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9 Easy Tips To Improve Your Search Rankings With Facebook & Google+

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9 Easy Tips To Improve Your Search Rankings With Facebook & Google+

Can social media networks like Facebook and Google+ improve your search results? You bet they can!

Of course, there’s a relentless, never-ending work that goes into it, but that’s one of things every business must do. The payoffs are worth it. You are likely to hit two birds with one shot. With constant social media activity, your business can engage with readers and customers while prepping your business to be found on search results.

improve ranking google plus facebook

Here are a few tips to go about doing that:

Google+ Search Result Tip #1 - Google+: Your Elite Ticket To Social Network And Enhanced Search Listings

Google built Google+ with a purpose (a dual-purpose, if you will):

1. It allows you to build a community and go social.

2. It helps your business “get found” on Google’s Search Listings.

Google+  dominates Google Search results. Google -  Rand Fishkin’s experiment with Google+ (searching for his own name). Let Google+ page flush your web pages – along with their own Google+ pages  in for better search rankings.

Google+ Search Result Tip #2 - Use Google+ As A Mini Blogging Platform

If you ever had to do SEO writing, you may do it on Google+(and not so much on your blog). The best practices still apply: never write for the search engines, ever. Find ways to pepper your keywords or key phrases a couple of times within each post you create for Google+ page but never overdo. Google+ pages also give you more control on your content to help you edit content whenever you like (not so with Twitter -  Facebook has limited editing capabilities).

Google+ Search Result Tip #3 - Google+ Is Your Indexing Catalyst

Anything shared on Google+ has a higher chance of getting indexed faster than normal webpages. Think of bringing in curated content, rewritten content that’s already present on your blog, and even your social media posts on Google+ again. Let Google feed on your content.

Google+ Search Result Tip #4 - Connect With The Sharks

The more you connect with the “influencers” on Google+, the better the chances of growing your Google+ network. Also, writing intriguing content for Google+ gets you noticed and makes “influencers” share your content. This works virally. Good content is shared; you are noticed. Google attributes more importance to your URLs when more people annotate, like, and share it.

Google+ Search Result Tip #5 - 10 Minutes To Fame On Google+

If you could just put in 10 minutes of your time per day and get a lot out of it, would you? Google+ makes it well worth your time. Just post on Google+  short content, tag others, comment on others posts, share others’ content, share your content, add a few awesome people on your circles, and allow others to add you in their circles.

Facebook: The Affable Social Behemoth

Facebook rankCan Facebook help to enhance your search results? Yes, it can, but to a much lesser extent than Google+. There are ways Facebook will affect how your web pages show up on search results on Google. There’s also a lot happening within Facebook itself.

Here’s what you need to do, beyond the basics:

Facebook Search Result Tip #6 - Geo-target Your Posts

One of the unique benefits Facebook presents to marketers is the ability to geo-tag your posts.  Annalise Kaylor wrote a post on mistakes, “Your Brand Makes That Makes You Look Like A Social Media Rookie” where she reveals that geo-targeting your posts gets you a better edge-rank. Further, geo-targeting sends out strong social media signals that help with precision targeting as far your SEO efforts are concerned.

Facebook Search Result Tip #7 - Engage In Open Forums, Events, And Groups

Facebook users (including brand pages) have ways to keep their Facebook activity private. For businesses, this can hurt. To maximize the reach of your Facebook fan page, engage with others on open forums, create events, and participate in groups. Search engines pick up all the content you produce in these forums.

Facebook Search Result Tip #8 - Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page For SEO

Start with the basics such as picking the best name for your Facebook Fan page. Next, pick a “vanity URL”. Set-up tabs on here on, it’s SEO as usual. Inject keywords at strategic places on your Facebook Fan Page, fill up your profile, and create custom SEO-optimized content updates.

Facebook Search Result Tip #9 - SEO Tricks Apply For Facebook Fan Page Updates

Rand Fishkin of suggests using your best keywords at the beginning of every update. You may also use “notes” on Facebook to enhance content volume on your pages to make sure search engines find your page.

Back To You…

Are you going to focus on both Facebook and Google+? What’s working better for you now? When you do a search for yourself or your brand name, what results are showing up?  Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.

About Our Guest Blogger John Siebert:

Guest Blogger John Siebert

John Siebert, President of Tranquil Blue, is the premier professional of web design in Tampa. He boasts 10+ years experience in web design & search engine marketing. 

Visit John’s website:

Connect with John on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn

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5 Low-Cost Local Marketing Ideas

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5 Low-Cost Local Marketing Ideas 

How can you market your business locally without busting your budget?

Whether you’re a start-up business or you’ve been in business a while you don’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing to get extraordinary results.  Marketing is one of the most important aspects of survival and success for a small business. It can’t be ignored!

5 low cost marketing ideas

Without marketing, your company will lack needed exposure to survive and may not stand a chance at experiencing growth or success. In this article we discuss 5 low-cost marketing ideas your business can use.

How Can You Make Your Business Stand Out Yet Stay Within Your Budget?

How?  By investing your time in data analysis. Research helps you to maximize your budget in the right places and establish a marketing splash.  Through research you can find the right values and needs about potential customers to create “consistent buzz”. You need to find out what your customers value and are searching for before you plan your marketing strategy.

