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Boosting Your Social Media Results

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Boosting Your Social Media Results

Are your efforts using social media getting results?

To work smarter rather than harder, you can actually boost your results while you cut down on the amount of time you spend on social media.  By understanding which site gives you the most power for the result you want, you can boost results.
boosting your social media results

In this article we will explain where the unique boosting power lies in the following sites: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest. We will even give your tips to boost your efforts while you actually lower your input time.

Does Your Company Need More Personal Interaction With Your Brand?

Using social media along with the a PR campaign to forge better communications can build up your brand, drive traffic to your site, and put your company in front of potential customers. Using the correct social media for the result you seek can help develop a better personal interaction between the service seeker and the provider while promoting a more involved acquaintance.

What Results Is Your Company Seeking?

By recognizing your target audience and encouraging constant feedback it will not only bolster your relations with your future consumers but also will help represent your brand firmly in their minds. Each social media site is unique and can be used to do different things. Decide which results you are seeking and then use the right social media site to maximize those results.

Here are keys for boosting results on the 6 major social media sites:

1. For A Personal Contact Boost Use Instagram

instagram and phoneThere is no better personal touch than a photo situation. This combined with the new rage and trend around Instagram will help you lure in more personal contact with your service seekers. What can you do with Instagram?

Instagram Tip #1 – Photo Contest

Arrange a photo contest around a specific theme on the company’s Instagram account asking your customers to send in photos depicting their most personalized connection with your business. This is especially popular with business housed in the fields of journalism, sports, travel, food, FMCG etc.

Instragram Tip #2 – Show Off Your Products

Do you have a business with multiple products? Take pictures of each product and show case them. Ask your fans to guess what a certain product is to get their engagement up. Another tip is to take pictures of people using your products.

Instragram Tip #3 – Demonstrations

Is your business service orientated? Great, show pictures of your service results by displaying before and after pictures. For example, if you did blacktopping, show the before and after. The same ideas can be used for landscaping, interior design, painting, carpet cleaning, etc. A picture can really showcase your work and show the different stages.

This social site is great at building up person to person contact and makes it easy to show the behind the scenes of your business.

Want more info on Instagram for business? Check out this article, “5 Reasons Why To Be on Instagram

2. To Boost Featured Conversations Use Google+

Google+ should be a part of your local strategy and it can help you with search results. By adding a few of your own technical tips or PR tips along with past or future customers you immediately win their trust as well as confidence on your product.

Google+ Tip #1 – Circles And Hangouts

Google+ has a few brilliant benefits like the circles and hangouts that can be creatively utilized to talk to your customers. You can use these features with your future ventures, events or programs as well as stay in the thick of live conversations as to how your product are faring currently in the market.

Google+ Tip #2 – Business Page

Build a Google+ business page and shape your audience based on the type of interaction you need to maintain. When people follow your page, you add them back to your circles and organize them the way that you want to remember them by. For example if you organize your circles by location, when you have an offer for a certain city, just post your offer to the circle of fans in that city. You can add a person to more than one circle for multiple categories.

Google+ Tip #3 – Save Money To Boost Your Post

On Google+ you don’t have to pay money so that all your fans see your post. Unlike Facebook, everyone who you add back will see your post. If you want the world to see your post, select public for the circle your are posting to and put in keywords with hashtags.

Google+ Tip #4 – Hangouts

google hangout

The Google+ hangouts  is another feature that helps you conduct live conversations with photos, videos, conversation, so much that the all parties are more aware of each other’s existence. This promotes credibility and conviction about each person included in the hangout. Save on gas for driving, no more hotel rooms or flying out of town for seminars, you can use the hangout feature free of charge.

Still wondering why Google+ should be used for business? Check out this article, “Love That Google+

3. To Boost Credibility Use LinkedIn

Are you on Linkedin? LinkedIn is more of an official channel to booster media existence for business. This is where you can showcase your resume. It is also a fine way to embark on discussions or queries which are directed from a more professional set of people who can also be like minded sharing your interests in music, sports or food and thus providing a better into the deeper aspects of personalities. LinkedInLinkedIn has one of the biggest professional presences and has over a million groups within

LinkedIn Tip #1 – Join Groups

Here a feature to help you focus on the groups that align with your target audience so that they can support your brand and help promote it. There is an average of at least 50 members per group. You need to regularly asses your members so that they remember you and will then support your present or future market activities.  The InMail is another feature that can be used to advance your business interests by identifying the exact people with whom you should interact.

LinkedIn Tip #2 – Get Endorsed

Get recommendations from others. By endorsing others, they will endorse you back. Just remember to be willing to spend time giving in order to get.

4. To Boost Your Reach Use Facebook

Does your business have a Facebook fan page?

Facebook Tip – Utilize Your Fan Page

facebook fan pageUse the Facebook fan pages to highlight your employees as well as reach out to your fans. You can also use these pages to shed light on your humane side by putting photos, events or discussions about social causes and your own commitments. Emphasizing your own company events or employees who have excelled in service, highlights your benevolent image and also promotes the positivity within the industry. This channel also has the power to predict a consumer’s behavior by revealing its characteristics. By following the general trend of consumer likes and dislikes from their respective Facebook page, you can also delve within the mind of the consumer to predict his behavioral pattern, an essential item to help strategize your future moves. Also, another feature to not to miss out on is events; Facebook is perfect for organizing seminars and open house discussions.

Do you want some more ideas on what do post? You need to try to post daily in order to prevent your brand from going stale. Check out this article, “Facebook Fan Pages: What To Post?

5. To Boost Personal Relations Use Twitter

Are you using Twitter? With mobile social networking gaining momentum, Twitter is the constant stream of information that connects you to your followers instantly. twitter tweetUse this media channel to establish a very personal relation with all your followers.

Twitter Tip #1 – Acknowledging Each Tweet

Acknowledging each tweet in an encouraging note, trying to solve small queries or directing user to the appropriate desk are small ways that makes your customers think better of you and your services.

Twitter Tip #2 – Use The Vine App

Furthermore, the Vine app of Twitter enables you to upload a short video say of 6 sec duration. You can use this to give a free tour of your production center or maybe the day’s lucky shopper. Anything that adds an individual stamp is a sure shot hit for your followers or customers.

