8 Benefits Of Mobile Marketing For A Business

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8 Benefits Of Mobile Marketing For A Business

Looking for another way to market to existing customers?

Do you realize you might have an untapped gold mine among your present customers you already have? The search for a high-impact and cost-effective method to increase revenue can be found by looking at existing customers. This is a great way to gain additional sales for your business.  A business that markets to its existing customers can do so at a lower cost than trying to gain different groups of new customers.  A business can use mobile marketing to achieve this goal. Below are 8 benefits that make mobile marketing a smart choice for a marketing strategy of a business.

benefits of mobile marketing

#1 – Opt-In Option

Mobile marketing is an opt-in option since subscribers have signed up or opted in to receive a message periodically by email or on their mobile device. This means that messages need to be tailored to all the subscribers of a mobile marketing campaign.

#2 – Immediate Impact

Mobile marketing promotions can be seen by users instantly.  A new message can be easily created and executed. Messages that are sent will be received in seconds by all users. This means that you may have customers in different areas that will receive a message almost instantly.  Another bonus is that the message can easily be forwarded or shared on social media sites.

#3 – Affordable Cost

The cost of mobile marketing is much less than traditional marketing methods.  A business does not pay any postage, printing costs, or air time for a commercial. You can send messages in bulk that often cost less as the volume of messages increases. This is a good option when a business has a small budget for advertising.

#4 – Conversion Rates

Mobile marketing offers a higher rate of conversion because messages can highlight a specific product or service that is directed to a specific audience. This will often result in response rates that are high to convert a large number of subscribers into paying customers. Mobile marketing is able to offer users a discount or special promotion. Response rates are often 10 percent or higher.

#5 – Customer Engagement

Customers of a business with a mobile device or smartphone can be easily updated with important and up-to-date information about a business. This helps engage customers with messages that include a call to action. This can include stopping in on a specific day or visiting a business’s website.

#6 – Customer Feedback

Messages can be sent to subscribers to gain feedback on a product, service, or a recent promotion. This is a great way to determine the preferences of customers. They can let a business know if they like an aspect of a business or voice their displeasure. Feedback can be used to improve products and a service to customers.

#7 – Mobile Website Versions

Consider creating a mobile version of your website. This gives mobile users that ability to view the site and the information you want  to provide to your customers.

#8 – Target Marketing

Tools are available that allow marketers to determine the location of the customers for a business. This provides another way a business can easily engage their customers.

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