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5 Simple SEO Tips To Optimize Your Website

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5 Simple SEO Tips To Optimize Your Website

How do you beat your competition, increase your visibility, and get traffic to your site?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique used by webmasters to rank their sites/blogs higher in search engine rankings.  If you have enough money to hire a SEO company or SEO expert for optimizing your blog/sites then do so. However if you don’t have the extra money to spend on hiring a SEO expert then there is no need to worry because you can optimize your website/ blog by yourself. SEO is a process involving experimenting and learning. What do you need to do to get started? Below are 5 simple SEO tip to optimize your website:
5 simple seo tips

SEO Tip #1 - Site Map Submission:

Do you want the search engines to find your site and index it? A sitemap is a list of accessible pages of a websites or a blog. Sitemaps provide page rank and link popularity to all the pages linked inside your site. It can help with the usability and site navigation.

There are two kinds of sitemaps: HTML sitemap and XML. XML sitemaps are treated well by the search engines. Sitemap submission is the first thing to be done when you want to optimize your site for the search engines. You should also submit your site map to the Google webmaster tool and Bing webmaster tool.

SEO Tip #2 - Title Tags:

Does your site need a higher ranking? Title tags are an important aspect when it comes to optimizing your site for search engines. With well-optimized title tags, almost any site has a chance to improve their ranking.  With just a few small changes and you could rank for some very competitive phrases within a few weeks! Title tags are often missed as many web designers don’t seem to bother with them. It is worth spending a bit of time going through your own website to check to see if all your title tags are relevant and unique for your webpage.

Don’t be lazy and just put anything for the title as it needs to be unique. Title tags give a good indication about the content of your web page. Title tags should have less than 70 characters (counting all spaces) as search engines only show 70 characters in search results. Use of relevant keywords in a title tag is always suggested. Do not use the same title tag on more than one of your pages.

SEO Tip #3 - Meta Tags:

Do all of your pages describe what differentiates your web page from the competition? Meta tags (Meta keywords and Meta description) are used to describe the content of a web page.  Meta tags are divided into Meta Keyword and Meta Tag.  Meta keyword tags are not as important as they use to be, but the Meta description tag is still useful. A Meta description should be between 50 to 160 characters (including spaces). It should include your web page’s primary as well as secondary keywords. You should use keywords in a concise manner so the description doesn’t look like spam. Each page needs a unique description because every page is different.

SEO Tip #4 - Fresh And Original Content:

Do you want to be the authority of your niche? Does your site provide solutions, tips, and advice that no one else offers? Do you have a blog? There is no doubt that content is king and I believe it will be king always. To obtain better rankings in the search engines, write fresh and original content for your site or blog. Never copy content from others because this may lead to the removal of your site from search engine results. Update your blog/site at regular intervals with fresh and original content. Your articles should be fresh, unique, and useful to your readers.  The more fresh content you post the better rankings in the search engine and the more you will attract people.

SEO Tip #5 - Backlinks:

Backlinks are the incoming links to a website or a webpage. Backlinks are considered the back bone of SEO. What matters most for backlinks is the quality of the link, not the quantity. The more qualitative and authoritative backlinks you have, the more value is given to your website or web page by the search engines.

Above are 5 simple SEO tips to optimize your website. There is no greater investment than SEO.  What SEO benefits have you found? What other SEO tips besides the 5 listed above do you feel are important?  Feel free to share your views about this post.

About Our Guest Blogger Ashish Kamble:

guesst blogger Ashish Kamble

Ashish Kamble is the head of Operations and SEO at Parigh Technologies, an excellent provider of good SEO services. 

Visit his website:

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8 Tips To Keep Your Bounce Rate Low

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8 Tips To Keep Your Bounce Rate Low

Do You Want Visitors Who Land On Your Site Drawn To Exploring More Pages?

Do you want first time visitors to stay on your blog? We are in the era where blogging is popular and increasing. The free blogging services have created a commotion in the Internet world. As competition has increased it is getting more difficult to keep your blog alive, attracting traffic, and keeping fans. The rule applies if you give your readers something unique you will be rewarded. In this post I will discuss 8 tips on how to keep your bounce rate low.
bounce rate low

What Is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is the percentage of those who leave your site after being on your landing page. You can calculate your bounce rate by using the following equation below.

Visits that left after one page / Total visits = Bounce rate

Bounce rate between 40-50% is considered as average. The lower the bounce rate on your site the better. You want the visitors on your site to be attracted to other content throughout your site so they will go to additional pages. The goal is to keep them on your site as long as possible.