6. To Boost Visual Images Use Pinterest

pinterest boardsSocial media high point is definitely images, images and some more engaging images. Pinterest is one such media app that uses images to build stronger rapport with audiences that too in a very creative manner. Not only that but you can connect it to Facebook personal so when you pin a new picture your friends will see it.

Pinterest Tip #1 – Have Contests

You can hold contests to engage audiences and also promote awareness about your product as pins are likes and re-pinned and thus move around a wide circle of Internet media activity.

Pinterest Tip #2 – Have A Fan Board

You can also create a fan board and have fans photo themselves and enjoying your product thus prompting them to go try out your product and being able to participate in the action. It also works as good as any testimonials with a visual impact. Moreover it promotes loyalty and social involvement in a regular basis.

Looking for other great ideas for Pinterest? Check out this article, “6 Pinterest Pinboard Ideas For Driving Traffic”.

Remember that social media is not a one way platform. It is to be used to engage with your fans and not just set it up and leave. Be engaging and answer questions on all these platforms.

Your Turn…

Have you boosted your social media results? Have your decreased your time spent on social media by working smarter rather than harder? If you have and found a way that we have not listed above, please shared your social media tips with our audience by posting below.

About Our Guest Blogger Allie Branda:

Guest blogger Allie Branda

Allie loves writing and blogging about technology, gadgets, and social media.

Check out here latest contribution hometone

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The Hashtag Competition Is Now On

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The Hashtag Competition Is Now On

Looking for a new “free” way to attract more fans to your Facebook Fan page? Do you want to increase social engagement? Facebook is helping you get fans and more engagements with their new feature.

hashtag competition

Facebook is now proudly offering hashtags like on Twitter or Google Plus. Do you know what a hashtag is? In this article we will talk about what a hashtag is, how to use it, and why social sites are competing for hashtag power.

What Is A Hashtag?

A hashtag is the pound symbol in front of a word (#word). It may seem like just a little feature, but this symbol can be very powerful.

The purpose of the hashtag is that it makes what you state in your posts after the symbol more powerful. When you use hashtags your words become clickable and it will reach many others with the same interest.  Your hashtag phrase is filed away to increase following future public conversations on a certain subject or event brought up by a hashtag search. When you click on a hashtag it will bring up posts of other subjects tagged with the same hashtag phrase. You can even post directly from the hashtag feed. This allows you to add context to your post to show readers its digital expression is part of a larger subject, event, or real-time conversation.

Hashtags On Twitter

hashtags on twitterTwitter will no longer be the king of hashtags! If there is a real-time big event going on, people are use to relying to Twitter to follow the hashtags of huge events like an earthquake or a bombing that’s going on “right now” and see the conversations going on about it. Also, commenting on games and programs on TV is a very important factor in the social site’s value. You just put the #subject in the search. People discuss events in real-time with total strangers from all over the world. This new competing hashtag feature on Facebook will cause Twitter to lose some “right now” hashtag power. People may just stay on Facebook with their own Facebook hashtags discussing real-time events with strangers.

Hashtags On Google+

trending googleplusAre hashtags on Google+? On Google Plus there’s a section that has what’s trending.  Hashtags are used the same way that it used on Twitter.  You can find things in the Google+ search by just typing in the hashtag that you are searching for and up will come posts that contain that hashtag. Google Plus is also starting to post up automatic hashtags.

Hashtags On Facebook

Why is this so exciting for Facebook users? For Facebook fan pages, hashtags is going to be very useful and powerful feature. This will be a free way to attract and reach more fans through their interests and get more exposure. By using hashtags in your posts, you will be able to totally brand yourself by taking a stand in current event conversations, highlighting certain content, and grabbing new fans that have similar “feelings” or “reactions” on subjects through engaging with them on the current topic. This will be a great new way to reach a bigger audience to attract more fans.

This is also a new huge opportunity for content marketers to find more potential customers. To presently get your content distributed and more exposure out beyond your present connections requires advertising dollars. To bump up your reach beyond your present network free of advertising charges is a true dream that has just come true!

hashtags facebookIt is also a new source for Facebook to collect even more data about users – your interests, reactions and feelings. This will create a new source of targeting more advertising dollars. Right now Facebook  hashtags are for web users only, but once it gets to mobile users, it should set brands on fire.

Why The Hashtag Competition?

What advantage does the hashtag bring to social sites? Social sites are competing for the amount of time they keep you on their site. This is why the sites encourage engagements and clicking onto other sites while still on their site. This gives them the proven power to charge you more for your advertising.

What Not To Do With #’s

Although it is going to be very tempting to use this new hashtag power more and more on Facebook, be sure not to over use it. You don’t want to turn people off through over use of it.

Back To You…

Do you think Facebbok will be able to get the market share for real-time event content away from Twitter? Will the privacy settings on Facebook prevent the total public from seeing your hashtags? How do you think Google+ will fit into this new competition? Let us know your opinions in the space below.

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How To Attract A Following On Google+

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How To Attract A Following On Google+  

Do you have a need to advertise, but want to save money? If you have more time than money, here is a way to get free advertising using the combination of social media and Google. In this post we will discuss the advantages of free advertising by building followers through the social media of Google Plus.
how to attract a follwing google

How is Adding Friends On Google Plus Different From Facebook?

To have a friend on Facebook they have to agree to add you back. On Google Plus you can put anyone in your circle you want. They are notified that you have added them and they can decide if they want to add you back by following you and putting you in one of their circles. They can also notice you are socially endorsed in some way by others they are following. The only way they can see your post if you did not add them back, is if your posts are made public.

Why Do You Need Followers?

Who reads your posts on Google Plus? Your followers are people who have placed you in their circles. Once they have placed you in their circles, they will see what you are posting. If you are extremely interesting they will even go to your profile and see all your latest posts. This will lead them to find out more about you and they might go to your website.

You are limited to only 5,000 people you can put in your circles, but for those people that want to follow you the sky is the limit. Imagine you have a football stadium full of people for your following. Everything you post goes to the entire football stadium of followers. This is possible on Google Plus! On Facebook they figure out an algorithm that allows only a percentage of your friends to see what you post. numbers game

What Does “Advertising Is A Numbers Game,” Mean?

