How Can You Get More Recruits And Sales?

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How Can You Get More Recruits And Sales?

Be The Hunted Not The Hunter!

Most of us have been on someone’s list and were selected to receive endless phone calls, bullying, chasing and constant emails. Then they try to recruit you or sell to you when you weren’t even looking. Has this ever happened to you? You wanted to run and block the thought of them in any way possible!

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Well, today customers and recruits find YOU; you don’t chase them and force them, you attract them! Times have changed and you no longer make a list of people you know and go pressure them with full force to join you or buy from you. Social media does not mean that you go on the chat sites and pressure people until they block you! It also doesn’t mean that you announce on Facebook that this week you will take on 3 new people you will turn into millionaires in a week. There is nothing more annoying than a pushy salesperson using outdated sales techniques.

It is a competitive world out there and you need to compete with attraction optimization marketing online to win recruits and sales. If every place they search they find you or your company in a positive way, this is how they make their decision. Today with information at everyone’s finger tips they can sit back without any pressure and do their own research.

more recruitsHow Can You Become The Hunted Where Prospective Recruits Are Searching?

Place yourself in your prospects place. Go to your favorite search engine and type in the questions they may be asking. Consumers start their search on the Internet Googling for answers. Are you there? You should be located everywhere your prospects maybe looking. When they start to see you dominate a particular niche they are more likely to go to your website and check you out.  If information about you isn’t where they are looking they will go to the person that is.  This is being the rock star of the niche and how you appear to be an authority figure.

Take a look at this video below about how you get more recruits for your business?

When people are searching information they pay attention to the organic listings (which are free and usually stay for a long time). This the right location to have your information show up.  People consider organic listings the real information, not a paid advertisement. There is no need to look past page one, your prospects won’t!  With the correct keywords, links and videos you will attract them to your website.  When you build your marketing campaign think of it like a spider building their web of beliefs. You are building backlinks to attract prospects. This is done with off page SEO. Offpage SEO is a combination of all the things that can help you to rank your website in search engines and drive prospects to your website.

Why Should Prospects Pick You As Their Leader?

Search engine optimization is what is needed to display your leadership qualities, not pricey ads that convert your return on dollars spent into a return of pennies. Optimize your website with articles and videos that have keywords and links that will convert your targeted prospects with evidence that you are the leader they have been searching for. This entire process can be very time consuming in fact it’s a full time job in itself. This is necessary though to rank above your competition or you will be squashed like a bug.

It is best when recruits find you! When you get free traffic from interested prospects that are interested in your service or product you are becoming the hunted. It is too expensive not to get SEO assistance. Putting out costly ads every week is not cost effective. It is a much more efficient use of your time and money to investment in SEO or you could end up spending more than you should on wasteful “tricks” and resources that can’t help you. Become the hunted today and not the hunter.

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