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Insights On Mobile Marketing Trends

What are the new hot trends in mobile advertising and marketing?

Retailer’s wanting to increase their profits need to wake-up! Mobile marketing has not only arrived – it is starting to dominate online marketing. Consumer’s are letting retailers know their mobile marketing culture trends through their increasing wild reactions to frequent mobile usage? In this article, we’ll highlight some of the hottest trends and new possibilities with mobile marketing.
mobile marketing trends

Today’s hunters don’t carry bows and arrows, they carry their mobile devices for hunting hot deals. Consumers increasingly prefer using mobile devices to make informed decisions when hunting for deals on products and services. In the U.S., over 50% of consumers use Smartphones. Based on this number, many retailers are now focusing mainly on mobile marketing. Marketers are especially careful of timing when sending out their messages so they’re compatible with the device the consumer is using at that moment.

How Can You Blend Mobile Marketing With Social Media?

What is the most intimate type of technology a user has access to through social media? Most will agree that it is their mobile device. Therefore, social networking represents a humongous part of a mobile user’s time. Unlimited access via mobile is fertile ground for many advertisers to zero in on certain demographics when delivering products and services to consumers via strategies known as social targeting and retargeting. mobile marketing with social mediaAccording to comScore, 45% of all Facebook traffic and 55% of all Twitter traffic is mobile. With the help of network partners such as Facebook and Twitter, advertisers can significantly customize messaging by tracking social conversations related to a user’s location to target them.

Retargeting is where advertisers use the collaborative technology of Adelphic and BlueCava, for example, using linked devices to deliver ads based on a consumer’s registration data to track usage patterns. Since the attention span of consumers is extremely short, advertisers must make all of their content accessible across mobile web and through apps. They must also meet the consumer’s expectations and primary needs as well to create a successful marketing campaign.

Engaging consumers through the mobile marketing culture has motivated advertisers to focus on four main areas:

• QR codes

• Google Goggles

• Shazam

• Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

In the past six months, 63% of mobile marketing has come from QR codes. Consumers want automatic access to what’s important to them. QR codes make this possible, since they hold alphanumeric data and are very easy and practical to use for any sized business.

QR Codes And Their Influence On Mobile Marketing

qr codesWhen you capture a QR code with a camera-integrated phone, you can connect to electronic content on the web, trigger numerous phone functions, and link the device to a web browser to be immediately added to a company’s opt-in mailing list.

An app designed for the QR code reader that has made its mark worldwide is i-nigma that can virtually accommodate any type of camera phone. Facebook functions, such as Sharing and Liking, allows consumers to easily access URLs linked to new landing pages, which in turn enhances the effectiveness of SEO and SMO by encouraging more sharing between users.

The Future Of QR Codes

The next series of marketing barcodes will be capable of containing even more data–so much so that an Internet connection will not be required–all necessary data will be embedded in the code–soon making today’s technology outdated.

Are you using mobile marketing for your business? If so, share with us your latest marketing update ideas.


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