This means that out of all the people who see your posts, only a percentage will read it. Of that percentage, only a percentage will be interested, and so on and so on with a percentage of each level going to the next level. Finally, at the last level you have one person truly interested. This means that to get one sale or recruit from a posting, you need “X” many in the large group you started with.  This number “X” is probably equal to a football stadium full of people.

How Can You Attract A Football Stadium Full Of People?

football stadiumWhat is the fast track to attracting a football stadium full of followers? Multiplication. Yes, find followers who share your posts. Their friends will start to notice your posts and follow you. This will attract more followers who will attract other followers, who attract other followers, who attract other followers, and on and on until not only do you have a football stadium full of followers, you have gone viral.

Is There A Multiplication Button On Google+?

There are several multiplication buttons, but they are not labeled multiplication buttons.  Instead Google Plus has buttons labeled them:

+1 - This socially indicates and signals others that your post is worth reading – this is giving value to your post. As the post is reshared, the total pluses are added up by Google to signal to them that your post is worth so many pluses. This is similar to the “Like button” on Facebook.

Share – This socially indicates that people feel your post is even greater that just giving it a plus. It signals that they feel it is so great that everyone they have in their circles also needs to see it. This is giving value plus multiplication to your post.

Comment - This socially indicates that your post needs to be talked about. This encourages others to comment and interact their opinions about the post. This is a signal that other feel involved in the post enough that their comment has been added.

Keywords - This indicates to Google what your post is about. What keywords are in your posts? Make sure to add them if you want them to get found. They might not be searching right now, but when they do in the future, Google indexes the keywords in your posts.

Why Would You Want To Add Just Anyone And How Does That Help You Attract Them To Follow You Back?

The reason why you want to add just anyone is that the more people receiving your posts will attract more similar people to you. So go for your 5,000 as fast as you can. Next, as you find your targeted followers you can subtract some. However, you find quality through quantity. After you have added so many it is a process of elimination and categorizing the people into circles as you get to know them. You also attract by posting interesting posts and this large group giving you a variety of posts to plus, comment or share. This starts sending social signals as to what you like and stand for which will attract friends with similar interests.

Where Do You Find Your Core Group of Followers?

Here are 4 tips in finding followers:

Followers Tip #1- Communities

google plus communitiesDid you know where there is a quick way to find people that have similar interests on Google Plus? Communities are where people who have similar interests hang out and meet (similar to Facebook forums).  You can find people by location, vocation, hobbies, or beliefs by which communities they have selected to join. After joining communities that interest you, you can then see all the members within that community and add them to one of your circles. They are notified that you have added them and they are likely to add you back. An example would be Minnesota Business Networking For Business Owners. A great place to find other business owners in Minnesota. Bingo – you have attracted a follower.

Followers Tip #2- Engaging

Do you plus (+), share, or comment on other people’s posts? If not, how are they going to either know you are alive or that you are taking an interest in them? To attract friends you have to be willing to be a friend. This means you have to hit the +one button, comment, and share their posts. People know who shares, comments and pluses their posts! They will not only appreciate you sharing their posts, but will notice start to notice your posts. This will start the social media mutual admiration of helping each other attract followers by socially committing to giving you their plus (+), share or comment. Bingo – you have attracted a follower.

Followers Tip #3- Interesting Posts

When you look at your profile wall, what are your posts about? What do those posts say about you? What do they reflect about you, your interests, or your beliefs?  Do you look fun, interesting, or boring? If you have boring posts or are not posting at all (just lurking and reading other people’s posts without committing to pulsing (+), sharing, or commenting) people will be turned off and probably won’t add you. In fact, they probably won’t even notice that you exist. You need to look attractive by being active and engaging. You have to post things that attract others. Who do you know has the best posts? What makes them interesting? Do you ask your reader’s questions on your posts? When they comment do you engage by commenting back? People are going to follow people that have similar interests, are active, and post fun fresh subjects. Bingo – you have attracted a follower.

Followers Tip #4- Trendy Stuff

Do you ever post subjects that are trending? On the left side of the home page on Google+ scroll down to, “What’s Hot?”. This is where it displays what posts are presently trending on this social site. Why is this important? It is showing what is going viral and is making top news. For example, if there is an earthquake, holiday, or something newsworthy like a celebrity dying or having a baby, then chances are this is a subject that will be trending. This means that people are interested at this moment about this subject.

Where can you see what’s trending? Google+ has a list to show what is trendy. If you make a post that is on one of their trendy topics, your posts will come up when people do a search for that topic. This is where hashtags come in. Yes, hashtags are your surfboard to getting noticed and now you can get ready to ride the wave of trends.  Let’s say #fathersday is trending. You would find something to post about Father’s Day and then put in the hashtag #fathersday. Maybe you have some great recipes and pictures to put up with the recipes. When someone does a search for #fathersday or #fathersdayrecipes, your post would come up. They then notice your post and go on to look at your other posts. They may decide you are an interesting person they would like to keep track of so they add you to one of their circles. Bingo – you have attracted a follower.

Your Turn….

Do you have a large following on Google Plus? Do you have a way of attracting followers we didn’t mention? If so, comment below so our readers can learn your methods of attraction as well.

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Social Media SEO And Social Signals

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Social Media SEO And Social Signals

What does social media have to do with ranking?

Is it time for SEO to move over? Presently social media has become an optimal way of business promotion and helps one rank on top of search engines. The same can be done through customer feedback and the process is better known as social signals. In this article we will discuss what social signals are, what is has to do with rankings, and the dos and don’ts of social media SEO.

social media seo social signals

What Are Social Signals?

Have you ever seen a post that has a 1,000 likes and shares and is going viral? This is social signal that the post is important, newsworthy, giving value, funny, etc.

Social signals can be defined as views people have on social media platforms like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Etc. What the search engines are now counting and paying attention to is the activity going on with your posts and tweets. This means how many likes, shares, plus ones, retweets, etc your posts are getting. They are seeing if your social media is dead or alive. So if your posts overall have a lot of activity going on versus nothing, the search engines will take notice and rank you higher. Therefore, the brands that set up profiles and leave camp will not get ranked.

