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Why Are Backlinks A “Hot” Topic?

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Why Are Backlinks A “Hot” Topic?

Do You Want To Increase Traffic And Ensure High Search Engine Rankings?

After spending all your time, energy, and money getting your website just right you may think you are done. Correct? Wrong! All the time, energy, and money developing your site has been wasted unless people “Visit and See” your site! So for your website to be worthwhile you need to find ways for your site to be found by others. This is when link building will become your next goal to gain visibility and traffic.

Why Are Backlinks Hot Topic

In this post you will learn what a backlink is, why you need them, how to beat your competitors, how to speed up the search engine recognition of them, and the end result of having them.     

What Is A Backlink?

If you found this article chances are you followed a link and clicked on it.

You may have seen it on a social media site, a forum, or you could have searched for it on Google, or found it by another search engine, and then followed the link to this page. A backlink is a clickable text that is linked to another webpage. When you click on the link it takes you to another page. They are called backlinks since the link points back to an article, website, or blog.

Each backlink that points back to your website is viewed in Google’s eyes as a vote of confidence and relevance. Google, Yahoo, and Bing give votes of relevance to your website when the websites that link to your website has a high rating, quality of links, relevant content, keywords, and anchor text.


What Are The Benefits Of Backlinks?

Why do you need backlinks?  

Backlinks are like roads or driveways that lead to your website. If you had a bright neon sign in the middle of the dessert it would be seen by only a few people.  The same sign in the middle of a city would be noticed by many. Think of your website as being located in the middle of the dessert. How will people find you without roads? Links are the streets and highways connecting the pages. No one will know if your website exists nor be able to find you without knowing about it. Chances are if you don’t do anything to get people to notice your website, the only person that is going to see it is you. You need to advertise your site! It is like setting up a new McDonalds in the middle of the ocean. Each backlink is a boat to take customers to your  business. Therefore, if want to increase the quality of traffic to your site and have others know about it, then you are going to need a lot of roads ( backlinks) for people to get to your website. You can’t just put up a website and expect people to find it or get traffic.  You need to point the way to your website. You need an abundant amount of links!  Think of each blade of grass that is needed to make a lawn as compared to one lonely blade of grass that will be overlooked.

Why Does One Website Get Ranked Above Others On Google?

If you want to beat your competitors you need to be listed ahead of them.

If they have 5,000 backlinks and you only have 10, then you have a lot of work to do! Google values popularity and will show the website that has the most links because they classify it as more relevant.  However, it is not just the number of links; they need to be from higher ranking websites.

The page that appears after what you have typed into a search engine query box is the SERPs or Search Engine Results Page. Google gathers information with bots and spiders that scans millions of web pages and then it indexes them on SERPs.  The bots look at what a web page is all about (content and keywords), who is linking to them, and where the links go.

When that bots come across your webpage what will they find? Will your site look like a small town or a giant city? If it finds only one road (link), Google will think that this site is not very important. On the other hand if it finds a lot of sites linking to it, Google will view your site as important. Google will place the site that looks like the giant city on top of Serps where as the one that has one link might not even be listed or on the last page. Depending on your content, just a few links will boost it up enough to be put on display. The number of links is an important factor in getting ranked by Google.

Click On The Video Below To See What A Quality Backlink Is:


How Long Will It Take Before You See The Benefits Of A Backlink?

Don’t expect instant results.  

Most search engines do not fully reveal all the backlinks they have indexed for a particular website. Also, your backlinks won’t all show up on programs that track the backlinks.  Search engines classify the content on a site to determine the quality of the link. Those that it classifies as lower quality backlinks (links to sites Google classifies as lower in ranking) will take longer to be indexed since a low quality website is not crawled as often as a high one.  Google crawls popular authority sites more often. If you post them on higher quality ranking websites, you could produce some results in a matter of a few hours. If you post them on lower quality, lower Page Rank, lower traffic sites, it will take much longer to achieve. Placing your backlink on social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Delicious, Readdit, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest will get you listed in a couple of hours, as most of them have a higher Page Rank which makes them “hot”.

