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3 Reasons Why You Need To Outsource Your Video Marketing

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3 Reasons Why You Need To Outsource Your Video Marketing 

What is the number one way to grab attention and engage online?

Videos are the best marketing strategy by far. They are designed in a similar fashion to basic TV commercials. In this article we will talk about the 3 reasons why you need to outsource your video marketing and how it can give you the best return on your advertising investment. Knowing what to do and what not to do puts your brand above the competition. By outsourcing your video marketing, you can count on getting quality videos to market your brand and business. Start outsourcing your video marketing today.

why outsource video  marketing

What Are The Advantages Of Video Marketing?

Videos are action oriented which captures the attention of viewers better than stand alone ads. The action of a video combined with the use of audio, makes this format even better at grabbing people’s attention. Internet websites are usually packed full of ads promoting all types of products and services. In the competitive business market, it makes sense to use a format that will be better at getting people’s attention than traditional banner ads.

When you see something over and over it increases your belief and increases their credibility. target market The more visually familiar people are with your brand, product or service the better your return on your investment. Hiring a professional videographer to increase your professional appearance is priceless.

Video marketing can be designed around the needs of people who use the product or service (target market). The video can showcase products available for sale or as a forum for someone to discuss various service options their company or organization has available. Retail stores, charitable organizations, and real estate offices can use this type of marketing tool. Videos usually run for less than one minute so it does not detract from the Internet browsing experience of people shopping online.

Why Should You Hire A Professional Video Production Services? 

Outsource Reason #1 - Profitable

The first step for most businesses looking to use video marketing is to hire a professional video production company. These professionals know which type of video will work best for what a company wants to promote. The cost of video marketing is a lot less than you might think. When you hire a video marketing company they take the worry out of web marketing and management. They will give you the best bang for your buck. They know how to make videos that grab attention while conveying message and call to action. They understand the mindset of the target audience and use it when creating a campaign for you. They will help you get more leads for a lower cost than you were able to without them.

Outsource Reason #2 - Connections With Affiliate Websites 

The professional service will usually make contacts with affiliate websites who will host the videos in exchange for a similar hosting from the business using the videos. For example, a real estate office can create affiliates with financial institutions and furniture stores, because these fields are related to their industry.

There are also many businesses that use social networks to promote their services or products. These networks generally charge a small fee to have video ads placed on them. The benefit of paying to advertise on a social network is well worth the cost. Studies have shown video ads placed on social networks have higher success ratios than ads placed anywhere else on the Internet.

Outsource Reason #3 - Improve Search Engine Ranking

The expertise of a professional video company will also benefit businesses because they know where to place the videos in order to get the best results. While creating captivating ads is an important part of advertising, the placement of the videos is also a key part of a successful video marketing strategy. A video marketing professional can code the video title and description with long tail keywords. They can take your video and submit it to many sites to get your ranking up on the search engines.

seo rankingThe options offered through these websites include tools for managing the videos placed online. In addition to the professional companies available to create video productions for online use, there are also several major search engine sites that offer tools and consultations for anyone looking to create videos for online advertising.

Part of a good marketing strategy is analyzing the results of the videos to see how well the campaign is doing at drawing in new customers or clients. The results are not instant, but a video marketing company can get your videos ranked. It is only a matter of time that people will find your video in the future.

Back To You…

Have you outsourced videos to market your business? Please share your experiences with us below

About Our Guest Blogger James Pattrick:

James Pattrick

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Insights On Mobile Marketing Trends

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Insights On Mobile Marketing Trends

What are the new hot trends in mobile advertising and marketing?

Retailer’s wanting to increase their profits need to wake-up! Mobile marketing has not only arrived – it is starting to dominate online marketing. Consumer’s are letting retailers know their mobile marketing culture trends through their increasing wild reactions to frequent mobile usage? In this article, we’ll highlight some of the hottest trends and new possibilities with mobile marketing.
mobile marketing trends

Today’s hunters don’t carry bows and arrows, they carry their mobile devices for hunting hot deals. Consumers increasingly prefer using mobile devices to make informed decisions when hunting for deals on products and services. In the U.S., over 50% of consumers use Smartphones. Based on this number, many retailers are now focusing mainly on mobile marketing. Marketers are especially careful of timing when sending out their messages so they’re compatible with the device the consumer is using at that moment.