Is Your Brand A Social Authority?

Social signals indicate that the brand is being talked about by your consumers. Google views that your brand is popular and buzzing when it has more likes, retweets, pins, shares, etc. It is Iike they are voting and saying this brand is hot and must be noticed. This is important because the more popular your brand is on social media the more likely it is to rank on the search engines.

The Relevance Of Social Signals

Social signals are relevant for success of your business strategy as they reduce the bounce rate of your website and help create repeated site views. It is also worth mentioning here that social signals from one page can impact other pages within a given domain.

To use these social signals to your advantage, you have to follow certain rules of Do’s and Don’ts. Below are listed some of the relevant Do’s and Don’ts. Follow these rules to use social signals to your advantage.

Do: Post regularly On Social Media Sites

Are you posting regularly on Faceobok, Twitter, Google Plus, etc? Has your social media gone stale? It better to post every day instead of one day with an abundance amount of posts.  If your last post was newsworthy at the time it was posted, by the next week it would be old and stale news.  Everything needs to be fresh and current.

Posting regularly on social media is vital for success of your endeavor. If you do not find time for posting some new content on a regular basis, ensure that you repeat the posts; else you will risk losing potential customers.

Don’t: Post The Same Content On All Your Social Media Platforms

How many social media sites do you use? Are you using more than one? If you are using both Twitter and Facebook to promote your brand, make sure to use separate content for both the channels.

Using same content on both mediums is a key mistake that needs to be avoided at any cost; else you will lose valuable customers.


Do: Interact With Your Social Community

Are you interacting with people on your social sites and engaging? Interacting with your social community is vital. People who find time to tweet on your post or like your post deserve a considerate view from you. Acknowledging their effort will pave the way to your success.

Don’t: Be Selfish And Be All About You

People know who is selfish and who is giving. Just like you like to have your posts and tweets liked, commented on, and shared, you have to return the favor back. You can’t just post things and expect people to go crazy over your posts. Be more giving to your fans and followers and friends. Yes, that means you have to put in effort to hit the like button, plus one button, make a comment, and share.

Do: Hit The Like Button, Comment, And Share

Are you hitting the like button or plus one button on other’s posts? Are you commenting on other’s posts? Are you sharing other’s posts? Just like the law of karma –what goes around comes around. It is all about building relationships. Do you want your known as the person who is all about them or a brand who doesn’t care? No matter what social media site you are on make sure to give and not just take.

Do: Use Pictures As Much As Possible

Try to include pictures and graphics as often as possible. Pictures have more responses, likes, and shares. You are more likely to have communication immediately and this can increase business for you. 
For example notice how the pictures on this post helped hold your attention. However, one should avoid posting irrelevant pictures as the same can initiate a negative result and your potential clients can even think about shifting their loyalties.

Do: Be Active On Weekends 

Are you active on the weekends in your social media sites? Most people who participate on social media websites are the most active on weekends. Tap this potential market and create a positive vibe with them. Your initiatives will definitely get noticed and appreciated.

However, ensure that you neither use nor encourage bad language. This can create a negative impression about your endeavors and can discourage your potential clients.

Creating social signals from social media SEO is not a tough task. If you paid attention to the above listed rules, you will notice that people will start identifying with your brand.

Your Turn…

Have you created social signals that have brought you success? If so, share with our audience below so we can learn from each other.

About Our Guest Blogger Kelly Marsh:

guest blogger kelly marsh

Kelly is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, traveling and reading books. She contributes on Hydroxycut.

Connect with Kelly on Facebook.  

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The Straight Scoop On Twitter Business Basics

in Social Media Marketing by Cherie DeBrule 1 Comment

The Straight Scoop On Twitter Business Basics

Does Your Business Need Twitter?

Do you want to get your brand out there? Is it really worth your time and effort to use Twitter for your business? Many companies are realizing that both their company and brand are invisible. They are using Twitter to promote, connect, and brand their company. In this article we will discuss what Twitter is, what it is used for, how it helps your business, and some Twitter basics and tips.

twitter basics

What Is Twitter?

Twitter ( is a social media site that revolves around the principle of followers. It uses a system for publishing very brief information (also known as “tweets”) of 140 characters or less.  It allows users to send brief text updates with URLs, photos, audio clips, blog posts, and videos. It’s a social site where you can send your message to millions.  Twitter users that you follow will have their tweets appear in reverse chronological order on your main Twitter page. You only receive Twitter content from individuals you have selected to follow. Each user has a username and avatar (profile picture). Messages will appear in the main feed or timeline.

What Does A Business Use Twitter For?

Twitter is great way to connect with customers, get your brand out, and give feedback. It is a great platform to market your products or services for free. Twitter is also for sharing company news, blog posts, videos, and things you want to sell and promote. It can also be great place to promote your event to the masses.

There are many companies that make the mistake of not interacting with their followers. With each tweet you read and respond to, you are building a relationship.  The entire point is to follow others, be followed back, and engage. It not just a one way post where you post your messages or updates and  leave. It involves a two way post interaction, retweeting with others, and adding people back. It is a marathon to building followers, not a sprint. It will take an average of 3 to 6 months to get a following, it does not happen overnight.

Become The Expert In Your Field!

tweetNo one cares about what you are eating for breakfast unless you are a restaurant, promoting a diet, promoting nutrition or in that niche. They care about the value and tips you contribute and that you are hearing them. Value is subjective. Each post has the potential to go viral (better than word-of-mouth promotions).The best thing you can do for your brand on Twitter is to take your current interests and activities and establish a feed on Twitter to deliver your fresh content with blog posts, videos, podcasts etc. to your followers again and again. Then build your brand as you answer your followers back. Google will help you build your Google Rankings as you give fresh content.

What Is A Tweet?

A tweet is a short text-based post (also known as a status updates). It is so short that your message is limited to a maximum of 140 characters. It helps to have clickable links to forward your followers to.

Hashtags: What Are They And How Do You Use Them?

