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10 WordPress Plugins For Social Media Marketers

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Short Introduction: Top ten WordPress plugins for social media marketers that can help in publishing their information on number of different social media platforms by customizing WordPress plugins.

10 WordPress Plugins For Social Media Marketers

10 WordPress Plugins For Social Media Marketers

Social media has captured the attention of all the marketers who want to promote their content on the Internet. That is because social media has completely revolutionized the marketing process by increasing the coverage of content on the different platforms for the users. Therefore, people commonly subscribe to popular platforms like Google+, Twitter and Facebook to find updates on the news and products they want to view online. We are providing information on the 10 WordPress plugins for social media marketers to make your marketing process easier so that you can publicize your content with the help of these tools.



1. Monarch —Membership Component For Elegant Themes

In a short period of time, Elegant Themes have made a great impression in the social media marketing of WordPress plugins, Monarch is one of their most popular social media marketing solutions. It allows the user to show the buttons for social media sharing in a floating bar and in a popup. The buttons can also be seen above and below content. For the viewer’s convenience they can be viewed at the bottom of each page. The buttons look amazing they can support more than twenty social media networks.



easy-share2. WordPress Plugins called Easy Social Share Buttons for $14

The Easy Social Share Buttons can be obtained from CodeCanyon for the price of $14; it is a feature-rich package that covers more than twenty social media networks. Our team has utilized the plugins for months on the company blog (before we switched to Monarch), and we greatly appreciate the broad range of icon collection it offered. If you are searching for the social media sharing plugins with number of configurations, Easy Social Share Buttons is suitable for you.


simple-share-buttons-wordpress-social-button3. Freeware Social Media Plugins Simple Share Buttons Adder

Simple Share Buttons Adder is a minimum plugin solution for WordPress that enables the end user to automatically incorporate social media buttons at the top and lower end of your content fields. It has number of different setting panels and consists of twelve icon sets, nineteen embedded templates, template settings utility, four button categories, nine counter categories, a short code developer and plenty of options.


social sharing4. Freeware Plugins From Social Sharing by Danny

Social Sharing from Danny is one of our design team’s top quality social media plugins for WordPress. It is a simple set of plugins that incorporate sharing buttons of Twitter, Facebook and Google+ at the end of content, pages and websites. The plugins consist of few fundamental options: You can alter the text label, mention your Twitter username, and select whether 16 pixel or 32 pixel picture icons are placed on your pages.


addthis-share-buttons5. Freeware Plugins By AddThis

AddThis offers number of social media sharing options and five of these tools are free to utilize by the customers and five are offered to those customers who upgrade their plugins to pro plan that sums up to $12 per month or $99 for one year. They also provide four tools that can be used to follow the traffic, two tools that can be used for marketing and eight content utilities.All the tools are adjusted on the AddThis web page. The customers need to install the plugins and activate the account from the website. Once this simple task is completed any adjustments you make to your AddThis account will be deployed on your website.


shareaholic6. Freeware Plugins From Shareaholic

Shareaholic is diversified free WordPress plugin that provides social media promoting buttons and related tools for content blocks.The plugin has excellent settings page from which you can manually adjust your sharing buttons specifically for above and below the text of your posts, websites and homepages. The plugins consists of eight unique categories. The customizer enables the individuals to select from the 4 themes and 7 headlines.


sharethis7. Freeware Plugins By ShareThis – Buttons For Sharing Media and Social Analytics Tools

ShareThis consists of top class social media information sharing plugins that provide 3 button tools, and offers a staggering one hundred and twenty media networks and utilities. Buttons can be incorporated above and below the content fields and there is an option for either floating bars or static bar that is specifically built to display the different buttons at the start of each page.


