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6 Reasons Why Video Enhances Your Brand

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6 Reasons Why Video Enhances Your Brand

Are you using videos to help brand your business?

Have you thought of using videos for your marketing but never got around to it? Are you wondering why you should use videos in your marketing plan? Is it really worth all that effort? We are the modern times of when people do their own research and Google. Wouldn’t it be nice if you grabbed their attention when they were Googling? In this article we will discuss the 6 reasons why video enhances your brand.

6 Reasons Why Video Enhances Your Brand

What Are The 6 Reasons Video Enhances Your Brand?

Benefit #1 – Know, Like, & Trust

Videos help you get more exposure for your business. The more they can see you the more they are to know, like, and trust you. If you have videos that are educational and answering questions that people are Googling or sharing tips you will start to look like the expert. Educational videos can help others to like and trust your brand.

seoBenefit #2 – SEO

Is you brand visible? Do people know that your business exists?
When you have videos on Youtube and other sites you can put a link back to your website or blog articles and get more traffic. The more traffic to your site the more your business can be found. Google also ranks pages that have videos on it. This can give your blog article a boost and more likely seen in Google.

Benefit #3 – Brand Values

Using video can help communicate your brand values. People see a face and a voice and engage with you. Video is visual and evokes emotions into people. Customers are more likely to see themselves in your brand.

Benefit #4 – Gives Your Brand A Voice

What you communicate through video gives your brand a voice. Whether it is a voice over animation or someone talking it brings emotion to the message of what you are trying to communicate.

videos can go viralBenefit #5 – Sharable & Viral

If you make a great video your fans will share it. If it is outstanding, unique, funny, others may think the same thing too and then your video could go viral. If you had thousands of shares or even millions just think of how that would get your brand message out there.

Benefit #6 – Brand Identity

Bring your brand to life with video. You can have an animated logo at the beginning or a fun intro. Your style will communicated throughout your videos.Videos can make your brand have personality and people can follow your brand because of that. The stories you tell and things you say all make up your brand.

After reading all the 6 benefits isn’t it time to jump in and start a video marketing campaign for your business? Do you want to incorporate videos into your marketing and don’t know where to start? St. Paul Marketing Team can come up with videos for your brand within your budget.

Back To You…

What is holding you back from doing videos? If you reading this and are already doing video marketing what other comments would you like to add for our readers. Feel free to comment below and like and share to other sites.

12 Holiday Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

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12 Holiday Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Are you looking for tips to getting your small business more sales this holiday season?

“Tis the season for both giving and receiving. This time of year can be stressful and overwhelming. Let’s make it more fun and festive with tips to get your business in the holiday spirit and attract more clients. In this article are 12 Holiday Marketing Tips For Small businesses.

12 Holiday Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Holiday Marketing Tip #1- Be Present On Social Media

There is nothing worse than having your social media presence empty or deserted.

be present on social media

Holiday Marketing Tip #2- Make Engaging Holiday Posts

Post funny cartoons and use hashtags so people can find your fan page. Ask questions to your audience with a picture such as what is your favorite Christmas movie?

funny christmas cartoon

Holiday Marketing Tip #3- Run A Holiday Contest

Think of something in your business that people would love to win. Whether it is a product or a discount off a service offer a great deal!
People are more likely to like and share if it something they really want to win.

Holiday Marketing Tip #4- Holiday Coupons

Offer a discount on a service or buy one get one Free. Get your fans and customers a great deal and design a nice eye catching coupon

Holiday Marketing Tip #5- Blogging About The Holiday

Think of how you can incorporate your brand and the holidays. Is your brand about exercise and nutrition? You could blog about holiday recipes or how to stay in shape around the holidays. Try to tie your product or service in with tips or how to.

Holiday Marketing Tip #6- Holiday Small Business Events

Partner or find other businesses that are already having a one-day event where you can set up a booth and sell your products and services.

Participate in Small Business Saturday, which is always the Saturday after Thanksgiving and follows the popular shopping day Black Friday.

small business saturdayIf there are no events start your own and offer door prizes, free food, drawings, and awesome prizes to reel people in to your event.

Holiday Marketing Tip #7- Holiday Email Greetingss

Email your customers to have a great Thanksgiving and wish them a Merry Christmas and New Year. Make it cute and festive with graphics! Don’t put any promotions on this email.

Holiday Marketing Tip #8- Holiday Specials To Loyal Customers

Offer specials to customers that you already have. You could offer free shipping, secret sales, and discounts.

Holiday Marketing Tip #9- Cross Promote Coupons and Sales

When you give your customers a bag fill it with other coupons and sales of other local business and have them do the same for you.

happy holidays cardHoliday Marketing Tip #10- Holiday Cards

Send your customers real holiday cards not ecards. They are more memorable and won’t get lost in the junk mail.