The choice of keywords you want to go after is ABSOLUTELY critical. Going after the wrong keywords can cost you a lot of time, money, energy, and will slow down your results. Do this BEFORE you do anything else. Work on developing a list of keyword phrases you want to go after. Find out how competitive they are. Do the on page SEO and make sure the keywords on your page are readable by humans but enough so the bots can find the keywords in your content.  As Google gradually locates all of your links, it will update them. Google can’t find all these links by just crawling your site; you must wait till the links on the other sites pointing to yours are found.


What Are The “Hot” Rewards Of Backlinks?

Making your website “hot” is where all the worthwhile rewards of building links are found!

Instead of hunting clients, you become the hunted through your website! Clients will find the hot bridges that bring them to you in a constant stable flow of hot traffic.  Building a real business that is rated “hot” by the search engines is found by earning a real profit that stands the test of time, is the end goal. The profit and the stability of your business is elevated when you stay at the top of the search engines as “hot” and is spelled m-o-n-e-y.

Now, It’s Your Turn…

Do you have any tips to personally add about link building or backlinks? Do you have a list of favorite social bookmarking sites or other places to place backlinks that you use to rank fast?  If so, please comment below to share with others.

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4 Local SEO Musts For Small Businesses

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4 Local SEO Musts For Small Businesses

Have You Ever Thought How Your Local Business Can Benefit From Local SEO?

Do you need more traffic to your site and more customers? Local SEO is a must for local business traffic! This is how to reach local customers and get traffic to your site. In this post we are going to show you 4 local SEO musts needed to generate traffic to your local business. Getting more traffic to your website is something you shouldn’t pass up. You shouldn’t have to feel being taken advantage of by your designer and local SEO company. Having a basic understanding of what you actually need is critical.  Local SEO means strategies to target your name, site and business to make it visible to people who are interested in your business-those that are physically near it. Look over this checklist and make sure you are not missing out!

4 local SEO Musts

1. Is Your Online Presence And Brand Appealing?

Are you still advertising your business like it’s 1980? Make sure your brand is up-to-date.

What does your logo say about your company? An effective logo can make a good impression, attract new customers, and stand out from your competitors. If you have a generic logo, you will NOT stand out from your competition, you need to update!

Is your website designed effectively? The first time someone goes to your site they will decide instantly whether or not to explore it. Make sure it is easy to navigate as an effective site will also capture leads.

Are you using videos to brand your local business? If not you are missing out on search visibility, ranking, adding value, and traffic.

2. On Page SEO Basics – Can Search Engines Find You?

Use on page SEO to make sure your website is as search engine friendly as you can get. If it is not optimized, chances are it wont be indexed in the search engines.

Page coding is the HTML tags on your site. They need to be optimized: title tags, meta tags, alt tags, xml sitemap, and robots.txt instructions, etc. Tailor tags for your niche so people can find your local business. For example, “Woodbury Dentist” or “Plumber in Oakdale, Minnesota”.

Does your website have a blog? Set up a blog on your site (www.your Page content is king and is what search engines look for. The content of a page is what makes it worthy of a search result position. Blogs will create your website traffic from search engines.

Make sure your address is on your website. You should have it on every page: on the bottom footer, on your contact page, or the about page. This reinforces your location so search engines can list you by your location.

Click On The Video Below To See Why Your Local Business Needs Local SEO:

3. Off Page SEO Factors – What Is Linking To Your Site? 

After you site is optimized the next step is off page SEO to let the search engines know that you exist. Submit your site to the three major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Is your business listed in local online directories? Prospects are moving away from using yellow pages and instead are using their computer and cell phone to find a local business. Do research for the region you are focused on and find the most popular portals for that region. Submit your website to major portals such as Yelp, CitySearch, Foursquare, YP, Dmoz, Angies List, Dex Knows, Insider Pages, Yellowbot, and Merchant Circle.

Is your business utilizing Social Media? Social Media increases traffic to your site, brings brand awareness, and adds backlinks to your site.

Get more backlinks. Google looks at the quality of backlinks to your site from other related websites on the Internet. Each link is viewed as a vote of confidence. Make sure to get local links from all the local associations and clubs you belong to (Chamber of Commerce, networking groups, E.G, trade associations, etc).

