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Guest Post: An Article On Steroids

Should you accept guest posts or write guest posts for others?

Could guest posts be your ticket to earning big traffic and monthly revenues?  Yes!  Guest blogging is a great way to help grow your business. It is a free traffic strategy or an SEO backlink strategy at most. In this post we will discuss: What guest posting is, how it works, and why you want guest posts.
article on steriods

Search engines have changed their algorithms in a manner where content on your page is important. When you write meaningful subject matter that readers find relevant enough to share with their fellow peers, you rise in the new search engine results Page (SERP). It’s all about giving value.

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posts are articles submitted by non-members of a website or blog. It is another form of article marketing. What it is, is actually going directly to important websites with higher Page Rank and placing your guest post on there. When you write for a guest post you put links that go back to your blog or website. This provides backlinks back to your website or blog.

Most blogging sites that have guest bloggers allow backlinks in the author’s bio. This ensures that this writer is real and also provides a way to pay back the guest blogger with a link or links.

You can view guest posting as article marketing on steroids!

How Does It Work And What Are The Steps Involved?

You contact the owners of blogs and websites that are within your niche. Offer them an original article full of content and value in exchange for a link back to your website or blog. Towards the end of your post, ask a specific question of the reader and encourage them to reply with their answer. Then, after the post goes live, respond to each and every comment made on your post. Often you can build real connections via the comments and with blog owners as a result of a few posts.

What To Look For When Searching For A Site To Post On:

• A blog that is in the same niche

• Industry leaders

• Make sure their blog is of great quality

• Look for a high Page Rank

• Check to see they have social share buttons

• A place at the end to put your bio

Why Put The Effort Into Guest Posting?

Guest posting is a great way to build relationships with other business and blog owners in your market. When you focus on building strong relationships and helping others grow their business, you’ll gain more than just a single backlink or blog post could get you. This is where the real leverage is at.

Why Guest Posting Is Beneficial?


1. Traffic – SEO And Link Juice

link juiceGuest posts can bring lots of direct traffic to your website or blog.Other websites within your market are going to be linking to your website, often with the anchor text of your choice! Search bots love sites that have authentic information to offer especially if they can’t find it anywhere else. One of the many criteria for search engines is the quality of links that points towards a website also know as a backlink or off page links. Why is this important to you? This is important because the more links you have from relevant websites, the greater your chance is to reach the top ten on the search results page. By guest posting on websites that are related to or are similar to your website you are increasing the level of ranking via quality backlinks.

2. Establish Authority

How does a having a well written articles full of values and tips establishes you as a leader? When you submit a post not only is it important for search bots but also humans. They will read your article when you provide solutions to their answers. They want the gossip and the juice. You will be exposed to readers of a niche category who are looking for information, solutions, and answers. They are more likely to follow you if you write quality articles, and this establishes you as an authority.

3. Building Strong Relationships

Ever been to a blog that has the most boring topic or not even good English and yet has a lot of comments? This is because they have established relationships with other bloggers and these bloggers are helping them back by commenting. So you don’t have to have the greatest content to have a lot of comments or traffic.

If you comment and tweet out their blog posts and hit the LIKE button on Facebook or +1 on Google+, they are more likely to reciprocate back to you. Guest blogging can amp up the relationship. How you may ask? If you have good relationship with your fellow bloggers and their readers then they will keep coming to your blog regularly. They may even subscribe to your email list and whenever you publish your latest blog post they will comment on it. If they share your latest blog post on their social media sites it will help bring your site more brand awareness and boost traffic. They can even refer advertisers to your site or write a blog post back for your site.

4. Branding

Guest posting is a great way to get your blog or business out there to let people know that you exist and for them to find you. How will people know your website exists if you don’t plant seeds? Every time you write a guest post for another site it plants a seed so, people know you exist. This gets your ideas out there and this is a great way to share it with readers who are interested in your article. Writing about your niche helps to establish your brand. Look for blogs and website that allow their guest posters to have the author’s picture in their bio. The St. Paul Marketing Team believes in branding and at the end of all our guest posts we also allow the links and social sites to help brand the author’s website or blog.

Why Would You Want Guest Bloggers On Your Site?

So it might sound scary to have guest bloggers, but look at all the benefits:

• Links to your site.

• It drives their fans and readers to your site.

• It is a cost free article.

• It gives you a break from having to write an article.

• It increases your relationship with the guest blogger.

• It provides fresh content with a new style.

• The author is likely to share it on social sites.

Guest blogging is definitely is a great way to grow your business online, not only from a purely traffic and conversion perspective, but also from a long term partnership perspective. The more successful the website is, the more traffic you will be able to generate to your own website, but this in turn requires you to provide very high quality articles in order to succeed.

Back To You….

If you have had interesting experiences with guest blogging which has increased your exposure or have been a guest blogger that gained exposure, we would like to share your experience with our audience. Please comment below.

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