How Do You Keep Your Bounce Rate Low? Here are the 8 tips:

1. Minimize your site loading time.

2. Proper ad-placement.

3. Quality content.

4. Less outgoing links.

5. Attractive landing page.

6. Easy site navigation.

7. Links with in posts.

8. Recommended for you.

Bounce Rate Tip #1 – Minimize Site Loading time

Try to minimize your site loading time because a visitor will not have patience to wait for a page to open. When they see that page is unresponsive they will leave. So use your tools effectively and minimize the load time.
loading time

Bounce Rate Tip #2 – Proper Ad-Placement

Place your ads at proper places. Especially the pop-up and inter-mission ads are very annoying for the visitors. Use good ad-publishing services and avoid pop-ups and link shortening services. Moreover do not add floating opt-in box because it slows down your web loading process and is annoying.

Bounce Rate Tip #3 – Quality Content

Content is kingCreating quality content is the most common blogging issue. Why would someone stay on your page if they don’t care for it? If it doesn’t hold their interest, or they cant find what they are looking for they will leave. So write unique quality content with attractive titles that compel viewers to read more.

Bounce Rate Tip #4 – Less Outgoing Links

Try to use less outgoing links especially on landing page because too many outgoing links will surely take your traffic away. Make sure that all the out going links open in a new tab or window.

Bounce Rate Tip #5 – Attractive Landing Page 

Your homepage should act as a landing page. If you are getting most of your traffic from search engines, then you should make every page just as attractive as the home page. This will make the visitors feel this blog or website is worth reading.

Bounce Rate Tip #6 – Easy Site Navigation

Your site needs to be properly customized and easily navigatable so that visitors can see what you have on your blog and what catches their interest. Display and organize proper tags and categories.

Bounce Rate Tip #7 – Links With In Posts

Personally I love this tip because it is very effective. When you make a blog post have other related articles linked within. Here are 2 examples:

1. In the beginning of this article I wrote, “What is bounce rate?” I could have written. CLICK HERE to read my post, “What is bounce rate?”.

2. I could have the words, “What is bounce rate?” highlighted so when they click on it will go to the article about “What is bounce rate?”. If you scroll up on this article to Bounce Rate Tip #3 you will notice underneath that in the first sentence the words, “Creating quality content” is highlighted and if you click on the link it will take you to a page about this. This is a link within a post.

Bounce Rate Tip #8 Recommended For You

facebook recommendation boxLast but not the least show readers other recommendations they might enjoy. It is an effective strategy to show related posts with thumbnails at the end of an article. You can do this with a Facebook Plugin showing posts recommended for you. The recommendation box will display other related topics.

Last Word

Follow these above 8 tips and see the results. What have you noticed about bounce rates? Feel free to share your views about this post.

About Our Guest Blogger Bilal Akbar:

guest blogger Bilal Akbar

Bilal Akbar is currently doing B.S in Computer Science. Blogging is my hobby and I love to spend my time updating my blog. Besides this I have great passion for reading Urdu and English Fiction novels. The topics that most attract me are blogging, technology and computer gadgets. More over I love to play computer games.

Connect with Bilal on Facebook

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5 Step Process Of Developing Impressive Content Strategy For An Unknown Business Niche!

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5 Step Process Of Developing Impressive Content Strategy For An Unknown Business Niche!

SEO companies and content writers generally come across a common problem of developing a content strategy for a unfamiliar field. For instance, if a client who deals in health supplements comes to an SEO company that does not have any experience of health supplements, it is difficult for the company to develop a strategy for its promotion through content development and link services.
content strategy

However there is plethora of information available on the web, it is still tough to come up with the best content developing strategy. These five steps will help you in developing content strategy for businesses unfamiliar to you.

Educate Yourself About The Product And The Company

Ask for information from the client or search on the Internet but make sure that you have in depth knowledge of the product and the company alike. It becomes easier when you target the right kind of questions. For instance, it would be of little use to ask whether the company owner uses the health supplement herself or asking how much money the company makes on the sale of one packet of X protein. Rather go for questions like what is the unique value proposition of the company.

Study The Niche Market

You cannot do much if you do not know about the trends in ‘health supplements’. Do not study just the client; equally essential is to know the competitor in and out. Study their promotional campaigns, links, content, blog, and everything that you can. Now, try to draw inferences from it. It helps to know what is working for them and if there is any loophole then you can utilize that for betterment of your product. It will also pour light on the key phrases that are popular.

