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5 Social Media Profile Picture Do’s and Don’ts

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5 Social Media Profile Picture Do’s and Don’ts

Why does your picture need to be consistent on all social media channels?

Do you add people who don’t have a face on social media? Do you think it is easier to remember a face or recall a name? Most people vote for the face and won’t add a person unless they have a face. Do you have a business and use social media? Are you attracting or repelling a following? In this post we will discuss 5 social media profile picture do’s and don’ts. Following these 5 simple rules will help you attract a larger following.

social media profile do's and don'ts

Social media and branding is all about connecting and interacting. It is important to have a consistent branding strategy across all your social media sites. Along with your logo, your personal profile picture of your face becomes your icon. Do you remember the profile picture icons of Betty Crocker or Dear Abbey? If you remember them, it is because it was always the same exact picture, no matter where you saw it.  Their profile picture became an icon.

A profile picture for personal branding purposes should seek to display what you are really about and tell a story about your style, your values, etc. It is all about putting across the same picture message consistently until it becomes your picture icon.

Here Are 5 Social Media Profile Picture Rules:


Social Media Profile Rule #1 - Easy To Remember

Do’s: When your social media friends go from site to site, if you have the same picture they are more likely to recognize, remember, and add you.

Don’ts: Having a group picture, as a profile picture is a no – no! How do your friends know which one you are? I’ll bet they are hoping you are the cute one!

Social Media Profile Rule #2 - Know, Like, Trust

Do’s: When you keep your picture the same, your social media friends are more likely to get to know, like, and trust you because they can recognize you as they go from site to site. Consistency is a must! They need to see the same picture of you.

dont know dont trust fake profileAuthentic is in! People are tiring of over photoshoped images. They want less photoshopping and more truth. The real you is you! It can’t go wrong because it is the real thing. Keep it simple and use the same great photo over and over and over again. Consistency is more powerful than photoshopping.

Don’ts: What is your reaction when you notice your new friend’s profile picture has now become a ghost picture? You will probably defriended them! Right? Or you probably wouldn’t have added them originally.

They can’t get to know you if you change your picture, have a profile picture of a car, or have a cartoon face. As people add more and more friends it gets more difficult to remember all of their names. However, a picture is more easily remembered. You want people to recognize and remember you.

Make sure the picture you select is dated correctly; it can’t be from 10 years ago. It is hard to face the changes that happen with age, but a 70 year old lady showing a picture of her when she was 20 loses all credibility when people find out she is really 70. Don’t you agree?

Social Media Profile Rule #3 - Consistency With Your Brand

Do’s: If you professionally cut hair, you need to have a good haircut on your picture.  If you are a professional personal trainer you need a thin firm body.

You want the same picture because it is your personal branding icon. It will have the same look and feel as your company’s brand. If you are blogger, your readers want to find and recognize you no matter what social media platform you are on. If you are a business owner or a network marketer you want your followers to find you.

Don’ts: You don’t want short hair on one picture and then long hair on the next. Trust builds with consistency.

Social Media Profile Rule #4 - Professional

Do’s: The picture you select creates an image in people’s mind. It should be a headshot of you. You can show off your smile and personality. It should brand you and no one else.

Don’ts: Have you ever seen a bride who got married 5 years ago and she still has the wedding dress on for her profile picture? How about someone who picks their babies picture as their personal branding picture. Your profile picture should be professional looking, not in a bathing suit, unless you are a model.

Stay away from shooting your picture in a bathroom mirror, it does not send a professional message. A bathroom mirror is not a professional photo shoot spot.

Social Media Profile Rules #5 - People Relate To A Face

people relate to faceDo’s: When people are first introduced to you, make sure it is the real you. You might not be proud of some feature, but it is your feature.

Don’ts: Make sure the profile picture you have up is yours and not someone else’s. There are bloggers and others on the World Wide Web who steals other people’s photos. All trust is lost when they find out you used a fake picture.

If you keep changing your picture every week, it becomes difficult for your followers to find you or remember you.

Your Turn….

Have you ever discovered someone wasn’t using his or her real picture? Let us know your experiences and how it makes you feel. Let our readers know how important you feel it is to keep a personal profile picture both real and consistent.

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Network Marketing Is An Amazing Industry!

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Network Marketing Is An Amazing Industry!