Holiday Marketing Tip #11- Holiday Bonus Gift

You may have seen this before at the mall. Offer a free bonus gift with a purchase of whatever and of course you pick what the gift is and the amount that they have to purchase at least to get that prize. This will draw them into buying more.

promotional calandersHoliday Marketing Tip #12- Give Them A FREE Calendar

Print a personalized calendar to give out to your clients. Depending on what your business is you can get creative. Be the brand your customers see every day.



Back To You…

Do you have other holiday marketing tips to add that was not on the list? What do you do for holiday marketing that works great?

5 Low-Cost Local Marketing Ideas

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5 Low-Cost Local Marketing Ideas 

How can you market your business locally without busting your budget?

Whether you’re a start-up business or you’ve been in business a while you don’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing to get extraordinary results.  Marketing is one of the most important aspects of survival and success for a small business. It can’t be ignored!

5 low cost marketing ideas

Without marketing, your company will lack needed exposure to survive and may not stand a chance at experiencing growth or success. In this article we discuss 5 low-cost marketing ideas your business can use.

How Can You Make Your Business Stand Out Yet Stay Within Your Budget?

How?  By investing your time in data analysis. Research helps you to maximize your budget in the right places and establish a marketing splash.  Through research you can find the right values and needs about potential customers to create “consistent buzz”. You need to find out what your customers value and are searching for before you plan your marketing strategy.

Here is what to research:

• The geographical location of your business. Learn where potential customers usually go: nearby park, malls, restaurants they love to dine in, grocery stores they shop in, and places they like to hang out online.

• Find out what is your customer’s pain and how can you solve it?

• Learn the products or services that they now purchase.

Does Your Business Have A Marketing Plan?

Developing a marketing plan can be as simple as scheduling a time line of when to: order business cards, attend networking opportunities, attend organizational meetings, attend speaking engagements, set aside time for social media, fit in time for blogging and more.

If you try to be known for everything you will be remembered for nothing. What are you known for? What do you want to be remembered for? What problems does your product or service solve?

Your Internet business marketing strategy should enhance and support your business’ overall marketing objectives, including getting more leads and sales from website visitors. The St. Paul Marketing Team offers you five low-cost marketing ideas that will promote your brand at a cost your budget can handle.

Consider These 5 Low Cost Marketing Ideas:


1. Video Marketing

Who doesn’t love a well-made video? They entertain and draw people in, compelling them to interact. Video marketing is one of the areas they specialize in. After creating an attractive clip about your company, they place it in multiple places online where those searching for your very product easily find them. The best part? Videos are posted at no cost to you.

2. Directories

When potential customers search for goods and services similar to yours, a  huge list of choices appears online including online business directories. You want to be sure your company’s name is at the top of the first page of these lists. The St. Paul Marketing Team makes sure your company’s name shows up in all the right PLACES at the right TIME online to enhance your online presence. They make sure that every requirement for placement is met so that your business appears on at the top of searches on Google+ Local, Yelp,, CitySearch and 200 other directories. This marketing strategy allows your small business to be right up there with the “big boys” while keeping your budget small. These top sites appear on the very first page of every search engine when searchers are looking for a local business.

3. Graphic Design

They say first impressions are everything. This is never truer than when it comes to advertising your company. You do not want to risk your success on a poorly designed logo that looks like a kindergartener created it or having no logo at all leaving you brandless. The St. Paul Marketing Team ensures that your vision for your business is realized in a dynamic brand logo that represents your professionalism and individuality over and above others.

Avoid going to sites that can create free business cards.  The initial price may be inexpensive, but the price of losing potential customers is priceless. You don’t want to your company’s brand to be classified as a generic plane Jane or ruin your brand entirely.

Once your design is perfected, St. Paul Marketing Team can create a number of marketing tools to help propel your company into the spotlight. Some of these tools and graphic design include:  ads, coupons, flyers, keyword strategies, articles, brochures, Facebook Fan page, Google Plus business page, blogging graphics, blogging illustrations, CD covers, and websites.

4. Websites

If your company doesn’t have a website yet, there’s no telling how much business you’ve already missed out on.  A website exposes your product to countless potential customers who might otherwise never come across your brand.  It builds the needed bridge of “know, like and trust” to your potential customers. The St. Paul Marketing Team can create an interactive company website that captures your vision and portrays your business with an attractive graphic design. Investing in a website is considerably cheaper than using printed advertisement and the reach is exponentially farther. The St. Paul Marketing Team specializes in Merchant Account websites, WordPress Blog websites, and Capture Pages. They can even help you with your copy writing or blogging.

5. Social Media

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t have a Facebook page or Twitter account.  The St. Paul Marketing Team can create a custom pages for your company on any of the social media sites which can link back to your company’s website. This increases traffic considerably so that more people are introduced to your product.  With millions of users on these social media sites they can interact with your fan page and your brand will get incredible exposure. This marketing strategy also allows you to connect with customers and potential clients, building the needed “know, like, and trust” for your business.

