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4 Changes Of Google Search

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4 Changes Of Google Search

Why is it important for a local business to be aware of what is going on with Google search updates?

What is Google local search? Does your business show up on there? Back in August Google released the new local search display format. So what has changed? In this article we will go over the changes of how the information is displayed.

4 changes of google search

Local businesses are now displayed differently on the search engine results page (SERP). This did not change the way a business ranked but what people see when they are searching for your business. Type in what you are looking for to see these new changes. For example type in Dentist in Woodbury, MN or Plumber in Cottage Grove, MN. This will take you to the search results page. The rest of this article will be talking about the 4 changes on the search results page.

Change #1- Map Of The Local Area Shows Up First

First displayed are the Google advertisements and right below it the map or the city that you typed in with 3 red pins google local 2015of businesses on it in the niche you typed in. Before this change you would still see the advertisements but below it was organic search results like articles or websites and then it would have 7 businesses displayed. The map was on the top right corner above the paid advertisements.

Change #2- Only 3 Businesses Show Up

Now only 3 businesses show up on the search results page. There are 2 icons on the right that say website and directions. Then below the 3 businesses it displays a link that says, “More Dentist” or more of whatever you had typed in. If you click on that then you can see more businesses in the area and it opens up a new page with a giant map. You can also see how many stars a business has rated from Google reviews. So what was this like before? Before there were 7 businesses displayed (A, B, C, D, E, F, G).

Change #3- Organic Search Results Moved Down

The organic search results were articles and websites that used to show up before the local business listings that are not paid advertisements. Now they are below the 3 businesses.

Change #4- Restaurants Have Filters On The Search

What it used to look like before changeWhen you search for a restaurant right above the 3 businesses it says Rating, Price, and Hours. If you click on it will filter your selection. This means that getting reviews on Google+ is very important!

What Do These 4 Changes Mean For Local Businesses?

Reviews from Google+ are more important than ever. Having good ratings will now be a filterable part of local search results.

Another important thing is to optimize your website for local search. If you haven’t done it yet now is the time. Your site should target a specific area or city like Woodbury plumber for Woodbury, MN. Your business name, address, and phone should also be consistent across the web. So for instance if your business is on Elm Street make sure all your listings display Elm St. where the street is abbreviated. If there is a listing that is found spelled differently like Elm Street then it can screw up the rankings and listing. This is why being consistent is so important for directory listings. Pay per click (PPC) is also gaining more importance. Google favors people that buy adwords. So if you have advertisements you are more likely to hold a position on the first page of Google’s results and stay competitive.

If you are not one of three businesses listed for your niche you will most likely see a drop in website traffic. It will also reduce phone calls to all businesses, as the phone number seems to be hidden on desktop results. More businesses will invest in pay per click and the cost will go up with more competition. This benefits Google of course.

Back To You…

Has this new change with Google search changed your business? Have you noticed anything different since the change? Fill free to leave your comments below.

April 21, 2015 Google Update-Mobile Websites

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April 21, 2015 Google Update-Mobile Websites

Do you know if your website is mobile friendly or not? Does it matter if it is not? What does it mean to be mobile friendly? Coming up this week Google will have an update on Tuesday, April 21st. In this article we will talk about how Google wants to provide more importance to mobile phone users.

google update mobile websites

Does It Matter If Your Site Is Mobile Friendly?

Yes it matters if your site is mobile friendly. It comes as no surprise that a growing number of people are using mobile phones versus using a computer when using the Internet. Google is going to introduce a brand-new algorithm based on this growing trend and need. How is this going to change search? Well they will look at the usage patterns and modify the search results based on these patterns. They are going to reward sites that are mobile friendly.

mobile friendly site

What Does It Mean To Be Mobile Friendly?

Can your website be viewable in all mobile devices? As soon as this update takes place websites that are mobile friendly will rank higher than those that are not in the Google search results page. So how do you know if it is mobile friendly? Does the website shift and adjust its design so on a small screen you can view it? Do you have to zoom in order to view it? Having to zoom in on a tiny screen can be frustrating and makes it more difficult to navigate on a mobile phone. This makes a difficult frustrating user experience.

Does Your Website Pass The Test?

If you want to know for sure if your site is mobile friendly or not check this out. Click on Mobile Friendly Test

respondive webdesignWordPress & Mobile Friendly

Building your website with WordPress is great because you can have a website that has a flexible fluid framework that instantly adapts to match the device being used. All you need is a theme that is responsive. What does that mean? It means whether they are on a computer, an ipad, tablet, or mobile device the design will adjust to fit the device that you are on, this is call Responsive Web Design. With all these varieties of devices having a fluid layout makes more sense. After all you would want your website to be viewed on more than one device that provides great user experience.

What If My Site Is Not Mobile Friendly?

Did your site fail the test? If it did then you need to work on it now. After all customers are looking for your business on all devices now so your website needs to be flexible. When this algorithm change takes place you will want to rank above your competitors. If you need help call the St. Paul Marketing Team today to help get you back on track.

