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April 21, 2015 Google Update-Mobile Websites

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April 21, 2015 Google Update-Mobile Websites

Do you know if your website is mobile friendly or not? Does it matter if it is not? What does it mean to be mobile friendly? Coming up this week Google will have an update on Tuesday, April 21st. In this article we will talk about how Google wants to provide more importance to mobile phone users.

google update mobile websites

Does It Matter If Your Site Is Mobile Friendly?

Yes it matters if your site is mobile friendly. It comes as no surprise that a growing number of people are using mobile phones versus using a computer when using the Internet. Google is going to introduce a brand-new algorithm based on this growing trend and need. How is this going to change search? Well they will look at the usage patterns and modify the search results based on these patterns. They are going to reward sites that are mobile friendly.

mobile friendly site

What Does It Mean To Be Mobile Friendly?

Can your website be viewable in all mobile devices? As soon as this update takes place websites that are mobile friendly will rank higher than those that are not in the Google search results page. So how do you know if it is mobile friendly? Does the website shift and adjust its design so on a small screen you can view it? Do you have to zoom in order to view it? Having to zoom in on a tiny screen can be frustrating and makes it more difficult to navigate on a mobile phone. This makes a difficult frustrating user experience.

Does Your Website Pass The Test?

If you want to know for sure if your site is mobile friendly or not check this out. Click on Mobile Friendly Test

respondive webdesignWordPress & Mobile Friendly

Building your website with WordPress is great because you can have a website that has a flexible fluid framework that instantly adapts to match the device being used. All you need is a theme that is responsive. What does that mean? It means whether they are on a computer, an ipad, tablet, or mobile device the design will adjust to fit the device that you are on, this is call Responsive Web Design. With all these varieties of devices having a fluid layout makes more sense. After all you would want your website to be viewed on more than one device that provides great user experience.

What If My Site Is Not Mobile Friendly?

Did your site fail the test? If it did then you need to work on it now. After all customers are looking for your business on all devices now so your website needs to be flexible. When this algorithm change takes place you will want to rank above your competitors. If you need help call the St. Paul Marketing Team today to help get you back on track.

Back To You…

What do you think of this change and how do you think it will impact SEO on mobile searches?

Insights On Mobile Marketing Trends

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Insights On Mobile Marketing Trends

What are the new hot trends in mobile advertising and marketing?

Retailer’s wanting to increase their profits need to wake-up! Mobile marketing has not only arrived – it is starting to dominate online marketing. Consumer’s are letting retailers know their mobile marketing culture trends through their increasing wild reactions to frequent mobile usage? In this article, we’ll highlight some of the hottest trends and new possibilities with mobile marketing.
mobile marketing trends

Today’s hunters don’t carry bows and arrows, they carry their mobile devices for hunting hot deals. Consumers increasingly prefer using mobile devices to make informed decisions when hunting for deals on products and services. In the U.S., over 50% of consumers use Smartphones. Based on this number, many retailers are now focusing mainly on mobile marketing. Marketers are especially careful of timing when sending out their messages so they’re compatible with the device the consumer is using at that moment.

How Can You Blend Mobile Marketing With Social Media?

What is the most intimate type of technology a user has access to through social media? Most will agree that it is their mobile device. Therefore, social networking represents a humongous part of a mobile user’s time. Unlimited access via mobile is fertile ground for many advertisers to zero in on certain demographics when delivering products and services to consumers via strategies known as social targeting and retargeting. mobile marketing with social mediaAccording to comScore, 45% of all Facebook traffic and 55% of all Twitter traffic is mobile. With the help of network partners such as Facebook and Twitter, advertisers can significantly customize messaging by tracking social conversations related to a user’s location to target them.

Retargeting is where advertisers use the collaborative technology of Adelphic and BlueCava, for example, using linked devices to deliver ads based on a consumer’s registration data to track usage patterns. Since the attention span of consumers is extremely short, advertisers must make all of their content accessible across mobile web and through apps. They must also meet the consumer’s expectations and primary needs as well to create a successful marketing campaign.

Engaging consumers through the mobile marketing culture has motivated advertisers to focus on four main areas:

• QR codes

• Google Goggles

• Shazam

• Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

In the past six months, 63% of mobile marketing has come from QR codes. Consumers want automatic access to what’s important to them. QR codes make this possible, since they hold alphanumeric data and are very easy and practical to use for any sized business.

QR Codes And Their Influence On Mobile Marketing

qr codesWhen you capture a QR code with a camera-integrated phone, you can connect to electronic content on the web, trigger numerous phone functions, and link the device to a web browser to be immediately added to a company’s opt-in mailing list.

An app designed for the QR code reader that has made its mark worldwide is i-nigma that can virtually accommodate any type of camera phone. Facebook functions, such as Sharing and Liking, allows consumers to easily access URLs linked to new landing pages, which in turn enhances the effectiveness of SEO and SMO by encouraging more sharing between users.

The Future Of QR Codes

The next series of marketing barcodes will be capable of containing even more data–so much so that an Internet connection will not be required–all necessary data will be embedded in the code–soon making today’s technology outdated.

Are you using mobile marketing for your business? If so, share with us your latest marketing update ideas.


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8 Benefits Of Mobile Marketing For A Business

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8 Benefits Of Mobile Marketing For A Business

Looking for another way to market to existing customers?