4. Is Your Site Growing? – Don’t Abandon It

Is your site updated on a regular basis? Google looks at how often you add and update new content. Add new blog entries and update old ones to refresh their content.

Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews for you on directories and give video testimonials.

Don’t try to do SEO all in on day. When you do this, you will appear like a red flag spammer to Google and search engines. Off page SEO should be done steadily over time and is a constant ongoing project – it should never stop improving.

It is important to note that there is no SEO Company that can guarantee top number one rankings. Stay away from companies that guarantee this! What they can do is develop strategies that will effectively drive more traffic to your site. Keep in mind that ranking isn’t instant on Google. It may take a couple of weeks or months for any results to show.

Local SEO Is A Must In The Marketing Mix For A Local Business.

Chances are that prospects are out there are searching for your business right now. Are they going to find you or your competitor?  You need to outrank you competition if you want to win. Off page optimization must be a continuous process because if you do not do it, your competitors will. It should be diverse and focused on various methods of link building.

Utilizing local SEO and coding can make a huge difference in the bottom line for a small business. Do you have any tips to personally add to this checklist of: 4 local SEO musts for small businesses? If so, please comment below.

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Can SEO Guarantee My Business Will Get Top Rankings In The Search Engine Results?

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Can SEO Guarantee My Business Will Get Top Rankings In The Search Engine Results? 

Can First Page Rankings Be Guaranteed?

There is no guarantee that your site will appear at the top and stay there. Beware of companies that claim to give guarantee rankings with SEO and Google places; they are trying to scam you! There is no guarantee that your keywords will be in the top 10 ranking on all major search engines. If you run across a guarantee that claims this, it is time to start looking for another company!

guaranteed ranking on google

How Do Companies Get Away With Guarantees On SEO?

One way a company can get away with these fake promises is if they are using Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing, which are pay-per-click. What this means is you bid on your website being listed at the top of the “Sponsored Matches”. Then when a visitor clicks on your ad that links to your site, you have to pay for it. These SEO companies may target little keyword phrases that have hardly any search results for your site to compete against. This is an easy win the company but a big loss for you! It probably will not be keywords your target audience would even click on to find your site!

Why Can’t You Control The Search Engines?

Marketing professionals, SEO gurus and companies do not own or control the search engines. The top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN keep their ranking algorithms closely guarded and they are constantly changing and evolving. The search engines are constantly evolving their ranking criteria to keep the SEO companies and marketers from using unethical methods. So, you can see just how impossible it would be to guarantee rankings and cheat the system.

Click On The Video Below To See Google Ranking Secrets: Can 

Companies Really Guarantee 1st Page Ranking On Google?

What Do Search Engines Look For To Give A Top Ranking?

Rankings on the search engines move similar to movement like a stock market. Some days you’ll have a really high ranking and other days it will be much lower.

What the search engines do is give top rankings to websites that fit the best match for what is being searched. They don’t give high rankings to the websites that are trying to cheat the system. The best ways to improve your website is with either “on page optimization” and “off page optimization.” With “on page” SEO content is King. Other factors have to do with the construction of your web pages to make sure that they are seen by the search engines. Search engines need to provide the most up to date information, so they value fresh and unique content. If you constantly updating your website, it will have an advantage over competing sites that don’t update as frequently. “Off page” SEO and backlinks to your site is what search engines also look for. This is where marketers, SEO gurus and companies that understand rankings put their efforts. The quality of the sites that link back to your website is just as important as the type of links.

What Can We Do If We Can’t Guarantee A Top Ranking?

The St. Paul Marketing Team takes the time to use an analytical approach just like any other marketing project. We tailor it to your company’s needs and budget.

The St. Paul Marketing Team can help your website rank higher across many search engines and directories. Our major services that help with rankings are “off page” SEO and link building that help you move you up in organic search results. We also offer video marketing, social media marketing, “on page” SEO, local marketing, article marketing, and more.

Back to you…

How do you think the search engines will keep evolving their ranking criteria over the next year?

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Local SEO – How Can Your Local Business Use SEO To Dominate Local Competition?

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Local SEO – How Can Your Local Business Use SEO To Dominate Local Competition?