Don’t have time for social media? No problem, the St. Paul Marketing Team can create a campaign for your social media marketing and do it for you.

Whether you’re thinking about starting a business or you’re already in the process of starting up, there are many activities that you should take advantage of to get the word out about your product or service. Building an online networking presence, increasing visibility online and offline at local business functions can grow your customer base and your potential referral partners. Whichever strategy you decide to use, always follow up and be consistent. There are many activities that the St. Paul Marketing Team can help you take advantage of to get the word out about your product or service.

If you’re not sure where to start with your marketing plan or how to reach out to your local community, competitors, customers, and check out the St. Paul Marketing Team at

Back To You…

Is your business using any low-cost marketing tools? What other advice can you share with other business owners for marketing? Get creative with your online marketing and get some help. You can do it!

About Our Guest Blogger David Preston:

David Preston
David Preston is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. He has been writing useful and informative articles on Business, Finance, and Relationship for over many years now. His blog  focuses on Internet service providers.

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3 Reasons Why You Need To Outsource Your Video Marketing

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3 Reasons Why You Need To Outsource Your Video Marketing 

What is the number one way to grab attention and engage online?

Videos are the best marketing strategy by far. They are designed in a similar fashion to basic TV commercials. In this article we will talk about the 3 reasons why you need to outsource your video marketing and how it can give you the best return on your advertising investment. Knowing what to do and what not to do puts your brand above the competition. By outsourcing your video marketing, you can count on getting quality videos to market your brand and business. Start outsourcing your video marketing today.

why outsource video  marketing

What Are The Advantages Of Video Marketing?

Videos are action oriented which captures the attention of viewers better than stand alone ads. The action of a video combined with the use of audio, makes this format even better at grabbing people’s attention. Internet websites are usually packed full of ads promoting all types of products and services. In the competitive business market, it makes sense to use a format that will be better at getting people’s attention than traditional banner ads.

When you see something over and over it increases your belief and increases their credibility. target market The more visually familiar people are with your brand, product or service the better your return on your investment. Hiring a professional videographer to increase your professional appearance is priceless.

Video marketing can be designed around the needs of people who use the product or service (target market). The video can showcase products available for sale or as a forum for someone to discuss various service options their company or organization has available. Retail stores, charitable organizations, and real estate offices can use this type of marketing tool. Videos usually run for less than one minute so it does not detract from the Internet browsing experience of people shopping online.

Why Should You Hire A Professional Video Production Services? 

Outsource Reason #1 - Profitable

The first step for most businesses looking to use video marketing is to hire a professional video production company. These professionals know which type of video will work best for what a company wants to promote. The cost of video marketing is a lot less than you might think. When you hire a video marketing company they take the worry out of web marketing and management. They will give you the best bang for your buck. They know how to make videos that grab attention while conveying message and call to action. They understand the mindset of the target audience and use it when creating a campaign for you. They will help you get more leads for a lower cost than you were able to without them.

Outsource Reason #2 - Connections With Affiliate Websites 

The professional service will usually make contacts with affiliate websites who will host the videos in exchange for a similar hosting from the business using the videos. For example, a real estate office can create affiliates with financial institutions and furniture stores, because these fields are related to their industry.

There are also many businesses that use social networks to promote their services or products. These networks generally charge a small fee to have video ads placed on them. The benefit of paying to advertise on a social network is well worth the cost. Studies have shown video ads placed on social networks have higher success ratios than ads placed anywhere else on the Internet.

Outsource Reason #3 - Improve Search Engine Ranking

The expertise of a professional video company will also benefit businesses because they know where to place the videos in order to get the best results. While creating captivating ads is an important part of advertising, the placement of the videos is also a key part of a successful video marketing strategy. A video marketing professional can code the video title and description with long tail keywords. They can take your video and submit it to many sites to get your ranking up on the search engines.

seo rankingThe options offered through these websites include tools for managing the videos placed online. In addition to the professional companies available to create video productions for online use, there are also several major search engine sites that offer tools and consultations for anyone looking to create videos for online advertising.

Part of a good marketing strategy is analyzing the results of the videos to see how well the campaign is doing at drawing in new customers or clients. The results are not instant, but a video marketing company can get your videos ranked. It is only a matter of time that people will find your video in the future.

Back To You…

Have you outsourced videos to market your business? Please share your experiences with us below

About Our Guest Blogger James Pattrick:

James Pattrick

James Pattrick is known for writing informative articles on Internet Marketing, Business, and Home Security related issues. He contributes his article on

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Online Video Marketing: 5 Pre-Submission Tips

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Online Video Marketing: 5 Pre-Submission Tips

Did you know that video marketing is rising in popularity at a rapid pace?

