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4 Benefits Of Social Bookmarking Sites

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4 Benefits Of Social Bookmarking Sites

What Does Social Bookmarking Mean?

Before we discuss social bookmarking, we will discuss the more general and familiar terms “bookmarking” or “bookmarks”. If you are a serious Internet user then you know that bookmarks are an option in your Internet browser. What do you do with the bookmarks option? You can bookmark your favorite sites, sites that are beneficial for you, and sites relevant for your business. After bookmarking these sites you can open them later.

4 benefits social bookmarking

How Is Social Bookmarking Similar To Typical Bookmarking In Your Browser?

Social bookmarking sites are a place where you can save your favorite links of web pages, articles, videos, and any other kind of information that you want to share online. What makes it great is that you can go to another computer and then go online to retrieve your links, unlike if you just had it in your browser.

If you want to make money through Internet marketing then you should know how to use social bookmarking sites efficiently. These sites help you in various ways to promote your online business, brand, and website. There are number of social bookmarking sites available on the World Wide Web to help online marketers reach new readers. Some of the well-known social bookmarking sites are: Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reditt, and Pinterest.

tagging articlesThe concept of tagging and keywords comes from social bookmarking. Tagging became more popular after the launch of the site Delicious. You can use “tags” or keywords to categories your links instead of using folders. Tagging helps users search for what other users have bookmarked.


I have provided a few questions below; to answer questions related to social bookmarking:

• Do you want to be seen as a leader in your business?

• Do want to become a trusted source of information?

• Do you want to involve your customers in your co-creation?

• Do you want to become a trusted service provider in your industry?

• Do you want to grow your business as well as want to build new readers and clients?

• Do you want your business to be a well-known brand that ranks in the search engines?

Before Proceeding; Here Are 7 Steps To Help You Get Started With Social Bookmarking:

1.      Sign up on each social bookmarking site by providing your email id, password, and your website address if it is requested.

2.      Download buttons of social bookmarking sites.

3.      Create lists of your categories.

4.      Submit your URL links to the social bookmarking sites by filling out the description box, tags, and relevant keywords.

5.      Always submit quality content on these sites so that you won’t be labeled as a spammer.

6.      Make networking friends by asking other social bookmarking users to add your content in their category. Make sure the categories are the same. Add friends who have similar interests or niches. This will help you promote your lists that you bookmarked as well as your main website, and then you will be treated as an active user.

7.      Visit your top social bookmarking sites daily, which will help you to connect with more readers and bring more traffic to your site.

What Are 4 Benefits Of Social Bookmarking?

Benefit #1 – Search Engine Optimization

Social bookmarking acts as a supplement in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Social bookmarking helps you to get good Google page rank through building links and also it helps you to promote your website globally. Social bookmarking tells Google search engines that your content is good as indicated by the number of visitors that have visited your post; it totally depends on your use of keywords and fresh content. Digg, Folkd, Kwoff, and Pinterest are the major bookmarking sites where you can grab do-follow links.

Benefit #2 – Boosts Traffic To Your Website

Today there are as many websites and blogs appearing on the World Wide Web, as the same amount of visitors or readers growing. Social bookmarking sites are the best place for genuine readers, researchers, students, history writers, business owners, and more. Here they can easily find information related to their topics. What is also great is that you can add your complete website, single webpage, videos, or even your blog post.

The more active you are in social bookmarking; the more you will be considered an active user. This will help you get your website ranked to the top of the search engines. You can also encourage visitors to check your bookmarks by sending emails or you can share your bookmarks to social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter. If you have an abundance of visitors going to your site, obviously your visitors are using the sharing tools to share your bookmarking.

Benefit #3 – It Is A Useful Communication Tool

Your client may ask, “What do others say about your work?”. In this case, you can have them look at your social media reputation of your company. Give them links of your social networking and social bookmarking sites. Today social media is growing rapidly and no one can dispute the importance that social media is here to stay. People of all ages are using social media as a communication tool.

**Note: You must be an active user of social bookmarking sites and your bookmarks must have many comments to attract visitors.

Benefit #4 – Best Place For Article Marketing

Content is king for any kind of website and traffic can only be driven when your content is newsworthy, interesting and fresh. There is huge demand for content writers globally. For example a content writer who is looking for a job in article marketing can use social bookmarking by showcasing all the links of their work to show off their writing skills and talent.