Back To You…

What do you think of this change and how do you think it will impact SEO on mobile searches?

How Will Google’s HummingBird Algorithm Affect Online Marketing?

in Internet Marketing Guest Posts, Search Engine Optimization by Jane Mires 3 Comments

How Will Google’s HummingBird Algorithm Affect Online Marketing?

What is the new HummingBird algorithm?

Have you heard about the new algorithm yet? When Google celebrated its 15th birthday this last Fall they announced their new algorithm called the “HummingBird”.  What is it and what should you look out for? This new algorithm is all about upgrading the quality and speed of search results.  In this article we will discuss the update changes, how it affects the SEO world, ranking, and online marketing.

Hummingbird online marketing

Does Each Of The Major Changes In Google’s Algorithms Have Names?

Yes, we all know that Google updates its search engine algorithms rather often, and the number of the updates within a year may reach several hundred. Of course, the changes that arise from the updates are very small and hardly detectable, and in some cases the users are totally unaware about them. On the other hand, Google makes sure that its most large and tangible algorithm changes have their own names.

What Does Google HummingBird Change And What Does This Change For Online Marketers?

The big change is in the deciding by a new algorithm which data will be used for the information given from the search. Here are 4 changes with this new update:

1.  Understand Human Conversation Queries

google conversationThe old method of putting in a few keywords will be as effective for a search. HummingBird want to understand human conversations. Variations of keywords are what is going to be searched for. So when people are searching for an answer to a question, your answer will more likely be chosen to appear in the search results.

2. Content Writing Needs To Answer The 5 W’s

HummingBird is asking Google to go deeper into variations in your keywords according to the big 5 W questions – who, what, when, where, why. This means your content now needs to answer entire questions and details for those 5 W’s.

3. Keywords Are Less Important And Questions Are More Important

What would you ask a real person not a computer? This is what the new HummingBird algorithm wants -  to humanize questions and statements. What are you really looking for?

4. Semantic Search

The Hummingbird’s update also adds a special tool for comparison when you need to compare two similar products.  Google’s goal is to provide its users with a well-organized set of data that gives thorough information on the inquiries made. What drives search from now on due to this huge change is semantics. A redesign and a update of Google Search for mobile devices was also made, which is due to the fact that there were iOS and iPad updates also expected.  Increasing social interaction by having your content answer those big 5 W’s as an authority so the result will increase the likelihood of even more social interaction which will keep you on the computer even longer is very important.

What Were The Major Recent Algorithm Updates?

knowledge and searchSuch algorithm updates were the “Panda” and the “Penguin” that we all know pretty well, and which purpose was to decrease the number of low-quality websites and web content in the search results of the search engine machines. The most serious change in Google algorithm before the HummingBird update was in June 2013 and is called “Caffeine”. This helped Google give users faster results by redoing web indexing. Other Google updates are “Universal Search” and “Search Plus Your World”.

Do These Past Updates Still Matter?

Yes, past updates matter when it come to online marketing. Quality content and pagerank is still important and is like the guts of Google’s HummingBird. What’s new is changing the search results by making their answers more human.

What Qualities Do Real Humming Birds Have That Led To Their Choosing To Name This Algorithm After Them?

The name of the new update of the search engine machines was not randomly chosen. Just like the real humming bird is well-known for its precision and speed, which is also the main purpose of Google. Google managers are claiming that after the HummingBird update, the search engine will become faster and more exact in its results.

Was The HummingBird The Next Step Logical After Google’s Knowledge Graph?

Yes, although Google announced the latest update of its algorithm on its birthday, the whole process started about a month earlier. The HummingBird update expands the use of Google Knowledge Graph, which was launched last year as a way to help the search engine to understand the relationship between different concepts, rather than just to detect keyword matches. Knowledge Graph structures the data found when a certain keyword is searched for. After all, data doesn’t have to be contained in only one website or document, but may be found in different sources.

How Does HummingBird Help The Knowledge Graph?

Moreover, the HummingBird update expands the use of Knowledge Graph in order to give the search engine machine the opportunity to provide its users with the best answers to inquiries that do not have simple answers only. That is exactly why Amit Singhal, who is the Senior Vice President and Software Engineer in Google Search gave an example with his blog post connected with a search such as “tell me about artists impressionists”. This is an example of a search that has no parameters and there is an enormous range of relevant facts.

That is exactly why Google has put so much effort in their HummingBird update. Knowledge Graph is supposed to help Google understand also when a subsequent search is connected with a previous one, instead of considering your inquiries as separate and unrelated ones.

So, when we are thinking about the future, there is nothing else to expect from the world’s largest and most famous search engine but to continue its efforts to facilitate its consumers by updating and improving its search options.

Back To You…

If you have had experiences of liking or disliking the changes of how HummingBird affects the new search? If you understand how to use cleaver keyword combinations for ranking, please share with our readers below.

About Our Guest Blogger Jane Mires:

guest blogger jane miresJane Mires is a writer and web enthusiast. She works as a designer at House Cleaners South Kensignton.

