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Effective Email Marketing: Requirements and Benefits 

What is the most effective means of staying in touch with prospects and clients in terms of cost and reach?  Email marketing! 

Emails provide not only an essential way to communicate both necessary and important information, but also it is a surefire method of building your reputation. It also provides trust among clients and prospective clients as they get to know, like, and trust you. While expensive advertisements tend to rule in terms of effectiveness, the Internet with the social media networking provides great opportunities to advertise. You can place an ad on Facebook for example and offer a webinar, Ebook, or video in exchange for the opting-in so you can capture their email and get them on your email list. Then the email marketing begins

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Here are some requirements of effective marketing and benefits of using email marketing for your business.

What Are The Requirements Of Effective Marketing?

1. Quality:

Email marketing informs people who are already interested in your product or services. They have opted-in for receiving your emails and want to know about updates within your niche and new products or services. Your email list caters to a group of people who know you and knows about your business. Many will follow you back to your social media sites and fan pages. They will refer friends and family to your products and services through giving your posts, comments, videos, or blog, a like, a plus-one, comment or share in their social media channel. This definitely improves your search rank and hence visibility.

2. Reach: 

The reach of email marketing can be huge. Your list can be divided into segments such as those interested in your niche or targeting customers. This can save time while it makes it easy to have focused campaigns.

3. Money: 

While most forms of advertising costs you a fortune, email marketing can be done for peanuts.

What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing?

1. Cost: 

Most paid advertising modes cost a fortune. The time of duration or display on TV, or the number of time it is going to be shown, the page and position on the newspaper, the size and colors of the advertisement can only add to the cost. Other popular modes of advertisements can be equally costly.

2. Promptness: 

While most paid marketing campaigns have a developing time and more time to be aired or published, email marketing can be developed in a very short time and within hours can reach the people declaring your news.

3. Personalized: 

One of the major aspects of email marketing is the very personal flavor that can be added to it. Mentioning their name makes it extremely personalized as customers like to be pampered and recognized. Moreover you can store a database of their personal choices and pamper them with special targeted offers.  Wishing them happy birthday and remembering their anniversaries can be added to your services and hence conversions.

4. Engaging Content: 

The fact that email marketing can be designed in a very short time, and that the templates can be saved for multiple uses, gives you the liberty of communicating with your customers and prospects frequently. Engaging content as well as informative content will make sure that they remain hooked to your emails and don’t unsubscribe.

5. Networking: 

Emails can be forwarded to friends and family at the click of a button and that makes it even more interesting, valuable, and viral. This way it can raise your customer base substantially at no extra cost.

6. Eco-Friendly: 

Email marketing can be more eco-friendly when compared to print media, or mail marketing campaigns.


The major advantage in email marketing is that the emails can be target specific and the overhead cost of such advertisements is extremely low compared to the other forms. Also, the fact that your email campaigns can be traced and tracked for effectiveness with some easy metrics, makes them awesome. One thing should be kept in mind that email marketing should not become a spam for the clients and prospective clients.

Your Turn… 

If you have had positive experiences and improved ROI using email marketing, please comment below and share with our audience your experiences.

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