Floating-Social-Share-Bar-WordPress-Plugin8. Freeware Plugins From Floating Social Bar

If you want a top standard social media plugin then you should try Floating Social Bar that defines a top standard row of popular sharing buttons on the top of content posts, pages and websites. When the customer views the page the sharing bar remains static on the start of the page.


jetpack plugin9. Freeware Plugins By Jetpack

Jetpack has transformed into one the most up to date WordPress plugins in the market. It consists of thirty four utilities and numerous other tools that are being developed by the Automatic, the company that runs

The social media sharing utility is simple with a plenty of excellent features. It supports up to nine social media networks with the email and print buttons. You can show icons, content or icon and contents for standard sharing buttons. The buttons can be showed on the home page and archives. They can also be displayed on the search results, posts and web pages. You can fix them on your posts, pages and media. The label of shared content and username for Twitter can also be manually specified.


mashable social share10. Freeware Plugins From Mashshare

Developed from the specifications from news blog Mashable, Mashare is a popular top class media plugin. The free plugin supports Facebook and Twitter utilities and displays the top standard shares and reviews. The sharing bar can be deployed to display the shares on above or below the web content, with pages and other post categories.

The plugins also provide a subscription box that can be utilized to adjust the content that can be deployed from WordPress editor. There is also an option to join the subscribe button manually to a URL. The subscription box is an excellent feature of this plugin that enables Mashshare to stay ahead of competition.


Author Bio:

Samith Jhon is working as a content writer in Cliffs Coaches office. We offer fantastic range of Minibuses available for everything from school trips. Get Coach hire heathrow Airport at cheap price.


Twitter Update 2016: New timeline & Algorithm

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Twitter Update 2016: New timeline & Algorithm

Are you ready for change with Twitter?

Twitter has changed its algorithms. Just when you get used to a social site there becomes a change. So what are the changes and new features for Twitter? In this article we will discuss the changes in Twitter 2016.

twitter update 2016

What Are The New Changes?

Twitter Change #1 -Timeline

Twitter will feature your tweets based on relevancy instead of chronology on the top of your timeline. The timeline will feature what is relevant versus what’s recent. Facebook news feed already does this by showing posting out of order and importance on what is hot by the likes and share.

What's Relevant Versus What's Recent

Twitter Change #2 –Twitter Moments

CEO Jack Dorsey also introduced Twitter Moments. This feature allows you to have longer direct messages. It will be able to display inline Periscope videos. It will also show what the most people tweets
to everyone who visits Twitter on their smart phone. He also might get rid of the 140-character limit, too.

The new changes are coming this Wednesday. For now the change is opt in only. What does this mean? You won’t be able to see the new feature unless you activate it in your account settings. Then in a few weeks I am sure it will change as to signing up for this feature. Later after this new change has been out and more people are opting in it will then go public for everyone to try it out. Users will then still have an option to go back to the old settings.

Will This Be The End Of The Reverse-Chronological Timeline?

So far Twitter say this is not the end of it. This has been a signature feature. The new change will focus on what’s relevant instead of what’s recent.

What Will It Look Like?

Just like Facebook is showing what is more relevant or important by the likes and shares Twitter will do something similar and base it on the number of people you follow. You will see what is most important from people you follow similar to Facebook’s news feed. I couldn’t find a picture out there of a preview of it.

How To Adjust The Setting?

Log in to your account on and go to your
Account setting page. Then under content look for Timeline
and uncheck the box next to “Show me the best Tweets first”. Then
it may ask you to reenter your password.

Back To You…

What do you think of the upcoming changes to Twitter? Do you feel this new change will make you use Twitter more? Was there anything that we didn’t discuss that you would like to share? Feel free to comment below.

Is Google+ Collections The Next Pinterest?

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Is Google+ Collections The Next Pinterest?

Are You Using Google+ Collections For Your Business?

Could Google+ collection be the next new Pinterest? Do you want to get more views to your website, more fans, and show off your brand? Are you confused on what Google+ collections are? Do you need help on what collections to use for your business and how to use it? Google+ collections can go viral and the more people that share your stuff the more it will go to search engines and give your business a boost. If you need a guide on Google+ collections for business you are reading the correct article. In this article we will talk about 8 Google+ collection ideas.

google plus collections the next pinterest

What Are Google+ Collections?

How would it benefit your business? How will it impact your brand? Google+ launched a Pinterest-style board called collections. This new feature allows users to bookmark their pictures, photos, posts, videos by whatever topic, interest, or theme they choose. Collections are a great way to find related things and stuff on what you love based on the collections that are you following.

How Will Google+ Collections Benefit Your Brand?

Businesses and brands can now create a topic collection for users to follow. Each collection that you put up can be set to public, private, or to custom set of people.