Connect with Jane on  Google+.

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How To Make Your Social Bookmarking Effective For Link Generation?

in Internet Marketing Guest Posts, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing by James Pattrick 4 Comments

How To Make Your Social Bookmarking Effective For Link Generation?

Are you using social bookmarking for your own websites?

If you are not you are missing out. Why? It is simply because social bookmarking is an effective tool that can place a website in the first pages of the popular search engines like Yahoo! and Google. How is this made possible? It is done by building up backlinks to the particular website. Social bookmarking is also essential, if you are looking out for traffic for your targeted keyword phrases.
social book marketing link generation

If your website is not placed in the first pages of the reputed search engines, it is really challenging for you to draw traffic for your website. Isn’t that so? It’s a fact! Now, the question is – how are backlinks helpful for your website? As you know, Google or any other reputed search engines love to have renowned websites in their first pages. social bookmarkingHence, quality backlinks can effectively enhance the rank of your website in the search engines.

It can become comparatively easier to get paid links than the free ones provided you have sufficient finances. Social bookmarking is for those who are looking for some free methods of acquiring backlinks.

What Are Different Approaches To Social Bookmarking?

Want to know them? Here is a brief idea of it with three methods.


Social Bookmarking Method #1-Don’t Sell On Social Bookmarking Websites

You should always remember this point. Social bookmarking sites are for information and not for providing a sales pitch. Active surfers look for information on the social bookmarking sites and so, supply them with relevant data. On receiving relevant data, they bookmark you and you in return get additional backlinks and greater amount of traffic.

Social Bookmarking Method #2-Bookmark Online Pages Redirecting A Back Link To Your Website

You might be thinking that this is a method of assisting others instead of creating traffic for your own website. But this is not at all the case. As stated earlier, quality backlinks are very important. socialbookmarking how it worksTherefore, by assisting others in boosting their page rank and traffic, you in a way are helping yourself in gaining quality backlinks. It is not the number of backlinks but the quality of it that matters the most. So, help others to ultimately help yourself. It is a win-win situation for you.

Social Bookmarking Method #3-Make Titles Precise And Sweet

Do not make the mistake of providing lengthy reviews or long titles in social bookmarking sites. No one prefers to read that. Would you prefer that, if you are given an option? Certainly not. Think as your visitor would think. Make the description and the title attractive and short. Creating a unique title or a fascinating heading will grab the attention of the visitors in an instant. Remember you have only a few seconds to seize the attention of the viewers.

These are only some of the essential tips that you should never forget when you wish to use social bookmarking for generating backlinks for your website. There are other similar factors like do not make spam, leave an option for feedback in your bookmark and so on.

Back To You..

Social bookmarking is now used by the experts to generate quality backlinks. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while using social bookmarking.   If you have used social bookmarking and have some tips to share with our readers please add them below.

About Our Guest Blogger James Pattrick:

James Pattrick

James Pattrick has the perfect expertise to write articles on SEO and internet marketing. His articles are a great source of information to readers and website owners. He contributes to on a regular basis.

Connect with James on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter

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How Long Does It Really Take To Rank?

in Content Marketing, Local Marketing, Search Engine Optimization by Sue DeBrule 3 Comments

How Long Does It Really Take To Rank?

Ever wished there was a button to push to get your website instantly ranked? Sorry, that is not how ranking works.

How long does it take to rank your business website? Let’s imagine you have been working with an SEO or marketing company for two months but have not noticed any improvement in ranking. They guaranteed your website would be ranked #1 within the first 30 days for your keywords. You would be frustrated that you have not seen those outcomes! Yet when you complained, they explained that they added some meta tags and some backlink building. So you are left wondering when all these wonderful promises are going to help get your business website get ranked and what do terms like meta tags and backlinking mean? In this article we will talk about why SEO companies can’t guarantee ranking results, why you can’t just set up your site and leave, why SEO takes time, variables that influence ranking, and why marketing is an art.

how long take to rank

Have You Looked At The SEO Packages And Wondered What They All Mean?

You need to understand what SEO conditions and terms mean; otherwise you may be spending money on a worthless marketing package. True SEO and improving your website takes time, and for valid reasons.  Even with professional help and using the latest top-notch methods, it takes time to improve its ranking. There are companies who will guarantee faster outcomes, those who say they can get you to # 1, or that they can get your website a top ranking within a couple of weeks. The sad fact is, this is just not how it works. Beware and stay away from the companies that guarantee this!

Why Is SEO Similar To Working Out At The Gym?

working out seoUnless you are offering very unique products or services, or have very few competitors, it will indeed require some time and consistent effort. Great results take time, especially if you are a new business settings things up. Think of someone that is overweight and out of shape. Is going to the gym once or twice going to make them thin and fit? No, they have to do it often and keep doing it consistently. Unless they use a personal trainer who knows how the body works, it will take even longer to get fit and trim.  SEO works the same way!  If you stop your SEO routine, it is the same thing as if you stop eating right or working out.  There will be no positive results! Also, if you first spend the time needed to self educate plus putting SEO into constant consistent use, it will take even longer!  Sorry, but SEO results take time; need an educated strategy, and consistent effort.

