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Facebook Fan Pages: What To Post?

Are you looking for ideas of what to post on your Facebook Fan page?

Did you know that not posting is costing you a fortune and your brand goes stale! Here’s the inside secrets of what to post.

Every business has its own brand and its needs are different. No matter what – always follow the 80/20 rule of fan page posting. This means that 80% or your posts should be non-marketing messages (posts that create interests by giving value, tips) and the other 20% can be posts that market, advertise or promote your business or brand. So this brings us back to the question on what kind of topics to post?

facebook fangpage what to post

Do you want to have more interaction and engagements with your posts going viral? Here are 16 posting tips you can use for you Facebook Fan Page which can be tailored to fit your businesses brand:

Posting Tip #1 - Images-Photos-Graphics

Take pictures of your new products or ones showing their usage. Be creative with services and show the end result if possible. Funny cartoons or pictures related to your product or service are great for capturing attention. People are on information overload and don’t have time to scroll and read. Pictures will grab their attention.

Posting Tip #2 - Videos

Videos can show demonstrations of your product or services to create desires for wanting your product or service.  By answering common or frequently asked questions on a video, you will appear as an authority in your niche. Video marketing is a great way to get the audience to know, like, and trust you.

Check out the 8 benefits of video marketing below:

Posting Tip #3 - Blog Posts

When you post an article from you blog on Facebook it can be a great tool to attract more prospects back to your website. Blogging can help your local business as it can drive traffic, raise your company’s brand, and make you look more credible.

Posting Tip #4 - Personal Stories

People are drawn like magnets to a personal story.  If you can use one involving your product or service, you will capture attention and create desire for your product or service.

Posting Tip #5 - Questions

question and answerDo you want people to leave a comment and interact with you? Ask your fans a question! Engage with them by answering the question and then end with another question to keep the conversation going.

Posting Tip #6 - Tips

Give your readers short tips with a graphic. This is great for capturing attention.

Posting Tip #7 - Create A Theme

Creating your post around a current event, holiday so your brand can capture more attention.

Posting Tip #8 - Business Updates

A great way to keep in touch with customers is with updates about your brand, niche, product, or service. It gives them a reason to revisit your page.

Posting Tip #9 - Special Deals

special offerBy creating deals around certain time lines will help move people into immediate action towards purchasing your product or service.

Posting Tip #10 - Testimonials

Post testimonials of your product or service. This makes your brand more credible to others.

Posting Tip #11 - Events

Informing people of the time, date, cost, location, and other important facts for an event captures their interest and moves them into action. It also creates belief that your fan page is a credible information source.

Posting Tip #12 - Fill In The Blank Status Updates

fill in the blank statusA great way to create engagement with your audience is to ask them to fill in the blank on status updates. When you get the audience to participate they will feel involved. The more involvement they feel, the more they will trust you.

Posting Tip #13 - Customer Of The Day Or Client Of The Day 

Having people compete for a title such as customer of the day/week/month or client of the day/week/month creates involvement as they get into action. Offering a small prize and updates about who is winning will create even more competition and involvement.

Posting Tip #14 - Links

By providing links to your other social media channels, fans can research more information about your business. Lead them to other areas of your marketing funnel.

Posting Tip #15 -  Cross Promote With Other Businesses

Look for opportunities where you can cross promote your business with another business. Their customers can be introduced to your brand and business.

Posting Tip #16 - Share Other Business Posts

By sharing posts from other businesses, their owners and employees will appreciate you and may help you in return by posting some of your business posts.

Back To You…

Do you have some ideas you think need to be added to our list of ideas to use for Facebook Fan Page postings? Leave them in the comments below and let’s brainstorm together!

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