For non-professional writers, when you are done with a blog post, social bookmarking sites are the next step. This increases the popularity of your articles and blog posts. If your articles become popular on social bookmarking sites you will have an increase of traffic to your site which could result in an increase of sales.

Do you use social bookmarking sites? Which sites are your favorites? Do you have any tips on social bookmarking that was not added on here?

About Our Guest Blogger Avinash Mishra:

guest blogger Avinash Mishra

Avinash Mishra, an Engineering Student and Owner of MakeMeNoise. He mainly writes about “make money online“, gadgets, blogging, SEO, Network, and Security.

He is also interested in documentary film making, painting, social work, and social media. 

You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Or send an email at

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6 Pinterest Pinboard Ideas For Driving Traffic

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6 Pinterest Pinboard Ideas For Driving Traffic

Are You Looking For New FREE Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Website?

Pinterest is the hottest new social media site right now for business and it is only in its beta stage. Pinterest currently is the number three most-popular social media networking site in the U.S., behind Facebook and Twitter, according to Experian Hitwise.

In this post we will be discussing what Pinterest is, how to gain website traffic from it, and pinboard ideas to help you get your brand out.

6 Pinterest Pinboard Ideas

Did you know that Pinterest has surpassed LinkedIn AND Google + !!!. According to Pinterest grew 52% to 17.8 million visitors in February 2012. Some even estimate that the net worth could currently be around $500 million . The average Pinterest user: 89 minutes/month and the Average Twitter user: 21 minutes/month (source: ).

 What Is So Appealing About Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media site that like its name indicates – allows you to “Pin your Interest”. It is like collecting a free bunch of magazines pictures without the cost or clutter. It has many great pictures to get ideas from; recipes and some even like to use it as a dream or vision board.

This visual, social bookmarking site is here to stay! Here millions of people are able to organize and share their pictures with “pins”. You can pin up pictures that you are interested in on boards for the category or theme that you create. Likewise someone might like one of your pictures on one of your boards and repin it to one of their boards. They can even “follow” pictures or videos you have pinned.  You can pin just about any picture or video that is out there on the web, and repin the image to your board. Friends can comment on your pictures and hit the “like” button.

You can invite friends from your Facebook account to join you as it is linked to your Facebook account.  When you follow a friend, pin something to your board, or comment on a picture it will be updated on your Facebook wall.

How Can You Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic Back To Your Website?

Does your website have videos and pictures?  If so, you can strike gold by using of Pinterest to help increase your brand in a visual way. When you create a pinboard, make sure you put keywords in the description and include links to boost your SEO ranking.

picture in PinterestPinterest is currently using the “do-follow” links that you would use under a picture that you pin on your board for the description. Many other social bookmarking sites use this. It doesn’t pass on link power, but it does help associate your site with anchor text and increase your exposure. When a user clicks on a picture or video that is pinned, they are lead back by the link that you have typed in, to the originating website (if you have placed a link there). For example, if you are selling shoes, you could type in a link under a picture of a pair of shoes so when the viewers click on that picture, it will take them to your website where you sell that particular pair of shoes (by the link you have programmed in).

Just like other social media platforms, Pinterest supports the usage of hashtags.  Hashtags used on pins makes them more search-friendly.

Click on the Video Below To See 6 Ways To Use Pinterest Can Be Used To Brand Your Small Business:

Here are 6 Pinterest Board Ideas:

#1 Pinterest Board Idea – Pin Blog Post Graphics To Drive Traffic

Add a strong visual image to every blog post you put up.  You can pin the picture from your blog posts and put it on a Pinterest board. Then under the picture give the description, keyword, and a link it back to your website. This will encourage other pinners to engage with you, find your pictures through keywords, and visit your website.

#2 Pinterest Board Idea – Pin Videos To Drive Traffic

Don’t just limit your pinning to pictures – pin videos. Create a pinboard of your videos from your YouTube Channel about your business. Create a separate pinboard for speakers at upcoming events or seminars.  Put in keywords so people can find these words.

#3 Pinterest Board Idea – Pin Book and EBook Covers To Drive Traffic

If you have authored or illustrated a series of books, make a pinboard to showcase this.  Add even more value to your viewers by adding a FREE chapter from your EBook.

#4 Pinterest Board Idea – Pin Presentation Slides To Drive Traffic

After giving a speech, leading a webinar or conducting a class, create a separate Pinterest board from that specific presentation showing off the slides and visuals.