What Is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is content that is targeted to get your website and business in front of the certain people. It is a technique of perfecting your website for physical places such as Google Maps, business listings, and directories. When people want to search for something, they go to search engines and type in words or phrases, which describe what they are looking for. The results that show up are websites that are ranked in accordance to their relevance to the term being searched. There are many search engines that show local results such as; Google Local, Yahoo! Local, Live local, AOL Local, and many more.

Local SEO To Dominate

What Does Your Local Business Get Out Of Local SEO?

- More website traffic

- More phone calls

- More sales

- More exposure

- Brand awareness

- More local customers

- Gains visibility in your local area

- Your business gets listed in popular local searches

- More visable for local keywords       

- Local traffic

- Improved ranking of your keywords in local SERPs (search engine results page)

- Improved exposure in mobile and smart phone local searches

- Improved exposure in social local search

- Quick ROI (Return on your investment)

- Domination of your niche

Does Your Local Business Need To Reach Local Customers?

The main benefit is huge potential exposure and domination. If your local business is not even on the Google maps first page, you are missing out on business while your competitors are gaining more.

If you are trying to increase traffic and sales with prospects, a local SEO campaign is a must! Google states that over 20% of searches conducted on the search engine have local intent. Therefore, it is essential to have local SEO to have your business found!

Are You Listed Where Your Customers Are Searching?

Think of local SEO as the new yellow pages and local section of a newspaper. It drives traffic to your physical location and creates more brand awareness. Your potential customers are searching for you on the Internet and smart phones. The question is, “are they going to find you or your competitor?” Think of how a person searches on Google. If they are looking for a dentist and live in Woodbury, MN they would type in “Woodbury dentist” or “dentist in Woodbury, MN.” Your business needs local SEO because of the number of MOBILE device business searches people are performing hourly.

Click On The Video Below To See Apple’s iPhone Siri And Why Siri Is Important For Marketing Your Local Business. You Speak And Siri Helps You Find Local Searches For You And Provies You With Information On Restaurants, Banks, Cabs and Local Businesses.   

It is crucial that your local business is taking advantage of using local SEO before your competition does. If you want to ensure your website receives more visitors as it climbs in ranking, local SEO is a must. If done correctly, it can help you get top rankings in your niche. In order to climb to the top of the ranking and stay there you need the help and guidance from a marketing company that specializes in local SEO.

Is Your Local Business Listed?

People only look at the first few websites on the first page of the keywords and phrases they search. Is your local business easy to find on all the top local search directories? Is your business’s information accurate and in popular local search directories that include Google, Yelp, CitySearch and up to a hundred other local directories and navigation units? Having an optimized local business listing allows you to get exposure to millions of local customers for a fraction of the cost of other advertising.

Take charge of your businesses future by having business listings in all the top local search directories for your business.

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Which Is The Most Beneficial SEO?

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What Is The Most Beneficial SEO?

On Page Or Off Page SEO?

What gets you to move faster – the car or the gas? Just as both are equally important in operating a car, both are needed for search engine optimization. On page optimization can make your website user friendly. Whereas off page optimization generates backlinks, increases page rank, and search engine results page. As you can see both on page and off page SEO are important to help your website “get found” or “noticed”. Both will help in improving the rank of the site 50-50%. One without the other can’t improve the rank of the site. Both are needed.

on and off page seo

What Are The Benefits On Page And Off Page?

• Gain authority.

• Be Found

• Serves as a beacon or hub page to rank other pages 

• Makes is more user friendly 

• Targets traffic

Click On The video Below To See The 12 Reasons Why You Need SEO For Your Business:

Which Is Done First? On Page Or Off Page SEO?

Start with your website first just like you would with a building in the physical world. The rule of thumb is to do “inside” cleanup first before inviting people from “outside” to your website.  If you think about it, the words on page explain quite a bit. On page SEO is the “inside work” you do. When you do this all your off page work will be more effective. This will help you business website rank above your competitors in the search engine results.

Why Do You Need On Page SEO?

You need on page SEO to promote your website, clean up your HTML codes, fix broken links, and make your site architecture easier to crawl by search engines, keyword optimization of your content and all the essential page elements.

Why Do You Need Off Page SEO?