How Can You Blend Mobile Marketing With Social Media?

What is the most intimate type of technology a user has access to through social media? Most will agree that it is their mobile device. Therefore, social networking represents a humongous part of a mobile user’s time. Unlimited access via mobile is fertile ground for many advertisers to zero in on certain demographics when delivering products and services to consumers via strategies known as social targeting and retargeting. mobile marketing with social mediaAccording to comScore, 45% of all Facebook traffic and 55% of all Twitter traffic is mobile. With the help of network partners such as Facebook and Twitter, advertisers can significantly customize messaging by tracking social conversations related to a user’s location to target them.

Retargeting is where advertisers use the collaborative technology of Adelphic and BlueCava, for example, using linked devices to deliver ads based on a consumer’s registration data to track usage patterns. Since the attention span of consumers is extremely short, advertisers must make all of their content accessible across mobile web and through apps. They must also meet the consumer’s expectations and primary needs as well to create a successful marketing campaign.

Engaging consumers through the mobile marketing culture has motivated advertisers to focus on four main areas:

• QR codes

• Google Goggles

• Shazam

• Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

In the past six months, 63% of mobile marketing has come from QR codes. Consumers want automatic access to what’s important to them. QR codes make this possible, since they hold alphanumeric data and are very easy and practical to use for any sized business.

QR Codes And Their Influence On Mobile Marketing

qr codesWhen you capture a QR code with a camera-integrated phone, you can connect to electronic content on the web, trigger numerous phone functions, and link the device to a web browser to be immediately added to a company’s opt-in mailing list.

An app designed for the QR code reader that has made its mark worldwide is i-nigma that can virtually accommodate any type of camera phone. Facebook functions, such as Sharing and Liking, allows consumers to easily access URLs linked to new landing pages, which in turn enhances the effectiveness of SEO and SMO by encouraging more sharing between users.

The Future Of QR Codes

The next series of marketing barcodes will be capable of containing even more data–so much so that an Internet connection will not be required–all necessary data will be embedded in the code–soon making today’s technology outdated.

Are you using mobile marketing for your business? If so, share with us your latest marketing update ideas.


About Our Guest Blogger Myke Thomas:

Myke Thomas

Myke Thomas is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. His blog focuses on telecom bloggers and technology bloggers. 

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Online Video Marketing: 5 Pre-Submission Tips

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Online Video Marketing: 5 Pre-Submission Tips

Did you know that video marketing is rising in popularity at a rapid pace?

It has been authenticated by various statistics and studies. One study pointed out that video pages are 50 times more attractive to viewers than traditional text pages.

online video marketing

In this post we will discuss the pre-submission stage. This stage starts after filming and editing and before video submission. After recording the videos, you need to adhere to the following pre-submission tips that will assist you in reaching your target audience. This makes sure that your video will get the recognition that it rightly deserves.

Did You Know That Videos Are Very Cost Effective?

Videos are cost effective and will not burn a hole in your pocket. Just record them and then post online. Apart from that, videos stay online forever. Years later there is a great likelihood that your video will still be viewed by an increasing number of new viewers.

With the electrifying craze of social media sites, the craze for videos has certainly reached sky high. There are various social sites that encourage and create platforms for video posting and sharing. Needless to say, that the sky is the limit of earning a whopping sum of money through video marketing, provided that your strategies are in the right order to create and post videos online.

Here Are 5 Pre-Submission Tips For Online Video Marketing:


Video Pre-Submission Tip #1 - Give It A Proper Title

Do you want more traffic from your videos? Of course you do! Video titles are as important and similar to headlines in a blog. Here are a couple of reasons for the importance of proper titles:

• Titles instantly grab the attention of the viewers

• By using appropriate and relevant keywords on your topic, you can increase your chances of showing up in search engines. This is a very useful SEO strategy. Remember that Google owns YouTube; so naturally, you will get more return for your effort.

Video Pre-Submission Tip #2 - Provide Informative Content

What is your purpose or goal for posting the video?  Do thorough research regarding your ideal viewers expectations from your video topic. What problems can you help these viewers solve or learn?