#5 Pinterest Board Idea – Make A Vision Board To Attract Targeted Audiences

Collect photos and graphics of goals and dreams for your target audience.  Have the pictured tell a story and project a lifestyle for your future clients. It should include your products or services they may want to manifest into their lifestyle. This also adds variety to you boards so it is not just all about you, your products and services. Adding separate dream boards allows other categories to reel in people to find you.

#6 Pinterest Board Idea – Use Infographics To Drive Traffic

If you have industry data that can be turned into an infographics – make one right now! They are going viral on Pinterest. If you are the first to make it, and pin it up, it more likely to be shared or go viral.

How To Add A “Pin It Button” On Your Browser

What is a “Pin It Button”?

When you install a “Pin It Button” on your browser, you are able to go on Pinterest and pin pictures to your boards. A “Pin It” button can be added to the computer’s bookmark bar to make the collection of images easier.

How do you install a “Pin It Button”? You can find the button here.

What other ideas do you have for using Pinterest for your business? What other creative pinboards themes do you use?

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Top 4 Facebook Fanpage Timeline Complaints & What You Can Do To Improve Your Experience!

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Top 4 Facebook Fanpage Timeline Complaints & What You Can Do

To Improve Your Experience!

It has been just over a week since Facebook rolled out significant changes to

business timelines for every user who operates a business fanpage.

There has been no shortage of opinions flying every whichway on the web. Some people love the new Timelines and others are quite vocal about their distaste for the new rules, the new look, and the new feel.

top 4 facebook fanpage timeline

I recently shared an in-depth look into the latest Facebook fanpage changes which I’d like to share called, “BIG Facebook Timeline Changes to Business Fanpages – What you NEED to know!”

facebook fanpage changesI have found that the best cure for struggling is understanding and knowledge that may be applied. Today, I’d like to share some of the top challenges that I have been hearing people struggle with, as well as some actionable suggestions to help you get past these hiccups if  you are also struggling with them yourself.

Let’s address the top complaints about the new Facebook Timelines so that we can be proactive and constructive about how we use our new fanpages!

#1 Facebook Fanpage Gripe: It’s Mandatory

Let us remember that Facebook is free to all. Since Facebook is absolutely FREE to everyone, we should align our expectations of it. Expect to see ads targeted towards your demographic. Expect that Facebook reserves every right to change as it sees fit. This is simply how the world works!

I have witnessed a number of people taking a “but the customer is always right” assumption about Facebook.

I hate to rain on the parade, but that philosophy is not the end-all determining factor in a world that moves as quickly as the tech world, especially as it pertains to Facebook.

Cat Suggests

Keep in mind that Facebook is making markets and then moving them. The motto of Facebook is “move fast and break stuff.” If you can keep this in mind, you will see that Facebook isn’t taking time to ask what end users want. They have moved so far past having to ask questions like this because of how they deliver and analyze mass amounts of data. It is the data that provides everything these visionaries need and want before they make determinations as to how and when they make changes to our favourite social media site!

Remember that Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg has made BILLIONS of dollars in record time by offering his social media brainchild to the masses. If you want to keep up with the Titans in the industry, learn how they work and adapt your game so you can keep up and thrive in the environment!

#2 Facebook Fanpage Timeline Update Complaint: I’m not sure I even understand what the Timeline is yet…

This is a valid point where many are stuck.

If you listened to Mark Zuckerberg deliver his speech about what Timeline is (see here from ABC News) and you’re still confused, my recommendation is to visit the aforementioned post which details the changes to business fanpages due to the migration to Timeline here.

Cat Suggests

Remember that Timeline is simply a new way of expressing all the things that make each individual’s Facebook fanpage unique and exciting. It’s a collection of visual media, relevant applications, and a new way to share information across Facebook and the rest of the web. Timeline creates an opportunity for you to reach the planet in a way that is most visually stunning and effective!

#3 Facebook Fanpage Timeline Complaint: This is going to take up too much time to “get right!”

Anything in life which is new and worthwhile will surely create a bit of a learning-curve for the user, this is true. Having said that, making the seamless switch to Timeline does not  have to be an arduous task! In fact, I made the full transition to my own business Timeline fanpage in under 20 minutes – and I really took my time on it!