It has been authenticated by various statistics and studies. One study pointed out that video pages are 50 times more attractive to viewers than traditional text pages.

online video marketing

In this post we will discuss the pre-submission stage. This stage starts after filming and editing and before video submission. After recording the videos, you need to adhere to the following pre-submission tips that will assist you in reaching your target audience. This makes sure that your video will get the recognition that it rightly deserves.

Did You Know That Videos Are Very Cost Effective?

Videos are cost effective and will not burn a hole in your pocket. Just record them and then post online. Apart from that, videos stay online forever. Years later there is a great likelihood that your video will still be viewed by an increasing number of new viewers.

With the electrifying craze of social media sites, the craze for videos has certainly reached sky high. There are various social sites that encourage and create platforms for video posting and sharing. Needless to say, that the sky is the limit of earning a whopping sum of money through video marketing, provided that your strategies are in the right order to create and post videos online.

Here Are 5 Pre-Submission Tips For Online Video Marketing:


Video Pre-Submission Tip #1 - Give It A Proper Title

Do you want more traffic from your videos? Of course you do! Video titles are as important and similar to headlines in a blog. Here are a couple of reasons for the importance of proper titles:

• Titles instantly grab the attention of the viewers

• By using appropriate and relevant keywords on your topic, you can increase your chances of showing up in search engines. This is a very useful SEO strategy. Remember that Google owns YouTube; so naturally, you will get more return for your effort.

Video Pre-Submission Tip #2 - Provide Informative Content

What is your purpose or goal for posting the video?  Do thorough research regarding your ideal viewers expectations from your video topic. What problems can you help these viewers solve or learn?

A video is synonymous with giving exemplary knowledge and information. This works wonders since you can act as an expert and hence arm others with valuable information.

Video DescriptionThe safest way to maintain your viewer’s interest is to make the content precise and short. The average video should not be more than 3 minutes in length.

Video Pre-Submission Tip #3 - Include Your URL

Did you know that you can add a text box to your video? When it comes to editing your video, take advantage of different features like the text box. It is an excellent place where you can prominently display the address of your esteemed website. Hence, increasing number of viewers to your site as well.

Video Pre-Submission Tip #4 - Make Full Use Of Branding Opportunities

Does your video display your logo throughout your video? Display the logo of your company in a prominent way anywhere on the screen. It is up to you to either display it at key times or throughout the whole video. It also protects your video from being stolen by your competitors and puts your brand out there.

Video Pre-Submission Tip #5 - Do Not Forget Your HTML Link

Are you talking full advantage of using the description below the video? This is prime advertising space about your video.  When you are in the pre-submission phase of posting your video on YouTube, you are offered the luxury of writing a short description of your video. Be sure to provide links where you want to attract the reputed viewers.

Finally, you need to be creative to stand apart from your competition. The competition in the world is getting intense so you need to devise creative ways to stand out from the competition in your niche. You will never get another chance to make a first impression. This directly relates to hard work, dedication, seriousness, honesty, offering the latest updates and of course creativity. Hence, let the world know what you have.

Your Turn . . .

If you have successfully experienced ways to attract your target audience through video marketing that we didn’t mention above, we would love to hear about them.  Please comment below any tips you which to share with our audience.

About Our Guest Blogger Arsh Kapoor:

guest blogger Arsh Kapoor

This guest post has been written by Arsh Kapoor who is a blogger by profession latest he has been working on his cloud website named Cloud computing network and has written on Cloud computing operating system.  He also manages latest news website and SEO service.

Visit Arsh’s websites:  Cloud Computing network, and

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Video Marketing: Beefing Up Your Social Media Campaign

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Video Marketing: Beefing Up Your Social Media Campaign

Are you looking for ways to beef up your video marketing?

Video marketing can effectively help you towards catching someone’s attention and engaging them for a period of time. In this article we will talk about 7 tips that should prove helpful to beefing up your social media campaign.
video marketing beefing up

Videos are the quickest way of gaining their trust, which can convert your audience into long-term subscribers. If you are looking for ways for using videos towards marketing your business then here are 7 beefy tips, which should prove helpful.

Tip # 1 – Be Natural With The Script

People should not appear on camera as if they had memorized their lines or are reading it from the script. Script presentations must be very human and flow naturally and should not appear stiff or awkward. Your script must contain some boundary and structure, which can convey exactly what you want to put across. Practice from the script and once you are comfortable, then you can put the script aside and carry on naturally.

Tip # 2 – Have A Solid Strategy

While marketing your video it is important that your content has substance with a goal to achieve. Always have a strategy, which keeps in mind the type of audience you want to target. There has to be a specific purpose in your content otherwise it will just be a wasted effort.

Tip # 3 – Keep Your Presentation Simple

It is all very well to go extravagant while producing the video but that may not produce the right result. The key factor of your presentation is the message content and positioning of your brand. Therefore, stick to simple ways if you do not have the capabilities beyond that.

