sure your company’s name is at the top of the first page of these lists. The St. Paul Marketing Team makes sure your company’s name shows up in all the right PLACES at the right TIME online to enhance your online presence. They make sure that every requirement for placement is met so that your business appears on at the top of searches on Google+ Local, Yelp,, CitySearch and 200 other directories. This marketing strategy allows your small business to be right up there with the “big boys” while keeping your budget small. These top sites appear on the very first page of every search engine when searchers are looking for a local business.

3. Graphic Design

They say first impressions are everything. This is never truer than when it comes to advertising your company. You do not want to risk your success on a poorly designed logo that looks like a kindergartener created it or having no logo at all leaving you brandless. The St. Paul Marketing Team ensures that your vision for your business is realized in a dynamic brand logo that represents your professionalism and individuality over and above others.

Avoid going to sites that can create free business cards.  The initial price may be inexpensive, but the price of losing potential customers is priceless. You don’t want to your company’s brand to be classified as a generic plane Jane or ruin your brand entirely.

Once your design is perfected, St. Paul Marketing Team can create a number of marketing tools to help propel your company into the spotlight. Some of these tools and graphic design include:  ads, coupons, flyers, keyword strategies, articles, brochures, Facebook Fan page, Google Plus business page, blogging graphics, blogging illustrations, CD covers, and websites.

4. Websites

If your company doesn’t have a website yet, there’s no telling how much business you’ve already missed out on.  A website exposes your product to countless potential customers who might otherwise never come across your brand.  It builds the needed bridge of “know, like and trust” to your potential customers. The St. Paul Marketing Team can create an interactive company website that captures your vision and portrays your business with an attractive graphic design. Investing in a website is considerably cheaper than using printed advertisement and the reach is exponentially farther. The St. Paul Marketing Team specializes in Merchant Account websites, WordPress Blog websites, and Capture Pages. They can even help you with your copy writing or blogging.

5. Social Media

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t have a Facebook page or Twitter account.  The St. Paul Marketing Team can create a custom pages for your company on any of the social media sites which can link back to your company’s website. This increases traffic considerably so that more people are introduced to your product.  With millions of users on these social media sites they can interact with your fan page and your brand will get incredible exposure. This marketing strategy also allows you to connect with customers and potential clients, building the needed “know, like, and trust” for your business.

Don’t have time for social media? No problem, the St. Paul Marketing Team can create a campaign for your social media marketing and do it for you.

Whether you’re thinking about starting a business or you’re already in the process of starting up, there are many activities that you should take advantage of to get the word out about your product or service. Building an online networking presence, increasing visibility online and offline at local business functions can grow your customer base and your potential referral partners. Whichever strategy you decide to use, always follow up and be consistent. There are many activities that the St. Paul Marketing Team can help you take advantage of to get the word out about your product or service.

If you’re not sure where to start with your marketing plan or how to reach out to your local community, competitors, customers, and check out the St. Paul Marketing Team at

Back To You…

Is your business using any low-cost marketing tools? What other advice can you share with other business owners for marketing? Get creative with your online marketing and get some help. You can do it!

About Our Guest Blogger David Preston:

David Preston
David Preston is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. He has been writing useful and informative articles on Business, Finance, and Relationship for over many years now. His blog  focuses on Internet service providers.

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