6 Reasons Why Video Enhances Your Brand

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6 Reasons Why Video Enhances Your Brand

Are you using videos to help brand your business?

Have you thought of using videos for your marketing but never got around to it? Are you wondering why you should use videos in your marketing plan? Is it really worth all that effort? We are the modern times of when people do their own research and Google. Wouldn’t it be nice if you grabbed their attention when they were Googling? In this article we will discuss the 6 reasons why video enhances your brand.

6 Reasons Why Video Enhances Your Brand

What Are The 6 Reasons Video Enhances Your Brand?

Benefit #1 – Know, Like, & Trust

Videos help you get more exposure for your business. The more they can see you the more they are to know, like, and trust you. If you have videos that are educational and answering questions that people are Googling or sharing tips you will start to look like the expert. Educational videos can help others to like and trust your brand.

seoBenefit #2 – SEO

Is you brand visible? Do people know that your business exists?
When you have videos on Youtube and other sites you can put a link back to your website or blog articles and get more traffic. The more traffic to your site the more your business can be found. Google also ranks pages that have videos on it. This can give your blog article a boost and more likely seen in Google.

Benefit #3 – Brand Values

Using video can help communicate your brand values. People see a face and a voice and engage with you. Video is visual and evokes emotions into people. Customers are more likely to see themselves in your brand.

Benefit #4 – Gives Your Brand A Voice

What you communicate through video gives your brand a voice. Whether it is a voice over animation or someone talking it brings emotion to the message of what you are trying to communicate.

videos can go viralBenefit #5 – Sharable & Viral

If you make a great video your fans will share it. If it is outstanding, unique, funny, others may think the same thing too and then your video could go viral. If you had thousands of shares or even millions just think of how that would get your brand message out there.

Benefit #6 – Brand Identity

Bring your brand to life with video. You can have an animated logo at the beginning or a fun intro. Your style will communicated throughout your videos.Videos can make your brand have personality and people can follow your brand because of that. The stories you tell and things you say all make up your brand.

After reading all the 6 benefits isn’t it time to jump in and start a video marketing campaign for your business? Do you want to incorporate videos into your marketing and don’t know where to start? St. Paul Marketing Team can come up with videos for your brand within your budget.

Back To You…

What is holding you back from doing videos? If you reading this and are already doing video marketing what other comments would you like to add for our readers. Feel free to comment below and like and share to other sites.

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