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Guest Posting Do’s And Don’ts

Why Would Anyone Want To Guest Post?

Are guest posters nuts? Blogs aren’t fast to write, so why are people begging to post on someone’s blog! What’s in it for them? Guest blogging is a great way to enter and meet the popular community of bloggers. Guest posting pays in the form of gaining quality backlinks and traffic on your own blog. Contributing guest posts to some of the well-known blogs not only puts you in the spotlight, but also helps you learn how to interact with other bloggers through commenting and discussions. Here are some guest posting do’s and don’ts to keep in mind before entering the guest posting world.
guest posting dos and donts

Do: Copy The Blog Owner’s Brand

If the blog owner’s brand is writing in a certain style, conversational tone, or with a particular slanted attitude, make sure your guest post is written that way too. It’s this type of content, style or tone that it’s followers like. Research not only their niche, but the blog owner’s attitude, style, and tone.

Don’t: Send The Same Generic Email To Every Blog Owner

Sending out the same generic email requesting a guest post. This is not going to increase your chances of receiving that all important ‘yes.’ This is because it shows the blog owner you’ve shown enough interest in researching their own blog before generating your email. They will feel that you’ve probably have sent the same generic email to hundreds of other blog owners. They are looking for guest bloggers that can offer fresh unique content and that starts right in the email.

Do: Make It Personal

Personalizing your email by doing your research first for each blog owner is a tedious job and time-consuming. However, just like other important tasks in SEO and online marketing, the more difficult something is to do, the more chances of success. Take some time to create the best blog you can write for guest posts and don’t hesitate to comment on the posts that you enjoyed reading.
catchy headlines

Do: Use A Catchy Headline

Impress the blogger with your catchy headline. Make it clear, fresh, interesting and meaningful. For example: 10 Easy Online Marketing Tips To Consider.

Don’t: Take It For Granted That Your Blog Will Be Published

Remember that by permitting you to submit a guest post for their blog, the blogger is doing you the favor, not the other way round. Even if you feel you’ve created the most compelling content in the blogosphere. Stay humble and let them know that you would really be grateful if allowed to submit a guest post for their blog. If they publish your post, remember to be thankful.

Do: Approach The Blog Owner With Multiple Choices

Most blog owners want to test your skills before accepting a post. So, instead of sending over a completed blog, introduce yourself, ask what subjects they may want you to write on, and offer a few ideas. This shows the blogger that you’ve taken the time to research their niche, create new ideas and are flexible. This also lets reminds them that you are humble and they are in charge.

Don’t: Be Arrogant

It doesn’t matter if you are the best writer in the world, you’ve no excuse for arrogance. Bragging about your talent and claiming that the blog owner should be pleased to publish your content is only going to make the blog owner reject your request. Keep in mind what you can do for the blog owner, not what he can do for you.

link to your website

Do: Include Links In Your Author Bio

Instead of adding backlinks to the body of your guest post, think whether this link is really useful there or whether it would look better if the link is placed in your author bio at the end of the blog.

Back To You…

Have you found successful tips for guest blogging that we haven’t mentioned above?  If so, our audience would love to hear about them. Please comment below.

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