Cat Suggests

Carve out a small window of time for yourself to sit down with your new business fanpage so that you may acquaint yourself with the new features. I’m sure you will find that the new interface is extremely user-friendly and that it provides us with a logical and simplified way to understand what is happening within your business fanpage and how your fans are interacting with it!

#4 Facebook Fanpage Timeline Update Complaint: TMI!! (Too Much Information!!)

Now, I have heard this one come up quite a bit lately. I can certainly understand the concerns here if we were strictly speaking of personal Facebook pages (all though there are a number of ways to protect one’s private information on Facebook). However, we are discussing the business fanpages which have migrated over to Timeline.

The operative word in the last sentence was “business” (if you didn’t catch this).

Fanpages on Facebook are here for businesses. One may argue that if a business is truly in business that their doors must be open to the public. For this reason, I have seen no reasonable issues whatsoever in the transparency which Facebook Timeline serves to the world in fanpages. This is, in my opinion, one of the better aspects of Timeline: transparency.

Cat Suggests

Remember that each tool has context(s) for which they should be used. You wouldn’t use a screwdriver for a hammer’s job.

Facebook fanpages are designed to provide optimized means for you to communicate your value to your audiences and this is exactly what they do brilliantly. If you do not want specific data to be shared with the billions of potential engaging eyeballs that may grace your pages, simply do not share that information.

In summation…

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Facebook Timeline offers business owners the chance to maximize their visibility and reach to consumers and enthusiasts around the world. Consider a healthy approach to this opportunity by first allowing yourself the chance to get to know some of the nuances which Facebook Timeline offers. And again, if you haven’t yet done so, read “BIG Facebook Timeline Changes to Business Fanpages – What you NEED to know!

Always remember that there is only ever one guarantee in life and that is change. When we know and anticipate this, we are in the headspace to learn, adapt, and grow! I encourage you to embark upon your Facebook Timeline transition with a diligent approach and the intent to capture attention and engage with your audience!

About Our Guest Blogger Catherine “Cat” Alexandra:

guest blogger catherine alexandra

Cat Alexandra is a dynamic and quirky lady, who started her relationship marketing pursuits in 1997 as a “broke as a joke” college kid in Houston, TX hustling to make the rent. Since then, she’s mastered the skillsets that made her a full timer in the online network marketing business, as well as principal investor of a private equity firm. She is a mover, a shaker, and adoer who is committed to helping the 85% of folks who are sick of their indentured servitude and are ready to become the success stories that most people only dream about! Aside from marketing, Cat holds interests in energy work and is a QiGong practitioner, an animal advocate (working actively with rescues in her metro area), spirituality, researching the origins of the world’s holy texts, and alternative news from great sources like Red Ice Radio and Project Camelot . Cat is passionate about her human duty to be a good steward while she’s here, so every day is a productive one spent helping others as much as possible!

Learn more from Cat at her Internet Marketing Success blog here:

Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook Fanpage, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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Social Media Marketing-Building Relationships to Grow Your Business

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Social Media Marketing-Building Relationships to Grow Your Business

If you aren’t using Social Media Marketing to build your business, I can almost guarantee your competition is!

Now, the key is to understand how to use this method of marketing to build your business effectively. In this short article, I want to highlight a few key points on how to use social media marketing effectively so that you can leverage your time and marketing budget wisely.
SocialMedia Growing

First and foremost, Social Media Marketing is all about building relationships and providing value to your audience. You want to under-promise and over-deliver to your clients and customers by attracting them to your business so that not only will they purchase from you, but they will see you as the “go-to” person that will provide them with what they need and refer others to you.

Key Points:

• Know what your market wants. Provide them with surveys so that they can tell you what their needs are.

• Interact with your target market. When you know what they need, offer a few solutions and see which one(s) they are most likely to invest in.

• All of your Social Media Marketing should be congruent. Your message and theme should always speak to the needs of your target market and provide a solution that will lead them to their desired outcome.

• Create a follow-up system. Make sure that every person you connect with gives you permission to keep them “in the loop” and be sure to update them regularly.

• Find social networks where your target market “hangs out” such as Facebook groups, forum or market-specific social networks.

• Speak their “lingo” and as often as possible, use your market’s exact words when engaging in dialogue (online or offline).

• Always give VALUE! Under-promise and over-deliver. Don’t be afraid to offer freebies or low-cost products of high value to get people to walk through the “front door.”

