7 Social Media Do’s & Don’ts For The New Year

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7 Social Media Do’s & Don’ts For The New Year

What are your business marketing goals for the New Year?

Does your social media need improving? Would you like to attract more likes and fans? For some businesses there are habits to improve on with social media. There are things that may repel you audience and irritate you fans. New Year’s is a great time for businesses to look over social media tactics, strategies, and goals. In this article we discuss 7 Do’s and Don’ts. Start the New Year off with good social media habits.
7 social media dos and donts for the new year

1-DO: Get A Fanpage For Your Business

like us on facebookGet a business fan page and have your banner reflect your brand. In the profile picture square part you can upload your logo. Get your brand looking its best! You can get an infinite amount of fans. Having a fan page is great for SEO as your page will get indexed by Google. People can also tag your brand when you have a page. In your advertisement you can put, “Like Us On Facebook”.

Don’t: Use Your Personal Facebook As A Fanpage

There isn’t anything more unprofessional and annoying than going to website that redirects their Facebook page to a personal page. You have to hope they are going to accept you as a friend. This make your businesses look unprofessional and not trust worthy. You will only be able to have 5,000 friends. If Facebook finds out you are running a business through your personal they can close your account!! Yes it is true.

2-DO: Post Everyday & Keep Active

post on facebookIt is important to stay active on social media. Post everyday to get your brand out there, increase website traffic, SEO, generate leads for your business and more. By keeping active people with think that your company has great customer service, they will know your still in business, and that your care about your brand. Be consistent and engaging. If you thinking that you have no clue on what to post check this article out: Facebook Fan Pages What To Post.

Don’t: Annoy Your Fans & Over Post

It is ok to post more than one post as your audience may be on social media at different times. Going overboard and posting ten times a day will annoy your followers and turn them off. Quality social media content is always better than quantity.

3-DO: Use Hashtags

use hashtagsUsing hashtags will help bring in new fans when used correctly, a great way to join in on trends and events. Be specific when using it. What is the post about? Use it for things that are trending, in the news, events, topic participation, etc. Think of keywords that you want to highlight so people can find your post or tweet. Need help on getting started with hashtag? Read the article, “Brand Exposure With Hashtags For Every Day Of The Week”.

Don’t: : Over Using Hashtags

Don’t make so many hashtags that you have more hashtags than words. It will make your post look desperate, harder to read, and dilute your message. #Hashtagging #Every #word #Is #not #only #annoying #but #a #turnoff.

4-DO: Pull Your Fans In With Fun Posts

Pull Your Fans In With Fun PostsPost things that are about your brand that are fun and engaging. Get more fans and a livelier page. Add questions to the audience when you can. Give value and tips in an entertaining way. It is ok to have sales and promotions but it should not be every post. Not sure what to post or don’t have the time? Hire a professional company that can do if for you such as St. Paul Marketing Team.

Don’t: Posting Too Much Promotion & Sales

People go on Facebook to relax and have fun. They are going to be irritated, annoyed, or bored if all you post is buy from us and buy now. Facebook is not a newspapers ad rather it is a place where you can interact with your customers. Your business is going to come on unprofessional if it is over the board of directly promoting products or services. It is like your are throwing up in peoples faces and no one wants that.

5-DO: Show That You Are Human

human or robotYour posts need to show emotion and that you are human with personality. This will increase your interaction and your fans will be more open to learning more about you. Post fun things and depending on your business you can show the staff, behind the scenes, and other things going on in your business or office.

Don’t: Act Like A Robot

Does you social media posts look like a robot posted it? Are you posting annoying promotional content and boring content? Look over what you are posting and put yourself in your fans shoes, “Would you like your posts”? Respond to posts when people comment.

make short and sweet

6-DO: Use Pictures & Short Sentences

Make post look appealing that readers will enjoy and click the like button on. Use picture when possible to highlight what you are talking about. Make your text short and fast to read. People are scanning through the news feed and you want to attract them.

Don’t: Too Much Text

Save your long posts for you blog. When people see your post in their news feed they will get turned off by a long paragraph. No one has time to read all that.

7-DO: Use One Call To Action Link

use call to actionWhen you want users to do something like read more, watch this, check this out, etc. use only one link. By using only one link the call to action will be simple and clear on what to do next.

Don’t: Post Multiple Links

Posting more than one call to action link will confuse readers. Which link should they click on? They might not take action at all with multiple links.

Back To You…

Are there other things you would add to the list of Do’s and Don’ts? How are you going to manage your social media efforts in 2016? What do other companies do wrong that you have noticed? We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about this topic just comment below.

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