Is Google+ Collections The Next Pinterest?

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Is Google+ Collections The Next Pinterest?

Are You Using Google+ Collections For Your Business?

Could Google+ collection be the next new Pinterest? Do you want to get more views to your website, more fans, and show off your brand? Are you confused on what Google+ collections are? Do you need help on what collections to use for your business and how to use it? Google+ collections can go viral and the more people that share your stuff the more it will go to search engines and give your business a boost. If you need a guide on Google+ collections for business you are reading the correct article. In this article we will talk about 8 Google+ collection ideas.

google plus collections the next pinterest

What Are Google+ Collections?

How would it benefit your business? How will it impact your brand? Google+ launched a Pinterest-style board called collections. This new feature allows users to bookmark their pictures, photos, posts, videos by whatever topic, interest, or theme they choose. Collections are a great way to find related things and stuff on what you love based on the collections that are you following.

How Will Google+ Collections Benefit Your Brand?

Businesses and brands can now create a topic collection for users to follow. Each collection that you put up can be set to public, private, or to custom set of people.

Here are some other benefits:
•It makes it easier for followers to pick and choose their favorite topics
•Categorize updates by topic
•Show off your services and products
•Build a targeted audience
•Old posts are not lost

Will Collections Help My Business Ranking?

It is too early to tell just how the Google algorithm will be with collections. So why should you pay attention to collections or even do it then? Just like other Google products like Youtube things rank with Google. Your collections could also go viral if you get alot of shares and that will help to get your brand out there.

tips in your industry#1 Google+ Collection Idea: Tips In Your industry Or Niche

Do you share a lot of tips in your industry or niche? This is a great collection to do and have all your tips in one spot. You can always add more as you go. When people look at your collections it will make you look more like an expert in your field with tips.

#2 Google+ Collection Idea: Projects,Products, & Services

Is your business one where you can show things you have done with photos? Do you have a service you would like to show off? What about projects or products to show? Have a collection for each service that you offer. Add pictures as your business grows.

#3 Google+ Collection Idea: Blog Posts

Collections are a great way to showcase all your blogs post. Use a creative graphic that is eye catching with the title of the blog post. Give the link in the description.

#4 Google+ Collection Idea: Before & After Pictures

before and after of teethCollections are great way to show off your before and after pictures. If you are a dentist you can show before and then after of dental work. If you have a skin care line or makeup artist business you can show the drastic results. If you are an interior designer this would be a perfect way to showcase your talent and creativity. If your business is weight loss you can show how they look before and how wonderful the results are afterwards. Dog groomers and hair stylists can show off their talent with pictures.

#5 Google+ Collection Idea: Office & Staff Pictures

Let people get familiar with your staff by having pictures of them and pictures of the office. Maybe you have certain equipment that is important to show off. Show behind the scenes or what a daily day in the office is.

#6 Google+ Collection Idea: Videos To Drive Traffic

Do you have videos on Youtube about your business? You can make a collection of it now. Write a sentence or two to get them interested in it and a link to the video.

#7 Google+ Collection Idea: Events

woodbury expoShow off a business event, business fairs, parades, or trade shows. Take pictures of your booth. Was there anything fun there for kids or adults? Take pictures of that too. Show what the event was like as if they were there. Be creative and have fun by showing different aspects of the event.

#8 Google+ Collection Idea: Promotions, Sales, & Coupons

Do you have specials sales or promotions for your business? What about coupons? You can make a collection for the sale or promotion.

As you can see from the following 8 Google+ collection ideas the sky is the limit of what you can do.

Back To You…

Are you using Google+ collections and want to share other ideas that we did not discuss? Have you noticed any results using Google+ collections?

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