5 Things That Hurt Your Brand & Marketing

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5 Things That Hurt Your Brand & Marketing

Are you wondering what your can do to improve your brand and marketing?

Do you have strong brand recognition? Branding is essential to the success of any business. How do people view your business? Does your brand stand out? Do you look like the expert in you field? Whether you are just starting a business or wanting to know what to do to improve your brand this article will discuss, “5 Things That Hurt Your Brand & Marketing”.

5 things that hurt your brand and marketing

#1 – Not Having A Logo

Yes there are some businesses out there that when they start out they don’t have a logo. Not having a business can make seem like you are not established or put together. There is more trust in a business that looks established and trustworthy. If you want to attract more clients, be more memorable, and look professional get a logo. Nothing is more of a turn off with a generic business card and no logo. Check out this article, “6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Great Logo“.

#2 – Setting Up Camp & Leaving

setting up social mediaWhen was the last time you posted on social media? You can’t just set up you social media and then not post anything. Social media is not a newspaper ad or a billboard, it is social and interactive. You never know when people are looking at your brand. They might think you went out of business or are just not professional if you are not posting. If you don’t have the time then you need to hire a company that can handle your social media and brand.

#3 – Bad Website Design

Is your website out of date? Is it mobile? How is the navigation? Does it drive traffic? Hopefully your website is up-to-date and is helping your brand and business. Your website is usually one of the first impressions people see when they find your business online. It is important to not only have it looking nice and easily to navigate but also inviting and interesting. A good website will make you want to look around more and more and the blog articles are inviting and helpful.

why blog#4 – Not Utilizing Your Blog

Does your website have a blog on it? Are you blogging consistently or did you get busy and stop? Blogging can help your brand by making it look like you are the leader of the field. So when you don’t blog or stop blogging they will look at your competitors instead. Blog about frequently asked questions and trends in your industry to get your brand back on track. If you don’t have time hire someone that knows your brand well enough to represent your business to write for you.

#5 – Overselling At Network Groups

Do you attend any network groups? If you have I am sure you might see someone there who is obnoxious and selling their brand instead of building relationships and getting to know everyone. The point of networking is not to be obnoxious and be selfish. Maybe you don’t even realize you are doing it until you see someone that networking groupdoes. People will start avoiding you and this hurts your brand and business.

Marketing is an investment in your business. Now is the time to invest and get your brand to stand out. Do you need help with the 5 things we have talk about? St. Paul Marketing Team can help your brand and online marketing.

Back To You…

What other things did we not discuss that should be mentioned? What advice can you give other businesses about branding? Jump in on the conversation and comment below!

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