Keep in mind that these methods work whether you are in an online community, or offline at a networking event. Even if your business is 100% online, these marketing methods will work offline and vice-versa. Most of all don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone; just master one method before adding another method to your marketing efforts.

One of the most common mistakes people make in Social Media Marketing is turning into a non-stop infomercial. People don’t typically like commercials and your marketing should be about providing value than selling something. As you get to know your target market, you can speak to them in a way that will encourage them to buy without you having to sell them anything. Remember Social Media is all about being social. Just be natural in your messages and speak to your clients, customers and business associates in a way that they can relate to. In turn, they will come to you for solutions and you will be ready to help them achieve their desired outcome. It is a win-win for you and your customers.

About Our Guest Blogger Joy Marino:

guest blogger joy marino

Joy Marino has been involved in Social Media Marketing for over 10 years. Her primary business is in helping Mompreneurs to write their own rules to reach their full potential as both great moms and successful business owners.

Connect with me on my Personal Blog.

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Social Media Marketing: Using Social Media For Businesses

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Social Media Marketing: Using Social Media For Businesses

Without a doubt, if you plan to build a business, whether it is online or offline, you should have some type of presence online. To do that, you should develop a presence in social media. Anyone who refuses to do so ends up struggling or may even go bankrupt. Even Coke, Pizza Hut, Oreo and other major companies have strong social media presence. The big guns are doing it and that’s huge proof on how using social media for businesses can make a big difference.
using social media for business

There are many good social media sites out there, but the 3 main ones, in my opinion are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. That’s what I’ll be talking about today. Using social media for businesses is not hard at all. It may be a bit time consuming at first and it takes a few things to keep in mind to get good and quick results.

It’s good to keep in mind that there are many social media sites, but to get results, the same concepts apply.

Tips On Using Social Media For Businesses:


It’s a must for anyone online who’s trying to build credibility and a brand to be on Facebook. If you’re not, then it’s not too late to get on. You don’t need to be an expert to monetize Facebook. As long as you take time to get a hang of it, you’ll feel the power of using social media for businesses with Facebook alone.

• The key is to build relationships - Don’t sell to people. They don’t get on Facebook to buy. They get on to connect and build relationships. People just hate it when someone tries to spam or sell them something.

• Have a personal profile - It’s important to be yourself. Don’t lie, pretend or hide. Have a real profile picture with a nice cover photo and fill up your “About Me” and the other important info. Whenever you accept a new friend request, send out a message and introduce yourself.

• Have a Fan Page - It’s good to have a nice eye catching profile picture and have a nice cover photo. Provide value, be entertaining, and be social. A Fan Page is a great way to build your brand and credibility. You can also install a capture page so you could generate leads in the process. Consistently share content, comment on other fan pages, and entertain people. Share funny videos, blog posts, articles, and make status updates. You’ll gain a massive following and get way more engagement doing this.

• Have a group - It’s a great way to stay in touch with our community. A group is where everyone interacts and shares value. What I did is created a group where everyone in the same company as I am in is added.  We share our blog posts and the community will comment on share each other’s posts for more exposure. Build a good cause and people will thank and recognize you for it.

• Advertise - Facebook is a great place to advertise. It’s become a great advantage for businesses and home business owners to advertise on Facebook. You can use your fan page and get likes and leads or use a custom capture page just for leads. Again, your offer should not be about selling. Instead, let people know how you can help them and what they will get if they opt-in. It would be nice to give something for free like an e-book or a bootcamp series.

You may be saying “that’s it?”. Well… yeah. It doesn’t take much to start making money. It just takes a bit of time. Some people get impatient and fail, some don’t. It’s all up to you.

Like I said “Using social media for businesses is not hard at all.”

For Twitter:

This won’t be as long as Facebook. Once you here doing business with Twitter you may be thinking “oh crap I need 5000 or more followers and I’ll be a millionaire.” Sorry, but that’s not true. Quantity cannot be compared to laser-targeted quality. If you’re a celebrity, than the more followers, the better, but if you’re just an online marketer, you can have 5000 followers but they don’t even care or know you. It’s better to have 100 laser-targeted fans who know and respect you. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get followers though. You can get laser-targeted quality followers at Just sign up and make an account and follow away. Once you have followers, share valuable content, spend at least 20-30 minutes reading other people’s content, retweet and thank them. Just like Facebook, be entertaining, social and informative.