A video is synonymous with giving exemplary knowledge and information. This works wonders since you can act as an expert and hence arm others with valuable information.

Video DescriptionThe safest way to maintain your viewer’s interest is to make the content precise and short. The average video should not be more than 3 minutes in length.

Video Pre-Submission Tip #3 - Include Your URL

Did you know that you can add a text box to your video? When it comes to editing your video, take advantage of different features like the text box. It is an excellent place where you can prominently display the address of your esteemed website. Hence, increasing number of viewers to your site as well.

Video Pre-Submission Tip #4 - Make Full Use Of Branding Opportunities

Does your video display your logo throughout your video? Display the logo of your company in a prominent way anywhere on the screen. It is up to you to either display it at key times or throughout the whole video. It also protects your video from being stolen by your competitors and puts your brand out there.

Video Pre-Submission Tip #5 - Do Not Forget Your HTML Link

Are you talking full advantage of using the description below the video? This is prime advertising space about your video.  When you are in the pre-submission phase of posting your video on YouTube, you are offered the luxury of writing a short description of your video. Be sure to provide links where you want to attract the reputed viewers.

Finally, you need to be creative to stand apart from your competition. The competition in the world is getting intense so you need to devise creative ways to stand out from the competition in your niche. You will never get another chance to make a first impression. This directly relates to hard work, dedication, seriousness, honesty, offering the latest updates and of course creativity. Hence, let the world know what you have.

Your Turn . . .

If you have successfully experienced ways to attract your target audience through video marketing that we didn’t mention above, we would love to hear about them.  Please comment below any tips you which to share with our audience.

About Our Guest Blogger Arsh Kapoor:

guest blogger Arsh Kapoor

This guest post has been written by Arsh Kapoor who is a blogger by profession latest he has been working on his cloud website named Cloud computing network and has written on Cloud computing operating system.  He also manages latest news website and SEO service.

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Your Tween And Facebook: The New Frontier?

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Your Tween And Facebook: The New Frontier? 

Did you know that Facebook is now considering allowing younger users on the social networking site?

Facebook’s previous 13 year age limit may not hold for long! This is being brought on by the influx of tweens and even younger children who are already a part of Facebook. Realizing the need to take into account the little ones, Facebook is looking into measures that can be taken to let them have accounts while ensuring that they stay relatively safe.  The tween presence on cell phones, computers and mainly the Internet leaves them open to a world of problems. This new revelation has left many wondering just what would happen if tweens were allowed on the social platform.

tween and facebook

To Be Or Not To Be 

Facebook legally allowing minors on their domain has to be coupled with some effort which allows for greater control in the hands of the parents of the children in question, and Facebook realizes this. Parents will most likely be able to link the accounts of their children with those of their own. For most of us, being on Facebook is no longer a matter of choice. This could potentially eliminate the need for Internet and parental control software or PC monitoring software which many parents have to resort to since they need to make sure that their kids are safe while they’re away.

The Ins And Outs

Parents would have a say in who their child can add to their list of friends, and which apps they’re accessing as well. No other details are out as yet, but if these are the only measures, then they’re not nearly enough. Some critics think this is starting to look as though Facebook is playing a double edged game, something akin to having one’s cake and eating it too soon. The situation, since it would appear that it’s trying to rope in more users so that it can only further its own data mining goals, seems to be a questionable one if not outright odd.

It’s All About The Money

Consumer groups are also waking from their slumber and pushing forth the idea that not all will remain well since Facebook’s advert obsession is likely to transcend to this new age group that it’s trying to add– or recognize since we know they are already there. Many are wondering just exactly what kids will be subjected to in the name of targeted ads …and if there’s going to be a control switch which parents can flip in case they don’t want their kids exposed to such madness. Currently parents have been unable to separate their tweens from Facebook, so accounts with greater parental control sound like a great idea. However, unless we can be sure of the outcome, playing the under 13 game isn’t really a good idea.

It’s no joke that the social media giant has managed to intertwine itself into almost every aspect of the Gen Y side of things. Gen Z on the other hand is an altogether different ball game. It wouldn’t be exaggeration to say that Facebook is like a black hole, where once you get sucked in, the likelihood of you getting out of it has an inverse relationship with the number of people in your friends list. It’s no different for tweens.

