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Exclusive Rights Programs

Earn Rewards & Free Marketing

Ready to earn free services towards your marketing campaign? Good, because that’s exactly what our Exclusive Rights Programs are designed to help you do! At St. Paul Marketing Team, we care about our clients and to reward you for being a good client while helping your business grow. Our programs are designed to “thank you” for being a loyal St. Paul Marketing Team client. We want to give you an experience you can’t help but share!

locbubbleNiche Domination Program:

How To Earn: Your Company will earn Niche Domination from our services for ONE YEAR once you cross over your first $600.00 paid for our services. This is NOT an extra charge, but a REWARD for using our services.

What It Gets You: With your Niche Domination, you will lock out the competitors of your niche from being eligible for our services for an entire year. No other competitor will be able to enroll in our services in your area (suburb or 5 miles radius). For Internet companies or franchises, we only take one client per company.

Eligibility: Your eligibility starts on the magic day you cross over your first $600.00 paid for our services. This magic day will become your anniversary day. One year later the clock will start again (you have 30 days to renew your Niche Domination before it opens up to your competitors). Once you cross over the new $600.00 mark, you will lock out your competitors for another year.

refbubbleReferral Program:

• How To Earn: Enjoy getting more bang for your buck! For EACH REFERRAL you give us, you will be credited for one month of your regular monthly maintenance or $200 credit towards future service purchases.

• What It Gets You: For each referral you give us, you will receive a level of service that goes way beyond your imagination! Whatever your monthly maintenance level is, it will be credited for a month or $200 credit towards future services. This will be credited to your account in your 2nd month, the month after you have purchased a monthly maintenance program or the month after your referral has qualified.

Eligibility: For a referral to be credited to you, they must purchase a minimum of $600.00 worth of our services. If the company you refer does not purchase the minimum amount of $600.00, their purchases will be added to the purchases of your next referral.

thkububbleShare Your Story:                                                 

How To Earn: Share your positive personal story of our services.

Video testimonials = Film a video of you telling your story about our services while at same time promoting your brand. If you film it yourself, you will earn a $100 future credit of our  services. If filmed by the St. Paul Marketing Team, you will earn a $50 future credit towards our services.  

Written testimonials = Write your story about our services. It must be submitted to different sites from your computer or phone.  Each one must be worded slightly different in wording for each site submitted. Each testimonial earns a $50 future credit towards our services.

• What It Gets You: You will earn credit towards future purchases of our services. Other benefits include Free advertising for your business on our site and others, creating more buzz and brand awareness for you.

Eligibility: For a testimonial to qualify to be credited to you, it must include how our services helped your business. A video must be 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length and a written testimonial must be 150-500 words in length. It must be approved by us BEFORE submission and submitted from your computer (not ours). We will give you the details of where to submit it.