5 Great SEO Tips That Will Rapidly Boost Your Ecommerce Sites

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5 Great SEO Tips That Will Rapidly Boost Your Ecommerce Sites

Are You Linked To The Internet World Such As Articles, Blogging, Etc.?

Then you are likely to have come across our dear friend “SEO”! Well, Search Engine Optimization is something, that pretty much everyone is going crazy about. Those who work in the corporate world, educational sector, social work sphere, or people who do blogging for fun only; all must battle with the search engine optimization!

5 great seo tips

What Is SEO Or Search Engine Optimization?

Well, I like to go by the literal translation of the term: Search Engine Optimization refers to strategies that are applied to optimize a web-page for search engines, so the search spiders would pick them up more often. When you optimize your website or a page with SEO techniques, you are actually increasing the likelihood of attracting the search spiders to crawl more often at your page. After all how can you sell anything off your website if customers can’t find you? The more traffic you get to your website the more chances are the customers will buy.

What Are The Top SEO Tips That Can Boost Your Website?

Well this article explores the top five SEO tips that may come handy for those, who are running an e-commerce website. However, others may also apply most of these tips (with a bit of modification wherever and, if, necessary). Now, without further ado, let’s talk about the top 5 tips for SEO work:

SEO Tip #1- Update Title Pages Dynamically

Using the right keyword in Title tag may bring a huge difference in the search engine rankings for your website or page. For instance, if your website has title tags that look something like this: Europe Marketing, Europe Website Designing, Europe SEO Consultation, and your website is not getting a good ranking, you need some alterations. You may change the tag sequence to something like this: Europe Marketing, Europe SEO Consultation. Try building a script, so you have the exact log of the hits that a particular keyword brings to your website.

SEO Tip #2- Make Use Of The Active Window

Most users would not pay much attention to the navigational section of your website. A lot of people desire to find their answers at the content section of your website or the active window of your web-page. So, try inserting links within the content. Avoid leaving links at the footer because, it gets least attention (if any at all). A user is more likely to click on a link that is within the content they are reading than the sidebar, header, or footer.

SEO Tip #3- Link Up The Products Page Directly From The Home Page

Are your product pages deep within your link structure? This is a common theme made by many ecommerce sites that are not ranking. It is more beneficial to place a link near your home page. The more distance you bring in between a web-page and the home-page, the least domain authority it will receive. Make sure that you practice ‘deep linking’ strategies, so your products page links directly to your website home page. You can also add related posts in your blog articles and link them with anchor text. Instead of saying “click here” use keywords in the article that will link to other posts you have. This will make it easier for customers to find your products and for search engines.

SEO Tip #4- Get User Reviews And Guarantees For Your E-Commerce Website

This is a hard task, however, once accomplished it can mean the difference in enhancing the reputation of your website. Content by users, such as, testimonials, product reviews, comments etc., matter a lot. Get genuine testimonials of satisfied customers. You can place a picture of them or a video to show that they are real people. It is more believable to have a video or pictures otherwise people may think you are making it up. Have you ever been to a website that says Jennifer M. from Minnesota likes this? Well who is this Jennifer? It sounds made up and not authentic.

SEO Tip #5- Make Sections And Link Them Up

Try making several sections or categories in your products page and then link them all together, somehow. This strategy is useful in passing Page Ranking to most of your web-pages.

By following the above mentioned 5 SEO tips, your website would surely increase on its ratings in the search engines.

Do you have other tips or ideas that will rapidly boost your ecommerce sites? Do you have any suggestions that worked for you? Leave a comment below and share them with other readers.

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