Let’s Hear Your Opinion

Do you feel Facebook should be stopped from allowing the little ones to be on it? Do you feel this is a great idea for the little ones? Speak now before it happens or forever hold your peace! Have a say in the future of our children by placing you comments below.

About Our Guest Blogger Natalia David :

guest blogger Natalia David

Natalia David love to blog and has become a reliable name in the sphere of Technology writers. Her work revolving around technology news, reviews etc. has earned her great recognition from readers who appreciate it for keeping them up to date with the latest happenings.

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Video Marketing: Beefing Up Your Social Media Campaign

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Video Marketing: Beefing Up Your Social Media Campaign

Are you looking for ways to beef up your video marketing?

Video marketing can effectively help you towards catching someone’s attention and engaging them for a period of time. In this article we will talk about 7 tips that should prove helpful to beefing up your social media campaign.
video marketing beefing up

Videos are the quickest way of gaining their trust, which can convert your audience into long-term subscribers. If you are looking for ways for using videos towards marketing your business then here are 7 beefy tips, which should prove helpful.

Tip # 1 – Be Natural With The Script

People should not appear on camera as if they had memorized their lines or are reading it from the script. Script presentations must be very human and flow naturally and should not appear stiff or awkward. Your script must contain some boundary and structure, which can convey exactly what you want to put across. Practice from the script and once you are comfortable, then you can put the script aside and carry on naturally.

Tip # 2 – Have A Solid Strategy

While marketing your video it is important that your content has substance with a goal to achieve. Always have a strategy, which keeps in mind the type of audience you want to target. There has to be a specific purpose in your content otherwise it will just be a wasted effort.

Tip # 3 – Keep Your Presentation Simple

It is all very well to go extravagant while producing the video but that may not produce the right result. The key factor of your presentation is the message content and positioning of your brand. Therefore, stick to simple ways if you do not have the capabilities beyond that.

Tip # 4 – The Right Storyline

Having your video with the right story line is the fun aspect as it is the time when you sit back to become an audience.

viewers chair

You can have a clearer perspective by sitting in the viewers’ chair as you can see the flaws while you work on it. Besides, the viewers will be more impressed if your video unfolds with a proper storyline.

Tip #5 – Keep It Precise

If your video presentation goes on and on, the attention span of your audience is bound to shift. If your video is too long, then divide it into two parts and cut down where it gets boring. Make your video piece short and precise while beefing it up with something that will catch the audience’s attention.

Tip #6 – Flexibility Is The Key

Always plan ahead of time and make sure that you are flexible when the time comes around. This is because what you conjure up in your mind may not be the case in reality when you are in the set of your scenes. Therefore, you will have to help yourself in making the setting as you had imagined it. You will also have to take into account the weather and have a support setting should inclement weather hit your shooting.

Tip #7 – Strong Title And Consistence In Your Message

Having a catchy headline is bound to attract the attention of others. The headline must give a hint of the message which should be consistent through out. You need to give quality and value to your audience and focus on the message.

Finally, your presentation will become more receptive to your audience if you are able to disseminate the message well.

If you have video marketing tips you would like to add, we would love to hear them. Please comment below.

About Our Guest Blogger Diana Maria:

Guest Blogger Diana Maria

Diana Maria is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading, and travelling. Beside this she is fond of luxury cars and wishes to own one day a  Dodge Ram SRT-10.

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How To Use SEO Keywords

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How To Use SEO Keywords

What does it mean to use keywords for SEO?

When optimizing your site the first thing you need to think about is “what are the keywords for which I want to be found?” Choosing the best keywords can help you generate more traffic.

Books, blogs, research papers and custom essays are written about it but we decided to make a short but informative review on this topic.

You need to create web pages optimized for each keyword so that those pages appear first in the search engine results, and to provide information that the visitor requires. If you bring visitors to your site, but you do not give them what they want, they will go away. It wastes your time and theirs.

how to use seo keywords

When Google Likes Keywords

Google favors sites that have the exact keywords in their title tag, description tags, and finally in the body of the text, so this is how you have to use your SEO keywords. This classification is used to prevent pages being ranked in the top results only because the search terms are present, perhaps once, somewhere hidden in the page.