Why Does SEO Take Time?

SEO takes time to improve and maintain your present ranking position. It all depends on many variables from thousands of aspects. If all the aspects which are known to effect higher ranking positions are favorably positioned, your web page ranking will go up in the search engines. It is all up to the current (ever changing) algorithms of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. SEO is a long-term continuous technique; it is not a one-time enhanced activity and then abandoned. The search engines are constantly hungry and you have to update your website information constantly. It is just like feeding a baby; it will continue to get hungry again and again. If it doesn’t get feed, it will die. The same rule of thumb goes with to ranking your website. Unless you continue to frequently update it with fresh unique content, your rankings will fall and then die.

Which Factors Count?   8 SEO Variable Factors:

SEO Factor #1 – What Is The Age Of Your Domain Name?

Is your website new? If so, how old are the top rated websites you will be competing against? If they are older then it is probably going to take at least a year to catch up, unless your competitors are bad at marketing and backlinking. Chances are they have spent precious effort and energy placing blogs and videos on their website trying to attempt to create fresh and unique content that will help them rank. You will need a good plan, consistent proven effort, and time to catch up. One of the hardest ranking challenges are competing with sites that has been around longer and are also actively competing for ranking. However, it can be done!

SEO Factor #2 – How Often Do You Have Fresh Unique Content?

Most marketers will agree that having lots of original, top quality content is essential. The fresh unique content you put out is what will drive the hungry search engines and visitors to your website. Search engines reward sites that have new fresh content and ignore the ones with common or stale content. Check out our article, “Has Your Social Media Gone Stale?” It will explain why you need to keep feeding the search engines with constant fresh content.socialmedia Stale

SEO Factor #3 – The Quantity And Relevance Of Your Material

Search engines decide which websites are the best match to explain the keywords placed into the search engines. If your website is about plumbing, it should have articles and videos that are related to explaining plumbing. The competitor that has the best quality and freshest content is the one that Google will rank higher.

SEO Factor #4 – Backlinks Need To Be “Natural Links”

natural backlinksYou’ll need quality backlinks (links coming from websites with high rankings) to your website to demonstrate to search engines like Google that you are an authority in your niche. You may be thinking “Great! I saw an ad for 10,000 inbound links for $50 – problem solved!” Sorry, but search engines have a lot of requirements for positioning a website, and thousands of methods of keeping you from gaming the system. If your website goes from just a few links to thousands in a short time period it looks suspicious. They will assume that it is not because you have just released an incredibly popular website content that everyone discovered and linked to right away. Search engines like to see “natural links”.  If you get too many links in an extremely short time period, search engines may punish your website by dropping you down even lower in their rankings or dropping you completely out of the Google search. This means you can’t just buy high quality links and get credit with them. Also, the links should be from top high quality websites that are at least somewhat related to your niche.

SEO Factor #5- The Keywords In Question

Putting keywords in your articles helps your ranking, but watch out for keyword stuffing. (Shoving as many keywords in as possible.) The search engines are looking for keyword stuffing and if you are found doing this, they may be put your website on their black list. It may also turn off humans as your article may look spammy and difficult to read.  If it seems unnatural to place a keyword in a certain part of your article, it probably will be classified as “stuffed”.  It is best to just place keywords naturally in the title, first paragraph, meta description, H1,H2,H3 tags, title tags or image tags.

SEO Factor #6 – Your Industry And Competition

industry competitionSome industries are highly competitive and a few have little competition. If you want to win the race to the #1 ranking position for your niche, the first thing you need to do is get professional advice for a strategy.  You will need constant fresh content, taking ownership of your very own unique long-tail keywords, to focus on keywords that will drive traffic to your website, and making those keywords uniquely yours (not just on your website but in your niche). The bottom line to winning the ranking competition in a highly competitive market segment is to either out-think your competitors or spend more trying than they do. Reviews on Google Plus stressing your keywords and engaging activities with your customers are also very important.

SEO Factor #7- The Algorithm Of The Search Engines

Ask not what Google can do for you, but what you can do to make your site more attractive and appealing for Google. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are regularly changing their algorithms in an attempt to provide a better assistance for searching and more appropriate searches. SEO strategies are constantly modified. So if you are trying to use SEO for ranking, you must keep up-to-date with the constant changes.  What was popular just a few years ago is now probably banned on sites.

SEO Factor #8 – Certain Items Rank At Different Speeds

- Videos - Depending on your competition, a video can be ranked within a day to a week. This is why I personally love videos.

- Blogging - Keeping your content fresh and unique to attract websites with high ranking links to your website will makes your blogging time well worthwhile. It takes longer for a blog to be noticed and ranked than a video (a minimum of 24 hours) as it has so many variables. Using a keyword as a meta tag and creating interesting unique content which creates buzz and drives scores of new visitors will also help improve the speed.

