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How Specialized Sales Can Increase Regular Customer Traffic 

Are you looking for ways to improve retail sales? If yes, you can use retail packaging, but there are other tactics at your disposal too.

increase customer traffic

There are four primary ways of leveraging that can allow you to grow your business: 

1.  Increase foot traffic

2.  Increase customers

3.  Increase sales dollar amount

4.  Increase repeat buys

This seems deceptively simple, right? Today, we’re going to focus on the first aspect, increasing your foot traffic.

Increasing your foot traffic is a powerful method to grow your business. The benefits should be very clear: the more people you bring in, the more sales you can make. If you can deliver real value to consumers, you have a bigger chance to build a healthy, profitable business. But how do you do this? With specialized sales, of course. 

Incentives Consumer Visits

Specialized sales are a secret weapon for brick and motor retail businesses such as gift shops. This tactic should never be overused; you want to do it in moderation so that you don’t devalue your brand or your business.

What sort of specialized sales inspire consumer interest and draw in tons of foot traffic? Here are Five powerful incentive models:

Specialized Sale #1 - First Purchase Is Free

No, it doesn’t mean you give your customer back their money or waive the price. That wouldn’t be smart. This tactic generally involves that you offer your customer a certificate, card, or stamp card so that the next time the customer visits your store; he or she can apply the dollar value of his or her first purchase towards the value of the second purchase. This makes his or her first purchase essentially free, assuming your customer comes back. And your customer will.

You’ll want to create a minimum purchase amount to qualify to avoid abuse. When totally up the second purchase, you give a credit for the first purchase. For example: When a customer spends $40 or more, they get a $70 coupon that you can apply to your next purchase of $100 or more. See, it’s not that hard. 

Specialized Sale #2 – Limited Time Discounts

This is a tried and true tactic. You’ll want to make sure this is adequately promoted with in-store displays and social media announcements.  Example: 20% off of a product for this week only. 

Specialized Sale #3 - Give Away Goodies-Free

free goodiesWhat if you gave something away every time a purchase is made? How awesome is that? Your customers would love you! This can be literally any item you want. You can offer a free gift card or bag. It doesn’t have to be valuable, but the point is, your customers will feel valued when they get something for doing business with you. For example banks give a dog biscuit at the drive-in window when you dog is in the car with you.

Specialized Sale #4 – Reward For Google+ Reviews

If you are for example a gift shop owner, you know it would be smart to delight your existing clients who would spread the message of your fast, friendly, and reliable service to others in an organic method such as social media. For example a gift card will be mailed when they give you a good review on Google+.

Specialized Sale #5 – Specialized Sales

Specialized sales invite imagination and creativity. You can think of lots of ways to inspire customers to visit your store or online site. It’s not hard; all you have to do is imagine what would tickle your customer’s fancy. For example they can get a big discount at Halloween time when they come in dressed in their costume.

Specialized sales are a great way to make sure your business and brand is well known. You’ll attract lots of customers to visit your store and if you’re smart, they’ll be coming back again to make other purchases. You don’t have to hand out free items on a daily basis and you can hold weekly offerings instead of daily ones so you don’t get hit with eager shoppers all at one time, unless you particularly want that to happen. For example every Monday morning the people that purchased over $50 can go into a drawing for a prize.

Your Turn…

If you are retail business owner such a gift shop owner and you have found some great incentives to increase foot traffic please share with our readers below.

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