This would be unfair on the user and the other websites. This is why Google likes your keywords to be spread around your description tag (Meta tag), title tag, and web content (body of the text). The logic is that if someone searches for “Was George Bush Jr. just an April Fool’s joke that went too far”, the information that the user finds, will most likely be a site that deals with this argument, and not an unrelated site because some fool sneaked 10 keywords into the webpage’s background colors.

Where The Keywords Should Be?

Someone who has been ranked highly for a keyword on his or her page without the word being in the title tag or description may have not deliberately tried to be positioned for that word. This happens sometimes when Google thinks that the site answers the users search term adequately.

Although this is nice of them, you should remember that if you properly position your SEO keyword in the right place, you wil be able to knock them off the top spot in no time.

keywords and quotesSearch for your keyword by placing your keyword in quotation marks, this search shows sites that have the exact phrase in their popular tags. These pages are your real SEO keyword competitors. In your search engine results, you will see how many pages are displayed for that keyword.

Everybody agrees on the fact that keywords with less than 20,000 pages are easy to beat with little work, if it is over 100,000 you really need to apply yourself to get to the first page.

Search Volume Of The Keywords

Search for and use keywords with a low search volume and low competition, but you should also remember to make a compromise between research and competition, it is useless to play for an easy word that is searched for twice day, when with a little more work you can play for a word with 30 searches per day. In other words, getting to the top spot with a keyword that has little competition is easy, but if the keyword is rarely searched for then what is the point?

About SEO-Quake

SEO QuakeOnce you have chosen your keywords that meet these criteria, you should check again the competition for the first page, but this time you should use a Firefox browser. You should also download the plug-in SEO-Quake here.

To install the plug-in simply download it and click on it (virus check it first). Follow any instructions it gives. The installer starts, click “Add to Firefox”, then click on “install now” and at the end, restart Firefox.

When the icon in the bottom right of your browser is green and orange, (not gray) it is active; you just have to click with the left button to turn it off during normal navigation. The default setting is “on request”, that means it collects data only when you ask.

If it is always active – you may be banned from some sites for abuse (your IP address blocked) because the plug-in does a lot of queries to collect the data and many servers and search engines do not like too many questions (translation – they don’t want you mining too much information).

With this plug-in you will have lots of information about all the sites you visit. It will help you to create your own custom SEO keyword strategy. You will be able to better judge the impact of where you put your keywords and how you use them. The bar at the top of the page can help you in ascending or descending all of sites based on retrieved data (e.g. PageRank best to worst).

What tips have you experienced bloggers have on keywords? Share with us your tips and thoughts below.

About Our Guest Blogger Sonia Jackson:

guest blogger Sonia Jackson

My name is Sonia Jackson. I represent the web-site We’ll help you to solve all problems with writing different essays and research papers in a short time; we’ll answer all your questions and give you useful advices.

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8 Benefits Of Mobile Marketing For A Business

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8 Benefits Of Mobile Marketing For A Business

Looking for another way to market to existing customers?

Do you realize you might have an untapped gold mine among your present customers you already have? The search for a high-impact and cost-effective method to increase revenue can be found by looking at existing customers. This is a great way to gain additional sales for your business.  A business that markets to its existing customers can do so at a lower cost than trying to gain different groups of new customers.  A business can use mobile marketing to achieve this goal. Below are 8 benefits that make mobile marketing a smart choice for a marketing strategy of a business.

benefits of mobile marketing

#1 – Opt-In Option

Mobile marketing is an opt-in option since subscribers have signed up or opted in to receive a message periodically by email or on their mobile device. This means that messages need to be tailored to all the subscribers of a mobile marketing campaign.

#2 – Immediate Impact

Mobile marketing promotions can be seen by users instantly.  A new message can be easily created and executed. Messages that are sent will be received in seconds by all users. This means that you may have customers in different areas that will receive a message almost instantly.  Another bonus is that the message can easily be forwarded or shared on social media sites.

#3 – Affordable Cost

The cost of mobile marketing is much less than traditional marketing methods.  A business does not pay any postage, printing costs, or air time for a commercial. You can send messages in bulk that often cost less as the volume of messages increases. This is a good option when a business has a small budget for advertising.