- Local Directories - Registering in local directories usually takes between 3 and 6 months for search engines to notice.

Once your website starts to climb, your competitors will notice and begin working even harder on their own exposure. Good marketing is an art that needs commitment, practice, and time to devote to continuous analysis and learning.

Back to you…

Have you found some ways to decrease the time it takes to climb up the rankings in the search engines? If so, our readers would love to hear about it. Please comment below.

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4 SEO Strategies To Improve Ranking

in Internet Marketing Guest Posts, Search Engine Optimization by Pat Johnson Leave a comment

4 SEO Strategies To Improve Ranking

Do you feel that search engine optimization is constantly changing and hard to keep up with?

This is true in the most part, but there are certain techniques that you can implement with the future in mind. More often than not, successful search engine optimization can be achieved successfully simply by implementing strategies and knowing what to expect next. Nevertheless, keeping up-to-date with changes is important to ensure that your search engine optimization efforts are working for your business.
seo Strategies to improve

What Are The Latest Trends And Strategies Used In SEO To Improve Ranking

Strategy #1 – Backlinks

What is the most common trend in SEO? Backlinks that are from external websites. Backlinks can add value to your website as far as search engines are concerned. Links from relevant and popular sites are more beneficial for your website as anything less can potentially be picked up by search engines and become a negative.

How can you create backlinks? You can create backlinks to your website by posting guest posts on other sites, Web 2.0’s, getting your business on social media sites, and gaining visibility/shares, blogging, and more.

Strategy #2 – Social Media

Do you have a Facebook Fanpage or a Google+ Business page? Did you know that social media optimization is a fast rising importance in the world of SEO? Social media sites have become massively popular amongst web users and see millions of visitors each day. When you have a businesses page on these social media sites you are potentially gaining visibility to millions of people.

Search engines will recognize how popular your page is and you can gain links when users share your page. You have the chance to capture the attention of potential customers an engage with them at the same time. Social media should be on your agenda for Internet marketing.

Strategy #3 – Guest Blogging

How can you gain links back to your site while offering useful information and looking like the expert in your field?

Guest blogging is a great way to get traffic to your site.

What do you blog about on other sites? When you guest blog on another site it should be relevant to your website, products, or services in order for the post and the link to be effective. Gradually introducing guest posts can be beneficial and considered more natural by search engines. Natural efforts for SEO are favored by search engines and will get you in their good books.

Strategy #4 – Content

Content is a big contender in SEO. Search engines like relevant and unique content. Content should be clear and to the point; too much is not an issue for search engines, but can be for Internet users who want to find what they are looking for quickly. Updating your content on a regular basis will be appreciated by search engines and by users. Users that intend to return on a regular basis will only do so if you give them a reason to. Good, fresh content is important; the majority of search engine optimization articles you read today will explain that content is king when it comes to it.

Ensuring your best efforts doesn’t mean that you won’t be hit by search engine updates. All you really need to do is follow the rules, keep up with the trends, and make sure your search engine optimization efforts are as naturally formed as you possibly can. Social media and guest blogging can help you achieve this so consider every aspect to ensure effective Internet marketing for your website. Doing so will ensure that you see the increase in traffic, visitors, and customers, which means you will soon see an increase in profits as well.

Your Turn…

If you have found other strategies that help improve your page rank, please share them with our audience. If you have also found something that the search engines will penalize your page and decrease your page rank for, please share that with our audience also.

About Our Guest Blogger Pat Johnson:

guest blogger Pat Johnson

Pat Johnson is a freelance writer based in New York. Pat is an expert in Internet marketing and SEO. In his spare time; Pat enjoys classic computer games and swimming at the local pool with his niece.

Visit Pat’s website:

Connect with Pat on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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Guest Post: An Article On Steroids

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Guest Post: An Article On Steroids

Should you accept guest posts or write guest posts for others?

Could guest posts be your ticket to earning big traffic and monthly revenues?  Yes!  Guest blogging is a great way to help grow your business. It is a free traffic strategy or an SEO backlink strategy at most. In this post we will discuss: What guest posting is, how it works, and why you want guest posts.
article on steriods

Search engines have changed their algorithms in a manner where content on your page is important. When you write meaningful subject matter that readers find relevant enough to share with their fellow peers, you rise in the new search engine results Page (SERP). It’s all about giving value.

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posts are articles submitted by non-members of a website or blog. It is another form of article marketing. What it is, is actually going directly to important websites with higher Page Rank and placing your guest post on there. When you write for a guest post you put links that go back to your blog or website. This provides backlinks back to your website or blog.

Most blogging sites that have guest bloggers allow backlinks in the author’s bio. This ensures that this writer is real and also provides a way to pay back the guest blogger with a link or links.

You can view guest posting as article marketing on steroids!

How Does It Work And What Are The Steps Involved?

