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Launch Yourself Into The World Of Blogging

Blogging has been around for quite some time. In fact some of the most visited online sources for fashion, tech and politics, among others, are blogs. Bloggers have not only transformed their popularity into increased number of clicks but also their blogs into a source of revenue. However, not everyone took this trend up when it was just a flourishing idea; some users have only begun using blogs to air their views. With time internet usage trends keep changing; here is a brief but smart guide for what you need to know about blogging in 2014.

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Blogging Is Personal, Yet A Responsibility:

Blogging as an idea in itself is a personal endeavor. However, it will not be so personal once you get down to the business side of it, or once you write on topics that by their very nature are not personal. A blog is not an exercise in writing but it is an excellent place to express your personal creativity but you cannot take advantage of the same excuse if you are writing on politics, or advising your followers on fashion. This makes it of paramount importance that you be careful with what you write because it might come back to haunt you someday. Also make a schedule as to when you will post new entries and when you will comment. Without consistency, you won’t get far.

Cost Factor And Job:

Host your blog on a blogging service provider like WordPress or Blogger for free and save money. You don’t need to get a domain in your name. Similarly, you need to do it, the blogging, as something you can do on the side, along with your day job or at least as long as you cannot afford to be a full time blogger. This will help you keep the bucks coming while you can get down to the nitty gritty of getting your blog growing up to become a massive attraction for followers.

Design, Content And Hired Hands:

Choose a design that suits the content that you want to base your blog on. Do not make it flashy or something unless that is what you want. You should try your hands only on the topics you are comfortable with. If you are okay with something, then you should take it head on; but if you are not, you should first cover all your bases before moving on to writing something about it. You can also hire someone to do the job as well. Just make sure that you oversee all the content that they create for your blog, for it is your blog after all.

Use Blogging Software And Services:

You should use blogging services and software to make the best out of your time. They not only help you create beautiful looking blogs but they will also help you finish your tasks in an organized and timely manner. Most blogging software have their mobile applications as well. Use them to post an entry if you are on the road. Also take full advantage of social media to promote your blog.

Interactive, Informative:

Focus on making your blog more interactive and informative. Long blog entries, or posts, are still read but with the arrival of blogging applications on the mobile devices, longer posts are losing their charm. Add images, graphics, audio, video, infographic and such to help your blog stand out among the rut. Also allow your followers to interact with you through comments and emails, provide links to your social networking profiles and invite them to participate in quizzes, surveys and such. This will keep your followers tied up to you blog for a long time


Make every effort to monetize your blog. Use Google’s various ad services and ads from other companies. You should also make sure that you do not take affiliates lightly. They prove handy when it comes to making some serious bucks of your blog.

What’s In, What’s Out:

Most of all you should always be careful about what you are writing on. Write on topics that are in and avoid the ones that are on the out. A fresh perspective on an old topic will also work but make sure that you have something unique and different to add to the already tried topic.

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guesst blogger racheal DaneRacheal Dane is a wordsmith who prides herself in her ability to sight a typo from miles away. Her passion has led her to become a professional blogger and her dedication towards mastering her craft has made her a respectable blogging expert. In private life, she is renowned for holding a fulfilling conversation on her own and you will never find her short of words.

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