#4 – Conversion Rates

Mobile marketing offers a higher rate of conversion because messages can highlight a specific product or service that is directed to a specific audience. This will often result in response rates that are high to convert a large number of subscribers into paying customers. Mobile marketing is able to offer users a discount or special promotion. Response rates are often 10 percent or higher.

#5 – Customer Engagement

Customers of a business with a mobile device or smartphone can be easily updated with important and up-to-date information about a business. This helps engage customers with messages that include a call to action. This can include stopping in on a specific day or visiting a business’s website.

#6 – Customer Feedback

Messages can be sent to subscribers to gain feedback on a product, service, or a recent promotion. This is a great way to determine the preferences of customers. They can let a business know if they like an aspect of a business or voice their displeasure. Feedback can be used to improve products and a service to customers.

#7 – Mobile Website Versions

Consider creating a mobile version of your website. This gives mobile users that ability to view the site and the information you want  to provide to your customers.

#8 – Target Marketing

Tools are available that allow marketers to determine the location of the customers for a business. This provides another way a business can easily engage their customers.

Your Turn ….

If you are currently experiencing great results with mobile marketing, we need to hear from you!  Add your comments and tips below.

About Our Guest Blogger Kanchan Bhattacharjee:

guest blogger Kanchan Bhattacharjee

Kanchan Bhattacharjee has a wide knowledge regarding internet service deals provided by the best Internet providers. If you are looking for the best deal from the best provider then visit

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Blogging Basics For The Beginning Blogger

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Blogging Basics For The Beginning Blogger

Are You A Newbie In The Blogging World?

Blogging is the new way for websites to reach their full potential online. Everyone was a beginner at blogging at one time and it can be tough. In this article we will discus blogging basics for the beginning blogger such as: how you can keep your blogs interesting, how to make them informative, and how blogging can be useful in social media and forums.
blogging basics

Blogging is just as beneficial to a website to increase rankings in the search engines as SEO and snippets. People and businesses use blogging to attract search engines so that their site will show up at the top of the page. If your site doesn’t get on the first page searchers won’t find you and they won’t be able to find your website. Blogging can explain points that are relevant to the content on your website and what your niche is all about. When writing a blog it is important to use personal experience when available.

What Can Make Or Break An Article?

Keep the blog short to keep the interest of the readers. The usual amount of words is around 500. The blog should get straight to the point when able to do so. Some people use personal experiences and stories to draw readers in to create interest. Businesses can use blogs to attract prospects in their niche through the use of personal experiences and problems they have solved that others may be searching for.

What Keeps It Interesting?

• A blog should be interesting to the reader. There should be humor in the content when possible. Keeping it light and sometimes funny will keep the reader interested enough to continue reading and possibly to seek further information.

• Through the use of supportive information, blogs can attract readers to a website in search of further information. It should also contain information that teaches something of interest and have value. When sharing information it should be pertinent to the website.

How Do You Make It Informative?

• When writing a blog, make sure to include useful information that can inform an individual of something important. An example of this would be a blog about computers.

• Blogs can be useful in giving descriptions and tutorials, “how to” information, and information describing the different types of computers.

• Use blogging to teach how to complete certain tasks. They can teach the steps to something and teach where to look for further information on the subject.

What Should You Check Before Publishing?

After completing your article be sure to proofread and check the grammar and punctuation. Check for spelling and add in keywords to optimize your article. On page SEO is adding keywords to increase search engine visibility so they can find and access your website. Make sure your blog is full of interest and that you are writing for humans not bots.

How Can Blogging Be Useful In Social Media And Forums?

• Use blogging to express feelings, emotions, and opinions about subjects. Forums open up blogs for discussion by encouraging the expression of opinions.

• Discuss information or subjects that people are talking about and searching for. Then write an article about what they are searching for and give them answers. Color your article with emotional interest so it will create an engaging environment. You will get more comments, likes, shares, and +1’s this way.

• Blogging allows readers to chat back and forth as well as discussing everything. A blog can last for days or weeks of continuous conversation and can be shared on social sites.

Students use blogs to discuss and access school information. Teachers use blogs to list assignments for online and offline studies. A blog can give everyone the same information without having to email each individual person.