Here are some other benefits:
•It makes it easier for followers to pick and choose their favorite topics
•Categorize updates by topic
•Show off your services and products
•Build a targeted audience
•Old posts are not lost

Will Collections Help My Business Ranking?

It is too early to tell just how the Google algorithm will be with collections. So why should you pay attention to collections or even do it then? Just like other Google products like Youtube things rank with Google. Your collections could also go viral if you get alot of shares and that will help to get your brand out there.

tips in your industry#1 Google+ Collection Idea: Tips In Your industry Or Niche

Do you share a lot of tips in your industry or niche? This is a great collection to do and have all your tips in one spot. You can always add more as you go. When people look at your collections it will make you look more like an expert in your field with tips.

#2 Google+ Collection Idea: Projects,Products, & Services

Is your business one where you can show things you have done with photos? Do you have a service you would like to show off? What about projects or products to show? Have a collection for each service that you offer. Add pictures as your business grows.

#3 Google+ Collection Idea: Blog Posts

Collections are a great way to showcase all your blogs post. Use a creative graphic that is eye catching with the title of the blog post. Give the link in the description.

#4 Google+ Collection Idea: Before & After Pictures

before and after of teethCollections are great way to show off your before and after pictures. If you are a dentist you can show before and then after of dental work. If you have a skin care line or makeup artist business you can show the drastic results. If you are an interior designer this would be a perfect way to showcase your talent and creativity. If your business is weight loss you can show how they look before and how wonderful the results are afterwards. Dog groomers and hair stylists can show off their talent with pictures.

#5 Google+ Collection Idea: Office & Staff Pictures

Let people get familiar with your staff by having pictures of them and pictures of the office. Maybe you have certain equipment that is important to show off. Show behind the scenes or what a daily day in the office is.

#6 Google+ Collection Idea: Videos To Drive Traffic

Do you have videos on Youtube about your business? You can make a collection of it now. Write a sentence or two to get them interested in it and a link to the video.

#7 Google+ Collection Idea: Events

woodbury expoShow off a business event, business fairs, parades, or trade shows. Take pictures of your booth. Was there anything fun there for kids or adults? Take pictures of that too. Show what the event was like as if they were there. Be creative and have fun by showing different aspects of the event.

#8 Google+ Collection Idea: Promotions, Sales, & Coupons

Do you have specials sales or promotions for your business? What about coupons? You can make a collection for the sale or promotion.

As you can see from the following 8 Google+ collection ideas the sky is the limit of what you can do.

Back To You…

Are you using Google+ collections and want to share other ideas that we did not discuss? Have you noticed any results using Google+ collections?

7 Social Media Do’s & Don’ts For The New Year

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7 Social Media Do’s & Don’ts For The New Year

What are your business marketing goals for the New Year?

Does your social media need improving? Would you like to attract more likes and fans? For some businesses there are habits to improve on with social media. There are things that may repel you audience and irritate you fans. New Year’s is a great time for businesses to look over social media tactics, strategies, and goals. In this article we discuss 7 Do’s and Don’ts. Start the New Year off with good social media habits.
7 social media dos and donts for the new year

1-DO: Get A Fanpage For Your Business

like us on facebookGet a business fan page and have your banner reflect your brand. In the profile picture square part you can upload your logo. Get your brand looking its best! You can get an infinite amount of fans. Having a fan page is great for SEO as your page will get indexed by Google. People can also tag your brand when you have a page. In your advertisement you can put, “Like Us On Facebook”.

Don’t: Use Your Personal Facebook As A Fanpage

There isn’t anything more unprofessional and annoying than going to website that redirects their Facebook page to a personal page. You have to hope they are going to accept you as a friend. This make your businesses look unprofessional and not trust worthy. You will only be able to have 5,000 friends. If Facebook finds out you are running a business through your personal they can close your account!! Yes it is true.

2-DO: Post Everyday & Keep Active

post on facebookIt is important to stay active on social media. Post everyday to get your brand out there, increase website traffic, SEO, generate leads for your business and more. By keeping active people with think that your company has great customer service, they will know your still in business, and that your care about your brand. Be consistent and engaging. If you thinking that you have no clue on what to post check this article out: Facebook Fan Pages What To Post.