Study Your Readers And Target Groups

You cannot do much if you do not know about the trends in ‘health supplements’. Do not study just the client; equally essential is to know the competitor in and out. Study their promotional campaigns, links, content, blog, and everything that you can. Now, try to draw inferences from it. It helps to know what is working for them and if there is any loophole then you can utilize that for betterment of your product. It will also pour light on the key phrases that are popular.

Study Your Readers And Target Groups

Analyze the product and the target group. Then try to find out what best appeals to them and what they solutions they are seeking. For instance if the health supplement company offers muscle building supplements then you should target gym rats who are dedicated to muscle building. This is very essential step as you decide what is going to attract the target group to the maximum potential.

Develop Quality Content

Now that you have identified your readers, the subject that will appeal to them, and all facts about the market and the company, strive hard to produce the best content. Try to make it informative and helpful to the readers and they will be attracted to you.

Analyze The Results And Take Relevant Actions

Analyze the results and the changes in them with every action that you take. Improve your strategy and fine tune your promotional campaign with every little lesson that you learn every day. Modify it unless you have reached you goal. You can then increase the visibility of the page by linking it with some good websites like St. Paul Marketing Team.

There are many companies which offer content development for any business you name, but there are only few who can give excellent results in every field. It is essential to know everything before devising a final draft for content strategy for an unknown field.

About Our Guest Blogger Abella Smith:

guest blogger Abella Smith

Along with a keen eye on latest updates and technique, Abella loves to write on number of wide ranging topics. Whether it is a quick tip or a complete guide, you will get quality reading on Abella’s website Go through her posts and remain updated on several fronts.

Visit Nadine’s websites:

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5 Great SEO Tips That Will Rapidly Boost Your Ecommerce Sites

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5 Great SEO Tips That Will Rapidly Boost Your Ecommerce Sites

Are You Linked To The Internet World Such As Articles, Blogging, Etc.?

Then you are likely to have come across our dear friend “SEO”! Well, Search Engine Optimization is something, that pretty much everyone is going crazy about. Those who work in the corporate world, educational sector, social work sphere, or people who do blogging for fun only; all must battle with the search engine optimization!

5 great seo tips

What Is SEO Or Search Engine Optimization?

Well, I like to go by the literal translation of the term: Search Engine Optimization refers to strategies that are applied to optimize a web-page for search engines, so the search spiders would pick them up more often. When you optimize your website or a page with SEO techniques, you are actually increasing the likelihood of attracting the search spiders to crawl more often at your page. After all how can you sell anything off your website if customers can’t find you? The more traffic you get to your website the more chances are the customers will buy.

What Are The Top SEO Tips That Can Boost Your Website?

Well this article explores the top five SEO tips that may come handy for those, who are running an e-commerce website. However, others may also apply most of these tips (with a bit of modification wherever and, if, necessary). Now, without further ado, let’s talk about the top 5 tips for SEO work:

SEO Tip #1- Update Title Pages Dynamically

Using the right keyword in Title tag may bring a huge difference in the search engine rankings for your website or page. For instance, if your website has title tags that look something like this: Europe Marketing, Europe Website Designing, Europe SEO Consultation, and your website is not getting a good ranking, you need some alterations. You may change the tag sequence to something like this: Europe Marketing, Europe SEO Consultation. Try building a script, so you have the exact log of the hits that a particular keyword brings to your website.

SEO Tip #2- Make Use Of The Active Window

Most users would not pay much attention to the navigational section of your website. A lot of people desire to find their answers at the content section of your website or the active window of your web-page. So, try inserting links within the content. Avoid leaving links at the footer because, it gets least attention (if any at all). A user is more likely to click on a link that is within the content they are reading than the sidebar, header, or footer.

SEO Tip #3- Link Up The Products Page Directly From The Home Page

Are your product pages deep within your link structure? This is a common theme made by many ecommerce sites that are not ranking. It is more beneficial to place a link near your home page. The more distance you bring in between a web-page and the home-page, the least domain authority it will receive. Make sure that you practice ‘deep linking’ strategies, so your products page links directly to your website home page. You can also add related posts in your blog articles and link them with anchor text. Instead of saying “click here” use keywords in the article that will link to other posts you have. This will make it easier for customers to find your products and for search engines.