A hashtag (#) is a way for individuals to search with keywords within Twitter posts about a certain subject or topic. The hashtag symbol (#) is a fantastic way to classify particular subjects, keywords, or search phrases within Twitter. For example if you are searching in the Twitter search feed for TV shows, webinars, trending topics, earthquakes, bad weather forecasts, etc., you click on a hashtag for that search and you will receive a stream of tweets that are related to the keyword or the subject you searched for. For example, if you put in the Twitter search #marketingtip and you will see a list of tweets that are marketing tips.
twitter hastag

Hashtags can be used to continue discussions about particular subjects. They help you to locate and create a community of individuals enthusiastic about the same subject . This creates a simple way for searchers to discover and discuss details relevant to a topic. Before you create your own tag, you might want to look for it on the search to see if anyone has used that hashtag yet. You can place the hashtag anywhere in the tweet, not just at the end.

How Can You Reply To Others On Twitter?

To respond to other people on Twitter, give a reference, or a mention, just put the @ icon at the front side of their login name. For example, it would be @Username. Place a “@” right in front  of the person’s name, business, company or whatever you want to bring it up under and have it  replied to. There is also a “Reply” option under twitter posts for your convenience. Everyone who follows that person (subscribers) and your following will also see your reply. If someone is following you or the person you replied to and clicks on either name, they will go to that person’s Twitter page. This gives them the opportunity to follow that person also.

Twitter allows you to communicate with individuals who you might not normally come into contact with. If you want to communicate with a superstar or a person with a huge following then deliver a simple @ concept or opinion on something they are doing. If you get a reaction you can then take it from there.

It is not used for discussing yourself or your brand. You can connect to other discussions with others by using the @ icon to respond to them. This is how you socialize on Twitter.

How Do You Share Other People’s Statuses Or Tweets?

RT or “retweet” is sharing an individual’s Twitter and crediting them with it. Just like on Facebook when you hit “share”, it is placed on your wall of statuses.

If you are looking to get in touch with someone, try using RT to retweet some of their information before you introduce yourself.

How Can You Send A Private Message?

If you want to send a message that is private, send a direct message. However the only people you can message are people who are following you.  Go to the top of the page and select the ”gear icon” on the top right.  From the drop down arrow, select  “Direct Messages”. Then click on the “New Message” icon. Next, type in the name or username of the follower you want to send the message to. Enter your message and then hit “Send message”. Unlike tweets, direct messages are private and can only be seen by the recipient of the message. This is similar to sending message on Facebook.

How Do You Like Something On Twitter?

Liking something on Twitter is selecting that persons tweets and clicking on “Favorites”.  It’s a way to let the poster know you liked their tweet for whatever purpose. However, it also gives you a way to bookmark the tweet so you can go back to look at it later. Just select the “star” symbol below the tweet, and then click on  “Favorite”.

How Can You Shorten Your Links To Fit in Twitter?

You are limited to 140 characters for tweets so when you are posting a link that is long; you can use a URL shortening service. I like to use it is fast and easy to use. Simply copy the URL that you want to shorten and paste it into where it says to paste. It gives you a shorter link you can use.

For example, an original link: 52 characters:

The new shortened link after using 20 characters:

What Are Lists On Twitter?

twitter lists

You can make a customized timeline of users you want to select in a list. You can be added to a list without your consent or knowledge. People can follow your public lists. Lists can be private or public. Private lists are lists only you can see. You can follow a list by clicking on “Lists” from a person’s profile.

Other Random Tips

• Use a picture of yourself or your company logo in your customer profile.

• Find out who the influencers are in your market and see if they are on Tweeter. If they are, follow them.

• Follow exciting individuals on Tweeter by displaying your real attention to them.

Be realistic, it takes time to build a following unless you are a well known Superstar. Rome wasn’t built overnight and your Twitter following will also take time. You have to participate to get the most value.

Back To You…

Do you have tips that would be useful to people who are just starting on Twitter? If so, please share with our readers by commenting below.

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5 Reasons Why to Be On Instagram

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5 Reasons Why to Be On Instagram

Why should you be on Instagram for business?

Instagram: The Concept

Instagram is a social networking photo sharing service that allows the users to upload and share pictures on different networking sites. The most common social networking sites through which Instagram shares the images are Facebook and Twitter.

5 reasons to be on instagram

Instagram – The Benefits

Instagram definitely has its share of benefits. Many businesses have started using Instagram to create stronger relationship with clients. Businesses can easily upload pictures of their services and products while applying some sort of the digital filter in several social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook via Instagram photo-sharing application. This helps in creating a positive brand name for their business.

Another benefit of using Instagram is that it allows the uploader to share images and share information through hashtags. It is the hashtags that help in gathering all the necessary search results and organizing them categorically on the website of Instagram. In fact, this concept helps in getting connected with other notable heads on the industry as well customers in a very effective way.

How Can You Use Instagram For Business?

You can use Instagram to show off your products, services, show how things are made, show what your products can do, before and after pictures, portfolio of your work, events, and more. You can post questions with your picture to your follower to get the conversation started and engage.

Does Instagram Drive Traffic?

Definitely! Instagram provides shortcut badges to business brands to drive heavier traffic. Any business and brand can simply include an Instagram icon onto their web portals to notify clients about their photo-sharing profiles. Instagram not only has launched the OPP (Online Profile Page) but it also offers a significant way for the brands to make clients look at the profiles with more intensity. Instagram has introduced icons and shortcut badges that can easily link to the client brand’s Instagram profile. It is easier for the businesses to place icons on a brand’s online portal that encourages a single click access to the profiles. This allows the businesses greater chance to highlight their services and promotional offers. Facebook owns Instagram. And according to Facebook officials, there is a strong demand for Instagram feature from Facebook users. Instagram badges are designed to help brands bring more clients to their profile pages while driving up more traffic to the Instagram site. This also helps in introducing more clients to the Instagram concept. The end result: more Instagram users to look out for.

You can also use hashtags in Instagram. This is important  when people are searching. They can find your brand and pictures when you use the hashtags correctly.

Does Instagram Push Your Brand Out?