Don’t: Annoy Your Fans & Over Post

It is ok to post more than one post as your audience may be on social media at different times. Going overboard and posting ten times a day will annoy your followers and turn them off. Quality social media content is always better than quantity.

3-DO: Use Hashtags

use hashtagsUsing hashtags will help bring in new fans when used correctly, a great way to join in on trends and events. Be specific when using it. What is the post about? Use it for things that are trending, in the news, events, topic participation, etc. Think of keywords that you want to highlight so people can find your post or tweet. Need help on getting started with hashtag? Read the article, “Brand Exposure With Hashtags For Every Day Of The Week”.

Don’t: : Over Using Hashtags

Don’t make so many hashtags that you have more hashtags than words. It will make your post look desperate, harder to read, and dilute your message. #Hashtagging #Every #word #Is #not #only #annoying #but #a #turnoff.

4-DO: Pull Your Fans In With Fun Posts

Pull Your Fans In With Fun PostsPost things that are about your brand that are fun and engaging. Get more fans and a livelier page. Add questions to the audience when you can. Give value and tips in an entertaining way. It is ok to have sales and promotions but it should not be every post. Not sure what to post or don’t have the time? Hire a professional company that can do if for you such as St. Paul Marketing Team.

Don’t: Posting Too Much Promotion & Sales

People go on Facebook to relax and have fun. They are going to be irritated, annoyed, or bored if all you post is buy from us and buy now. Facebook is not a newspapers ad rather it is a place where you can interact with your customers. Your business is going to come on unprofessional if it is over the board of directly promoting products or services. It is like your are throwing up in peoples faces and no one wants that.

5-DO: Show That You Are Human

human or robotYour posts need to show emotion and that you are human with personality. This will increase your interaction and your fans will be more open to learning more about you. Post fun things and depending on your business you can show the staff, behind the scenes, and other things going on in your business or office.

Don’t: Act Like A Robot

Does you social media posts look like a robot posted it? Are you posting annoying promotional content and boring content? Look over what you are posting and put yourself in your fans shoes, “Would you like your posts”? Respond to posts when people comment.

make short and sweet

6-DO: Use Pictures & Short Sentences

Make post look appealing that readers will enjoy and click the like button on. Use picture when possible to highlight what you are talking about. Make your text short and fast to read. People are scanning through the news feed and you want to attract them.

Don’t: Too Much Text

Save your long posts for you blog. When people see your post in their news feed they will get turned off by a long paragraph. No one has time to read all that.

7-DO: Use One Call To Action Link

use call to actionWhen you want users to do something like read more, watch this, check this out, etc. use only one link. By using only one link the call to action will be simple and clear on what to do next.

Don’t: Post Multiple Links

Posting more than one call to action link will confuse readers. Which link should they click on? They might not take action at all with multiple links.

Back To You…

Are there other things you would add to the list of Do’s and Don’ts? How are you going to manage your social media efforts in 2016? What do other companies do wrong that you have noticed? We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about this topic just comment below.

12 Holiday Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

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12 Holiday Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Are you looking for tips to getting your small business more sales this holiday season?

“Tis the season for both giving and receiving. This time of year can be stressful and overwhelming. Let’s make it more fun and festive with tips to get your business in the holiday spirit and attract more clients. In this article are 12 Holiday Marketing Tips For Small businesses.

12 Holiday Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Holiday Marketing Tip #1- Be Present On Social Media

There is nothing worse than having your social media presence empty or deserted.

be present on social media

Holiday Marketing Tip #2- Make Engaging Holiday Posts

Post funny cartoons and use hashtags so people can find your fan page. Ask questions to your audience with a picture such as what is your favorite Christmas movie?

funny christmas cartoon

Holiday Marketing Tip #3- Run A Holiday Contest

Think of something in your business that people would love to win. Whether it is a product or a discount off a service offer a great deal!
People are more likely to like and share if it something they really want to win.

Holiday Marketing Tip #4- Holiday Coupons

Offer a discount on a service or buy one get one Free. Get your fans and customers a great deal and design a nice eye catching coupon

Holiday Marketing Tip #5- Blogging About The Holiday

Think of how you can incorporate your brand and the holidays. Is your brand about exercise and nutrition? You could blog about holiday recipes or how to stay in shape around the holidays. Try to tie your product or service in with tips or how to.