You contact the owners of blogs and websites that are within your niche. Offer them an original article full of content and value in exchange for a link back to your website or blog. Towards the end of your post, ask a specific question of the reader and encourage them to reply with their answer. Then, after the post goes live, respond to each and every comment made on your post. Often you can build real connections via the comments and with blog owners as a result of a few posts.

What To Look For When Searching For A Site To Post On:

• A blog that is in the same niche

• Industry leaders

• Make sure their blog is of great quality

• Look for a high Page Rank

• Check to see they have social share buttons

• A place at the end to put your bio

Why Put The Effort Into Guest Posting?

Guest posting is a great way to build relationships with other business and blog owners in your market. When you focus on building strong relationships and helping others grow their business, you’ll gain more than just a single backlink or blog post could get you. This is where the real leverage is at.

Why Guest Posting Is Beneficial?


1. Traffic – SEO And Link Juice

link juiceGuest posts can bring lots of direct traffic to your website or blog.Other websites within your market are going to be linking to your website, often with the anchor text of your choice! Search bots love sites that have authentic information to offer especially if they can’t find it anywhere else. One of the many criteria for search engines is the quality of links that points towards a website also know as a backlink or off page links. Why is this important to you? This is important because the more links you have from relevant websites, the greater your chance is to reach the top ten on the search results page. By guest posting on websites that are related to or are similar to your website you are increasing the level of ranking via quality backlinks.

2. Establish Authority

How does a having a well written articles full of values and tips establishes you as a leader? When you submit a post not only is it important for search bots but also humans. They will read your article when you provide solutions to their answers. They want the gossip and the juice. You will be exposed to readers of a niche category who are looking for information, solutions, and answers. They are more likely to follow you if you write quality articles, and this establishes you as an authority.

3. Building Strong Relationships

Ever been to a blog that has the most boring topic or not even good English and yet has a lot of comments? This is because they have established relationships with other bloggers and these bloggers are helping them back by commenting. So you don’t have to have the greatest content to have a lot of comments or traffic.

If you comment and tweet out their blog posts and hit the LIKE button on Facebook or +1 on Google+, they are more likely to reciprocate back to you. Guest blogging can amp up the relationship. How you may ask? If you have good relationship with your fellow bloggers and their readers then they will keep coming to your blog regularly. They may even subscribe to your email list and whenever you publish your latest blog post they will comment on it. If they share your latest blog post on their social media sites it will help bring your site more brand awareness and boost traffic. They can even refer advertisers to your site or write a blog post back for your site.

4. Branding

Guest posting is a great way to get your blog or business out there to let people know that you exist and for them to find you. How will people know your website exists if you don’t plant seeds? Every time you write a guest post for another site it plants a seed so, people know you exist. This gets your ideas out there and this is a great way to share it with readers who are interested in your article. Writing about your niche helps to establish your brand. Look for blogs and website that allow their guest posters to have the author’s picture in their bio. The St. Paul Marketing Team believes in branding and at the end of all our guest posts we also allow the links and social sites to help brand the author’s website or blog.

Why Would You Want Guest Bloggers On Your Site?

So it might sound scary to have guest bloggers, but look at all the benefits:

• Links to your site.

• It drives their fans and readers to your site.

• It is a cost free article.

• It gives you a break from having to write an article.

• It increases your relationship with the guest blogger.

• It provides fresh content with a new style.

• The author is likely to share it on social sites.

Guest blogging is definitely is a great way to grow your business online, not only from a purely traffic and conversion perspective, but also from a long term partnership perspective. The more successful the website is, the more traffic you will be able to generate to your own website, but this in turn requires you to provide very high quality articles in order to succeed.

Back To You….

If you have had interesting experiences with guest blogging which has increased your exposure or have been a guest blogger that gained exposure, we would like to share your experience with our audience. Please comment below.

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SEO: 5 Questions You May Not Think To Ask

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SEO: 5 Questions You May Not Think To Ask

What is the most important factor to determine the success of a SEO campaign?

There are many factors in determining the success of a SEO campaign, but the most important factor is before starting the project to have an open conversation between the client and the SEO Solutions Company or specialist. This not only clears any doubts, but it also helps in the designing of better and more efficient solutions for the SEO project. Here is a list of five questions for both the client and the specialist to ask each other. You may not have thought of asking, but will be much better in every aspect if you ask.
SEO questions

5 Questions To Ask The SEO client:

Question 1: What is the niche or the target audience for the site?

Reason:  With the niche or the target audience known it becomes easier to develop the content. The unique interests, search patterns, and preferences of each niche audience helps to develop a more focused content that can be used more effectively for SEO purpose. Knowing the market of the target audience, helps in setting up more specific marketing goals.

Also understand what their brand message is and how they want their presence known on the Internet. This will also help you design marketing collaterals and other plans in a much more focused way.

Question 2: Which target market and markets do they intend to explore in terms of location or geography?

Reason: If a company is looking for global exposure their case will be different from a company looking for a specific country or location for business expansion. Asking about the preferred market or location will help determine specific SEO that will drive relevant traffic to the website.