Tip # 4 – The Right Storyline

Having your video with the right story line is the fun aspect as it is the time when you sit back to become an audience.

viewers chair

You can have a clearer perspective by sitting in the viewers’ chair as you can see the flaws while you work on it. Besides, the viewers will be more impressed if your video unfolds with a proper storyline.

Tip #5 – Keep It Precise

If your video presentation goes on and on, the attention span of your audience is bound to shift. If your video is too long, then divide it into two parts and cut down where it gets boring. Make your video piece short and precise while beefing it up with something that will catch the audience’s attention.

Tip #6 – Flexibility Is The Key

Always plan ahead of time and make sure that you are flexible when the time comes around. This is because what you conjure up in your mind may not be the case in reality when you are in the set of your scenes. Therefore, you will have to help yourself in making the setting as you had imagined it. You will also have to take into account the weather and have a support setting should inclement weather hit your shooting.

Tip #7 – Strong Title And Consistence In Your Message

Having a catchy headline is bound to attract the attention of others. The headline must give a hint of the message which should be consistent through out. You need to give quality and value to your audience and focus on the message.

Finally, your presentation will become more receptive to your audience if you are able to disseminate the message well.

If you have video marketing tips you would like to add, we would love to hear them. Please comment below.

About Our Guest Blogger Diana Maria:

Guest Blogger Diana Maria

Diana Maria is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading, and travelling. Beside this she is fond of luxury cars and wishes to own one day a  Dodge Ram SRT-10.

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How Much Should Video Marketing Cost?

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How Much Should Video Marketing Cost?

Does Video Marketing Cost Cents or Dollars or Millions?

Are you looking to create great looking videos at affordable prices? What should you expect to find? Well, the cost of shooting, editing, and submitting a video isn’t just one size fits all pricing. Every marketing freelancer wishes they could simply quote a number, but the answer is x + y + z = $p  (the price of an affordable yet effective video).
Video Marketing Cost

In order to answer this question of x + y + z = $p, you need to realize it is similar to asking, “How much does a house cost?” or “What is the price of a car?” You need more information like what kind of house? A house in the suburbs with a 3 car garage? A house in the Hamptons with 2 pools and a 10 car garage? What kind of car? How many doors?   Well, you get the idea. In this article we will go over some of the variables that need to be considered in figuring out the cost of a marketing video.

Why A Misunderstood Bid Can Cost You More Money

If you are getting a video bid based on not exactly understanding what is being bid on; it can come in too low or too high. You don’t want to be overcharged or ripped off either. Pricing can have many variables; there is no set standard average.  Let’s go over the major four key variables just in the planning stage and then get back into pricing. It is best to have established goals in mind before you have someone create, produce, and work on just one video let alone an entire video marketing campaign.

4 Things To Consider In Planning A Marketing Video

1. Unique - Every video is going to be custom tailored and unique. Some are going to need voice over and graphics and then there are some that will not need any shooting at all.

2. Technical quality - Will you need animations? Is it just a slide show? How much editing is going to be needed? Will a video crew be needed or a simple Flip cam?

3. Time - How long will it take to shoot this? One day or ten? Maybe no shooting at all, using pictures instead? How much editing time will be required to put in the music, animations, and effects you desire etc.?

4. Length - The longer the video the more it will cost and the more time it will take to edit. Most web videos range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the purpose for the video.  Can you get your message across more effectively with extra time or will the viewer become bored?

Click On The Video Below To Check Out The top 8 Benefits Of Video Marketing For Your Business:

Video Production: Converting The Idea  (Videography):

Do You Already Have A Concept Or Will One Need To Be Developed For You?

If your concept is more expensive to produce than you thought, are you open to other concepts that can still achieve your goals within your budget? Do you have a clear vision from start to finish of what you want your video to be like? Do you want to convert prospect into raving fans?

What Exactly Needs To Be Shot Or Filmed?

This is an important question because it can help you quickly figured out major expenses such as what equipment or camera crews will be needed or maybe none at all. Are you shooting one video or a series? Multiple videos can be shot in one day and then edited later into many. Are you going to need a camera crew to come in and film you? Are you going to use film you shot yourself and just need to have it edited? The more footage that you have, the more there is to work with. The footage can only be as good as the footage you have captured, so film everything you can think of (skip the personal film of your family pet though). Is a script needed or is a director needed?

What If You Just Want To Use Pictures Or Live Far Away?

If you live far away where the St. Paul Marketing Team can’t film you or don’t have the time to be filmed, you can still get your business message out without the cost prohibitive expense of a live shooting. For example, still images or stock video clips with added music can be used or a voice over narrative.

What About Content?

Plan for the end result!  The goal is to get great comments and views to help it to go naturally viral by viewers that want to share your video.  This should be due to its useful unique content. This is not an accident; planning a great script is well worth the time, effort and cost.