Holiday Marketing Tip #6- Holiday Small Business Events

Partner or find other businesses that are already having a one-day event where you can set up a booth and sell your products and services.

Participate in Small Business Saturday, which is always the Saturday after Thanksgiving and follows the popular shopping day Black Friday.

small business saturdayIf there are no events start your own and offer door prizes, free food, drawings, and awesome prizes to reel people in to your event.

Holiday Marketing Tip #7- Holiday Email Greetingss

Email your customers to have a great Thanksgiving and wish them a Merry Christmas and New Year. Make it cute and festive with graphics! Don’t put any promotions on this email.

Holiday Marketing Tip #8- Holiday Specials To Loyal Customers

Offer specials to customers that you already have. You could offer free shipping, secret sales, and discounts.

Holiday Marketing Tip #9- Cross Promote Coupons and Sales

When you give your customers a bag fill it with other coupons and sales of other local business and have them do the same for you.

happy holidays cardHoliday Marketing Tip #10- Holiday Cards

Send your customers real holiday cards not ecards. They are more memorable and won’t get lost in the junk mail.

Holiday Marketing Tip #11- Holiday Bonus Gift

You may have seen this before at the mall. Offer a free bonus gift with a purchase of whatever and of course you pick what the gift is and the amount that they have to purchase at least to get that prize. This will draw them into buying more.

promotional calandersHoliday Marketing Tip #12- Give Them A FREE Calendar

Print a personalized calendar to give out to your clients. Depending on what your business is you can get creative. Be the brand your customers see every day.



Back To You…

Do you have other holiday marketing tips to add that was not on the list? What do you do for holiday marketing that works great?

7 Ways To Boost Your Content For Social Media

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7 Ways To Boost Your Content For Social Media

Are you using social media effectively?

Are you using social media to drive traffic, leads, engage with fans, and increase sales? Do you want blog articles, videos, and other posts to have more shares? Have you heard of the word, “content marketing” and had no idea what is but felt you should know? In this article we will discuss 7 ways to boost your content for social media.

boost your content for social media

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating consistent valuable content to share it to attract and retain more customers and fans.

Why Should Small Businesses Invest In Content Marketing?

Smaller businesses don’t have huge budgets like a large business. They need to build brand awareness and leads with a limited budget. Content marketing is a great way for a small business to do both.

Here are other great benefits of content marketing for small businesses:

• Build brand awareness
• Be an authority in your niche
• Create loyalty and trust
• Position your business as an expert in your industry
• Generate traffic to your website
• Provide value to your customers and fans
• Educates your products and services

Content Marketing And Social Media

Did you know that content marketing and social media are interconnected? After you create a blog post, infographic, vlog, etc you post it on social media to dispense it out. Social media then can promote your content when it gets a lot of shares and likes. Depending on what social media platform you use it can also have SEO benefits and boost your ranking too. When they are used together they can give your marketing a boost.

So how can you boost your content marketing to make the most out it and get more shares and likes?

catchy headlines stand outHere Are The 7 Ways To Boost Your Content For Social Media:

Tactic #1-Choose A Catchy Headline That Stands Out

First impressions are everything. Before someone decides to read your blog post or watch your Youtube video they will read the title first. If it doesn’t relate to them they won’t read or watch the video.

A great article headline will draw the readers and glorify what the information is all bout. Just look at a magazine and check out all the headlines that are on the front page. A good headline can make or break your content marketing strategy.

Tactic #2- Compelling Images

Does your blog post or article have any images in it? People are more likely to read it with compelling images. When there is a lot of text it can turn them off. Images can help deliver the intended message with bigger impact. It can help organize your paragraphs and content. People remember images and think in pictures. Using pictures will make it more memorable. The image should add to the article or blog post. If it breaks up too much text it can lose its purpose and be a turn off.relate to the audience

Tactic #3- Relate To The Audience

Is your content relevant to the audience? What will they learn if they read it? Think of frequently asked question you get from your customers and fans. Those questions they ask would make a great subject for your content marketing. You can educate them on your services and products. Relate to the audience of why they should read it.