Off page SEO is attracting links to your website by various means and this varies depending on your competition and niche. Backlinks needed are from article writing, video submission, social media optimization, blogging, etc.

Is Off Page SEO Or On Page SEO More Beneficial?

Neither! Both are needed for search engine optimization.  Either one alone is useless, but working together they get the job done! Together they will do the magic needed for your website to gain page rank that is needed to rise to the top!

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What Is On Page Optimization?

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What Is On Page Optimization?

Why Does Your Website Need On Page SEO (search engine optimization)?

On Page SEO

The on page optimization relates to the elements on the web page and the importance given to the words on the page. It is about using key phrases in correct places on the page you are trying to optimize. After having a key phrase (anchor text) that you are targeting you must pair it with the URL and use the phrase in several areas on your website. Search engines want to know first and foremost what a web page is about and look for these html tags and various word elements. When your page is optimized it makes it more user friendly and easier to navigate. Picture this example of on page optimization. Think of a car as the structure (on page optimization), and the fuel as the inbound links (off page optimization). The off page optimization is the fuel because the more links you have the higher the page rank. You could have the best car in the world (on page optimization), but without gas (off page optimization)your car will not go anywhere. Likewise, you can have the best quality gas (off page optimization) in the world but without a car (on page optimization) to put it in you won’t go anywhere. Hence, both on and off optimization are needed.  

Click on the video below to understand SEO in St. Paul further and what you need to target when you optimize your website.


For your website to achieve maximum exposure and results it needs to be search engine optimized.

Here Is A Checklist Of Things To Do For On Page Optimization:

- URL name of your site

- Important HTML Tags

- Keyword Research and Analysis

- Page Specific Meta Tag Creation

- Title Tag (Page Title Optimization)

- Meta tag optimization

- Alt Tag Optimization

- Anchor Text Optimization

- Content Placement

- Keyword Density

- Implementation of 301 Permanent Redirect

- Implementation of Google Analytics

- Search Engine Verification from Google, Yahoo and MSN

- Submission of XML Sitemap

- Creation of Proper Link Structure

- Optimization of Search Engine Essential Files (robots.txt,urllist.txt, sitemap.xml)

- Use an image on the page that has a file name key-phrase.jpg

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How Do You Increase Your Page Rank?

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How Do You Increase Your Page Rank?

What Are Steps You Can Take To Enhance The Page Rank Of Your site?

You increase your page rank by having numerous one way, permanent, relevant inbound links. The key to rising to the top of the results page is to have more links linking to your site than your competition.

increase pagerank

In order to get a high page rank it takes more than just the highest number of links pointing to your website. Google also looks at votes of relevance. It looks at the quality, status and page rank of what you are connected to. If you are getting a link from a site with a high page rank it pushes your rank up. Google, Yahoo and Bing gives votes of relevance to your website not only when the websites that link to your website have a high rating, but also the quantity of links, relevant content, and keywords in their anchor text. When Google sees a site that has your link it counts it as that site is endorsing your link which makes your website look relevant and trusted (earns a vote).

The new big player in the page rank game is Google One Plus. Click on the video below to learn more:

One of the ways to get links is to use meta-keyword tags, but don’t overdo it. Use h1 tags (the title that tells what the page is all about), link your page on other websites and social bookmarking sites, provide an RSS, and keep your site regularly updated. Blogs are great as they are constantly feeding the search engine new relevant rich content. Never let your site sit idle for days at a stretch as search engines count the frequency of traffic.

There are two main types of SEO (search engine optimization) on page and off page. All these teeny tiny steps will in time raise your page’s rank which will increase traffic to your site. See our other blog post on page rank. 

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What Is Off Page Optimization/ SEO?

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What Is Off Page Optimization/ SEO?

How Do You Get External Links Back To Your Website? (Backlinks)

What Is Off Page SEO

Off page optimization refers to factors that have an effect on your website or webpage listing in natural search results. (This is also referred to as link optimization.) For instance, if your website was a scooter the best fuel in the world won’t get it moving any faster. If your website structure was more like a sports car and had no fuel at all, your site won’t go anywhere either. Think of off page optimization as the fuel or gas. It is the work that you undertake outside of your website to improve your SEO rankings and visibility for your customer. It is about getting external links back to each URL on your website with the anchor text equal to the phrase that page is optimized for. Off page optimization is more focused on links directing back to your website. For a page to be listed up high in the search engines listings you need more links than your competitors to be seen as an “authority site”, as well as having high quality links.