Also asking about the preferred local search engine will help you do more focused SEO.

Question 3: Who are their top competitors?

Reason: Asking about their competitors and going through their competitors websites will help you understand a few factors necessary for better SEO. It will help you to identify the unique aspects of the competitors that draw traffic and better rankings. It will also help you identify their competitor’s weakness and client’s strength. This can be used to determine the right content. Look for certain features on their competitors sites that the clients would like to also use in their site and find the competitors flaws that you can use as a competitive advantage.

Question 4: What is the final goal of the site?

Reason: Knowing the final objective of the website determines which methods or ways to boost traffic and achieve the right results. This will also determine the correct performance indicators to explain the success or failure of the SEO campaign.

Question 5: Have there been previous SEO attempts?

Reason: This question will determine where you will need to start. This includes information regarding previous keywords used and to new keywords to target.  Knowing the webmaster control functions of the webpage will give you the keys to optimizing the site.

5 Questions To Ask The SEO Specialist:

Question 1: Can you rank my site to rank number 1 quickly?

If they answer “YES” – avoid this company!  SEO is a long drawn out and tedious process that needs to be given time for you to rank higher. Saying yes means they are either bluffing or using Black-hat SEO practices (using non approved practices which can get your site banned). Check out this related article, “Can SEO Gaurantee My Business Will GEt Top Rankings In The Search Engine Results”.

Question 2: Can you show some testimonials?

Testimonials from precious clients will help you understand a company’s or specialist’s potential. In case there is no testimonials available, try to get a client list to determine some feedback about them.

Question 3: Does SEO really work these days?

This will give you insights about SEO and how they tackle the new algorithms of search engines. They might show you some samples to prove their point.

Question 4: Should you use SEO software?

Good SEO companies will help you understand why it is useless to use any type of SEO software.

Question 5: Have any of your sites been blacklisted?

The answer will tell if the company is honest with its clients and uses only white-hat approved SEO trade practices.

Back To You:

Whether you are the client or the SEO specialist, it is always best to communicate. The more you ask questions and clear away the confusions, the better it will be for making the picture clear. Don’t feel shy, go ahead and ask the question that is on your mind that will always yield better results.

If you have had good or bad experiences due to communications prior to starting an SEO project, please share these experiences with us below.

About Our Guest Blogger Diana Maria:

Guest Blogger Diana Maria

Diana is a writer/blogger by profession. She loves writing, traveling, and reading books. She contributes for World Financial Group.

Visit Diana’s website:

Connect with Diana on Facebook, Twitter, and business Twitter World Financial Group

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How To Use SEO Keywords

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How To Use SEO Keywords

What does it mean to use keywords for SEO?

When optimizing your site the first thing you need to think about is “what are the keywords for which I want to be found?” Choosing the best keywords can help you generate more traffic.

Books, blogs, research papers and custom essays are written about it but we decided to make a short but informative review on this topic.

You need to create web pages optimized for each keyword so that those pages appear first in the search engine results, and to provide information that the visitor requires. If you bring visitors to your site, but you do not give them what they want, they will go away. It wastes your time and theirs.

how to use seo keywords

When Google Likes Keywords

Google favors sites that have the exact keywords in their title tag, description tags, and finally in the body of the text, so this is how you have to use your SEO keywords. This classification is used to prevent pages being ranked in the top results only because the search terms are present, perhaps once, somewhere hidden in the page.

This would be unfair on the user and the other websites. This is why Google likes your keywords to be spread around your description tag (Meta tag), title tag, and web content (body of the text). The logic is that if someone searches for “Was George Bush Jr. just an April Fool’s joke that went too far”, the information that the user finds, will most likely be a site that deals with this argument, and not an unrelated site because some fool sneaked 10 keywords into the webpage’s background colors.

Where The Keywords Should Be?

Someone who has been ranked highly for a keyword on his or her page without the word being in the title tag or description may have not deliberately tried to be positioned for that word. This happens sometimes when Google thinks that the site answers the users search term adequately.

Although this is nice of them, you should remember that if you properly position your SEO keyword in the right place, you wil be able to knock them off the top spot in no time.

keywords and quotesSearch for your keyword by placing your keyword in quotation marks, this search shows sites that have the exact phrase in their popular tags. These pages are your real SEO keyword competitors. In your search engine results, you will see how many pages are displayed for that keyword.

Everybody agrees on the fact that keywords with less than 20,000 pages are easy to beat with little work, if it is over 100,000 you really need to apply yourself to get to the first page.

Search Volume Of The Keywords

Search for and use keywords with a low search volume and low competition, but you should also remember to make a compromise between research and competition, it is useless to play for an easy word that is searched for twice day, when with a little more work you can play for a word with 30 searches per day. In other words, getting to the top spot with a keyword that has little competition is easy, but if the keyword is rarely searched for then what is the point?

About SEO-Quake

SEO QuakeOnce you have chosen your keywords that meet these criteria, you should check again the competition for the first page, but this time you should use a Firefox browser. You should also download the plug-in SEO-Quake here.