Here is what to research:

• The geographical location of your business. Learn where potential customers usually go: nearby park, malls, restaurants they love to dine in, grocery stores they shop in, and places they like to hang out online.

• Find out what is your customer’s pain and how can you solve it?

• Learn the products or services that they now purchase.

Does Your Business Have A Marketing Plan?

Developing a marketing plan can be as simple as scheduling a time line of when to: order business cards, attend networking opportunities, attend organizational meetings, attend speaking engagements, set aside time for social media, fit in time for blogging and more.

If you try to be known for everything you will be remembered for nothing. What are you known for? What do you want to be remembered for? What problems does your product or service solve?

Your Internet business marketing strategy should enhance and support your business’ overall marketing objectives, including getting more leads and sales from website visitors. The St. Paul Marketing Team offers you five low-cost marketing ideas that will promote your brand at a cost your budget can handle.

Consider These 5 Low Cost Marketing Ideas:


1. Video Marketing

Who doesn’t love a well-made video? They entertain and draw people in, compelling them to interact. Video marketing is one of the areas they specialize in. After creating an attractive clip about your company, they place it in multiple places online where those searching for your very product easily find them. The best part? Videos are posted at no cost to you.

2. Directories

When potential customers search for goods and services similar to yours, a  huge list of choices appears online including online business directories. You want to be sure your company’s name is at the top of the first page of these lists. The St. Paul Marketing Team makes sure your company’s name shows up in all the right PLACES at the right TIME online to enhance your online presence. They make sure that every requirement for placement is met so that your business appears on at the top of searches on Google+ Local, Yelp,, CitySearch and 200 other directories. This marketing strategy allows your small business to be right up there with the “big boys” while keeping your budget small. These top sites appear on the very first page of every search engine when searchers are looking for a local business.

3. Graphic Design

They say first impressions are everything. This is never truer than when it comes to advertising your company. You do not want to risk your success on a poorly designed logo that looks like a kindergartener created it or having no logo at all leaving you brandless. The St. Paul Marketing Team ensures that your vision for your business is realized in a dynamic brand logo that represents your professionalism and individuality over and above others.

Avoid going to sites that can create free business cards.  The initial price may be inexpensive, but the price of losing potential customers is priceless. You don’t want to your company’s brand to be classified as a generic plane Jane or ruin your brand entirely.

Once your design is perfected, St. Paul Marketing Team can create a number of marketing tools to help propel your company into the spotlight. Some of these tools and graphic design include:  ads, coupons, flyers, keyword strategies, articles, brochures, Facebook Fan page, Google Plus business page, blogging graphics, blogging illustrations, CD covers, and websites.

4. Websites

If your company doesn’t have a website yet, there’s no telling how much business you’ve already missed out on.  A website exposes your product to countless potential customers who might otherwise never come across your brand.  It builds the needed bridge of “know, like and trust” to your potential customers. The St. Paul Marketing Team can create an interactive company website that captures your vision and portrays your business with an attractive graphic design. Investing in a website is considerably cheaper than using printed advertisement and the reach is exponentially farther. The St. Paul Marketing Team specializes in Merchant Account websites, WordPress Blog websites, and Capture Pages. They can even help you with your copy writing or blogging.

5. Social Media

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t have a Facebook page or Twitter account.  The St. Paul Marketing Team can create a custom pages for your company on any of the social media sites which can link back to your company’s website. This increases traffic considerably so that more people are introduced to your product.  With millions of users on these social media sites they can interact with your fan page and your brand will get incredible exposure. This marketing strategy also allows you to connect with customers and potential clients, building the needed “know, like, and trust” for your business.

Don’t have time for social media? No problem, the St. Paul Marketing Team can create a campaign for your social media marketing and do it for you.

Whether you’re thinking about starting a business or you’re already in the process of starting up, there are many activities that you should take advantage of to get the word out about your product or service. Building an online networking presence, increasing visibility online and offline at local business functions can grow your customer base and your potential referral partners. Whichever strategy you decide to use, always follow up and be consistent. There are many activities that the St. Paul Marketing Team can help you take advantage of to get the word out about your product or service.

If you’re not sure where to start with your marketing plan or how to reach out to your local community, competitors, customers, and check out the St. Paul Marketing Team at

Back To You…

Is your business using any low-cost marketing tools? What other advice can you share with other business owners for marketing? Get creative with your online marketing and get some help. You can do it!

About Our Guest Blogger David Preston:

David Preston
David Preston is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. He has been writing useful and informative articles on Business, Finance, and Relationship for over many years now. His blog  focuses on Internet service providers.

Visit David’s website:

Connect with David on Facebook and Google+.

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5 Social Media Profile Picture Do’s and Don’ts

in Recruiting, Social Media Marketing by Sue DeBrule Leave a comment

5 Social Media Profile Picture Do’s and Don’ts

Why does your picture need to be consistent on all social media channels?

Do you add people who don’t have a face on social media? Do you think it is easier to remember a face or recall a name? Most people vote for the face and won’t add a person unless they have a face. Do you have a business and use social media? Are you attracting or repelling a following? In this post we will discuss 5 social media profile picture do’s and don’ts. Following these 5 simple rules will help you attract a larger following.

social media profile do's and don'ts

Social media and branding is all about connecting and interacting. It is important to have a consistent branding strategy across all your social media sites. Along with your logo, your personal profile picture of your face becomes your icon. Do you remember the profile picture icons of Betty Crocker or Dear Abbey? If you remember them, it is because it was always the same exact picture, no matter where you saw it.  Their profile picture became an icon.