As always, anyone using social media for businesses, it’s a must to be a real person. Always have a profile picture, your short bio, and your website.

For LinkedIn:

You don’t have to be in a suit to look good on LinkedIn. Just be yourself. Fill out your profile with your information and again, have a real picture of you. Whenever you get a new invitation to connect, send out a short message, and introduce yourself. Not many do this on LinkedIn so people will get surprised and will most likely build a good first impression on you. Join certain groups that are within your niche. Make friends and interact in those groups. The more you do this, the more exposure you will get and the more people will trust you. Also just like any other social network, share valuable content.

It’s always a “MUST” to be informative, entertaining and social. That’s what drives people to share the content around. That’s where the power of using social media for businesses will start showing.

Here’s a quick video from Gary Vaynerchuck about using social media for businesses. It’s powerful, people. Keep that in mind.

There you go. Using social media for businesses is not hard to do. In fact, all it takes to become a social media icon is to master the basics and consistently apply them to gain credibility, trust, rapport and a following.

About Our Guest Blogger Pj Zafra:

guest blogger PJ Zafra

I’m Pj Zafra. I’m a 20-year-old full-time online marketer. I decided to screw college and pursue something more meaningful in my life and that is to pursue my passions. Best decision ever! I partnered up with my Dad and we came to form “The Zafra Group”. This is my 1st year marketing online. I’m living and loving every second of it! 

Make sure you drop by and check out our website 

Connnect with me on FacebookFacebook Fan PageYoutubeLinkedin, and Google Plus

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Facebook Versus Google Plus: Personal Versus Business Pages

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Facebook Versus Google Plus: Personal Versus Business Pages 

How Do Personal Profiles Pages Differ From A Brand Page?

Confused on the differences between a personal page versus a business (brand) page? Most of us have been taught the concept of keeping family information private and separated from business news. Whether it’s on Facebook, Google Plus, or in regular life, personal and business information should not be mixed for obvious reasons. Next time you are using social media, ask yourself: “Why are you on this page? Do you want to communicate with personal friends or business fans? Who would take your business serious if the business information landed on your profile page?”

Facebook Friends Vs Fans

Once people are on your personal profile page they can’t leave a message on your wall until you accept them as a friend. If you have your own business page, the chances are high that viewers will treat your business more seriously as compared to the same information if it was presented on your personal profile page. Facebook Fan Pages or Google Plus Business Brand Pages are a terrific way to reach prospects that spend more time online than they do watching television, reading magazines, or newspapers. More and more people are spending their hours on Facebook, and Google Plus is on the rise. If you have a business and don’t have a Facebook Fan page or a Google Plus business brand page yet, you are missing out on a FREE advertising opportunity. Both Facebook and Google Plus offer effective strategies for organizations, companies and businesses to improve their online presence. Both social medias offer your business a FREE opportunity to post information called “status updates”. They also offer opportunities to share links, photos, etc. that will appear to your friends or fans in their news feed. Google Plus calls their business pages “Brand Pages” while Facebook calls theirs “Fan Pages”.

Click On The Video Below To See The Difference between A Facebook Fan Page Versus A Facebook Personal Page:

Facebook: Personal Pages vs. Business Pages. What’s The Difference?

Facebook Profile Page

Facebook personal profiles are for people. The people interacting with you on your page are your friends. This page is NOT searchable in search engines. You can have up to 5,000 friends. It’s actually against Facebook’s terms to use a personal page for business information. You can send messages to one or more friends that go into their inbox. If you visit a personal profile page you’ll see buttons at the top: “Add Friend”, “Subscribe”, or “Message”. If you’re already friends you’ll still see the same buttons, but the “Add Friend” button will just say “Friends”. You will need a personal profile on Facebook first before you can create a Facebook Fan Page. Your personal profile must be used to create “Pages”.

How Are Facebook Fan Pages Different from Facebook Personal Profiles Pages?

Facebook Fan Pages are for businesses. People on this page that interact with you are your business fans. Usually a Fan Page is more of a one way communication. You are sharing your business news with your business fans and they can comment at will. What makes it great is that Fan Pages are indexed by search engines and you can have unlimited fans. Facebook pages have many capabilities and plug-ins to make the experience even better. From review pages, to custom landing pages, to the ability to run promotions. You will need a minimum of 25 “likes” (fans hitting the “like button”) before you can get a vanity URL. This is a custom link that takes people directly to your Facebook Fan Page. Fans who are on the Fan Page, are not aware of who the administrator is unless you specifically tell them in a post or email message. This is a free funnel that points to your website. You can add unlimited photos and videos. More than one person can operate Facebook pages. You can find out which countries your fans come from. Advertisements can be purchased to promote either groups or Pages, but Pages can benefit from social ads that publicize the fans connection between a Page and a specific user.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Facebook?