The rewards are on multiple levels and Network Marketing in particular can be very lucrative.

As a result, it is very appealing to a lot of people who are seeing or hearing of people in the industry making 6,7 and even 8 figure sums.

network marketing amazing industry

Therefore a lot of people are working at it, and that means a lot of people doing the same thing, and saying the same thing, and in the same way.

So what makes you different from the crowd? What makes your prospects want to choose to work with you rather than anyone else?

The answer is you being your unique self! Not trying to fit in but rather not being afraid to stand out.

You are recognizing that you are something unique, and seeing the potential of what you have to offer.

You can demonstrate in your posture that you have what it takes, that you’re a serious player, that you’re a gifted leader, that you have value, that you have passion and a determination to succeed and can lead others to success as well.

If people believe in you and trust you, and if they love what you have to offer, they will want to invest in you and will want to work with you.

Napoleon Hill, the author Think And Grow Richsaid; “People buy your personality and ideas long before they buy your services”.

Click On The Video Below To See Why It Is Important To Have A Brand And A Brand Strategy. What Are You Communicating To The World? How Do You Want To Be Known?

YOU are the reason people come into your team, not your product or service-that’s a secondary decision. So don’t let your opportunity get in the way through over promotion.

Put yourself first. Let people discover who you are and what you personally have to offer and what value you give.

Invest in the most important brand – YOU – and you’ll see some great things happen in your business.

About Our Guest Blogger Ashley Woodhams:

guest blogger Ashley Woodhams

Ashley Woodhams has been involved in marketing and branding for over 20 years. His primary business is in Network Marketing and he has also successfully worked as a consultant with companies to help develop and implement marketing and branding strategies

For more on Ashley visit:

Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

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How To Build Your Business With Content Marketing Buzz

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How To Build Your Business With Content Marketing Buzz

Do You Want To Convert Prospects Into Raving Fans And Customers?

Do you want to look like the expert in your field? Do you want people come to you instead of your competitor. You can with quality content and content marketing that attracts them. Like bees buzzing around a sweet flower you are creating your own business buzz, and attracting prospects with your content marketing.  In this post we will discuss building your business buzz with content marketing and how getting content will get you leads. Those that will adapt to this change will bloom.

Content Marketing Buzz

What Are The Flaws Of Traditional Advertising?

Traditional ad companies interrupt customers with mediums such as radio, billboards, yellow pages, local newspaper, magazine, T.V. commercials, etc.

These types of advertisements interrupt customers as they’re doing something else like listening to the radio or driving on the freeway. These ads do not provide value to the customer and don’t offer any inherent reason for them to see it. These types of ads only capture attention for a brief time, interrupt customers instead of giving them value, and end up being very expensive. They do not reach a wide mass audience as the Internet or social media does. You want to place your advertising where the customers are searching and hanging out.

Click On The Video Below To See The 4 Preparation Steps For Content Marketing:

What Is Content Marketing?

Is there a way to reach prospects without interrupting or spamming them?

Where do you get people that want to hear your message instead of doing everything they can to avoid it? Is there a way to advertise on a shorter budget and be where the customers are? Yes, yes, and yes!  Just as a beautiful flower attracts the bees, creating new content will have your business prospects buzzing around your content marketing.

Content marketing is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. It is an Internet marketing strategy that incorporates the art of mixing of creation and publication of original content. People want to decide based on their own information gathering. This includes blog posts, articles, case studies, white paper, videos, emails, and photos. Unlike traditional advertising that interrupts customers to get noticed, content marketing is the free content customers are looking for and want. The purpose of content marketing is to generate leads, enhancing a brand’s visibility, and making your company look like the expert. Repeated and regular exposure of your brand can build a relevant relationship to get them to know, like and trust you.

Providing value to prospects can be done in two ways. The first is educational content and second is as entertainment.  Educate your customers to the point that they are ready to purchase your product or services. Then keep them buzzing around your business by entertaining them. Your prospects are searching for answers so give it to them. Focus on their needs, common questions, common problems, and be a friendly helpful resource that answers questions for them.

Why Should You Use Content Marketing?

Competition is getting stronger on the Internet and content marketing can help you stand out. People will recognize your brand if they keep seeing it.

