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Social Media SEO And Social Signals

What does social media have to do with ranking?

Is it time for SEO to move over? Presently social media has become an optimal way of business promotion and helps one rank on top of search engines. The same can be done through customer feedback and the process is better known as social signals. In this article we will discuss what social signals are, what is has to do with rankings, and the dos and don’ts of social media SEO.

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What Are Social Signals?

Have you ever seen a post that has a 1,000 likes and shares and is going viral? This is social signal that the post is important, newsworthy, giving value, funny, etc.

Social signals can be defined as views people have on social media platforms like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Etc. What the search engines are now counting and paying attention to is the activity going on with your posts and tweets. This means how many likes, shares, plus ones, retweets, etc your posts are getting. They are seeing if your social media is dead or alive. So if your posts overall have a lot of activity going on versus nothing, the search engines will take notice and rank you higher. Therefore, the brands that set up profiles and leave camp will not get ranked.

Is Your Brand A Social Authority?

Social signals indicate that the brand is being talked about by your consumers. Google views that your brand is popular and buzzing when it has more likes, retweets, pins, shares, etc. It is Iike they are voting and saying this brand is hot and must be noticed. This is important because the more popular your brand is on social media the more likely it is to rank on the search engines.

The Relevance Of Social Signals

Social signals are relevant for success of your business strategy as they reduce the bounce rate of your website and help create repeated site views. It is also worth mentioning here that social signals from one page can impact other pages within a given domain.

To use these social signals to your advantage, you have to follow certain rules of Do’s and Don’ts. Below are listed some of the relevant Do’s and Don’ts. Follow these rules to use social signals to your advantage.

Do: Post regularly On Social Media Sites

Are you posting regularly on Faceobok, Twitter, Google Plus, etc? Has your social media gone stale? It better to post every day instead of one day with an abundance amount of posts.  If your last post was newsworthy at the time it was posted, by the next week it would be old and stale news.  Everything needs to be fresh and current.

Posting regularly on social media is vital for success of your endeavor. If you do not find time for posting some new content on a regular basis, ensure that you repeat the posts; else you will risk losing potential customers.

Don’t: Post The Same Content On All Your Social Media Platforms

How many social media sites do you use? Are you using more than one? If you are using both Twitter and Facebook to promote your brand, make sure to use separate content for both the channels.

Using same content on both mediums is a key mistake that needs to be avoided at any cost; else you will lose valuable customers.


Do: Interact With Your Social Community

Are you interacting with people on your social sites and engaging? Interacting with your social community is vital. People who find time to tweet on your post or like your post deserve a considerate view from you. Acknowledging their effort will pave the way to your success.

Don’t: Be Selfish And Be All About You

People know who is selfish and who is giving. Just like you like to have your posts and tweets liked, commented on, and shared, you have to return the favor back. You can’t just post things and expect people to go crazy over your posts. Be more giving to your fans and followers and friends. Yes, that means you have to put in effort to hit the like button, plus one button, make a comment, and share.

Do: Hit The Like Button, Comment, And Share

Are you hitting the like button or plus one button on other’s posts? Are you commenting on other’s posts? Are you sharing other’s posts? Just like the law of karma –what goes around comes around. It is all about building relationships. Do you want your known as the person who is all about them or a brand who doesn’t care? No matter what social media site you are on make sure to give and not just take.

Do: Use Pictures As Much As Possible

Try to include pictures and graphics as often as possible. Pictures have more responses, likes, and shares. You are more likely to have communication immediately and this can increase business for you. 
For example notice how the pictures on this post helped hold your attention. However, one should avoid posting irrelevant pictures as the same can initiate a negative result and your potential clients can even think about shifting their loyalties.

Do: Be Active On Weekends 

Are you active on the weekends in your social media sites? Most people who participate on social media websites are the most active on weekends. Tap this potential market and create a positive vibe with them. Your initiatives will definitely get noticed and appreciated.

However, ensure that you neither use nor encourage bad language. This can create a negative impression about your endeavors and can discourage your potential clients.

Creating social signals from social media SEO is not a tough task. If you paid attention to the above listed rules, you will notice that people will start identifying with your brand.

Your Turn…

Have you created social signals that have brought you success? If so, share with our audience below so we can learn from each other.

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