Facebook doesn’t have YouTube, Docs, search engine (for personal pages), news, places, etc. G+ is potentially a one-stop shop. Google+ pages will inevitably be superior, though Facebook has the advantage currently through years of refinement.

Google Plus: Do You Need Another Social Media Site?

Facebook Versus GooglePlus

Google+ copied Facebook “lists” (placing people into categories of your own choosing) and then gave it a new name: Google Circles. Circles are a great way to organize your friends and you can “post just to certain circles” which limits the visibility of your posts to other people on your circles. G+ forces you to select which circles you are posting to for every post. You can either type the name of a circle, person, or use a drop-down list. Google + is both innovating and catching on far faster than Facebook did. Just look at how quickly top brands have jumped on Google+ pages knowing that their business information will reach the search engines. Britney Spears is first and fastest Google+ user to reach 1 million followers. Britney Spears requested her followers to tell her what country they are from so she could place them into circles of different countries. Google+ will gain more active users in the coming months and years thanks to all the other Google services that are and will be linked to it. Active users on other Google services like Picasa, Maps, Android, etc will find Google+ to be very beneficial.

Is Google Plus Just Another Facebook Clone?

The benefit of having a Google+ page is that it could have more influence on Google search and SEO. The Google plus pages have the ability to be able to target specific audiences. This is very crucial in terms of niche marketing, which will be important in the future when brands have to target different markets. Brands can bombard certain circles with information that pertains to particular niche markets without annoying other fans in other circles.

You can “Hangout” with your Google+ fans with a live stream from your “Hangout”. A “Hangout” is a group of people all interacting together on a video communication. This could allow you to train several people at once, have small webinars, family meetings, etc. This also means receiving live speeches by our president and exclusive performances for certain fans, etc. Celebrities in the future will rely less on TV and mass media and will simply use this functionality to broadcast their messages. Brands pages can be posted in different languages according to the countries they are posting to. Your friends and fans who speak another language can simply click a button to interrupt your message into their language. This is a huge bonus for businesses that not only want a place in Google SERPs but also a place to interact and talk to their customers about day to day specials, issues, and creating excitement.

With your Google+ Page you cannot follow someone unless he/she follows you first. If you remove a person from your Google+ Page, that person is also removed from your Google+ Page’s circles as well. When you find a YouTube video that you like, right now, using “Google+ Hangouts”, you can watch it serendipity with a shared audience while discussing your reactions and opinions about the video. In “Google Hangouts with extras” you can discuss Google Documents and edit them in real-time while you are “Hanging out” with co-workers or prospective customers. All broadcasted “Google Hangouts” are archived to YouTube for posterity, and can be edited and reshared. Unlike Facebook, Google+ Pages are more forgiving if you make a typo in a post or suddenly decide you don’t want people to leave comments or share with others – you can edit the post or change that setting AFTER you’ve posted. With “Goggle+ Business Pages” you can’t just add a bunch of people to circles, they must decide to follow you. Google+ Pages have their very own +1 button which is much like Facebook Fan Pages “Like” Button. However, giving an article, video or picture a +1 on Google+ will put your +1 vote into the search engines, whereas in Facebook placing a vote with a “Like”, won’t get your vote into the search engines. Google+ Pages can’t receive notifications via email, text, or in the Google bar. However, Google+ Pages have special fields that help people find the business’ physical location. Presently, Google+ is only allowing one administrator, which makes upkeep cumbersome.

Are Your Social Media Eggs All In One Basket?

Social media is here to stay. While many people favor a certain social media site we can never really assume that are all potential clients belong on it or are using just one site. I recommend using all of your social media sites to drive traffic back to your main website, where business can be conducted. Facebook is definitely consumer oriented, while LinkedIn is more business oriented. G+ for now seems to be between the two, as does Twitter. It is good to have more than one social media player to use to build your brands.

How are you presently communicating with your customers? What tips do you have to share? Please leave them below.

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Why Having Your Local Business Page On Google+ Is A Must?