Content marketing generates qualified leads while it engages prospects in a branded environment without busting their budget. It is a great marketing tool that also helps to educate consumers on the products and services they use. This is the subliminal converting factor as it makes you look like the authority figure they want to follow. You can capture prospects names, email, and phone number on your website. Through the autoresponder you can communicate to prospects with emails and give them more value. This builds a relationship where they feel like they know, like, and trust you. After this is established, it maintains customers retention and loyalty.

Take advantage of content marketing and all of the other ways you can promote your site online.

Each blog post, video and article will last for the life of your business and you will give you a great return on your investment. You can reach thousands of people with just one post or video that took only a few hours to produce.  It will show up on the search engines in the organic (free) section. You can create content that will be shared over the Internet on social media.

Great Content Is Rewarded By Users Through The Search Engines.

In 2011 Google’ Panda update penalized sites that had no value to the web user in SERPs. 

The unique, new, and fresh content is what the search engines look for. Google wants to remove poor quality content from the search results and reward high quality sites with improved rankings.  Creating content just isn’t enough anymore. Make your content stand out by making it newsworthy with keywords, tips, videos, infographics, slideshows, and more.

What Are Examples Of Content Marketing?

The follow ways are examples of making your business more visible by using content marketing which informs or teach your prospects:

- Creating and regularly updating a blog.

- Writing articles for online trade publications.

- Writing guest posts for established blogs.

- Creating presentations that solve a problem and posting it

- Publishing an email newsletter online through social sharing services.

- Article marketing.

- SEO copywriting.

- Niche research services.

- Video marketing.

- Social media marketing.

- Blogging.

- Ebooks.

- Podcasts.

- Webinars.

- Enewsletters.

How Can Social Media Help?

Major players like Google are basing their futures on technologies that facilitate content sharing.

The social media site Google Plus uses what you “plus” and share to help your friends in their search results. With search results becoming increasingly customized, quality content is the secret key to social media success. Google Plus gathers information on your previous search behavior and then it adds what your friends have given a “plus” to.

When you are searching for a dentist in Woodbury, MN for example, if there is any content the search engines can gather  from your friend’s comments or have given a “plus” in their  searches to that particular dentist will be given a higher rating.  As a business owner you can places your videos, articles, and blog posts on social media sites. The more people share it the more it will get to search engines and give your business a boost.

Do you have any tips to personally add about “Content Marketing”? If so, please comment below.

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Marketing And Branding Secrets That Your Upline May Try To Keep From You!

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Marketing And Branding Secrets That Your Upline May Try To Keep From You!

Why Does An Independent Contractor Need Their Own Brand?

Who do you want to make rich, you or the big online parent company you are the distributor for? Do you want to grow the parent MLM or network marketing empire? Your parent company will probably encourage you when you sign up to use the parent company’s website or replicates sites.  However, the first thing you should share with your prospect is that they should NOT use a replicated site! You need to stand out by having your own brand. This means having a name for your own company with your own logo! Never let these replicated sites be your only presence on the Internet. It should it be the web presence you use for lead generation. I am going to share with you in this post why you need to brand yourself with your own company name, your own website, and other marketing and branding secrets that your upline may not want you to know.
marketing and branding secrets

As An Independent Contractor You Should Have Your OWN Company And Brand!

As an independent contractor for a parent company or a network marketing company you are actually renting the use of the company’s set-up to make money.

The parent company has a system and a product that you rent by signing up with them. This is your rented vehicle to make money. You do NOT work for them – you work for yourself. This is why you have your own business that includes your own company name.  This isn’t a job or hobby; it’s your business. You may have to follow the parent companies rules or system, but this is YOUR Company (Tom’s Company for example) that is renting the big company’s system or equipment.

One parent company I would like to give credit to is Melaleuca. When you talk any of their distributors, they know they are not able to use the parent company name in anyway.  However, many of their distributors have no understanding as to why this is.

Why Using Replicated Sites Is Not Marketing And Branding Yourself

Are you setting yourself apart? Replicated websites (duplicated exact copies) do not brand you.