Cost For Production?

On average most companies will charge between $50 and $150 an hour for the people with will be needed to be involved in key production activities such as shooting, directing, editing and submitting. Having a director and rehearsing your lines is very cost effective. Film can only capture so much.


Live Video Shooting:

Do You Need To Shoot Your Video At Your Workplace?

Planning ahead for your shooting is very cost effective. How many days of shooting are needed and where will it be? How long will each scene be? How many people will be included in the shooting? Are you going to need to shoot scenes in more than one location? Are there any specific requirements or constraints of each location? Will it need to be shot inside or outside? How much time will this take – one hour, all day or more? Will bad weather increase your shooting time? Are all the people needed going to be available at one shooting time?

Costs For Live Video Shooting?

The cost has so many variables. Two days worth of shooting versus one hour will make a big difference. The average range of shooting can cost from $250 to $700 for a full day.

Video Post Production: Phase After Video Is Shot (Editing):

After your video is shot or you have gathered your pictures, the next step is putting it all together: editing. This is the phase where the videos story is put together to communicate the key messages.  Will you need graphics or special effects? Will music be needed (Sorry, the Black Eyed Peas hold copyrights to the music you wanted)? What kind or none at all? How detailed do you want it to be? The average editing can take a minimum of 3 days. It should continue until you have it to where you feel satisfied with it. The more you put into the editing, the more you will get out of it.  Boring footage can be amazing with great editing. Will you need animation?

Costs For Video Post Production (Editing)?

The average range of a editing is $60 – $200 an hour, but some Hollywood people will rip you off for twice that (send the money to your favorite charity instead). You can save money by looking for packages offered.   If you need complex 3D graphics or key frame animation added, you can figure on a range of at least $125 to $350 an hour.  The more detailed and animated the more it will be.

Video Search Optimization (VSEO): After Videos Are Done And Video Submissions:

Already have a video but need to get it more exposure? Once you have a video how are you planning on getting people to know it exists and to want to watch it? This is the submission phase where your video will be submitted to top online video sites. This includes optimizing the title, tags, and descriptions. This is the art of promoting it and submitting it out to social networks. The rules and sites are always changing. This can take up far more time than most professionals have time for (of course they will make time of you pay them more and more). The correct SEO needs to be incorporated into your video to get the search engines to pick it up so millions of people will watch it. If done right, they will increase your companies brand awareness and recognition.

Costs For Video Search Optimization?

Video coding and tagging can range from $60 to $150 or more per video.  The best deals are usually found in packages offered.

So What Is The Average Cost Of A Marketing Video?

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a simple math formula that would state X minutes of video = Y dollars? Not all marketing videos are equal and each has a different purpose. If you want your videos to earn views, comments and shares you have to give viewers something worth their time. The key is to have the same video marketing company take you from your goals right through the finished product.

Is There A Way To Save Cost On Video Marketing?

• Shoot your own footage and then have it edited by adding graphics, transitions, animations etc.

• Have a reference video for comparison so you can see how much something like that would cost for the vision, message and purpose you prefer.

The best suggestion overall is to talk to dial 651-731-0764 for the St. Paul Marketing Team. Of course there are other reputable companies too, but we are the best – (all right just a little bragging rights here). We can help you define your goals no matter if you are planning just one video or a serious of videos to add to a video marketing campaign. This will help you save time, effort and costs on the variable expenditures, yet proudly finish with a quality video.

Question Back To You…

Is it better to try to save on all the variable costs of your video (trying to learn as you do it all yourself) or save time and effort going with experienced professionals that will produce a quality video that will go viral? Remember it is your brand that is at stake! Feel free to comment below about your experiences and share this if you find this was valuable.

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How To Use Videos For Marketing Your Local Business: 7 Types

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How To Use Videos For Marketing Your Local Business: 7 Types

Why Use Videos For Marketing?

Are you looking for a way to standout from your local business competition? In this post we will be analyzing the 7 different types of videos to use for marketing your local business. The secret is out – there just isn’t a better way to market or leverage your time and money than with videos! Video marketing is where you can leave your competitors in the dust. It’s the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to get the strong online branding you deserve. Attracting more prospects is essential for any small business. Videos keep your viewers engaged while you quickly gain their trust as they get to know you. They can be targeted to certain viewers and not just the general population

7 videot types

Even If Your Business Operates Completely On An Offline Basis (Brick And Mortar), It Will Benefit Immensely From Video Marketing:

- Videos are cost-effective, get into the search engine quickly, and can produce leads.

- Smart phones are growing in popularity and more people are spending their time watching web videos.

-If done correctly, videos can magically convert your prospects into long term clients, customers or subscribers.

What Are The 7 Types Of Videos To Use For Your Local Business?

