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4 Benefits Of Social Bookmarking Sites

What Does Social Bookmarking Mean?

Before we discuss social bookmarking, we will discuss the more general and familiar terms “bookmarking” or “bookmarks”. If you are a serious Internet user then you know that bookmarks are an option in your Internet browser. What do you do with the bookmarks option? You can bookmark your favorite sites, sites that are beneficial for you, and sites relevant for your business. After bookmarking these sites you can open them later.

4 benefits social bookmarking

How Is Social Bookmarking Similar To Typical Bookmarking In Your Browser?

Social bookmarking sites are a place where you can save your favorite links of web pages, articles, videos, and any other kind of information that you want to share online. What makes it great is that you can go to another computer and then go online to retrieve your links, unlike if you just had it in your browser.

If you want to make money through Internet marketing then you should know how to use social bookmarking sites efficiently. These sites help you in various ways to promote your online business, brand, and website. There are number of social bookmarking sites available on the World Wide Web to help online marketers reach new readers. Some of the well-known social bookmarking sites are: Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reditt, and Pinterest.

tagging articlesThe concept of tagging and keywords comes from social bookmarking. Tagging became more popular after the launch of the site Delicious. You can use “tags” or keywords to categories your links instead of using folders. Tagging helps users search for what other users have bookmarked.


I have provided a few questions below; to answer questions related to social bookmarking:

• Do you want to be seen as a leader in your business?

• Do want to become a trusted source of information?

• Do you want to involve your customers in your co-creation?

• Do you want to become a trusted service provider in your industry?

• Do you want to grow your business as well as want to build new readers and clients?

• Do you want your business to be a well-known brand that ranks in the search engines?

Before Proceeding; Here Are 7 Steps To Help You Get Started With Social Bookmarking:

1.      Sign up on each social bookmarking site by providing your email id, password, and your website address if it is requested.

2.      Download buttons of social bookmarking sites.

3.      Create lists of your categories.

4.      Submit your URL links to the social bookmarking sites by filling out the description box, tags, and relevant keywords.

5.      Always submit quality content on these sites so that you won’t be labeled as a spammer.

6.      Make networking friends by asking other social bookmarking users to add your content in their category. Make sure the categories are the same. Add friends who have similar interests or niches. This will help you promote your lists that you bookmarked as well as your main website, and then you will be treated as an active user.

7.      Visit your top social bookmarking sites daily, which will help you to connect with more readers and bring more traffic to your site.

What Are 4 Benefits Of Social Bookmarking?

Benefit #1 – Search Engine Optimization

Social bookmarking acts as a supplement in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Social bookmarking helps you to get good Google page rank through building links and also it helps you to promote your website globally. Social bookmarking tells Google search engines that your content is good as indicated by the number of visitors that have visited your post; it totally depends on your use of keywords and fresh content. Digg, Folkd, Kwoff, and Pinterest are the major bookmarking sites where you can grab do-follow links.

Benefit #2 – Boosts Traffic To Your Website

Today there are as many websites and blogs appearing on the World Wide Web, as the same amount of visitors or readers growing. Social bookmarking sites are the best place for genuine readers, researchers, students, history writers, business owners, and more. Here they can easily find information related to their topics. What is also great is that you can add your complete website, single webpage, videos, or even your blog post.

The more active you are in social bookmarking; the more you will be considered an active user. This will help you get your website ranked to the top of the search engines. You can also encourage visitors to check your bookmarks by sending emails or you can share your bookmarks to social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter. If you have an abundance of visitors going to your site, obviously your visitors are using the sharing tools to share your bookmarking.

Benefit #3 – It Is A Useful Communication Tool

Your client may ask, “What do others say about your work?”. In this case, you can have them look at your social media reputation of your company. Give them links of your social networking and social bookmarking sites. Today social media is growing rapidly and no one can dispute the importance that social media is here to stay. People of all ages are using social media as a communication tool.

**Note: You must be an active user of social bookmarking sites and your bookmarks must have many comments to attract visitors.

Benefit #4 – Best Place For Article Marketing

Content is king for any kind of website and traffic can only be driven when your content is newsworthy, interesting and fresh. There is huge demand for content writers globally. For example a content writer who is looking for a job in article marketing can use social bookmarking by showcasing all the links of their work to show off their writing skills and talent.

For non-professional writers, when you are done with a blog post, social bookmarking sites are the next step. This increases the popularity of your articles and blog posts. If your articles become popular on social bookmarking sites you will have an increase of traffic to your site which could result in an increase of sales.

Do you use social bookmarking sites? Which sites are your favorites? Do you have any tips on social bookmarking that was not added on here?

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