A profile picture for personal branding purposes should seek to display what you are really about and tell a story about your style, your values, etc. It is all about putting across the same picture message consistently until it becomes your picture icon.

Here Are 5 Social Media Profile Picture Rules:


Social Media Profile Rule #1 - Easy To Remember

Do’s: When your social media friends go from site to site, if you have the same picture they are more likely to recognize, remember, and add you.

Don’ts: Having a group picture, as a profile picture is a no – no! How do your friends know which one you are? I’ll bet they are hoping you are the cute one!

Social Media Profile Rule #2 - Know, Like, Trust

Do’s: When you keep your picture the same, your social media friends are more likely to get to know, like, and trust you because they can recognize you as they go from site to site. Consistency is a must! They need to see the same picture of you.

dont know dont trust fake profileAuthentic is in! People are tiring of over photoshoped images. They want less photoshopping and more truth. The real you is you! It can’t go wrong because it is the real thing. Keep it simple and use the same great photo over and over and over again. Consistency is more powerful than photoshopping.

Don’ts: What is your reaction when you notice your new friend’s profile picture has now become a ghost picture? You will probably defriended them! Right? Or you probably wouldn’t have added them originally.

They can’t get to know you if you change your picture, have a profile picture of a car, or have a cartoon face. As people add more and more friends it gets more difficult to remember all of their names. However, a picture is more easily remembered. You want people to recognize and remember you.

Make sure the picture you select is dated correctly; it can’t be from 10 years ago. It is hard to face the changes that happen with age, but a 70 year old lady showing a picture of her when she was 20 loses all credibility when people find out she is really 70. Don’t you agree?

Social Media Profile Rule #3 - Consistency With Your Brand

Do’s: If you professionally cut hair, you need to have a good haircut on your picture.  If you are a professional personal trainer you need a thin firm body.

You want the same picture because it is your personal branding icon. It will have the same look and feel as your company’s brand. If you are blogger, your readers want to find and recognize you no matter what social media platform you are on. If you are a business owner or a network marketer you want your followers to find you.

Don’ts: You don’t want short hair on one picture and then long hair on the next. Trust builds with consistency.

Social Media Profile Rule #4 - Professional

Do’s: The picture you select creates an image in people’s mind. It should be a headshot of you. You can show off your smile and personality. It should brand you and no one else.

Don’ts: Have you ever seen a bride who got married 5 years ago and she still has the wedding dress on for her profile picture? How about someone who picks their babies picture as their personal branding picture. Your profile picture should be professional looking, not in a bathing suit, unless you are a model.

Stay away from shooting your picture in a bathroom mirror, it does not send a professional message. A bathroom mirror is not a professional photo shoot spot.

Social Media Profile Rules #5 - People Relate To A Face

people relate to faceDo’s: When people are first introduced to you, make sure it is the real you. You might not be proud of some feature, but it is your feature.

Don’ts: Make sure the profile picture you have up is yours and not someone else’s. There are bloggers and others on the World Wide Web who steals other people’s photos. All trust is lost when they find out you used a fake picture.

If you keep changing your picture every week, it becomes difficult for your followers to find you or remember you.

Your Turn….

Have you ever discovered someone wasn’t using his or her real picture? Let us know your experiences and how it makes you feel. Let our readers know how important you feel it is to keep a personal profile picture both real and consistent.

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Your Tween And Facebook: The New Frontier?

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Your Tween And Facebook: The New Frontier? 

Did you know that Facebook is now considering allowing younger users on the social networking site?

Facebook’s previous 13 year age limit may not hold for long! This is being brought on by the influx of tweens and even younger children who are already a part of Facebook. Realizing the need to take into account the little ones, Facebook is looking into measures that can be taken to let them have accounts while ensuring that they stay relatively safe.  The tween presence on cell phones, computers and mainly the Internet leaves them open to a world of problems. This new revelation has left many wondering just what would happen if tweens were allowed on the social platform.

tween and facebook

To Be Or Not To Be 

Facebook legally allowing minors on their domain has to be coupled with some effort which allows for greater control in the hands of the parents of the children in question, and Facebook realizes this. Parents will most likely be able to link the accounts of their children with those of their own. For most of us, being on Facebook is no longer a matter of choice. This could potentially eliminate the need for Internet and parental control software or PC monitoring software which many parents have to resort to since they need to make sure that their kids are safe while they’re away.

The Ins And Outs

Parents would have a say in who their child can add to their list of friends, and which apps they’re accessing as well. No other details are out as yet, but if these are the only measures, then they’re not nearly enough. Some critics think this is starting to look as though Facebook is playing a double edged game, something akin to having one’s cake and eating it too soon. The situation, since it would appear that it’s trying to rope in more users so that it can only further its own data mining goals, seems to be a questionable one if not outright odd.

It’s All About The Money

Consumer groups are also waking from their slumber and pushing forth the idea that not all will remain well since Facebook’s advert obsession is likely to transcend to this new age group that it’s trying to add– or recognize since we know they are already there. Many are wondering just exactly what kids will be subjected to in the name of targeted ads …and if there’s going to be a control switch which parents can flip in case they don’t want their kids exposed to such madness. Currently parents have been unable to separate their tweens from Facebook, so accounts with greater parental control sound like a great idea. However, unless we can be sure of the outcome, playing the under 13 game isn’t really a good idea.