Do you realize you might have an untapped gold mine among your present customers you already have? The search for a high-impact and cost-effective method to increase revenue can be found by looking at existing customers. This is a great way to gain additional sales for your business.  A business that markets to its existing customers can do so at a lower cost than trying to gain different groups of new customers.  A business can use mobile marketing to achieve this goal. Below are 8 benefits that make mobile marketing a smart choice for a marketing strategy of a business.

benefits of mobile marketing

#1 – Opt-In Option

Mobile marketing is an opt-in option since subscribers have signed up or opted in to receive a message periodically by email or on their mobile device. This means that messages need to be tailored to all the subscribers of a mobile marketing campaign.

#2 – Immediate Impact

Mobile marketing promotions can be seen by users instantly.  A new message can be easily created and executed. Messages that are sent will be received in seconds by all users. This means that you may have customers in different areas that will receive a message almost instantly.  Another bonus is that the message can easily be forwarded or shared on social media sites.

#3 – Affordable Cost

The cost of mobile marketing is much less than traditional marketing methods.  A business does not pay any postage, printing costs, or air time for a commercial. You can send messages in bulk that often cost less as the volume of messages increases. This is a good option when a business has a small budget for advertising.

#4 – Conversion Rates

Mobile marketing offers a higher rate of conversion because messages can highlight a specific product or service that is directed to a specific audience. This will often result in response rates that are high to convert a large number of subscribers into paying customers. Mobile marketing is able to offer users a discount or special promotion. Response rates are often 10 percent or higher.

#5 – Customer Engagement

Customers of a business with a mobile device or smartphone can be easily updated with important and up-to-date information about a business. This helps engage customers with messages that include a call to action. This can include stopping in on a specific day or visiting a business’s website.

#6 – Customer Feedback

Messages can be sent to subscribers to gain feedback on a product, service, or a recent promotion. This is a great way to determine the preferences of customers. They can let a business know if they like an aspect of a business or voice their displeasure. Feedback can be used to improve products and a service to customers.

#7 – Mobile Website Versions

Consider creating a mobile version of your website. This gives mobile users that ability to view the site and the information you want  to provide to your customers.

#8 – Target Marketing

Tools are available that allow marketers to determine the location of the customers for a business. This provides another way a business can easily engage their customers.

Your Turn ….

If you are currently experiencing great results with mobile marketing, we need to hear from you!  Add your comments and tips below.

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Local SEO – How Can Your Local Business Use SEO To Dominate Local Competition?

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Local SEO – How Can Your Local Business Use SEO To Dominate Local Competition?

What Is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is content that is targeted to get your website and business in front of the certain people. It is a technique of perfecting your website for physical places such as Google Maps, business listings, and directories. When people want to search for something, they go to search engines and type in words or phrases, which describe what they are looking for. The results that show up are websites that are ranked in accordance to their relevance to the term being searched. There are many search engines that show local results such as; Google Local, Yahoo! Local, Live local, AOL Local, and many more.

Local SEO To Dominate

What Does Your Local Business Get Out Of Local SEO?

- More website traffic

- More phone calls

- More sales

- More exposure

- Brand awareness

- More local customers

- Gains visibility in your local area

- Your business gets listed in popular local searches

- More visable for local keywords       

- Local traffic

- Improved ranking of your keywords in local SERPs (search engine results page)

- Improved exposure in mobile and smart phone local searches

- Improved exposure in social local search

- Quick ROI (Return on your investment)

- Domination of your niche

Does Your Local Business Need To Reach Local Customers?

The main benefit is huge potential exposure and domination. If your local business is not even on the Google maps first page, you are missing out on business while your competitors are gaining more.

If you are trying to increase traffic and sales with prospects, a local SEO campaign is a must! Google states that over 20% of searches conducted on the search engine have local intent. Therefore, it is essential to have local SEO to have your business found!

Are You Listed Where Your Customers Are Searching?

Think of local SEO as the new yellow pages and local section of a newspaper. It drives traffic to your physical location and creates more brand awareness. Your potential customers are searching for you on the Internet and smart phones. The question is, “are they going to find you or your competitor?” Think of how a person searches on Google. If they are looking for a dentist and live in Woodbury, MN they would type in “Woodbury dentist” or “dentist in Woodbury, MN.” Your business needs local SEO because of the number of MOBILE device business searches people are performing hourly.

Click On The Video Below To See Apple’s iPhone Siri And Why Siri Is Important For Marketing Your Local Business. You Speak And Siri Helps You Find Local Searches For You And Provies You With Information On Restaurants, Banks, Cabs and Local Businesses.   

It is crucial that your local business is taking advantage of using local SEO before your competition does. If you want to ensure your website receives more visitors as it climbs in ranking, local SEO is a must. If done correctly, it can help you get top rankings in your niche. In order to climb to the top of the ranking and stay there you need the help and guidance from a marketing company that specializes in local SEO.

Is Your Local Business Listed?

People only look at the first few websites on the first page of the keywords and phrases they search. Is your local business easy to find on all the top local search directories? Is your business’s information accurate and in popular local search directories that include Google, Yelp, CitySearch and up to a hundred other local directories and navigation units? Having an optimized local business listing allows you to get exposure to millions of local customers for a fraction of the cost of other advertising.

Take charge of your businesses future by having business listings in all the top local search directories for your business.

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