Again, a very common question. The answer is a BIG YES. Instagram, at its present stage, can be highly beneficial in developing a very distinct and winning personality for the business. When combined with some other type of social media, Instagram can be highly beneficial in pushing your brand out to a different height. It is an excellent promotional concept that takes advertising to an altogether different level. It also provides a great opportunity to figure out about the client reactions about the business and brand while calculating  the potential leads. However, the quality of photos being uploaded and shared makes a big difference. It is something that needs to be focused on strongly in order to allow Instagram to push your brand to a great height. Sharing the right set of photos through can make wonders for your business in gaining positive remarks from prospects.

How Can You Use Instagram To Market Your Brand And Business?

Before any further discussion, let’s provide a very simple fact about Instagram: it is very easy to use. This application allows the user to create great images with little effort. In fact, sharing the images on social networking sites through Instagram is simple, fast, and extremely easy. Sharing photos to social networking sites like Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and Facebook can be done directly through Instagram. In fact, Instagram can also be used to share photos through private emails. Use this to drive traffic back to your website or Facebook fan page.

Now, coming to the actual point – does Instagram help in marketing a particular brand and business? Yes, definitely yes! It does and does it with absolute ease. Instagram allows the option of visual concept sharing without any sort of cheap advertisements. It is something like visual storytelling that effectively does that promises higher continuity & more artistic value than any of the other platforms present. Instagram profiles simply focuses on business awareness and product branding. The concept of clickable links in comments and captions are absent in this approach. Instagram uses a very simple yet effective way to market your business and brand. Also, being mobile is preferred by most of the businesses for promotional campaigns.

Instagram & Facebook – The Connection String

Instagram can be easily connected to Facebook by simply tapping on the Instagram’s profile tab. Once the profile tab is tapped, a new window will open that says, “Edit Sharing Settings”. Tap the new window and select “Facebook” from the list of social network site opitons being displayed. After selecting “Facebook”, simply log in to get connected.

Back To You…

Are you following any brands on Instagram? If you are using this for your business feel free to share with others how you are using it for your businesss. Leave your comments below.

About Our Guest Blogger Diana Maria:

Guest Blogger Diana Maria

Diana is a writer/blogger by profession. She loves writing, traveling, and reading books. She contributes to David Fett

Visit Diana’s website:

Connect with Diana on Facebook, Twitter, and business Twitter World Financial Group.

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Love That Google+!

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Love That Google+!

Why Should You Be On Google+?

The last thing you need is another social media site!  Right? So if you were to just pick the important sites to be on, would you pick Google Plus? I would!  In this article I will go over why I love that Google+ and how to get on it.

love that googleplus

  No Advertisements 

Advertisements are distracting and it is peaceful to get away from them.


You can divide your friends into categories called circles. Think of how of you know them or classify them. Did you work with them, go to school with them, hate them, and have a common interest with them? You can only have 5,000 friends in your circles, but an unlimited number of friends can circle you and follow you. There are no friend requests here and no worries of you both agreeing to like each other to be friends. Just add or remove friends whenever you want. You can post to public, particular circles or just one person. You can even share circles of friends.


This is a video chat with up to 9 other people at one time. It is a small group meeting where you can see and hear each other without having to physically be together. They can be located from anywhere in the world. If you want to add more, you can record it like a free webinar.  What else makes its great is you can screen share.

  Trending Topics 

There is a category called trending topics to see what are the hot trending posts that are going viral: news, humor, events and holidays.


Hashtags in Twitter are similar in Google+. Hashtags are used for finding posts that use them. You can find them in the Google+ search that indexes them. Making a hashtag is simple. Start with the # symbol and then end your hashtag with either the space or tab key.  This makes it clickable. Your hashtag can be anything you want it to be. You will know it worked after you finish typing it as it changes to a blue colored text with a grey box.


You can join interest groups called communities. You can make friends and share information with people who share your passion or you have things in common with them like locations.

  Google+ Local 

You can locate a business in your local community that interests you. If you have a business, your business can have its own business page. You business page is similar to a Facebook fan page where you can post about your business updates and fans can post reviews on your business.

  Socially Interactive 

As you start adding people to circles, you interact and engage with others by commenting, giving their post a plus, and sharing posts. They are more likely to circle you back if your posts are interesting, you comment on their posts, you engage showing interest, and when you hit the plus one button on their posts.  This is not just a “build it and they will come” scenario. You build a network of friends by attracting them and keep them by interacting and posting.

  Mute Posts

This is a great feature that prevents constant notifications from people commenting further on a post that starts to go viral.

  Better Search 

Google has its own browser so the search is the best and your comments are indexed by Google. This is a great feature if you have a business and want keywords indexed.

  Photo Galleries

There are great editing tools for photos and instant mobile uploading.

Check out this funny video below about “What Is Google+?”

How To Get On Google +

how to get on googleplus

Step 1 - Set up a Gmail Account by going to

Step 2 - Click on the red tab – Create an Account.

Step 3 - Fill out the form on the right.

Step 4 - Click on the next step.

Step 5 - Upload the profile picture from your computer. The picture should be ready on your desk top.

Step 6 - Click on the add button.

Step 7 - Either drag the picture over or upload it.

Step 8 - Click on the blue button for the next step.

Step 9 - Click on the blue button to continue to Gmail.

Step 10 - Congratulations! Your Gmail account is now set up.

Step 11 - Now that you have it set up you can get in. Click under the icon on the right side that says view profile.

Step 12 - Now you are in and you can customize it and edit your profile when you have the time.

Check out this video below about “How To Get On Google+”

Back To You…

For those of you on Google Plus what do you like about it? How are you using it? What do you like most about it? Comment below to share with our readers.

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Facebook Fan Pages: What To Post?

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Facebook Fan Pages: What To Post?

Are you looking for ideas of what to post on your Facebook Fan page?

Did you know that not posting is costing you a fortune and your brand goes stale! Here’s the inside secrets of what to post.