Telling stories and giving examples are a great way to relate to your audience. Your writing style should be in a language they can understand. If you use too many technical terms it can turn them off.

Tactic #4- Share Content In Groups & Communities

Did you know there are groups and communities on Facebook and Google Plus on all different types of subjects? After you have your blog post up besides sharing it on your fanpage you can share it to the community. Depending on your niche and what groups you are in they are more likely to share your content than say your friends and neighbors. The groups you join are about its members and how the group can provide value for them.

Tactic #5- Optimize For SEO

Use keywords throughout your post. Try to include them throughout your article without it looking spammy or hard to read. They should be placed in the title, headings, introduction, conclusion, anchor text, and pictures etc.

Add SEO title and meta description. Just about all the SEO plugins will allow you to type in what you want for you SEO title and meta description.

Use hashtags when possible to get your content found. Check out our article, “Brand Exposure With Hashtags For Every Day Of The Week”.

Tactic #6- Make Using Google+ A Priority

Google plus is owned by Google. When you post an article on Google+ it can improve your search ranking. So when someone is looking for something on Google and it has your keyword in it your article can show up. Check out our article, “Love that Google+!Social-share-bottons

Tactic #7- Add Social Sharing Buttons

This may seem obvious to most bloggers and marketers but to someone who is doing their blog themselves or a newbie they might skip over this step. Adding social sharing buttons at the bottom of you posts encourages users to take action and share.

Back To You…

Do you agree with the 7 tactics from above? What tactics are you doing to optimize your social media posts? What other tactics should be added to this list? Do you feel content marketing and social media are helping your business?

Follow the St. Paul Marketing Team on social media if you haven’t yet!

New Changes on Google Plus November 2015

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New Changes on Google Plus November 2015

Have you been on Google Plus recently?

The social media site has a new makeover. The site looks very different with a lot of updates. Are you lost in the jungle of what is going on? In this article we will discuss the 5 new changes to help you with what is going on with Google+.

new changes on google plus November 2015

What Are The 5 New Changes For Google+?

Change #1- Communities and Collections

Communities and Collections front are now front and center in your news feed and placed on top. When you do a search for a keyword you will see communities and collections first and then people and pages and last you will see posts that contain that keyword.

Change #2- Mobile Friendly

share on

Google+ is now more mobile friendly. They rebuilt it so whether you are on an Android or iOS it w

ill be a more consistent experience from a huge screen to smaller one.

Change #3- Liking, Sharing, & Commenting

You can still plus one a post to like it. What has changed is the way it looks and sharing has changed. When you click the new share button you have more options now. Click Google+ icon to share the post on Google+. Click on copy link to get a link of the post. Click on Facebook icon to share the post on Facebook now. Click on Twitter icon to share the post on Twitter now.

Change #4- Posting To Personal Page

google update 2015 pictureThere are two options to post to your personal page.
1. In your news feed there is a box on the top that says, “What’s new with you?” If you stick your cursor in it to type it will pop up a box. In the box you can type up what you want add pictures etc.
2. The other way to post for a personal is in the lower right corner when you are in the news feed is a writing icon. If you click on that it will pop up a box. In the box you can type up what you want add pictures etc.

Change #5- Posting To Business Fan Pages

Do you have a business fan page on Google+? When you want to post on your business fan page you might scratch your head and wonder where did everything go. On the lower right corner there is now an icon you click on that opens up a box for posting. You can then type up what you want for your post and attach a picture, etc.

Back To You…
What do you think about the changes to Google+? Was there any other updates or changes that you found that we didn’t talk about? Feel free to comment below.

Brand Exposure With Hashtags For Every Day Of The Week

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Brand Exposure With Hashtags For Every Day Of The Week

Are you looking for ways to get more fans and increase your brand?

Are you trying to find what to post for your social media that your fan will like? Are you looking for ideas on what hashtags to use for each day of the week? Are you stumped on hashtags and which ones trend? Here is a hashtag guide for every day of the week that will increase your brand exposure.

brand exposure

Why Uses Hashtags For Days Of The Week?

Hashtags that have a certain day of the week that has a theme with it are not only popular but also trendy. It allows you to share what is currently trending. Other people can look up your hashtag to see what other are saying and it can get you more followers and likes on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This is a great way to get your business or brand out there.