SEO Tip #4- Get User Reviews And Guarantees For Your E-Commerce Website

This is a hard task, however, once accomplished it can mean the difference in enhancing the reputation of your website. Content by users, such as, testimonials, product reviews, comments etc., matter a lot. Get genuine testimonials of satisfied customers. You can place a picture of them or a video to show that they are real people. It is more believable to have a video or pictures otherwise people may think you are making it up. Have you ever been to a website that says Jennifer M. from Minnesota likes this? Well who is this Jennifer? It sounds made up and not authentic.

SEO Tip #5- Make Sections And Link Them Up

Try making several sections or categories in your products page and then link them all together, somehow. This strategy is useful in passing Page Ranking to most of your web-pages.

By following the above mentioned 5 SEO tips, your website would surely increase on its ratings in the search engines.

Do you have other tips or ideas that will rapidly boost your ecommerce sites? Do you have any suggestions that worked for you? Leave a comment below and share them with other readers.

About Our Guest Blogger Nadine Myrick:

Guest Blogger Nadine Myrick

I am Nadine Myrick from Pass Certification; it gives 100% guaranteed success in your IT Certification Preparation exam. Let’s take benenfit of CCDA Certification Preparation Exams material efficiently and get guaranteed success. Check out free demo of all certifications Exam. 

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4 Vital Ways To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

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4 Vital Ways To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Why Do You Need To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings?

The Internet has apparently become the biggest database of all. Now data whether it is articles, songs, and movies are being added to the digital database at an extremely faster rate. It is tough to compete in the indexing and ranking of this digital information. As we all know people won’t look further than first two pages for a particular keyword, so it’s only plausible to improve your search engine ranking.

improve search engine rankings

What Are The 4 Ways To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings?

We have taken the liberty to outline 4 methods to boost up your search engine rankings. Just follow our lead one by one as we take you through a recipe for success. By following our lead you can achieve measurable results and considerable success.

1.    Advertising

The search engines operate on a principle that is same to the advertising based model. Produce great content for the audience and sell that demographic to the advertising website. By clicking the “submit URL link” you can submit links to multiple search engines and social bookmarking sites. It is a very simple process and time consuming too. To do that easily you have the availability of websites that would do the exact same task for you for instance and Some of these websites are providing this service for free while others are charging a fee for it. Some reaps the advertising revenue. But you are only concerned with advertising on the top ten search engines. The others are not your concern.

2.    Paid Submission Services

The smaller companies may be hesitant to use the paid submission services but it will only work in their favor. It is important to be aware of the current trends prevailing in the market and updating your search engine requirements according to it. The consumers remain happy with the results obtained and so do you. It gives the company a competitive edge over their counterparts. With paid submission, you can get your page indexed more quickly. This method is effective and fast. Everything comes at a price is the moral here.

3.    The Spider’s Intricate Web

What are spiders? These are search engine programs that crawl all through the worldwide web and document data. Spider will record particular specific words and determine its page rank and index it. It’s a complicated procedure. For example if one word is used five times in a website, whereas it is used eleven times on another website then the second website will have a higher page rank. Spider is a very complex program and does thorough and extensive work. Some expert tricksters use keywords extensively on the white background to increase page rank. Spiders do take it in consideration. But you can get banned if caught. Even the images can be named as keywords to increase page rank.

4.    The Meta Tags And Its Role

There are two kinds of Meta tags.

-          Meta description tags

-          Meta keyword tags

It’s a small teaser to the website given below the title. But making tags appealing and attractive is a thing of the past.

In the late 1990’s, spiders used titles given at the front page to gain insight to the website. It can be any website. That isn’t the case any more. Website owners used Meta tags misleadingly so they decreased in popularity with passage of time and no longer play a vital role in ranking and indexing. Now backlinks have acquired more importance. Google no longer uses Meta tags for indexing.

About Our Guest Blogger Susan Hannan:

guest blogger Susan HannanI am Susan Hannan from Exams key.  Looking for Exams key exam assistance? Let’s take benefit of Exams key self-paced Cisco CCNP Certification training material and clear your IT certification on first try.

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SEO: How To Get Your Business From Invisible To Rock Star

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SEO: How To Get Your Business From Invisible To Rock Star

Have You Woken Up To The Importance Of SEO?

SEO, when combined with worthy content writing and complemented with capable marketing, can yield a successful business venture. Today, one of the simplest ways to judge the credibility of a company is by typing its name in the Google search bar and viewing the page results. If someone is searching for your business are they going to find you or your competitors?  Does your site show up on page one or are you invisible? Google is a robot and has numerous strategies on what your page is all about. Find out what people actually enter into Google when they are searching for your product or services.

invisible to rockstar

Dominating Your Niche Doesn’t Happen Overnight!