Every business has its own brand and its needs are different. No matter what – always follow the 80/20 rule of fan page posting. This means that 80% or your posts should be non-marketing messages (posts that create interests by giving value, tips) and the other 20% can be posts that market, advertise or promote your business or brand. So this brings us back to the question on what kind of topics to post?

facebook fangpage what to post

Do you want to have more interaction and engagements with your posts going viral? Here are 16 posting tips you can use for you Facebook Fan Page which can be tailored to fit your businesses brand:

Posting Tip #1 - Images-Photos-Graphics

Take pictures of your new products or ones showing their usage. Be creative with services and show the end result if possible. Funny cartoons or pictures related to your product or service are great for capturing attention. People are on information overload and don’t have time to scroll and read. Pictures will grab their attention.

Posting Tip #2 - Videos

Videos can show demonstrations of your product or services to create desires for wanting your product or service.  By answering common or frequently asked questions on a video, you will appear as an authority in your niche. Video marketing is a great way to get the audience to know, like, and trust you.

Check out the 8 benefits of video marketing below:

Posting Tip #3 - Blog Posts

When you post an article from you blog on Facebook it can be a great tool to attract more prospects back to your website. Blogging can help your local business as it can drive traffic, raise your company’s brand, and make you look more credible.

Posting Tip #4 - Personal Stories

People are drawn like magnets to a personal story.  If you can use one involving your product or service, you will capture attention and create desire for your product or service.

Posting Tip #5 - Questions

question and answerDo you want people to leave a comment and interact with you? Ask your fans a question! Engage with them by answering the question and then end with another question to keep the conversation going.

Posting Tip #6 - Tips

Give your readers short tips with a graphic. This is great for capturing attention.

Posting Tip #7 - Create A Theme

Creating your post around a current event, holiday so your brand can capture more attention.

Posting Tip #8 - Business Updates

A great way to keep in touch with customers is with updates about your brand, niche, product, or service. It gives them a reason to revisit your page.

Posting Tip #9 - Special Deals

special offerBy creating deals around certain time lines will help move people into immediate action towards purchasing your product or service.

Posting Tip #10 - Testimonials

Post testimonials of your product or service. This makes your brand more credible to others.

Posting Tip #11 - Events

Informing people of the time, date, cost, location, and other important facts for an event captures their interest and moves them into action. It also creates belief that your fan page is a credible information source.

Posting Tip #12 - Fill In The Blank Status Updates

fill in the blank statusA great way to create engagement with your audience is to ask them to fill in the blank on status updates. When you get the audience to participate they will feel involved. The more involvement they feel, the more they will trust you.

Posting Tip #13 - Customer Of The Day Or Client Of The Day 

Having people compete for a title such as customer of the day/week/month or client of the day/week/month creates involvement as they get into action. Offering a small prize and updates about who is winning will create even more competition and involvement.

Posting Tip #14 - Links

By providing links to your other social media channels, fans can research more information about your business. Lead them to other areas of your marketing funnel.

Posting Tip #15 -  Cross Promote With Other Businesses

Look for opportunities where you can cross promote your business with another business. Their customers can be introduced to your brand and business.

Posting Tip #16 - Share Other Business Posts

By sharing posts from other businesses, their owners and employees will appreciate you and may help you in return by posting some of your business posts.

Back To You…

Do you have some ideas you think need to be added to our list of ideas to use for Facebook Fan Page postings? Leave them in the comments below and let’s brainstorm together!

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How To Manage Your Social Media Campaign – Without Getting Overwhelmed

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How To Manage Your Social Media Campaign – Without Getting Overwhelmed 

So you’re an entrepreneur and business owner. Great isn’t it? But not exactly a breeze. One of the most important aspects of running an online business is using social media effectively – but how do you manage it all and not get overwhelmed?

how to manage social media

1. Know What You Want.

Have a clear vision of what you would like your business to become. Think of it in positive terms – ‘I want a 10% increase in turnover within 2 months’ rather than ‘I don’t want my turnover to stay static.’

Make sure this goal is SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable (within your control), Realistic (a stretch but not impossible), and Time based (give it a deadline.)

2. Break It Down.

Break the goal down into manageable steps. This gives you a strategy. Then assess how social media fits into this strategy. That will give you some practical actions that will guarantee progression but stop you from getting overwhelmed. Remember – even if you stumble, you’re still moving forwards.

3. Prioritize The Bottom Line.

Technologies come and go (remember Myspace? Friendster?) but the bottom line of your business is the number one priority – always.

Social media is a great addition to your marketing strategy – but is can’t replace the nuts and bolts of effectively running your business the old fashioned way.

I’m not saying ignore social media, but I am saying keep it in perspective – it shouldn’t be your only strategy and if a there’s a day where you’re in contract negotiations to sign a big deal which means you miss Twitter for a day it’s not something to sweat about.

4. Choose Your Social Media Platforms – And Stick To Them.

To say that there are a lot of social media networks is an understatement.

As a business owner, some may hold more appeal to you than others. For example, I love Twitter for its ease of use, chatty nature and ability to connect directly with peers, influencers and potential clients. Facebook is great for building a community but can also very easily become a time vampire!

I also like commenting on articles and blogs (or responding to comments made on my articles–hint, hint!)

What are your preferences? In all likelihood, if you enjoy the platform, you’ll be much more inclined to use it more frequently–so start with what you like and go from there.

5. Be Honest About What’s The Best Use Of Your Time.

This can be a tough one. Are you on social media for personal enjoyment or for business gain? And does this choice determine what and how you share on these networks?

Is social media something you personally want to be part of or would it make better use of your time to outsource it to a virtual assistant or specialist service?

6. Automate

Automate as much as you can. There are some great tools to help you make social media more manageable. Services like Hootsuite, Buffer, and StumbleUpon, can all be great tools to take some of the hard work out of your social media campaign.

7. Notice Progression

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they’re working towards any goal is focussing too much on where they’d like to be and not noticing the progress they’ve already made. This can lead to feelings of despondency and de-motivation – especially with a big goal that will take some time to achieve. By shifting your focus to the progression your made and how far you’ve come, you can build not only your motivation but your self-esteem too.
 Above all else, business should be enjoyable. If it’s getting stressful, notice the signs and take some action – get support, clarify your priorities and work your plan.

Back To You…

Do you have tips about managing social media effectively? Comment below so we can all learn from each other.

About Our Guest Blogger Jo Casey:

guest blogger Jo CaseyJo Casey is a trainer, coach and writer who specialises in helping people develop their emotional resilience so they have less stress, be more focused and feel happier.