The replicated website is branding the company, product, and services of the parent company, not branding YOU. Your advertising may even send prospects directly to the parent company and skip you entirely. With these types of sites you are not in charge of converting visitors you bring to the site into leads. You should be in control of this flow! You need your own prospecting marketing funnel. Using a replicated type of website takes away from controlling own your prospecting funnel. YOU need to be in charge of what information the prospects see and what calls to action you want them to take. The information you have on your prospects (name, email, phone number) should be exclusively yours.  This means that if you no longer are distributing for the parent company, your leads should die along with your leaving, or you should be able to take them with you to your next online adventure. The company shouldn’t have the ability to go into your present or past website and take your present or past leads. It shouldn’t be the big parent company that you are sharing its value to the world. It should be your leadership value that is important to the potential prospect or customer that can be transferred to the next parent company you decide to be a distributor of.

If prospects are able to Google the product and services your big parent company sells, why would they need you to do business?  If the big parent company uses recruiting as a method of sales, prospects might even Google other people of that big parent company and may even decide to go with someone else. Yes, after spending your precious hours of explaining and recruiting, they may be deciding to go with the parent company. However, after looking online for a leader who appears to be doing well, they may contact them instead.

When people visit your website they decide if you would make a good sponsor or leader. They may just love the big parent company and want to join after you give them all the information needed, but they might choose to join under someone else because that information is available to them. A prospect needs to know what makes you different and unique from the thousands of other distributors for the same big parent company. If you have the same duplicated website as everyone else they won’t view you as a leader. They will probably Google and search before they decide which leader they will go with. So when you set up your marketing funnel, make sure you are appearing like the rock star of your niche. First they should be sold on you and your brand with your own company name before they learn which parent company you are currently distributing for.

Being in control of your marketing funnel is critical. You can lead your prospects step-by-step just as Hansel and Gretel followed breadcrumbs to the gingerbread house in the Grimm’s fairy tale. Lead them step-by-step through your marketing funnel that you set up. A true leader is a tour guide who is guiding prospects steps through the jungle maze of finding the right big parent company with the right leader to follow.

Click On The Video Below To See What Is A Brand Strategy. Do You Have A Brand Strategy?

Is Your Site Optimized For Lead Generation And Can It Be Found?

Replicated sites might appear perfect from the front view, but they are not optimized for search engines.

optimize your siteIn fact Google ignores these replicated sites because it classifies them as having duplicate content. Unless the replicated site can be customized and you can include your own content, the search engines will just ignore it. What does this mean? It means no one is going to find your website unless you give them the URL and there will be no organic visitors. The only people who will visit your site will be the ones that you have personally given the URL to.

Your website needs to be a site you can have total control over. It should be able to fit any keywords you like and you should be able to control the on page SEO“. You can rank your site with search engines when it is not a duplicate.

The most ironic fact is that the purpose of your website is for lead generation or sales. You want to get people to sign up or buy, right? These replicated company sites are not optimized for lead generation, yet the most important need in a network marketing business is to generate leads!

Even if a replicated website can capture a prospects name and email or other information, you have no control over which marketing materials are being shown.  Even worse, the information being captured by the company is the property of the big parent company, not YOURS!  When you have no control over your list, then you have no control over your income or marketing funnel. You are leaving a lot of money on the table of the big parent company. You need to be in control of your own auto-responder and sole owner of the leads.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Your Own Brand And Company Name?

You are building your own brand and team.

your own brandPeople will respect you as their leader. This is important because as time goes on, if you leave that big parent company to go to another big parent company, your loyal teammates will follow you.  The people on your team will mimic the same procedures as to what you are doing.  Therefore, they also will have their own brand; get their own domain, and their own website.

As a distributor of a big company, you receive a portion of the money from the sale of the parent company’s products. You may even receive a portion of the sale from the team members you lead. You can tax deduct most of the promotional expenses to promote YOUR own company.

When a product is sold you will get a portion of the money.  Also, your team you build will pay you back for your training and leadership by giving you some portion of the money from their sales. You don’t want to provide all the sales information, leadership-training skills and have prospects turn around and join or buy from another leader of the same big parent company.

Are You Marketing And Branding Yourself As A Top Leader?

If you start out correctly with your own brand, your prospects will follow you, not your upline.