When people search, they are searching with keywords that interest them, not the name of your site. You need traffic keywords in your website and blog that will show up in the search engines so prospects can find you.

When wanting to commit to SEO, ensure that you do it the correctly. If you are not confident, get an SEO advisor (or company) that you trust. Also, go for referrals and make sure you have only ethical SEO principles added to your campaign.

SEO can be an expensive and extensive task. But when done correctly, SEO has tremendous delivery potential. If you intend to dominate your niche over your competitors for your target market, you should consider that it is not an overnight job. In fact if you do too much and too soon, you might even get your site banned.

Getting your business from invisible to the rock star of your niche is an ongoing process. Whether this may be your first encounter with SEO or you have been doing it for awhile, it takes time and effort. It is a long term strategy for online marketing and you are unlikely to see favorable outcomes quickly.

Is SEO Alone Enough To Grow Your Business?

No matter how small your effort to make an online presence, you have to start somewhere to create your niche in the World Wide Web. You should be getting marketing from a range of sources. SEO alone may not be enough to drive you to success. Indulge into other areas which can help your business grow. Think of other marketing activities that can give boost your SEO.

What Can Make Your Business Go From Invisible To Being The Rock Star Of Your Niche?

• Social Media - Popular social media sites, like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter have potential to deliver encouraging results. As these social sites  engage more and more people each passing day, they can be executed to complement SEO operations and take them to an elevated level. Google favors companies who engage more with their audience using social media as they can be the right platform when executed correctly.

• Blogging – Blogging helps drive traffic to your site and amplifies your brand. You want to answer solutions to clients so well that they will want to come back again for more information. When people search, they are searching for answers. The keywords in your articles will drive people to your site. Remember they won’t Google your company name!

• Guest Blogging - Guest blogging on other sites is a great way to get high quality links back to your site. It can expose new readerships to you and establish you as an authority of your niche.

• Interactive Branding Email Headers – With the high amount of Emails traveling to inboxes daily, make your business stand out with an attractive header. Interactive links will increase more traffic to your site, fan page, blog posts and other marketing channels you have established.

Click On The Video Below To See The 12 Reasons Why You Need SEO For Your Business:


What Is The Best SEO For Today’s World Wide Web?

The World Wide Web has constant upgrades and is ever changing. SEO is not restricted to keyword research. It is aimed at enhancing websites and generating traffic as one of the ultimate goals. On-page optimization, like title tags and copy optimization, is helpful. However, the technical SEO is the more critical part (like code). It involves elements on the page that a user can not see without looking directly at the source code.  This includes elements such as: site speed, ip detection/redirection, 301 and 302 redirects, http headers, crawler access, JavaScript, and flash. If you can master technical SEO, winning the battle is easier. Knowing both the on-page and off-page SEO can make you a sharp SEO practitioner.

Your web designer or web developer might not know much about SEO or how to rank your site well in search engines. If they have expertise in SEO, ask them to take care of all these things needed for higher rankings. If they have no clue, get an SEO advisor (or company) that is competent.

Do You Know How To Use Your SEO Tools?

You may find a lot of tools to deliver positive outcomes. You need to know how to use them correctly for best results. Link building is a practical solution in SEO. There are traditional link building ways that have a higher capacity than internal link optimization. Using directories and social media, both have the potential to give you results. You need links to use in both areas for effective results. Good site usability and worthy content (both creation and marketing) are other important considerations.

SEO has matured with time and you may need to catch up with the required skills to make your mark in the industry. The extent of expertise required may be subjective to your special needs and specific requirements. Concentrate on your target market and goals to travel smoothly in the roller-coaster ride.

Attracting traffic is all about thorough keyword research plus posting fresh interesting content answering solutions and optimizing your SEO.

What was your worst SEO mistake you made? What are some SEO tips that gave you great results?

About Our Guest Blogger Diana Maria:

Guest Blogger Diana Maria

Diana Maria is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology, health, and parenting. Beside this she is fond of games and gadgets. She also likes reading various articles on

Visit Diana’s websites: Gizmo Watch and Cellphonebeat.

Connect with her on Facebook, and Twitter.  

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4 Benefits Of Social Bookmarking Sites

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4 Benefits Of Social Bookmarking Sites

What Does Social Bookmarking Mean?

Before we discuss social bookmarking, we will discuss the more general and familiar terms “bookmarking” or “bookmarks”. If you are a serious Internet user then you know that bookmarks are an option in your Internet browser. What do you do with the bookmarks option? You can bookmark your favorite sites, sites that are beneficial for you, and sites relevant for your business. After bookmarking these sites you can open them later.