When you are ready to get started remember to keep your blogs interesting with high quality content, make them informative, and use social media to make it go viral. Building an audience takes time just persevere as you build.

Back To You…

What other tips do you feel beginner bloggers need? Experienced bloggers feel free to comment on over coming blogging hurdles below.

About Our Guest Blogger Siddhartha Rahut:

Siddhartha Rahut

Along Sidra is himself a regular blogger and a contributor to His articles on blogging sites are really popular. 

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How to Use Pinterest For Rapid Promotion Of Your Business Blog

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How to Use Pinterest For Rapid Promotion Of Your Business Blog

Are you looking for new ways to promote your blog?

Are you too busy running your business that you don’t have the chance to promote it? Social media is rapidly growing and the people who have business blogs need to make sure that they make the time to adapt to the largest method of promoting their business to the masses.
pinterest for promotion

Pinterest is the latest and most authoritative method in which you can help make your blog famous and people all over the globe will get to know more about your business. There are several ways to use Pinterest to help promote your blog such as:

• Promotional products

• Sharing photos

• Sharing videos

• Sharing blog posts

• Informational methods

• Interactive with friends

There are many different kinds of business blogs out there and the majority of them do not have any traffic going to it. Is your blog one of them? If customers can’t find your website, it impossible for them to buy your services or products. Your potential customers will go to your competitor since your business can’t be found. When people are searching, they need to find your business or you will go out of business.

Whether your business has products or services it needs to be on Pinterest. Pinterest is easy to use and in a matter of hours you can gather new followers and even promote it on other social networks. Facebook is connected to Pinterest and you can also link your Twitter account. The more exposure you give your business, the more people will link to your photos or videos.

Does Your Business Sell Products?

One of the great aspects of Pinterest is the ability to take cool photos  of your products and share them with other users. This is great for those who operate an Ecommerce site.  Pinterest will appeal to your prospective clients by visually showing them what you have to offer. As you take pictures of your products show different angels and close-up shots of them. Think of jewelry, purses, sunglasses, shoes, or gift baskets, etc. You could display all these pictures on the same board. Underneath each picture,  attach a link back to your website with the price of the item. You can add hashtags (the # symbol used to mark keywords in tweets on Twitter) for people searching on Pinterest so they can find your products.

Make A Theme For Each Board

You can make categories of items that you sell and display by making a theme board. For example, make a board called blue opal earrings and only show blue opal earrings. Another board could be pearl earrings. You could also make separate boards for kids, specific customers, sale items, holiday items, etc. Each board can be a category of your products. This will create an online catalog and you can target gift ideas to certain groups. Many people may want to visit a website that has all the details in one place. This makes it easy for them to make the complete reference.

Click On The Video Below To See 6 Ways To Use Pinterest Can Be Used To Brand Your Small Business: 

Does Your Business Just Have Services?

Highlight all your services with pictures and videos that can pinned on Pinterest.  Pinterest is not just for products, it is also a useful marketing tool for services. Just list all your services and descriptions on your website and then create a visual board of your services. If you are a plumber, pin on the job photos. If you are a graphic designer, pin samples of your designs. If you are an interior designer, show before and after photos.  You can even show videos of what you do. Showing your services visually makes them more appealing. You can also pin pictures from your blogs on Pinterest to attract readers for your articles. Another aspect is the ability to list down all the services that you are offering in an easy to follow visual manner. When people click on the links under the pictures and videos they will advance onto your website where they can find out all you offer. If your business blog has services on it without pictures, readers will end up bored and go on to search for other blogs that are more elaborate and attract readers. Customers don’t want to look at just type!  Add pictures and videos which are pinned to Pinterest and keep their interest. It will give it a link to drive traffic back to your website.

Do You Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website?

Of course you do! The more traffic that goes to your website, the more  chances you have to make more sales.  Right?  When you have a business blog, you to need make the visitors feel welcome. This social media site can help display your products or services to make them more appealing and catchy to the eye. With each picture or video that you pin onto a board, you are increasing your SEO strategy while it drives traffic back to your website. Write descriptions under each photo or video, use targeted keywords, hash tags, and of course a link to click back to your website. This also creates more traffic when you have a large following through online channels. You can also submit your pin(s) to  (a social voting platform similar to Digg), but for Pinterest pins.  Also, check out, a Pinterest directory and stats. This is a great technique to use to end up getting relevant results when you are trying to attract clients.