This includes having a name of your company and logo. You want to keep your prospects away from other leaders in your company until they commit to sign up under you. The so called nice leaders of a parent company that are willing to make 3 ways calls for you or give webinars or team calls without ever receiving a cent are not as innocent as they look.  Most people don’t sign up right away; they are shopping for a leader who knows the right path.  As they make their decision, they will call back the leader that seems to know what they are doing. So if you point a prospect towards a good leader that knows how to microwave their success, why would they need or want to follow you?  Some big parent companies have team calls where you plug in a prospect and the chosen leaders of the big parent company explain the ropes. Most prospects will seem to disappear off the face of the earth after the call.  In reality, the prospects might want to join the company but may think for a while. They will remember the leader who was explaining it all to them (they will have forgotten you) and will contact this leader later, after you have totally forgotten they existed and sign up under them.

Are You Doing Any Off Page SEO For Your Website?

Attraction marketing doesn’t mean that you purchase a lead capture page or website and then go eat bonbons and watch TV until the phone rings.

After all this is a business, not a hobby, and it requires real work.

You can’t just put up a website or capture page and expect it to get traffic. It is like a neon sign in the middle of the dessert, who will see it? To attract the traffic you desire, your website needs both off page SEOand “on page SEO”  When a prospect does a search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. will your website show up? Chances are that prospects are out there are searching for your business right now.  Are they going to find you or your competitor?  You need to outrank you competition if you want to win. Off page optimization must be a continuous process because if you do not do it, your competitors will and they will out rank you. Search engines are hungry for new content and they give attention to those websites that feed them new content. Your optimization should be diverse and focused on various methods of link building. 

Now, It’s Your Turn…

Do you have marketing and branding tips you want to share that your upline doesn’t want everyone to know about? Do you have a short story on replicated sites?  Please leave your comments below to share with others.

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How Can You Get More Recruits And Sales?

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How Can You Get More Recruits And Sales?

Be The Hunted Not The Hunter!

Most of us have been on someone’s list and were selected to receive endless phone calls, bullying, chasing and constant emails. Then they try to recruit you or sell to you when you weren’t even looking. Has this ever happened to you? You wanted to run and block the thought of them in any way possible!

recruits and sales

Well, today customers and recruits find YOU; you don’t chase them and force them, you attract them! Times have changed and you no longer make a list of people you know and go pressure them with full force to join you or buy from you. Social media does not mean that you go on the chat sites and pressure people until they block you! It also doesn’t mean that you announce on Facebook that this week you will take on 3 new people you will turn into millionaires in a week. There is nothing more annoying than a pushy salesperson using outdated sales techniques.

It is a competitive world out there and you need to compete with attraction optimization marketing online to win recruits and sales. If every place they search they find you or your company in a positive way, this is how they make their decision. Today with information at everyone’s finger tips they can sit back without any pressure and do their own research.

more recruitsHow Can You Become The Hunted Where Prospective Recruits Are Searching?

Place yourself in your prospects place. Go to your favorite search engine and type in the questions they may be asking. Consumers start their search on the Internet Googling for answers. Are you there? You should be located everywhere your prospects maybe looking. When they start to see you dominate a particular niche they are more likely to go to your website and check you out.  If information about you isn’t where they are looking they will go to the person that is.  This is being the rock star of the niche and how you appear to be an authority figure.

Take a look at this video below about how you get more recruits for your business?

When people are searching information they pay attention to the organic listings (which are free and usually stay for a long time). This the right location to have your information show up.  People consider organic listings the real information, not a paid advertisement. There is no need to look past page one, your prospects won’t!  With the correct keywords, links and videos you will attract them to your website.  When you build your marketing campaign think of it like a spider building their web of beliefs. You are building backlinks to attract prospects. This is done with off page SEO. Offpage SEO is a combination of all the things that can help you to rank your website in search engines and drive prospects to your website.

Why Should Prospects Pick You As Their Leader?

Search engine optimization is what is needed to display your leadership qualities, not pricey ads that convert your return on dollars spent into a return of pennies. Optimize your website with articles and videos that have keywords and links that will convert your targeted prospects with evidence that you are the leader they have been searching for. This entire process can be very time consuming in fact it’s a full time job in itself. This is necessary though to rank above your competition or you will be squashed like a bug.

It is best when recruits find you! When you get free traffic from interested prospects that are interested in your service or product you are becoming the hunted. It is too expensive not to get SEO assistance. Putting out costly ads every week is not cost effective. It is a much more efficient use of your time and money to investment in SEO or you could end up spending more than you should on wasteful “tricks” and resources that can’t help you. Become the hunted today and not the hunter.

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