It’s no joke that the social media giant has managed to intertwine itself into almost every aspect of the Gen Y side of things. Gen Z on the other hand is an altogether different ball game. It wouldn’t be exaggeration to say that Facebook is like a black hole, where once you get sucked in, the likelihood of you getting out of it has an inverse relationship with the number of people in your friends list. It’s no different for tweens.

Let’s Hear Your Opinion

Do you feel Facebook should be stopped from allowing the little ones to be on it? Do you feel this is a great idea for the little ones? Speak now before it happens or forever hold your peace! Have a say in the future of our children by placing you comments below.

About Our Guest Blogger Natalia David :

guest blogger Natalia David

Natalia David love to blog and has become a reliable name in the sphere of Technology writers. Her work revolving around technology news, reviews etc. has earned her great recognition from readers who appreciate it for keeping them up to date with the latest happenings.

Connect with her on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Custom Tabs For Your Facebook Fan Page

in Social Media Marketing by Cherie DeBrule 1 Comment

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Custom Tabs For Your Facebook Fan Page

Is there a magical place where you can introduce your brand to a whole mass of people?

If you answered social media you are correct. To be more specific, it is on Facebook, the number one place where the entire world hangs out. However, to get the true magical power you need customized Facebook Fan Pages with customized tabs completely dedicated to that purpose.  Facebook Custom Tabs for fan pages are an important but easily overlooked tool for enhancing your Facebook Business Pages.  In this post we will discuss 7 reasons why you need to have custom tabs for your Facebook Fan Page.

Tabs facebook fanpages

How Can Facebook Fan Pages Help Your Business?

• Connects with an unlimited number of fans.

• Works 24/7 even while you sleep.

• Creates more exposure for your business so customers can find you.

• Gives platforms for discussions where current clients can have input with future prospects.

• Displays videos.

• Displays blogs posts.

• Makes your brand more credible.

• Not only do you stand out from plain Jane fan pages, but it becomes memorable.

How Can You Make Your Brand Stand Out From Your Competitors?

facebook likeHaving a Facebook Fan Page with custom tabs or apps gives your business the major firepower it needs to stand out. Custom tabs can blast you out of the plain Jane dead zone into the remarkable memorable zone. It ups your chances of gettting more likes.

Facebook Fan Page Custom Tabs are also called Apps, but Facebook refers to them as thumbnails or icons Custom Tab Images. Without tabs, your business falls into the dead zone where there is no credibility or trustworthiness.

Here Are 7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Custom Tabs For Your Facebook Fan Page:



Reason #1 – Places Your Website Inside Of Facebook

Would you like instant sales or recruits? It is now possible with custom tabs.

facebook fanpage ReikiFacebook Tabs are essentially mini web pages that are embedded into your Facebook Timeline for viewers to see more about your product or services. They are great for adding a specific product, point, promotion, blog posts, social media sites, videos, or anything else that adds value and interest to your page. Your fans don’t have to leave Facebook to see your website. You can drive immediate traffic to your website. If you have an e-commerce site you can make a custom tab on your website where people can click on a product and purchase it without ever leaving Facebook.

Reason #2 – Gives Your Business A Larger Platform

Are you dreaming of having instant credibility? Instant credibility can now be a reality with custom tabs.

When you want to advertise your business or want to have your business known, you can not do it just by updating a status about it. No, no, no!  You need a bigger or we can say a larger space to let the people know about it completely. Custom tabs can help you in achieving this goal. The more you can display about your company, the more credibility you create for it. You don’t want to look like a plain Jane or a generic business do you? Custom tabs give you several more pages to use for your advertisement and can even make your company look bigger than what it is.  You can show them what is in your product or service for them. The more the visitors can see, the more they will know, like, and trust your company. You can control your online reputation and manage it the way you want it managed. Potential customers on your fan page can see other present happy customers talking about your brand through sharing their experiences and them interacting on there.

Reason #3 – Control Power

Would you like to be in control of your business reputation? You have found the power button.

The benefit of getting customizable tabs for a fan page that you have designed helps you be in charge of exactly what you want to display to visitors.  You can set exactly what information or how much of it should be accessible to the visitors. The customizable part helps you to design the way you want your pages represented. It is completely your choice of what sales, updates, promotions, and explanations of benefits and use of your product or services. It lets visitors feel involved by asking questions and getting answers.

Reason #4 – Captures Attention

Are you looking to gain viral visibility? You have now found the place where everything can come together to provide visitors with the total business experience.

captures attentionOne of the benefits of using custom tabs is that when a visitor clicks one of the links, it opens a new tab to enhance the visitors experience on your fan page. They can select their own multiple choice of tabs to engage and learn more about your product or service. This has the benefit of attracting the minds of visitors by bringing unique and interesting information without irritating them by requiring them to leave Facebook in order to see your website. The longer you keep your visitors engaged on your pages, the more viral visibility you gain.  Branding can make a promotion compelling while allowing you the space needed to tell your complete story.

Reason #5 – MLM & Network Marketers Can Get Business Directly From Facebook Custom Tab Fan Pages

Are you in a MLM or Network marketing company? Here is the ticket to appear to prospects that you are a top leader in your company.