4 benefits social bookmarking

How Is Social Bookmarking Similar To Typical Bookmarking In Your Browser?

Social bookmarking sites are a place where you can save your favorite links of web pages, articles, videos, and any other kind of information that you want to share online. What makes it great is that you can go to another computer and then go online to retrieve your links, unlike if you just had it in your browser.

If you want to make money through Internet marketing then you should know how to use social bookmarking sites efficiently. These sites help you in various ways to promote your online business, brand, and website. There are number of social bookmarking sites available on the World Wide Web to help online marketers reach new readers. Some of the well-known social bookmarking sites are: Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reditt, and Pinterest.

tagging articlesThe concept of tagging and keywords comes from social bookmarking. Tagging became more popular after the launch of the site Delicious. You can use “tags” or keywords to categories your links instead of using folders. Tagging helps users search for what other users have bookmarked.


I have provided a few questions below; to answer questions related to social bookmarking:

• Do you want to be seen as a leader in your business?

• Do want to become a trusted source of information?

• Do you want to involve your customers in your co-creation?

• Do you want to become a trusted service provider in your industry?

• Do you want to grow your business as well as want to build new readers and clients?

• Do you want your business to be a well-known brand that ranks in the search engines?

Before Proceeding; Here Are 7 Steps To Help You Get Started With Social Bookmarking:

1.      Sign up on each social bookmarking site by providing your email id, password, and your website address if it is requested.

2.      Download buttons of social bookmarking sites.

3.      Create lists of your categories.

4.      Submit your URL links to the social bookmarking sites by filling out the description box, tags, and relevant keywords.

5.      Always submit quality content on these sites so that you won’t be labeled as a spammer.

6.      Make networking friends by asking other social bookmarking users to add your content in their category. Make sure the categories are the same. Add friends who have similar interests or niches. This will help you promote your lists that you bookmarked as well as your main website, and then you will be treated as an active user.

7.      Visit your top social bookmarking sites daily, which will help you to connect with more readers and bring more traffic to your site.

What Are 4 Benefits Of Social Bookmarking?

Benefit #1 – Search Engine Optimization

Social bookmarking acts as a supplement in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Social bookmarking helps you to get good Google page rank through building links and also it helps you to promote your website globally. Social bookmarking tells Google search engines that your content is good as indicated by the number of visitors that have visited your post; it totally depends on your use of keywords and fresh content. Digg, Folkd, Kwoff, and Pinterest are the major bookmarking sites where you can grab do-follow links.

Benefit #2 – Boosts Traffic To Your Website

Today there are as many websites and blogs appearing on the World Wide Web, as the same amount of visitors or readers growing. Social bookmarking sites are the best place for genuine readers, researchers, students, history writers, business owners, and more. Here they can easily find information related to their topics. What is also great is that you can add your complete website, single webpage, videos, or even your blog post.

The more active you are in social bookmarking; the more you will be considered an active user. This will help you get your website ranked to the top of the search engines. You can also encourage visitors to check your bookmarks by sending emails or you can share your bookmarks to social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter. If you have an abundance of visitors going to your site, obviously your visitors are using the sharing tools to share your bookmarking.

Benefit #3 – It Is A Useful Communication Tool

Your client may ask, “What do others say about your work?”. In this case, you can have them look at your social media reputation of your company. Give them links of your social networking and social bookmarking sites. Today social media is growing rapidly and no one can dispute the importance that social media is here to stay. People of all ages are using social media as a communication tool.

**Note: You must be an active user of social bookmarking sites and your bookmarks must have many comments to attract visitors.

Benefit #4 – Best Place For Article Marketing

Content is king for any kind of website and traffic can only be driven when your content is newsworthy, interesting and fresh. There is huge demand for content writers globally. For example a content writer who is looking for a job in article marketing can use social bookmarking by showcasing all the links of their work to show off their writing skills and talent.

For non-professional writers, when you are done with a blog post, social bookmarking sites are the next step. This increases the popularity of your articles and blog posts. If your articles become popular on social bookmarking sites you will have an increase of traffic to your site which could result in an increase of sales.

Do you use social bookmarking sites? Which sites are your favorites? Do you have any tips on social bookmarking that was not added on here?

About Our Guest Blogger Avinash Mishra:

guest blogger Avinash Mishra

Avinash Mishra, an Engineering Student and Owner of MakeMeNoise. He mainly writes about “make money online“, gadgets, blogging, SEO, Network, and Security.

