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Blogging Basics For The Beginning Blogger

Are You A Newbie In The Blogging World?

Blogging is the new way for websites to reach their full potential online. Everyone was a beginner at blogging at one time and it can be tough. In this article we will discus blogging basics for the beginning blogger such as: how you can keep your blogs interesting, how to make them informative, and how blogging can be useful in social media and forums.
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Blogging is just as beneficial to a website to increase rankings in the search engines as SEO and snippets. People and businesses use blogging to attract search engines so that their site will show up at the top of the page. If your site doesn’t get on the first page searchers won’t find you and they won’t be able to find your website. Blogging can explain points that are relevant to the content on your website and what your niche is all about. When writing a blog it is important to use personal experience when available.

What Can Make Or Break An Article?

Keep the blog short to keep the interest of the readers. The usual amount of words is around 500. The blog should get straight to the point when able to do so. Some people use personal experiences and stories to draw readers in to create interest. Businesses can use blogs to attract prospects in their niche through the use of personal experiences and problems they have solved that others may be searching for.

What Keeps It Interesting?

• A blog should be interesting to the reader. There should be humor in the content when possible. Keeping it light and sometimes funny will keep the reader interested enough to continue reading and possibly to seek further information.

• Through the use of supportive information, blogs can attract readers to a website in search of further information. It should also contain information that teaches something of interest and have value. When sharing information it should be pertinent to the website.

How Do You Make It Informative?

• When writing a blog, make sure to include useful information that can inform an individual of something important. An example of this would be a blog about computers.

• Blogs can be useful in giving descriptions and tutorials, “how to” information, and information describing the different types of computers.

• Use blogging to teach how to complete certain tasks. They can teach the steps to something and teach where to look for further information on the subject.

What Should You Check Before Publishing?

After completing your article be sure to proofread and check the grammar and punctuation. Check for spelling and add in keywords to optimize your article. On page SEO is adding keywords to increase search engine visibility so they can find and access your website. Make sure your blog is full of interest and that you are writing for humans not bots.

How Can Blogging Be Useful In Social Media And Forums?

• Use blogging to express feelings, emotions, and opinions about subjects. Forums open up blogs for discussion by encouraging the expression of opinions.

• Discuss information or subjects that people are talking about and searching for. Then write an article about what they are searching for and give them answers. Color your article with emotional interest so it will create an engaging environment. You will get more comments, likes, shares, and +1’s this way.

• Blogging allows readers to chat back and forth as well as discussing everything. A blog can last for days or weeks of continuous conversation and can be shared on social sites.

Students use blogs to discuss and access school information. Teachers use blogs to list assignments for online and offline studies. A blog can give everyone the same information without having to email each individual person.

When you are ready to get started remember to keep your blogs interesting with high quality content, make them informative, and use social media to make it go viral. Building an audience takes time just persevere as you build.

Back To You…

What other tips do you feel beginner bloggers need? Experienced bloggers feel free to comment on over coming blogging hurdles below.

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