MLM marketers can stand out from their own company’s marketer’s competition through the use of custom tabs. You can go directly to the replicated site available with their own code number embedded within it without leaving Facebook. You can impress the visitors you are recruiting with the feeling that you are the best upline to choose from, because your fan page custom tab display sets you apart from the other distributors. Through the use of custom tabs taking them to other online pages, slide shows, live chats, polls, quizzes, foursquare customer check-ins, yelp reviews, maps, ability to book appointments online, collect email addresses for emailing fans, their own blog or videos. Visitors can also buy your products or sign up to be a recruit right on your fan page.

Reason #6 – Separates Window Shoppers From Potential Customers

Want to increase visitor engagement time? The mysterious exploration engagement button is not a button, it is offering a multiple choice of tabs.

By having multiple tabs you can increase your visitor’s time of engagement actively alive investigating your company so they can get a feel of your brand while not having to hop off Facebook. Your pages will be able to separate or convert those visitors with a true specific interest in knowing more. The curious general public window shoppers can be converted to serious prospects or clients. New clients can set up their business accounts with your individual code number for your company and manage their own account right from Facebook.

Reason #7 – Branding

What is the firepower of your brand identity? You go from average and ordinary to remarkable and memborable with each tab they click on. With your multiply custom tabs on one site they can see and feel your same brand embedded in every tab they click.

Your Facebook custom tab fan pages can describe through images exactly how incredibly professional, modern, and current your service and products are.  The custom tabs or apps can be powerfully branded to match you business identity. If you want your business to stand out and be unique, here is your fire power for identity. This can make the difference between your visitors forgetting your business or remembering it. Your choice – get custom tabs or be ordinary and average (forgettable). Don’t be known as a plane Jane with a generic page and brand. If you want to be a top brand leader then you have to do what top brands out there are doing. Give customers a reason to believe you are the best out of your competition.

How Do You Keep Your Fan Page Alive And Interesting?

It is important to make your fan page unique and interesting not just in looks, but also in the posts. You can ask questions, share experiences, post fun things, give updates on products, promotional offers, coupons and more.

Remarkable results won’t just happen with an ordinary non-tab fan page. Visitors won’t give a LIKE to a generic boring fan page.

Whether you decide to get assistance in setting up your custom tabs on your fan page or you want to do it yourself, having Facebook Fan Page Custom Tabs are extremely an important tool for getting your business exposed and increased.  If this sounds like something you need or want to know more about, or if you have any questions on how to take advantage of online marketing, contact us today, St. Paul Marketing Team, at 651-731-0768 or email us at

Now It Is Your Turn…

Do you have a Facebook Fan Page with custom tabs? Which tabs do you feel have produced the most results for improving your fan’s engagement?  Which tabs did you select on your Facebook Fan Page? What Facebook fan page do you love that uses custom tabs? Share the url for your favorite custom tab fan page so we can all visit it? Feel free to comment below and share your stories and experiences.

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Video Marketing: Beefing Up Your Social Media Campaign

in Internet Marketing Guest Posts, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing by Diana Maria Leave a comment

Video Marketing: Beefing Up Your Social Media Campaign

Are you looking for ways to beef up your video marketing?

Video marketing can effectively help you towards catching someone’s attention and engaging them for a period of time. In this article we will talk about 7 tips that should prove helpful to beefing up your social media campaign.
video marketing beefing up

Videos are the quickest way of gaining their trust, which can convert your audience into long-term subscribers. If you are looking for ways for using videos towards marketing your business then here are 7 beefy tips, which should prove helpful.

Tip # 1 – Be Natural With The Script

People should not appear on camera as if they had memorized their lines or are reading it from the script. Script presentations must be very human and flow naturally and should not appear stiff or awkward. Your script must contain some boundary and structure, which can convey exactly what you want to put across. Practice from the script and once you are comfortable, then you can put the script aside and carry on naturally.

Tip # 2 – Have A Solid Strategy

While marketing your video it is important that your content has substance with a goal to achieve. Always have a strategy, which keeps in mind the type of audience you want to target. There has to be a specific purpose in your content otherwise it will just be a wasted effort.

Tip # 3 – Keep Your Presentation Simple

It is all very well to go extravagant while producing the video but that may not produce the right result. The key factor of your presentation is the message content and positioning of your brand. Therefore, stick to simple ways if you do not have the capabilities beyond that.

Tip # 4 – The Right Storyline

Having your video with the right story line is the fun aspect as it is the time when you sit back to become an audience.

viewers chair

You can have a clearer perspective by sitting in the viewers’ chair as you can see the flaws while you work on it. Besides, the viewers will be more impressed if your video unfolds with a proper storyline.

Tip #5 – Keep It Precise

If your video presentation goes on and on, the attention span of your audience is bound to shift. If your video is too long, then divide it into two parts and cut down where it gets boring. Make your video piece short and precise while beefing it up with something that will catch the audience’s attention.

Tip #6 – Flexibility Is The Key

Always plan ahead of time and make sure that you are flexible when the time comes around. This is because what you conjure up in your mind may not be the case in reality when you are in the set of your scenes. Therefore, you will have to help yourself in making the setting as you had imagined it. You will also have to take into account the weather and have a support setting should inclement weather hit your shooting.