If you are thinking about promoting your business blog, you need to make the time to have your products, services, articles, and videos on Pinterest. This social media site will give your business the complete facelift that it deserves and the readers will enjoy every single minute of it. Make your business easy to find, easy to share, followable, and repinable – go viral!

Have you used Pinterest to promote your business blog and gotten good results? Feel free to share other tips you found that would be useful to others or recommendations that you think will be useful to other readers in the comment section below.

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5 Simple SEO Tips To Optimize Your Website

in Internet Marketing Guest Posts, Search Engine Optimization by Ashish Kamble 2 Comments

5 Simple SEO Tips To Optimize Your Website

How do you beat your competition, increase your visibility, and get traffic to your site?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique used by webmasters to rank their sites/blogs higher in search engine rankings.  If you have enough money to hire a SEO company or SEO expert for optimizing your blog/sites then do so. However if you don’t have the extra money to spend on hiring a SEO expert then there is no need to worry because you can optimize your website/ blog by yourself. SEO is a process involving experimenting and learning. What do you need to do to get started? Below are 5 simple SEO tip to optimize your website:
5 simple seo tips

SEO Tip #1 - Site Map Submission:

Do you want the search engines to find your site and index it? A sitemap is a list of accessible pages of a websites or a blog. Sitemaps provide page rank and link popularity to all the pages linked inside your site. It can help with the usability and site navigation.

There are two kinds of sitemaps: HTML sitemap and XML. XML sitemaps are treated well by the search engines. Sitemap submission is the first thing to be done when you want to optimize your site for the search engines. You should also submit your site map to the Google webmaster tool and Bing webmaster tool.

SEO Tip #2 - Title Tags:

Does your site need a higher ranking? Title tags are an important aspect when it comes to optimizing your site for search engines. With well-optimized title tags, almost any site has a chance to improve their ranking.  With just a few small changes and you could rank for some very competitive phrases within a few weeks! Title tags are often missed as many web designers don’t seem to bother with them. It is worth spending a bit of time going through your own website to check to see if all your title tags are relevant and unique for your webpage.

Don’t be lazy and just put anything for the title as it needs to be unique. Title tags give a good indication about the content of your web page. Title tags should have less than 70 characters (counting all spaces) as search engines only show 70 characters in search results. Use of relevant keywords in a title tag is always suggested. Do not use the same title tag on more than one of your pages.

SEO Tip #3 - Meta Tags:

Do all of your pages describe what differentiates your web page from the competition? Meta tags (Meta keywords and Meta description) are used to describe the content of a web page.  Meta tags are divided into Meta Keyword and Meta Tag.  Meta keyword tags are not as important as they use to be, but the Meta description tag is still useful. A Meta description should be between 50 to 160 characters (including spaces). It should include your web page’s primary as well as secondary keywords. You should use keywords in a concise manner so the description doesn’t look like spam. Each page needs a unique description because every page is different.

SEO Tip #4 - Fresh And Original Content:

Do you want to be the authority of your niche? Does your site provide solutions, tips, and advice that no one else offers? Do you have a blog? There is no doubt that content is king and I believe it will be king always. To obtain better rankings in the search engines, write fresh and original content for your site or blog. Never copy content from others because this may lead to the removal of your site from search engine results. Update your blog/site at regular intervals with fresh and original content. Your articles should be fresh, unique, and useful to your readers.  The more fresh content you post the better rankings in the search engine and the more you will attract people.

SEO Tip #5 - Backlinks:

Backlinks are the incoming links to a website or a webpage. Backlinks are considered the back bone of SEO. What matters most for backlinks is the quality of the link, not the quantity. The more qualitative and authoritative backlinks you have, the more value is given to your website or web page by the search engines.

Above are 5 simple SEO tips to optimize your website. There is no greater investment than SEO.  What SEO benefits have you found? What other SEO tips besides the 5 listed above do you feel are important?  Feel free to share your views about this post.

About Our Guest Blogger Ashish Kamble:

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Ashish Kamble is the head of Operations and SEO at Parigh Technologies, an excellent provider of good SEO services. 

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