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How To Attract A Following On Google+  

Do you have a need to advertise, but want to save money? If you have more time than money, here is a way to get free advertising using the combination of social media and Google. In this post we will discuss the advantages of free advertising by building followers through the social media of Google Plus.
how to attract a follwing google

How is Adding Friends On Google Plus Different From Facebook?

To have a friend on Facebook they have to agree to add you back. On Google Plus you can put anyone in your circle you want. They are notified that you have added them and they can decide if they want to add you back by following you and putting you in one of their circles. They can also notice you are socially endorsed in some way by others they are following. The only way they can see your post if you did not add them back, is if your posts are made public.

Why Do You Need Followers?

Who reads your posts on Google Plus? Your followers are people who have placed you in their circles. Once they have placed you in their circles, they will see what you are posting. If you are extremely interesting they will even go to your profile and see all your latest posts. This will lead them to find out more about you and they might go to your website.

You are limited to only 5,000 people you can put in your circles, but for those people that want to follow you the sky is the limit. Imagine you have a football stadium full of people for your following. Everything you post goes to the entire football stadium of followers. This is possible on Google Plus! On Facebook they figure out an algorithm that allows only a percentage of your friends to see what you post. numbers game

What Does “Advertising Is A Numbers Game,” Mean?

This means that out of all the people who see your posts, only a percentage will read it. Of that percentage, only a percentage will be interested, and so on and so on with a percentage of each level going to the next level. Finally, at the last level you have one person truly interested. This means that to get one sale or recruit from a posting, you need “X” many in the large group you started with.  This number “X” is probably equal to a football stadium full of people.

How Can You Attract A Football Stadium Full Of People?

football stadiumWhat is the fast track to attracting a football stadium full of followers? Multiplication. Yes, find followers who share your posts. Their friends will start to notice your posts and follow you. This will attract more followers who will attract other followers, who attract other followers, who attract other followers, and on and on until not only do you have a football stadium full of followers, you have gone viral.

Is There A Multiplication Button On Google+?

There are several multiplication buttons, but they are not labeled multiplication buttons.  Instead Google Plus has buttons labeled them:

+1 - This socially indicates and signals others that your post is worth reading – this is giving value to your post. As the post is reshared, the total pluses are added up by Google to signal to them that your post is worth so many pluses. This is similar to the “Like button” on Facebook.

Share – This socially indicates that people feel your post is even greater that just giving it a plus. It signals that they feel it is so great that everyone they have in their circles also needs to see it. This is giving value plus multiplication to your post.

Comment - This socially indicates that your post needs to be talked about. This encourages others to comment and interact their opinions about the post. This is a signal that other feel involved in the post enough that their comment has been added.

Keywords - This indicates to Google what your post is about. What keywords are in your posts? Make sure to add them if you want them to get found. They might not be searching right now, but when they do in the future, Google indexes the keywords in your posts.

Why Would You Want To Add Just Anyone And How Does That Help You Attract Them To Follow You Back?

The reason why you want to add just anyone is that the more people receiving your posts will attract more similar people to you. So go for your 5,000 as fast as you can. Next, as you find your targeted followers you can subtract some. However, you find quality through quantity. After you have added so many it is a process of elimination and categorizing the people into circles as you get to know them. You also attract by posting interesting posts and this large group giving you a variety of posts to plus, comment or share. This starts sending social signals as to what you like and stand for which will attract friends with similar interests.

Where Do You Find Your Core Group of Followers?

Here are 4 tips in finding followers:

Followers Tip #1- Communities

google plus communitiesDid you know where there is a quick way to find people that have similar interests on Google Plus? Communities are where people who have similar interests hang out and meet (similar to Facebook forums).  You can find people by location, vocation, hobbies, or beliefs by which communities they have selected to join. After joining communities that interest you, you can then see all the members within that community and add them to one of your circles. They are notified that you have added them and they are likely to add you back. An example would be Minnesota Business Networking For Business Owners. A great place to find other business owners in Minnesota. Bingo – you have attracted a follower.

Followers Tip #2- Engaging

Do you plus (+), share, or comment on other people’s posts? If not, how are they going to either know you are alive or that you are taking an interest in them? To attract friends you have to be willing to be a friend. This means you have to hit the +one button, comment, and share their posts. People know who shares, comments and pluses their posts! They will not only appreciate you sharing their posts, but will notice start to notice your posts. This will start the social media mutual admiration of helping each other attract followers by socially committing to giving you their plus (+), share or comment. Bingo – you have attracted a follower.

Followers Tip #3- Interesting Posts

When you look at your profile wall, what are your posts about? What do those posts say about you? What do they reflect about you, your interests, or your beliefs?  Do you look fun, interesting, or boring? If you have boring posts or are not posting at all (just lurking and reading other people’s posts without committing to pulsing (+), sharing, or commenting) people will be turned off and probably won’t add you. In fact, they probably won’t even notice that you exist. You need to look attractive by being active and engaging. You have to post things that attract others. Who do you know has the best posts? What makes them interesting? Do you ask your reader’s questions on your posts? When they comment do you engage by commenting back? People are going to follow people that have similar interests, are active, and post fun fresh subjects. Bingo – you have attracted a follower.

Followers Tip #4- Trendy Stuff

Do you ever post subjects that are trending? On the left side of the home page on Google+ scroll down to, “What’s Hot?”. This is where it displays what posts are presently trending on this social site. Why is this important? It is showing what is going viral and is making top news. For example, if there is an earthquake, holiday, or something newsworthy like a celebrity dying or having a baby, then chances are this is a subject that will be trending. This means that people are interested at this moment about this subject.

Where can you see what’s trending? Google+ has a list to show what is trendy. If you make a post that is on one of their trendy topics, your posts will come up when people do a search for that topic. This is where hashtags come in. Yes, hashtags are your surfboard to getting noticed and now you can get ready to ride the wave of trends.  Let’s say #fathersday is trending. You would find something to post about Father’s Day and then put in the hashtag #fathersday. Maybe you have some great recipes and pictures to put up with the recipes. When someone does a search for #fathersday or #fathersdayrecipes, your post would come up. They then notice your post and go on to look at your other posts. They may decide you are an interesting person they would like to keep track of so they add you to one of their circles. Bingo – you have attracted a follower.

Your Turn….

Do you have a large following on Google Plus? Do you have a way of attracting followers we didn’t mention? If so, comment below so our readers can learn your methods of attraction as well.

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