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Why Having Your Local Business Page On Google+ Is A Must?

What’s New In Google’s Latest Social Media Network- Google Plus?

Local Business On Google Plus

Google Plus is Google’s new social media network that is the “newcomer” to the social media world. Google Plus launched their “Local Business Pages” on Monday, November 7th, 2011. This is a great opportunity for businesses to establish and build stronger relationships with their Google+ social network fans, promote their brands and instill brand loyalty. This is another place to interact with your fans and increase your SEO with the videos and the links you post. You can create a Page for the following categories: Local Business, Local Place, Institution, Organization, Product, Brand, Sports, or Entertainment. For instance, if you are targeting a local area such as marketing in St. Paul, you now have a new source of FREE targeted advertising.

The business page looks like the Google+ personal profile, but there is a business name instead of a human name, and a logo instead of a personal profile picture. The circles it comes with are: Team Members, VIPs, Customers, and Following.

You can customize more circles just like the personal account. You can list your website and provide relevant links.

Business Circles

Business Circles

How Can You Focus On Your Target Audience?

Fans can add you to their circles and +1 your posts. Unlike the personal profile you have to wait till your fans add you to their circles first. Then you can put them into one of your circles. This allows the business to show fans they are a trusted business with a social endorsement of so many +1′s. This alone carries a ton of social media marketing weight. What makes this page so great is the feature of creating your own circles so when you post something, it will only go to the circles you want to send it to.

How Can You Search For A Local Business Page Or Product?

The Direct Connect Tool lets Google+ members search for a page using the “+” prefix. For example, type in +St. Paul Marketing Team and up pops the St. Paul Marketing Team Goggle+ Business Page.

What Is The Surprising Power Of Google+?

The advantage that this page has over Facebook is with the circles. You can target who gets certain posts. This means you can target your audience by whatever you create and place in the circles. For instance, if you want to target cities, languages, etc. you can create a target audience in a circle and send to that circle. This allows your business to target and send an ad FREE to any circle you create. So if a business has a sale on Saturday in Boston they can just send the message to fans in Boston. Fans that are not in the circle they select to post to will only see information relevant to them.

How Do You Set Up Your Google+ Business Page?

The video below explains how to set up your Google+ Business Page. However, before getting started you will need to have your business logo ready to upload. Also, be aware that the person who sets up your business page must be a Google+ member already and will automatically become the manager of your Google+ Business Page.

Click On The Video Below To Guide You In Setting Up Your Own Business Page On Google Plus.

This is the link to set up your Google plus page ==>

Click On The Video Below To See How To Login To Your Google+ Business Page:

How Can You Customize Your Business Profile?

On the top left side of your navigation bar, select the icon – Profile. Click the – About tab. Next select – Edit Profile. There appears a red bar guiding you to edit different parts of your profile. You can upload a photo or have someone design something to make your branded cover. You can add hours of operation and optimize your introduction hyper-linking important keywords to your business website.

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How Do You Increase Your Page Rank?

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How Do You Increase Your Page Rank?

What Are Steps You Can Take To Enhance The Page Rank Of Your site?

You increase your page rank by having numerous one way, permanent, relevant inbound links. The key to rising to the top of the results page is to have more links linking to your site than your competition.

increase pagerank

In order to get a high page rank it takes more than just the highest number of links pointing to your website. Google also looks at votes of relevance. It looks at the quality, status and page rank of what you are connected to. If you are getting a link from a site with a high page rank it pushes your rank up. Google, Yahoo and Bing gives votes of relevance to your website not only when the websites that link to your website have a high rating, but also the quantity of links, relevant content, and keywords in their anchor text. When Google sees a site that has your link it counts it as that site is endorsing your link which makes your website look relevant and trusted (earns a vote).

The new big player in the page rank game is Google One Plus. Click on the video below to learn more:

One of the ways to get links is to use meta-keyword tags, but don’t overdo it. Use h1 tags (the title that tells what the page is all about), link your page on other websites and social bookmarking sites, provide an RSS, and keep your site regularly updated. Blogs are great as they are constantly feeding the search engine new relevant rich content. Never let your site sit idle for days at a stretch as search engines count the frequency of traffic.

There are two main types of SEO (search engine optimization) on page and off page. All these teeny tiny steps will in time raise your page’s rank which will increase traffic to your site. See our other blog post on page rank. 

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