He is also interested in documentary film making, painting, social work, and social media. 

You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Or send an email at

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How Link Building Is An Important Factor For SEO

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How Link Building Is An Important Factor For SEO

What Are The Main Fundamental Ingredients Of A Cost-effective And Successful Search Engine Optimization Campaign?

link building important seo

It is a mixture of techniques and skills that helps in link building. SEO link building has become one of the most significant factors in the ranking of websites online. When you add keywords with well written content you will have enhanced your website. It makes your website more accessible to search engines. Link building is another technique that helps in accomplishing good page ranking.

Why Are Backlinks An Important Role In SEO?

Link building falls under off-page optimization where you can not control the backlinks to your site. This means you don’t have control over who decides to link back to your website. Backlinks are important because Google views a website as worthwhile when others link to your site. The quantity and quality of backlinks factors are: freshness, quality of the contents of the site, and its distribution. There are numerous methods of link building that provide benefits on various terms. It is worth your time and money to start with high-value inbound links that will count more than your efforts.

What Is Link Building? How Do You Get External Links Back To Your Website? Check Out This Video Below On Link Building:


How Using Relevant Keywords Improves Your Website Visibility

Basically, link building means constructing backlinks to your site that will help your site to index better and faster with search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo. Moreover, the contents present in the link should be relevant to the topic and its associated keywords. Your website will be able to generate higher traffic with creating more backlinks. This is why it is very important for your website visibility and SEO campaign to have high quality baclinks.

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Why Is Quality Link Building More Important Than Quantity?

link buildingThe quality of the links is very imperative which refers to the websites and directories that are linking back to your website. Links submitted to popular and credible website directories give out greater rankings when compared to linking to ordinary blogs and websites. Consequently, search engine bots show links presented to related websites. The term bot is referred to as an algorithm of search engines that help to filter content and give out useful search results.

Link Building To Popular Search Engine Websites

The concept of link building is easy but the inflated difficult part is search engines do not give importance to links that have been unnaturally produced. They instead favor links acquired from well-known and quality websites (e.g. Gizmo Watch and Cellphonebeat). Search engines have the knack to recognize connecting a blog comment and a website link in any content or article.

Why Should You Keep Your Website’s Content Fresh?

It is necessary to produce quality and fresh content to gain high web traffic. Ultimately, the content you produce are read by people and they are the ones linking to you. Posting original, fresh, authoritative content on a regular basis will build your brand and site with visitors. When you answer questions it will encourage more people to come back for more fresh content and solutions. The quality of fresh and interesting content you post will encourage readers to share with others via social media, bookmarking sites, or word of mouth.

Link building is an important branch of SEO that can not be overlooked. To achieve success in SEO technique you need to stay patient, build link rights/authority, and then you can watch your website climb up to the top of the search engines with each quality link.

What other link building techniques do you use? What have you tried that works?

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The Latest Changes In SEO…

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The Latest Changes In SEO… 

As of March 2012, Google has been making some SERIOUS changes when it comes to their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) algorithm. This change actually will change everything that we know about including how sites are now ranked and what the penalties will be.

changes in seo 2012

So here’s a quick overview of what’s to come and how you can prevent being penalized for it.

Changes in SEO (Penalties):

1)   Over optimizing a site/article – meaning you tag and hyper link the keyword consistently.

E.g. Adil Amarsi is an amazing copywriter.

If the keyword was Adil Amarsi and is constantly put as a hyper link, you will be penalized.

2)   Not having any social standing – if your site doesn’t have any or very little Social Standing then you will be in trouble.

This is a bad thing, because your search ranking will be determined by how viral your content is and how much people like what you write.

3)   Not using WordPress – Yep it’s official, Google proclaimed it’s love for WordPress as their favorite site for bloggers.

By doing so it makes your sites more customizable but more so helps the site get a higher ranking for it. Not to mention the social plugins on WordPress eliminate threat number 2.

Here’s how you can help yourself and make sure you’re safe.

1)   The over optimization of the site is quite bad but there is a way to get over it. 

This method actually includes creating hyperlinks but you have to do it correctly. Going back to our earlier example with the keyword “Adil Amarsi”. The way you would structure a sentence would be like this:

Adil Amarsi is an amazing copywriter and has done so much work for x and y clients. Copywriting Clients of Adil Amarsi”

As you can see the word “Copywriting Clients” before the keyword helps Google have the search ranking by seeming a little less optimized.