Tip #7 – Strong Title And Consistence In Your Message

Having a catchy headline is bound to attract the attention of others. The headline must give a hint of the message which should be consistent through out. You need to give quality and value to your audience and focus on the message.

Finally, your presentation will become more receptive to your audience if you are able to disseminate the message well.

If you have video marketing tips you would like to add, we would love to hear them. Please comment below.

About Our Guest Blogger Diana Maria:

Guest Blogger Diana Maria

Diana Maria is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading, and travelling. Beside this she is fond of luxury cars and wishes to own one day a  Dodge Ram SRT-10.

Visit Diana’s websites:

Connect with her on Facebook, and Twitter.  

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Facebook Lists: Why And How

in Social Media Marketing by Sue DeBrule Leave a comment

Facebook Lists: Why And How

Are you irritated by that one friend that posts 20+ times in a day?

Do you rarely ever see certain posts from friends in your news feed? In this post we will explain how to eliminate seeing posts from irritating friends that post 20+ times a day and how to see more posts from certain favorite Facebook friends. We will discuss what a Facebook list is, why you want to have one, and how to use it.
facebook lists why and how

What Is A Facebook List?

A Facebook list is a way to personally organize posts certain friends on Facebook into a personalized newspaper. By having friends organized into lists, you control your personal news. You see and send content, pictures, or videos in your Facebook stream based on who you want to see or hear from. Organize your friends by interests, how you know them in your life, or who you want to keep track of.

Why You Need To Have A Facebook List? Click On The Video Below.

What Is A Smart List?

Did you know that Facebook has an automated friends list? Click on home and then look at the left margin and you will see a list under the category called, “Friends”. The top four on this list is called the “Smart List”. The categories for the smart list include: close friends, acquaintances, family, restricted, city, and school.
Facebook smartlist

Smart lists are based on the profile information you provided and where you live. It automatically places friends on those lists from the information you gave on your profile such as: work places, educational intuitions, and places you have lived.

How Can You Manually Add Friends To Your Smart List?

Select the list you want to add more friends to. On the right side, Facebook creates a lists suggestion of friends for you. Click on to “add to” your list. Above the list suggestion is a box that says, “+Add friends to this list”. Enter the names or emails of friends you wish to add to this list in the box provided. If you add people into your “Family List” they will be notified to confirm this.  Other lists don’t require confirmation notifications. In fact no one will know which list you put them under except the family one.

Here Are A Few Examples Of Possible Lists:

• Famous

• Not Sure

• Bloggers

• Great Photos

• Ex-Coworkers

• Posts Too Much

• Hot Singles

• Make Me Smile

• Dump After Reaching 5,000

• Religious

How Can You Manage Your Lists?

After you have added people to your lists you created, you can manage the different kinds of notifications that you can see from your lists. Click on the particular list; go to the top right side where you will find a button that says “Manage List“.  Click on the small triangle next to it and a list should pop up. It will give you the selection of rename list, edit list, choose update types, and delete list.

If you click on Choose Update Types, up pops the following list with checkmarks in front of the following selections: status updates, photos, games, comments and likes, music and videos, and other activity. Just click on the checkmark of the selection you wish to eliminate.  It will remove the checkmark and you will no longer see that category from the friends in that list. For instance I don’t like to see games so I have unchecked games on each of my lists.

How Can You Organize Facebook Friends On Others Lists?

On the left side where it says, “Friends” there is a button to the right of it that when you hover over it that says, “More” in blue.  Click on “More” and a page will pop up. On the top of the new page, click on “+ Create List”.  Another box will pop up, type in the name of the list (category) you wish to create (high school, sports, church, co-workers, etc.) and the names of people you want to go on that list, then click on create that is in blue.

Time Management

No longer will you be swimming like a fish lost in a sea of Facebook posts and chaos. Once you get your lists organized you will save time. Just click on a particular list and find posts that you wish to hear from.

Your Turn …

If you find using Facebook lists has improved your experiences on Facebook in same manner, share with us below. What other creative lists categories have you made?

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How Can Blogging Help Your Local Business?

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How Can Blogging Help Your Local Business?

Are you a local business owner that is looking for new strategies to get more customers?

If you have a website for your company, the next step to enhance your website and get traffic to it is to establish a blog. What can a blog do? In this article we will discuss how a blog can raise your company’s brand, get more traffic to your site, and make your business look like the credible source. If you want a result that can translate into more money and customers then blogging would be beneficial for your business.
blogging your local business

Blogging Reason #1 – Improved SEO Rank

Do you want more traffic to your site? Do you want more leads? By having rich content on your blog with relevant keywords that people are searching for, it will get more comments, attention, likes, shares, etc. If you had many articles that provided fresh unique content, your blog will rank on page 1 in the search engines. Blogging is a natural way to optimize your site for search engines to get your business found! Your articles could rank for various combinations and get free traffic.  Each new blog post you publish creates another way for prospects to find you. If you were Google looking at dozens of small static websites a thriving blog found on one site could be a huge quality signal, boosting that business blog to the top of the SERPs for many of their primary keywords. The higher your blog appears on the search engines results, the more people will visit your blog.  Which means, more exposure for your business. By adding local keywords you can also target your audience to where you live. By having a blog they are more likely to find you. If you’re blogging on a regular basis, there’s a good chance that Google will rank you higher in the search results. If they can’t find you online, they probably won’t buy from you.