She’s worked extensively in the public, private and non-profit sectors with companines ranging from large organisations like Daimler Chrysler and Toyota to small companies with a handful of employees along with solo entrepreneurs.

You can find out more about Jo, and get her free report on, “How you can cut your stress in half” by going to

Connect with Jo Casey on Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Fanpage, Google+

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Has Your Social Media Gone Stale?

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Has Your Social Media Gone Stale?

Are you turning customers off and away from your business?

What makes certain businesses more interesting? Why do some Facebook Fan pages have more LIKES? Why do some Twitter posts have more retweets than others?  What do all these questions have in common?

social media stale

Before we get to the answer of what they are all missing, I want to tell you a story that is an analogy. What if you were to walk into a bakery and find all the bread and bagels so old there was mold on them, wouldn’t you be turned off? In fact you would probably not even return to that bakery and would tell your friends about it. The word would spread quickly and customers would stop coming and eventually they would be out of business.

Social media is the same way in that it has a shelf life. When someone goes to your blog, Facebook Fan page, Google+ Business page, Twitter, etc. they want to find new fresh content.

To answer your question about what all those questions above have in common, is that they should all have fresh content and updated posts. Readers are constantly hungry for fresh content.  When they go to your blog or social media profile they are looking for fresh and unique content. Why build a fan page and then abandon it? It is important to make a positive brand name for your online business and not turn off potential clients with your lack of actions. In this post we will discuss 3 reasons why it is important to have fresh content.

Did You Abandon Your Profile?

With so many social sites out there and new ones coming in, it can be easy to sign up, set up camp, and then leave your site. Are you guilty of this with your own social media? When was the last time you posted on your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, or Google+ Business page, etc.? When was the last time you posted your own blog post or video and shared it on your social sites? If you are guilty of not updating it daily or producing fresh content then you are not only repelling people away, you are throwing away all that potential to spread positive words about your business and brand! You are ignoring the chance to develop relationships with your fans and prospects. Your social media needs to be updated daily even if it simply is to say “Happy Friday” to your followers and fans and giving them the latest daily scoop on your business.

Have Your Social Media Sites Become A Static Billboard?

Social media is meant to be social with current news. That’s right; you can’t just set up a site and be done with it like a billboard or a yellow page listing. It this were to be true, people would have just stuck to the yellow pages. Instead they have now gone online looking for a more personal and current touch by going to your fan page. When they hit the LIKE button or answer your posts, they want that interaction. Social media is a place for your business and brand to shine by engaging with your fans and potential clients. If you are not interacting or posting, why have a fan page and why be on social media at all?

Why Do You Need Fresh Content For Your Website And Social Media Sites?

Fresh Content Reason #1- Ranking & SEO

Do you want your website to rank above your competitor’s websites? Do you want to increase the traffic to you social media sites? The fresh unique content you put out is what will drive the hungry search engines to your sites. Search engines reward sites that have new content and ignore the ones with stale content. Google and other search engines look for the most relevant current information on topics and place them on the top of the page where people are searching. This is how people can find your business when they are searching for information about your niche. You need to constantly put out fresh spider food (content) to stay at the top of the page. It is an ongoing feeding, not a just a onetime feeding. Online spiders are always hungry and they get mad if they can’t find new fresh content to feed upon.

Let’s say you are a plumber and no other plumber in your area is pumping out fresh information. Google would rank your site with fresh content information above the other stale content plumbing sites because the bots are looking constantly for sites that are hot with updated content. They way they say thank you for their fresh spider food by ranking you higher than your competitors.

Are you keeping your business site and social media sites hot? To stay hot you need to be posting fresh and unique content daily.  Are you producing your own content (or outsourcing it so it is taken care of?) such as blog posts, videos, tips, or stories, that have to do with your niche?  If you are doing all this daily, you are going to look like fireworks in the sky and your business is going to be buzzing. You will start ranking higher and when people do a search, they will find your website, Facebook Fan page, Twitter, Google+ Business Page, etc. Wouldn’t you want them to find you and not your competitor?

Fresh Content Reason #2 – Newsworthy

There are thousands of websites that have free articles so why can’t you just copy and paste them to your site? Search engines will penalize you for taking other peoples articles, this is called duplicate content. Duplicate content is information that is found in more than one place or URL.

Think of your blog and your social media sites like a news channel. You need to be talking about the latest trends, tips and what is going on in your niche. Even if you are just a plumber or dentist there are many things you can do to produce fresh content. If you were searching for the latest cell phones on Google, would you rather read a blog post from 2 years ago or one that was a week old? I am sure you would agree that the one that is a week old would be more of interest to you since technology is constantly changing and the other post is out of date.

Fresh Content Reason #3 – Keep Your Brand Alive

Back to the example above about walking into a bagel store or bakery and finding that all the bread gone stale. What if this was your social media presence? If they went to your website or Facebook Fan page are they going to find posts that are over a month old?  If so, they probably would not come back for more and worse yet they probably will tell their friends. On the other hand, if you updated all your social media and blog post they could hit the LIKE button, share it, or comment, etc. They would more likely to return again since you are looking like the expert of your field that has great current resources versus your competitor that has stale content that is out dated.  Pumping out fresh content on your social media sites will keep your fans interested and bring in more traffic.

How Fresh Is Your Site And Social Media Posts?

What would your potential customers find right now if they were to visit your website or social media site? Fresh juicy content? Don’t risk your brand going stale by abandoning your site or social media profile! Having a Facebook Fan page that has posts over a month old or a Twitter stream that is not updated is not a good image for your brand and business. At the opposite extreme, you don’t want too many posts that annoy your followers and fans.

Do You Need Help With Your Social Media?

The St. Paul Marketing Team understands how overwhelming and demanding the time that is needed to keep your brand fresh. This is why the St. Paul Marketing Team has a team that creates fresh content to pump into your website or social media sites. This  keep both the hungry spider bots and the hungry potential customers fed.

Your Turn…

Have you found a positive solution to the challenge of keeping your content fresh that you would like to share with our readers?  If so, please share your experiences by commenting below.

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