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Top 6 Most Effective SMM Strategies

What Does SMM Mean?

SMM means Social Media Marketing. It involves using social media as your primary dissemination device for your marketing message. This is easier than it appears! You may set up a profile on almost any network and start posting your messages right away. Have you ever posted up things on your fan page and didn’t get many comments? Not much is happening except relatives commenting or sharing. It can be hard to get people to look at what you have written, and then engage with it to the point where they take some sort of action.

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How can you create SMM buzz? How can you push your brand out more? How do you get your business noticed more? Do people share your posts, tweets, video etc.? In this article we will discuss 6 top strategies you can use to reel people into social media, how to get them to share your posts, and keep rechecking your fan page.

SMM Strategy #1 – The Viral Funny Picture

Do you use funny pictures on social media? Some of the most successful marketing campaigns on social media have come off of the back of a funny picture that has gone viral. Samsung tried to take this idea and run with it by using the image of the crazy girl looking at you from her room. What they did not count on was hundreds of people removing the Samsung caption from the bottom and putting their own caption on it. Now the image is still running riot on social media, with lots of different captions, but sadly, few people know it all started with Samsung.

SMM Strategy #2 – The Tease And The Countdown Method

Have you ever used a countdown to pull people in? What is a countdown?  A countdown is when you post something with a time deadline and keep updating on how it is going. The Big Brother TV series used this method when they first started. They didn’t really tell people what all the fuss was about, but they did give you a timer that counted down to when the big event would happen. You can try a similar trick on social media.

The trick is to get people wondering what the fuss is about. Some people will resent you for the cheap marketing trick you are pulling, but they will still engage with your marketing, even though they do not want to. The countdown will also give you the perfect excuse to post on your social media pages every day without it looking like you are over promoting your event.

The good thing is that people will start to check your website to see if you are giving any clues as to what the countdown is for. It is a cheap trick, but still gets you attention on social media.

Having a contest also works great. Think of a theme, a prize, and what do they have to do to get it. Then you keep posting motivational posts as time is running out.

SMM Strategy #3 – Having Celebrities Mention Your Products

Do not make the mistake that Google made! They had Oprah Winfrey tweet about how she bought ten of their surface devices to give away as presents, but at the bottom of her tweet it showed the device she had tweeted it from an iPad.

Google cleverly has celebrities on Twitter promote their goods, because celebrities on Twitter will sometimes do better than on Facebook (which is the bigger network). Celebrities are usually loaded with thousands upon thousands of followers, all of whom are going to receive that marketing message when it arrives. They are basically handing you a massive audience, through which you may use their fans adoration to your benefit. The only problem is in convincing the celebrity to tweet the message you desire. Try smaller and local celebrities if you do not want to end up paying  thousands of dollars. Local community or business niche celebrities are more affordable if they can blend in right with the message.

SMM Strategy #4 – Bare-face Lies in The Face Of Overwhelming Contrary Evidence

Take the campaign that claims people are becoming ill or developing autism from childhood vaccinations. This campaign has been running so long that people still believe it and defend it. If it were true then the 313.9 million people in America would be affected, but they are not. Contrast this to India where getting childhood vaccinations are difficult, if not possible at all. They have 14,475 deaths per day (2012) and 69% are from infectious disease. Social media campaigns about childhood vaccination risks are still running on social media today. So, if you want the most effective and longest lasting social media campaign–just lie.

SMM Strategy #5 – Blanket Social Media Coverage

This is simply a case of putting your message out there and doing it with a massive effort. It works better if you synchronize your efforts across all of the social media sites. This is going to mean that you plan and pre-manufacture all of your social media posts. Then, when the time is right, you post them all at once. This creates a blanket social media coverage that is very hard to miss. You may even post again the day after, almost as if to amplify the message you gave the day before. This is can be a great idea if you have created a 48 hour offer. Think about holidays and special events.

SMM Strategy #6 – Use Hashtags

Hashbrowns did you say? No, hashtags. Using the symbol # after a keyword.

Hashtags are a great way for people to find your brand and create more likes. Whether you use Twitter, Facebook, or GooglePlus use hashtags in your posts for things you know people are going to search for. What services or products do you have? Each product or service you can give a tip or value followed by a hashtag so people can find it. Checkout the article, “The Hashtag Competition Is Now On” for other ways to use hashtags.

Back To You…

Have you found a SMM strategy that has worked well for you? If so, please share your strategy below with our audience.

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