To install the plug-in simply download it and click on it (virus check it first). Follow any instructions it gives. The installer starts, click “Add to Firefox”, then click on “install now” and at the end, restart Firefox.

When the icon in the bottom right of your browser is green and orange, (not gray) it is active; you just have to click with the left button to turn it off during normal navigation. The default setting is “on request”, that means it collects data only when you ask.

If it is always active – you may be banned from some sites for abuse (your IP address blocked) because the plug-in does a lot of queries to collect the data and many servers and search engines do not like too many questions (translation – they don’t want you mining too much information).

With this plug-in you will have lots of information about all the sites you visit. It will help you to create your own custom SEO keyword strategy. You will be able to better judge the impact of where you put your keywords and how you use them. The bar at the top of the page can help you in ascending or descending all of sites based on retrieved data (e.g. PageRank best to worst).

What tips have you experienced bloggers have on keywords? Share with us your tips and thoughts below.

About Our Guest Blogger Sonia Jackson:

guest blogger Sonia Jackson

My name is Sonia Jackson. I represent the web-site We’ll help you to solve all problems with writing different essays and research papers in a short time; we’ll answer all your questions and give you useful advices.

Visit Sonias’s websites: and

Connect with Sonia on Facebook and Google+

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How Can Blogging Help Your Local Business?

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How Can Blogging Help Your Local Business?

Are you a local business owner that is looking for new strategies to get more customers?

If you have a website for your company, the next step to enhance your website and get traffic to it is to establish a blog. What can a blog do? In this article we will discuss how a blog can raise your company’s brand, get more traffic to your site, and make your business look like the credible source. If you want a result that can translate into more money and customers then blogging would be beneficial for your business.
blogging your local business

Blogging Reason #1 – Improved SEO Rank

Do you want more traffic to your site? Do you want more leads? By having rich content on your blog with relevant keywords that people are searching for, it will get more comments, attention, likes, shares, etc. If you had many articles that provided fresh unique content, your blog will rank on page 1 in the search engines. Blogging is a natural way to optimize your site for search engines to get your business found! Your articles could rank for various combinations and get free traffic.  Each new blog post you publish creates another way for prospects to find you. If you were Google looking at dozens of small static websites a thriving blog found on one site could be a huge quality signal, boosting that business blog to the top of the SERPs for many of their primary keywords. The higher your blog appears on the search engines results, the more people will visit your blog.  Which means, more exposure for your business. By adding local keywords you can also target your audience to where you live. By having a blog they are more likely to find you. If you’re blogging on a regular basis, there’s a good chance that Google will rank you higher in the search results. If they can’t find you online, they probably won’t buy from you.

Blogging Reason #2 – Increased Credibility & Authority

Do you want to establish your business as a credible source for a subject matter and the top source for your niche? If your articles are answering the solutions to all the problems they are searching for and your competitors are not, you will look like the credible source. When you have a great looking site that has quality content it adds to the favorable impression (“Yes, we’re the best business for …”). It makes them want to stay on the site and read more. By having a blog they are more likely to find you. When you blog, you create new content pages that will show Google you have “fresh” articles and this will also help increase your authority with them.

Blogging Reason #3 – Builds Social Presence

Social Media PresenceDo you want your business to be found on other social media sites?  People are finding businesses on social media sites. In today’s social media world, engagement with your customers is expected and having a blog is essential to market your business.  When you blog you add the ability for people to comment, share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and more. This is working smarter not harder as your fans are helping you to market. We are in the era where recommendations from friends are valued highly. The more people that share your blogs, the more your business is being promoted. When they share your posts, those links can turn visits into leads.

Blogging Reason #4 – Build Trust

Do you want people to know, like, and trust your company? Having a blog can answer questions and be solutions to what they are searching for. What happens when a prospect visits your static website? What is there to set you apart or convince a prospect? If it doesn’t standout they will yawn, get bored, and leave your site. When you add a blog on your site, they will discover a wealth of information.

Your blog should have articles with content that solve real problems. They will gain a better understanding of what you are about and what you do. When you educate people they get to know and like you.  This makes your business more credible and they begin to trust you. They can post comments and immediately engage with you. No more yawns, instead they will be more willing to contact you for help over another competitor.

Blogging Reason #5 – Branding

Do you want more control of your business brand? A business blog can allow you to dictate an image to potential customers. Blogging lets people learn more about you and how you can help others. When you write about what you know, what you are good at, etc. this is great for branding.

The best business blogs add value through fresh content before they begin to sell to their readers. They build a community and educate their readers about their market. The more they feel that they know, like, and trust you, they more they will buy from you.

If you have a business website that is missing a blog, you are also missing out on traffic, rankings, engaging with visitors, and more. Blogging is an essential part of your marketing campaign. Don’t skimp out where it counts! Start blogging today and show that you are the expert in your field.

Do you have a business blog that helped expand your business? If so, we would love to hear about it!  Comment below and share with other business owners what your business blog did for your business.

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