Click on the video below to understand SEO in St. Paul further and what you need to do to get more traffic to your website.

Here Is A Checklist Of Things To do For Off Page Optimization To Get Those Needed Links:


- Social bookmarking submission
- Directory submission
- Blog posting
- Article submission
- Press release submission
- Forum posting
- Guest blogging
- Blog commenting
- Review posting
- Rss Feed submission
- Css submission
- Video submission
- Profile creation
- Social media optimization
- Link Exchange

Off page optimization must be a continuous process because if you do not do it, your competitors will. It should be diverse and focused on various methods of link building.

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What Is Page Rank?

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What Is Page Rank (PR)?

How Important Is It In Determining The Success Of Your Website’s SEO Strategy?

Numerous search engines out there on the web have an underlying algorithm, which gives them a ranking for their pages on the web. Their page rank is the search engines statement of how they classify the importance one page compared to another page by ranking it.

what is page rank

When a website has a high page ranking, it has more of a chance to appear at the top of the search results. When a page is linked to another page, then the first page is casting a vote for the second page, thus enhancing its page rank. As more votes are casted for a page, the more its page gets elevated. High Google page ranking equals tons of free traffic to your website.

How Can You Get Free Traffic To Your Website?

Discover how off page optimization & natural search bring free traffic. Find out the difference between organic and inorganic listings and how that brings traffic to your website.

Check out this video on link building:

How Can You Check Your Page Rank?

You can check your website’s page rank at: This website lets you instantley check pagerank. 

By using a service like ours, you will come to learn that working smarter, not harder, is how to leverage your time. Let the St. Paul Marketing Team show you how.

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What Is Link Building?

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What Is Link Building?

How Do You Get External Links Back To Your Website?

Link building is one of the most rapid ways to make your website popular. It is a process of creating successful inbound links to one’s own website. Links are the basic connector and relationship of two web sites. If a website says “click here”, when you click on it, you will be taken to another website they recommend, this is a link. If you give one vote of trust to each link, the site with the most votes of trust wins. How many links are needed to get your website to the top rankings? First it depends on your competition. For some there is little competition to compete against. However, for competitive fields it may be a job that only an expert can handle. It can be complex in that there are companies that just handle one service, building links to your website. If you don’t have the right website or links, you don’t have a chance to even be on the first page of a search for your keywords. You also need votes of relevance. Google, Yahoo and Bing gives votes of relevance to your website when the websites that link to your website have a high rating, quality links, quantity of links, relevant content, and keywords in their anchor text.

link building strategies

The most common method of link building is to build reciprocal links where two webmasters consent to show each other’s link on their website. This is being listed in ezines, newsletters, directories, search engines, etc. It is very time consuming to search for all these websites (over 10,000 sites out there) and then manually submit your website to them. A few benefits of link building include obtaining wider search engine publicity and easier indexing by search engine. When there are high quality incoming links the website is seem as a valuable resource and gives it credibility. Creating awareness, consciousness and visibility gives it wider search engine exposure and indexing. The end result is getting quality traffic which further helps in mounting the sales are additional benefits of link building. Without traffic, no one will see your site and therefore no one will buy from you. How will they find you without links?

Click on this video below for more info on link building:


What About Web Directories And Page Rank?

Web directories are not search engines. They list websites that in categorizes and subcategorizes.  They are edited by people to fit within the categories and then they are stockpiled with related pages and contents. The category is usually based on entire web site and not just keywords. Some niche directories focus on a particular niche such as a location, product or service. These directories are considered a valuable source of information. They allow site owners to submit their site for consideration. Some sites are free and some are fee paid submissions and rankings. Getting listed in these directories might improve page rank as well. Page rank measures the importance of a webpage by calculating the pages with the most links leading to them. As you can see, link building is one of the crucial steps needed in getting traffic to your site. When prospects find you, they can like you and buy from you. 

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