1. Educational Video

Solving customer’s problems makes businesses profitable. Rather than turning prospects off by trying to sell to them, you can deliver information to solve their problems through educational videos. Use educational videos on your website to engage your viewers anywhere you might use facts or statistics rather than using text. This will position and brand you as an expert in your field.

Educational videos are also great for vlog posts. Vlogs are similar in content to a written blog, but having a video instead of text will capture your viewer’s interest. A video blog site should be regularly updated with short videos that are usually under 5 minutes (2.5 minutes is best).

Click Below To See An Example Of An Educational Video On What Is Off Page SEO:

2. Testimonial Video

Ever been to website where they have testimonials like this: “He was the greatest Doctor I have ever been to! Chris T. – St. Paul, MN.” Would you really believe this was a real testimonial? Develop a library of “Social Proof” videos where real life happy clients and customers give video testimonials. Place these videos on your website and other sites. Unlike text, video testimonials show that this person is real and unrelated to the business. They are telling their real story about what the company, product, and service did for them. They are not anonymous, like the fake testimonials that you commonly see out there. When people are passionate about a product or service, they’ll tell others. Likewise if they dislike like a product or service they may also make a video about that. This instills trust in prospects to help them feel like they know you before meeting you. Anyone can put up text testimonials, but a video from someone is more authentic and far more beneficial. Videos are the best type of testimonials out there and are also great for public relations.

Click Below To See An Example Of A Testimonial Video:

3. Facility Tour Video

If you are a brick and mortar business, a virtual video tour of your office is must to add to your video marketing library! This is where you introduce yourself and your business. Film a walk-through of your office and explain to viewers exactly what it is that your business does as you give a tour. This provides prospects with a pre-experience of what it’s like to visit your office. This pre-visit video will allow you to stand out from the competition.

Customers like to search online for themselves, so make sure your video stimulates their interest. Show them what it is like from the moment they enter your building until when they leave. For example, if you are a dentist and a prospect is searching the web for a dentist and is able to view a virtual tour of your office, meet your staff, and preview an expected experience, it would be a priceless! They will feel like they have actually been there and been a patient. After seeing your video they would know what to expect. This will build their belief that they have found the right place where they feel comfortable and will then make an appointment.

Start your video from the street where they turn into the parking lot, viewing both the front and back of the building, the parking lot, the entrance, the waiting area, x-ray rooms, and other rooms as they approach the dental chair. Along the way they can meet your staff doing what they normally do. It would be a great video to put in the “about us” section of your website, in local directories, and many more places on the web. Make sure to tag and code it correctly so when a local prospect is searching for your type of business, your business shows up.

Click Below To See An Example Of A Facility Tour Video Of A Podiatrist In Minnesota:

4. Special Events Video

Do have a special event or sale coming up? Use this type of video to promote a future sale or event. This is an excellent method to advertise your video in front of literally millions of people who use the Internet and social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are great sites to showcase special events videos. Create short, concise videos highlighting your upcoming events, business specials, coupons, and price reductions.You can make a video of an upcoming online webinar or a special sales event, and play it as often as needed. You can also email these videos to your subscribers. Videos can also be used to motivate potential prospects to register for an event and, webinar. Remember not to post the video so often that the viewers feel they are being spammed.

Click Below To See An Example Of A Special Event Video:

5. Advertising Video

If you were in an elevator with a stranger and as the doors closed and the stranger asked you, “What does your business do?” Your answer would be called the famous elevator speech. Likewise, an advertising video has 30 seconds to capture a prospects attention before they lose interest. These video ranges from 30 seconds up to 2 minutes. Just as in the elevator speech you need to capture their attention and interest while getting them to like and trust you. In these videos focus on how you can help solve a problem they may have. Just like a traditional TV commercial, these videos can advertise advantages of your product or service to prospects. This is an excellent opportunity to explain the best features of your product or service and how you have the solution that will ease their pain. Unlike traditional TV commercials, these videos can be directed at a targeted audience and can even go viral. Developing the right script, filming, editing, coding, and distributing these videos can produce years of free advertising. Getting professional help would be an excellent return on investment as these videos will make or break viewers opinions. These types of videos are great to dominate a key word or niche for local SEO. Make sure they are coded and tagged so they land on the organic section of your keyword.

Click Below To See An Example Of Advertising Video Of Rise Above The Rat Race Book:

6. Landing/Capture Page Video

This video is placed on either a capture page or the home page of a website. It is about 5 minute or less (2-3 works well) in length. It engages a prospects attention while it tells the viewers who you are, what you do, and why they need your product or services. It ends with a call to action such as asking them to put in their name and email in the form below to receive a free DVD or EBook, etc. These types of videos offer prospects something free in exchange for their name an email or clicking on a link. This captures the prospects Email which places them on an auto-responder or calling list. It may even ask them to buy something. It gives prospects a taste of what your company is all about, how your product or service can solve their problems. These videos lead your prospects to the next action step you want them to take such as: fill out the form, put in their Email, register, or buy before leaving. This is another video where if you lack experience, professional help is a wise investment! You can’t just turn on a camera, sit in a chair, and get them motivated enough to take the next step.