Why Is It Good For Managing Social Media?

Did you know that brands that use hashtags are more likely to show up in search results? Using hashtags for the days of the week is also a great way to organize what content to share to mix up. This helps your brand stay sincere, relevant, fun, and makes you an authority of your field. Using hashtags can make your business posts more engaging and inviting. People are more likely to share something when they are not being sold to. It makes your brand more approachable and something more likely that they are going to share or comment on. Your fans will see a post and because they can relate to it they will more likely interact, share, or like it. Just by using #TipTuesday or #ThrowbackThursday can help make updating your social media creative and fun!

Are you ready to dive in and spice up your social media and get more fans? Get started with this guide and expand your audience:

Hashtags For Monday

motivaitonal monday#MarketingMonday
tip tuesday#MeatlessMondayRecipe

Hashtags For Tuesday


Hashtags For Wednesday

wacky wednesday#Wednesday

Hashtags For Thursday


Hashtags For Friday


Hashtags For Saturday


Hashtags For Sunday


Choose the hashtags that fit your brand the best.
Tailor your posts based on your services and products.

Back To You…

Do you feel there are other hastags that need to be added to this list that we missed? Do you feel that certain hashtags work better than others. Feel free to comment below.

How To Make Your Social Bookmarking Effective For Link Generation?

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How To Make Your Social Bookmarking Effective For Link Generation?

Are you using social bookmarking for your own websites?

If you are not you are missing out. Why? It is simply because social bookmarking is an effective tool that can place a website in the first pages of the popular search engines like Yahoo! and Google. How is this made possible? It is done by building up backlinks to the particular website. Social bookmarking is also essential, if you are looking out for traffic for your targeted keyword phrases.
social book marketing link generation

If your website is not placed in the first pages of the reputed search engines, it is really challenging for you to draw traffic for your website. Isn’t that so? It’s a fact! Now, the question is – how are backlinks helpful for your website? As you know, Google or any other reputed search engines love to have renowned websites in their first pages. social bookmarkingHence, quality backlinks can effectively enhance the rank of your website in the search engines.

It can become comparatively easier to get paid links than the free ones provided you have sufficient finances. Social bookmarking is for those who are looking for some free methods of acquiring backlinks.

What Are Different Approaches To Social Bookmarking?

Want to know them? Here is a brief idea of it with three methods.


Social Bookmarking Method #1-Don’t Sell On Social Bookmarking Websites

You should always remember this point. Social bookmarking sites are for information and not for providing a sales pitch. Active surfers look for information on the social bookmarking sites and so, supply them with relevant data. On receiving relevant data, they bookmark you and you in return get additional backlinks and greater amount of traffic.

Social Bookmarking Method #2-Bookmark Online Pages Redirecting A Back Link To Your Website

You might be thinking that this is a method of assisting others instead of creating traffic for your own website. But this is not at all the case. As stated earlier, quality backlinks are very important. socialbookmarking how it worksTherefore, by assisting others in boosting their page rank and traffic, you in a way are helping yourself in gaining quality backlinks. It is not the number of backlinks but the quality of it that matters the most. So, help others to ultimately help yourself. It is a win-win situation for you.

Social Bookmarking Method #3-Make Titles Precise And Sweet

Do not make the mistake of providing lengthy reviews or long titles in social bookmarking sites. No one prefers to read that. Would you prefer that, if you are given an option? Certainly not. Think as your visitor would think. Make the description and the title attractive and short. Creating a unique title or a fascinating heading will grab the attention of the visitors in an instant. Remember you have only a few seconds to seize the attention of the viewers.

These are only some of the essential tips that you should never forget when you wish to use social bookmarking for generating backlinks for your website. There are other similar factors like do not make spam, leave an option for feedback in your bookmark and so on.

Back To You..

Social bookmarking is now used by the experts to generate quality backlinks. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while using social bookmarking.   If you have used social bookmarking and have some tips to share with our readers please add them below.

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Top 6 Most Effective SMM Strategies

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Top 6 Most Effective SMM Strategies

What Does SMM Mean?