2)   By going viral you will definitely have yourself a new advantage. The best thing to do is utilize YouTube, Facebook & Twitter, as well as LinkedIn to make your site very sociable.

The best way to do this is by getting social plugins but more so using call to action buttons in your post and asking your readers to share your message. This is an awesome way to get people to syndicate your content.

Another way is to start using podcasts and having them link to your site and have people share them too.

This is something you NEED to be doing; it’s no longer a matter of “Gimmicks”. Rather a new way that Google has gone ahead and changed it’s algorithm, which can make it harder for former SEO masters.

Check out more articles and Internet marketing product reviews by Adil Amarsi at his main site – located here

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Adil Amarsi is an internationally renowned copywriter and SEO expert. He has been working with some of the top experts in the fields of marketing (online and offline), dating, self-development and corporate businesses.

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Book Review: Boost Your Google Ranking – New SEO Book Uses SEO Basics to Help Website Ranking

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Book Review: Boost Your Google Ranking – New SEO Book Uses SEO Basics to Help Website Ranking

book review boost google

I just read Andre Kibbe’s “Getting to Know SEO” book and I must say, if you need to boost your website ranking this book has a lot of great advice.

Kibbe begins by defining Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the best practice for earning a high place in Google ranking and other search engines. He then covers SEO basics, such as the concept of link building. Finally, he delves into a world of SEO advanced and walks you through the mathematical processes you can use with Google analytics and Excel to optimize your keywords and overall SEO.

In one of his most important points, Kibbe addresses the world of “Search Traffic vs. Social Traffic” (p. 8).

Using Social Traffic, you must stay relevant by constantly updating your social media profiles (up to several times a day) by posting, according to Kibbe. But with “Search Traffic,” a good search engine rank will remain on page one of Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, and other search engines’ search results. That’s IF Google’s algorithm keeps identifying it as a quality page. This is a pretty good reason to take SEO seriously.

“Getting to Know SEO” covers eight important topics including: The Importance of Keywords, On-Page Optimization, and Understanding Competition.

One of the biggest things I learned for my business was the concept of building inbound – or backlinks. which are links that lead from other web pages to yours. According to Kibbe, all page one web sites have in common a number of backlinks to their pages: “The ranking of any page is primarily determined by the quantity and quality of backlinks.” (p. 53) He really hits home the importance of backlinks and for that matter, the importance of each of the eight topics he covers.

Of course no powerful SEO book would leave the reader without teaching how to get backlinks to your web pages.

Guest posting and link networks are the most effective means to build inbound links, but there’s one key tip Kibbe gives that pertains to gaining links from authority sites. (Yes, you have to buy the SEO book to find out what that key is . And no, I’ve never met Andre Kibbe and don’t know who he is, col. I just heard about this book from colleague and WordPress expert, Sue Surdam of Artizon Digital.) Those inbound links hold the most weight in the Google ranking system.

Kibbe saves the “Competition” topic for last and advises SEO enthusiasts to keep your scope narrow: create a niche; segment the universe of prospects; utilize fewer rather than more keywords to attract a very specific audience.

He lays out a whole system that finds strong long-tail keywords, analyzes the keyword competition, shows you how to navigate Google AdWords’ Keyword Tool and gives you a few good tricks of the trade for using the tool. He discusses how to determine whether your page will end on page 1 of Google using PageRank and Exact Match Domains in a sweet mathematical formula. It was amazing to learn that I could even predict “keyword potentials” in an Excel spreadsheet!

One central theme throughout the e-Book presented SEO as a fluid process.

Today’s art of getting your website ranking high may change tomorrow. And you may experience failures in your SEO endeavors if your site gets de-indexed, or you lose Google ranking from page one. Kibbe offers suggestions on how to remedy potential problems and maintain quality content on your site. In the end, he offers links to SEO sites to keep on top of this very fluid subject. I was familiar with one of them – Search Engine Land – and follow them from my Facebook biz page.

All in all a great read for rookies and seasoned SEO pros alike. Lots of great tips and perspective give it a thumbs’ up from In Touch Promotions! If you’d like to read this and more good books on SEO and related topics, I’d go to Rockable Press:

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Donna Saliter is the principal at In Touch Promotions, an email, digital, and social media marketing firm. She started the business in 2010 after spending 10 years in the nonprofit sector and 10 years working as sales and marketing manager, and later COO, of a family business. Donna has a Masters of Business Administration in e-business. She is a recipient of the 2010 SBDC Achiever’s Award and 2011 Constant Contact All Star Award.

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