Blogging Reason #2 – Increased Credibility & Authority

Do you want to establish your business as a credible source for a subject matter and the top source for your niche? If your articles are answering the solutions to all the problems they are searching for and your competitors are not, you will look like the credible source. When you have a great looking site that has quality content it adds to the favorable impression (“Yes, we’re the best business for …”). It makes them want to stay on the site and read more. By having a blog they are more likely to find you. When you blog, you create new content pages that will show Google you have “fresh” articles and this will also help increase your authority with them.

Blogging Reason #3 – Builds Social Presence

Social Media PresenceDo you want your business to be found on other social media sites?  People are finding businesses on social media sites. In today’s social media world, engagement with your customers is expected and having a blog is essential to market your business.  When you blog you add the ability for people to comment, share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and more. This is working smarter not harder as your fans are helping you to market. We are in the era where recommendations from friends are valued highly. The more people that share your blogs, the more your business is being promoted. When they share your posts, those links can turn visits into leads.

Blogging Reason #4 – Build Trust

Do you want people to know, like, and trust your company? Having a blog can answer questions and be solutions to what they are searching for. What happens when a prospect visits your static website? What is there to set you apart or convince a prospect? If it doesn’t standout they will yawn, get bored, and leave your site. When you add a blog on your site, they will discover a wealth of information.

Your blog should have articles with content that solve real problems. They will gain a better understanding of what you are about and what you do. When you educate people they get to know and like you.  This makes your business more credible and they begin to trust you. They can post comments and immediately engage with you. No more yawns, instead they will be more willing to contact you for help over another competitor.

Blogging Reason #5 – Branding

Do you want more control of your business brand? A business blog can allow you to dictate an image to potential customers. Blogging lets people learn more about you and how you can help others. When you write about what you know, what you are good at, etc. this is great for branding.

The best business blogs add value through fresh content before they begin to sell to their readers. They build a community and educate their readers about their market. The more they feel that they know, like, and trust you, they more they will buy from you.

If you have a business website that is missing a blog, you are also missing out on traffic, rankings, engaging with visitors, and more. Blogging is an essential part of your marketing campaign. Don’t skimp out where it counts! Start blogging today and show that you are the expert in your field.

Do you have a business blog that helped expand your business? If so, we would love to hear about it!  Comment below and share with other business owners what your business blog did for your business.

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How to Use Pinterest For Rapid Promotion Of Your Business Blog

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How to Use Pinterest For Rapid Promotion Of Your Business Blog

Are you looking for new ways to promote your blog?

Are you too busy running your business that you don’t have the chance to promote it? Social media is rapidly growing and the people who have business blogs need to make sure that they make the time to adapt to the largest method of promoting their business to the masses.
pinterest for promotion

Pinterest is the latest and most authoritative method in which you can help make your blog famous and people all over the globe will get to know more about your business. There are several ways to use Pinterest to help promote your blog such as:

• Promotional products

• Sharing photos

• Sharing videos

• Sharing blog posts

• Informational methods

• Interactive with friends

There are many different kinds of business blogs out there and the majority of them do not have any traffic going to it. Is your blog one of them? If customers can’t find your website, it impossible for them to buy your services or products. Your potential customers will go to your competitor since your business can’t be found. When people are searching, they need to find your business or you will go out of business.

Whether your business has products or services it needs to be on Pinterest. Pinterest is easy to use and in a matter of hours you can gather new followers and even promote it on other social networks. Facebook is connected to Pinterest and you can also link your Twitter account. The more exposure you give your business, the more people will link to your photos or videos.

Does Your Business Sell Products?

One of the great aspects of Pinterest is the ability to take cool photos  of your products and share them with other users. This is great for those who operate an Ecommerce site.  Pinterest will appeal to your prospective clients by visually showing them what you have to offer. As you take pictures of your products show different angels and close-up shots of them. Think of jewelry, purses, sunglasses, shoes, or gift baskets, etc. You could display all these pictures on the same board. Underneath each picture,  attach a link back to your website with the price of the item. You can add hashtags (the # symbol used to mark keywords in tweets on Twitter) for people searching on Pinterest so they can find your products.

Make A Theme For Each Board

You can make categories of items that you sell and display by making a theme board. For example, make a board called blue opal earrings and only show blue opal earrings. Another board could be pearl earrings. You could also make separate boards for kids, specific customers, sale items, holiday items, etc. Each board can be a category of your products. This will create an online catalog and you can target gift ideas to certain groups. Many people may want to visit a website that has all the details in one place. This makes it easy for them to make the complete reference.

Click On The Video Below To See 6 Ways To Use Pinterest Can Be Used To Brand Your Small Business: 

Does Your Business Just Have Services?

Highlight all your services with pictures and videos that can pinned on Pinterest.  Pinterest is not just for products, it is also a useful marketing tool for services. Just list all your services and descriptions on your website and then create a visual board of your services. If you are a plumber, pin on the job photos. If you are a graphic designer, pin samples of your designs. If you are an interior designer, show before and after photos.  You can even show videos of what you do. Showing your services visually makes them more appealing. You can also pin pictures from your blogs on Pinterest to attract readers for your articles. Another aspect is the ability to list down all the services that you are offering in an easy to follow visual manner. When people click on the links under the pictures and videos they will advance onto your website where they can find out all you offer. If your business blog has services on it without pictures, readers will end up bored and go on to search for other blogs that are more elaborate and attract readers. Customers don’t want to look at just type!  Add pictures and videos which are pinned to Pinterest and keep their interest. It will give it a link to drive traffic back to your website.