SMM means Social Media Marketing. It involves using social media as your primary dissemination device for your marketing message. This is easier than it appears! You may set up a profile on almost any network and start posting your messages right away. Have you ever posted up things on your fan page and didn’t get many comments? Not much is happening except relatives commenting or sharing. It can be hard to get people to look at what you have written, and then engage with it to the point where they take some sort of action.

smm strategies

How can you create SMM buzz? How can you push your brand out more? How do you get your business noticed more? Do people share your posts, tweets, video etc.? In this article we will discuss 6 top strategies you can use to reel people into social media, how to get them to share your posts, and keep rechecking your fan page.

SMM Strategy #1 – The Viral Funny Picture

Do you use funny pictures on social media? Some of the most successful marketing campaigns on social media have come off of the back of a funny picture that has gone viral. Samsung tried to take this idea and run with it by using the image of the crazy girl looking at you from her room. What they did not count on was hundreds of people removing the Samsung caption from the bottom and putting their own caption on it. Now the image is still running riot on social media, with lots of different captions, but sadly, few people know it all started with Samsung.

SMM Strategy #2 – The Tease And The Countdown Method

Have you ever used a countdown to pull people in? What is a countdown?  A countdown is when you post something with a time deadline and keep updating on how it is going. The Big Brother TV series used this method when they first started. They didn’t really tell people what all the fuss was about, but they did give you a timer that counted down to when the big event would happen. You can try a similar trick on social media.

The trick is to get people wondering what the fuss is about. Some people will resent you for the cheap marketing trick you are pulling, but they will still engage with your marketing, even though they do not want to. The countdown will also give you the perfect excuse to post on your social media pages every day without it looking like you are over promoting your event.

The good thing is that people will start to check your website to see if you are giving any clues as to what the countdown is for. It is a cheap trick, but still gets you attention on social media.

Having a contest also works great. Think of a theme, a prize, and what do they have to do to get it. Then you keep posting motivational posts as time is running out.

SMM Strategy #3 – Having Celebrities Mention Your Products

Do not make the mistake that Google made! They had Oprah Winfrey tweet about how she bought ten of their surface devices to give away as presents, but at the bottom of her tweet it showed the device she had tweeted it from an iPad.

Google cleverly has celebrities on Twitter promote their goods, because celebrities on Twitter will sometimes do better than on Facebook (which is the bigger network). Celebrities are usually loaded with thousands upon thousands of followers, all of whom are going to receive that marketing message when it arrives. They are basically handing you a massive audience, through which you may use their fans adoration to your benefit. The only problem is in convincing the celebrity to tweet the message you desire. Try smaller and local celebrities if you do not want to end up paying  thousands of dollars. Local community or business niche celebrities are more affordable if they can blend in right with the message.

SMM Strategy #4 – Bare-face Lies in The Face Of Overwhelming Contrary Evidence

Take the campaign that claims people are becoming ill or developing autism from childhood vaccinations. This campaign has been running so long that people still believe it and defend it. If it were true then the 313.9 million people in America would be affected, but they are not. Contrast this to India where getting childhood vaccinations are difficult, if not possible at all. They have 14,475 deaths per day (2012) and 69% are from infectious disease. Social media campaigns about childhood vaccination risks are still running on social media today. So, if you want the most effective and longest lasting social media campaign–just lie.

SMM Strategy #5 – Blanket Social Media Coverage

This is simply a case of putting your message out there and doing it with a massive effort. It works better if you synchronize your efforts across all of the social media sites. This is going to mean that you plan and pre-manufacture all of your social media posts. Then, when the time is right, you post them all at once. This creates a blanket social media coverage that is very hard to miss. You may even post again the day after, almost as if to amplify the message you gave the day before. This is can be a great idea if you have created a 48 hour offer. Think about holidays and special events.

SMM Strategy #6 – Use Hashtags

Hashbrowns did you say? No, hashtags. Using the symbol # after a keyword.

Hashtags are a great way for people to find your brand and create more likes. Whether you use Twitter, Facebook, or GooglePlus use hashtags in your posts for things you know people are going to search for. What services or products do you have? Each product or service you can give a tip or value followed by a hashtag so people can find it. Checkout the article, “The Hashtag Competition Is Now On” for other ways to use hashtags.

Back To You…

Have you found a SMM strategy that has worked well for you? If so, please share your strategy below with our audience.

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