10 WordPress Plugins For Social Media Marketers

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Short Introduction: Top ten WordPress plugins for social media marketers that can help in publishing their information on number of different social media platforms by customizing WordPress plugins.

10 WordPress Plugins For Social Media Marketers

10 WordPress Plugins For Social Media Marketers

Social media has captured the attention of all the marketers who want to promote their content on the Internet. That is because social media has completely revolutionized the marketing process by increasing the coverage of content on the different platforms for the users. Therefore, people commonly subscribe to popular platforms like Google+, Twitter and Facebook to find updates on the news and products they want to view online. We are providing information on the 10 WordPress plugins for social media marketers to make your marketing process easier so that you can publicize your content with the help of these tools.



1. Monarch —Membership Component For Elegant Themes

In a short period of time, Elegant Themes have made a great impression in the social media marketing of WordPress plugins, Monarch is one of their most popular social media marketing solutions. It allows the user to show the buttons for social media sharing in a floating bar and in a popup. The buttons can also be seen above and below content. For the viewer’s convenience they can be viewed at the bottom of each page. The buttons look amazing they can support more than twenty social media networks.



easy-share2. WordPress Plugins called Easy Social Share Buttons for $14

The Easy Social Share Buttons can be obtained from CodeCanyon for the price of $14; it is a feature-rich package that covers more than twenty social media networks. Our team has utilized the plugins for months on the company blog (before we switched to Monarch), and we greatly appreciate the broad range of icon collection it offered. If you are searching for the social media sharing plugins with number of configurations, Easy Social Share Buttons is suitable for you.


simple-share-buttons-wordpress-social-button3. Freeware Social Media Plugins Simple Share Buttons Adder

Simple Share Buttons Adder is a minimum plugin solution for WordPress that enables the end user to automatically incorporate social media buttons at the top and lower end of your content fields. It has number of different setting panels and consists of twelve icon sets, nineteen embedded templates, template settings utility, four button categories, nine counter categories, a short code developer and plenty of options.


social sharing4. Freeware Plugins From Social Sharing by Danny

Social Sharing from Danny is one of our design team’s top quality social media plugins for WordPress. It is a simple set of plugins that incorporate sharing buttons of Twitter, Facebook and Google+ at the end of content, pages and websites. The plugins consist of few fundamental options: You can alter the text label, mention your Twitter username, and select whether 16 pixel or 32 pixel picture icons are placed on your pages.


addthis-share-buttons5. Freeware Plugins By AddThis

AddThis offers number of social media sharing options and five of these tools are free to utilize by the customers and five are offered to those customers who upgrade their plugins to pro plan that sums up to $12 per month or $99 for one year. They also provide four tools that can be used to follow the traffic, two tools that can be used for marketing and eight content utilities.All the tools are adjusted on the AddThis web page. The customers need to install the plugins and activate the account from the website. Once this simple task is completed any adjustments you make to your AddThis account will be deployed on your website.


shareaholic6. Freeware Plugins From Shareaholic

Shareaholic is diversified free WordPress plugin that provides social media promoting buttons and related tools for content blocks.The plugin has excellent settings page from which you can manually adjust your sharing buttons specifically for above and below the text of your posts, websites and homepages. The plugins consists of eight unique categories. The customizer enables the individuals to select from the 4 themes and 7 headlines.


sharethis7. Freeware Plugins By ShareThis – Buttons For Sharing Media and Social Analytics Tools

ShareThis consists of top class social media information sharing plugins that provide 3 button tools, and offers a staggering one hundred and twenty media networks and utilities. Buttons can be incorporated above and below the content fields and there is an option for either floating bars or static bar that is specifically built to display the different buttons at the start of each page.


Floating-Social-Share-Bar-WordPress-Plugin8. Freeware Plugins From Floating Social Bar

If you want a top standard social media plugin then you should try Floating Social Bar that defines a top standard row of popular sharing buttons on the top of content posts, pages and websites. When the customer views the page the sharing bar remains static on the start of the page.


jetpack plugin9. Freeware Plugins By Jetpack

Jetpack has transformed into one the most up to date WordPress plugins in the market. It consists of thirty four utilities and numerous other tools that are being developed by the Automatic, the company that runs WordPress.com

The social media sharing utility is simple with a plenty of excellent features. It supports up to nine social media networks with the email and print buttons. You can show icons, content or icon and contents for standard sharing buttons. The buttons can be showed on the home page and archives. They can also be displayed on the search results, posts and web pages. You can fix them on your posts, pages and media. The label of shared content and username for Twitter can also be manually specified.


mashable social share10. Freeware Plugins From Mashshare

Developed from the specifications from news blog Mashable, Mashare is a popular top class media plugin. The free plugin supports Facebook and Twitter utilities and displays the top standard shares and reviews. The sharing bar can be deployed to display the shares on above or below the web content, with pages and other post categories.

The plugins also provide a subscription box that can be utilized to adjust the content that can be deployed from WordPress editor. There is also an option to join the subscribe button manually to a URL. The subscription box is an excellent feature of this plugin that enables Mashshare to stay ahead of competition.


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