Click Below To See An Example Of A Landing/Capture Page Video For A Plumber In Hudson:

7. Tutorial Video

The best way to show “how to” do anything is by providing a visual demonstration. You can create educational tutorial videos for your staff or team for when step-by-step information is needed. This works great when your team is far away or you can’t be there. These can be repeated over and over as needed, while it gives the personal feeling that you were right there with them. This leverages your time. Just demonstrate it once, capture it on a video, and give instructions step-by-step. These types of videos will go on to train, motivate, and sell forever. These videos are appealing because they are visually engaging and much easier to follow than a boring printed manual. You can help ease the learning curve of a new product after they purchased it. Think of the difference between reading a recipe versus watching a video of someone doing each step of the recipe. You can visualize each ingredient, and see how to do it. These videos can be used to provide useful information, skills, and needed steps while simultaneously establishing you as an expert in your niche. Film short videos about common questions or problems a beginner would face.

Click Below To See An Example Of A Tutorial Video:

How to Start Your Video Marketing?

The best way to get started is to jump in and try it. Tap into the free marketing power of using YouTube The videos you produce should be between 30 seconds to 3 minutes of length. Any longer can be a real turn off. Once you have created and uploaded your videos, you can easily embed them in your website and then link to them over the Internet on social media sites, emails, forums, and other Internet video communities. Be sure to link and code your videos so that your fans, followers, and viewers can spread the word virally and also so people can find you when they Google.

Millions of people are watching videos online, so place your video ads among the choices they have available to watch!

How Do You Take The Hassle Out Of Doing Videos?

Do you want to implement some of the ideas of marketing with videos and reap the benefits, but need assistance in doing so? Using videos doesn’t mean you have to be an expert in scripting, filming, editing, coding, and distribution. We can “do it for you” at the St. Paul Marketing Team. We take the worry out of writing the script, filming the videos, editing, coding, and submitting them to sites. We leave a positive impression in your prospects mind with a professional result. This is cheaper than any other form of advertising such as the yellow pages which ends up being a booster seat for a toddler. This leverages your time to do what you do best, run your business. We only take one business per niche, so contact us today before your competitor does!

Now, it’s Your Turn…

Do you include videos in your marketing plan? What kind of videos do you have in your video marketing library? What video marketing tips do you have to share? Please leave your comment below to share with others.

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Why Should Your Business Use Videos For Marketing?

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Why Should Your Business Use Videos For Marketing?

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is simply using videos to market yourself, business, products, brand or services. It is the cross of traditional Internet marketing and digital video. It is the quickest and most effective method to get people excited or interested in your business, product or service.  It can help any business make a bigger impact and impression. It allows people to see what you are promoting and gives recognition to both your brand and authority. Videos motivate your viewers into taking action, watch a demonstration of a product or give authoritative value to what you say. Video marketing establishes and defines your brand. Your viewers will get to know, like and trust you before ever meeting you in person or visiting your business.

Video Marketing For Business

How Can Videos Differentiate You From Your Competitors?

If you have a local business, video marketing is a great way to “Stand out of the crowd” from your competitors.  It is easy to wow your customers and prospects when you send them a video or have them find your videos when searching.  Videos stimulate viewers in ways that are impossible with just text or a picture.  When people search on the Internet on their computer or smart phone, videos show up in the search results. For example if your back hurts and you want to look up for example a chiropractor nearby in Woodbury, MN. Videos show up in the search results which is the organic traffic.Prospects can check out your business and compare it with others in the same niche before meeting. For the most part, people like to do business with people they know, like and trust.  Video marketing engages the viewer’s senses. Video allows your message, brand and personality into the consumer’s online experience, influencing their buying decisions. When prospects feel they know you, like you, recognize your brand, they feel they trust you. The result is an increase in sales!

Click On The video Below to check out the top 8 benefits of video marketing for your business:

How Do Videos Increase Traffic To Your Blog or Website?

The most common distribution method used in marketing videos is to upload them to either YouTube or DailyMotion and then link the video to your website or blog.

By having your videos submitted to other sites, you can create an SEO benefit with back-links to your site. YouTube and other video sites show up in search results. The higher your video is ranked, the more likely your site is to increase in rank which gives you more free organic traffic. When you optimize your video with keyword titles, descriptions it increases your site rankings on a blog, website or landing page.

How Do You Take The Hassle Out Doing Videos?

Do you want to implement some of the ideas of with videos but need assistance in doing so?  No problem, we can “do it for you” at the St. Paul Marketing Team We take the worry out of taking the videos, editing and submitting them to sites. This leverages your time to do what you do best, run your business. We only take one business per niche so contact us today before your competitor does!

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