Do You Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website?

Of course you do! The more traffic that goes to your website, the more  chances you have to make more sales.  Right?  When you have a business blog, you to need make the visitors feel welcome. This social media site can help display your products or services to make them more appealing and catchy to the eye. With each picture or video that you pin onto a board, you are increasing your SEO strategy while it drives traffic back to your website. Write descriptions under each photo or video, use targeted keywords, hash tags, and of course a link to click back to your website. This also creates more traffic when you have a large following through online channels. You can also submit your pin(s) to  (a social voting platform similar to Digg), but for Pinterest pins.  Also, check out, a Pinterest directory and stats. This is a great technique to use to end up getting relevant results when you are trying to attract clients.

If you are thinking about promoting your business blog, you need to make the time to have your products, services, articles, and videos on Pinterest. This social media site will give your business the complete facelift that it deserves and the readers will enjoy every single minute of it. Make your business easy to find, easy to share, followable, and repinable – go viral!

Have you used Pinterest to promote your business blog and gotten good results? Feel free to share other tips you found that would be useful to others or recommendations that you think will be useful to other readers in the comment section below.

About Our Guest Blogger Kady Babs:

guest blogger kady babs

Kady Babs is a Certified Professional and freelance writer. At present attached with Test4Prep. This is Best Source for 117-202 Exam. You can try free demos of certifications with 100% Risk Free and Guaranteed. Babs has creative writing skills and helping people to get certified on first try.

Visit Kady’s websites:  and

Connect with Kady on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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Google Places Got Ditched!

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Google Places Got Ditched!

Have You Heard The Buzz About “Google+ Local”?

Google rolled out another update to its local platform, ditching “Google Places” and replacing it with “Google+ Local”. It’s a very powerful move combining social, google maps, and local search. The new local listing tabs for local businesses can be found underneath the “Circles button” in the social site of Google+. Click on the icon that says, “Local” to view more.

Google Places Got Ditched

Why Did They Replace It And Change It?

Why did they integrated it into the Google+ social site? Why couldn’t they just leave Google Places alone instead of changing it? Is this Google’s way finding another reason to extend our time on Google+? Are they flaunting their strengths by integrating our online and offline activities? Changes aren’t always welcome and we need to know all the “whys” to accept change!


• Extends Your Google Time - If everyone is to rate and give reviews on businesses, it would make it another reason to stay in Google+ and hang out.

• Facebook competition - This feature will one-up them over Facebook.

• Integration - While Google Plus doesn’t directly compete with Facebook for personal users, its main focus is instead on business integration.

• Improves Ratings - ”Google+ Local” is making it easier to both share and see opinions and reviews with your circle of friends.

google local“Google+ Local” features Zagat scores and recommendations from your friends in your circles on Google+. After you click on the icon, you can put things in the search bar above. You can browse things in your area or look for something specific. When you find something that strikes your fancy, click on that listing, for example: a Chinese restaurant. It will take you to their Google+ page that features photos, directions, address, summaries, reviews, hours and more.

What Are The New Features?

• Reviews From Your Friends - It will feature reviews and recommendations from friends in your circles in the search results. When you are searching for a Chinese restaurant, it might include one of your friends’ reviews nearby. The opinions of friends in your circles are now there when they review a business place. This is great way to tell your friends that you loved the food, but hated the services, or that the sesame chicken was out of this world. It is also great if you had a bad experience too, like if the food was bad, overpriced, or gave you food poisoning, etc. Your photos and reviews will help others find great places. You can help out your friends too by reviewing places. So when your friends are checking out a place they can see what you have to say.

• New Rating System - The 5 star review is now gone. Google bought out Zagat last September for $151 million and is now putting it into use. It is a 30-point scoring system that Zagat developed. Restaurants for example, will be scored in three areas; food, décor, and service. This makes the reviews more specific than stars. After all what does 2 stars really mean? It could have been great food, but bad service. This could save you frustration and have you decide to get take out instead of going inside if it was more specific. If your business is not a restaurant, but is a local business, it will have different options to pick from when they review it. How will this review be seen? Time will tell, as there is no information on the reviews of other types of businesses yet.

Still Confused On How It Will Work?

Check out this video that Google made and see how this will fit all together:

What Happens To Your Old Reviews?

Your old reviews from “Google Places” will be transitioned over the “Google+ Local” page. They will show up anonymously as “A Google User”. This is all new to everyone so names won’t be specific just yet.  On both your reviews and competitors, there won’t be a lot of specific names just yet. It will show up with a name only if the person validates their review and publishes it.

Whether your business in on Google+ or not, people are going to talk about it. Jump on board and start to engage with your customers. Take advantage of all the other features, circles, hangout, SEO benefits, etc. The next trend could be them combining the Google+ business page with your local page.

Now, It’s Your Turn…

Have you noticed anything thing else that wasn’t said about the new “Google+ Local” page? Do you think the new ratings will have any influence on Google rankings? Do you think Google will merge your Google+ business page with your local page in the future?

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