Why Should Your Business Use Videos For Marketing?

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Why Should Your Business Use Videos For Marketing?

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is simply using videos to market yourself, business, products, brand or services. It is the cross of traditional Internet marketing and digital video. It is the quickest and most effective method to get people excited or interested in your business, product or service.  It can help any business make a bigger impact and impression. It allows people to see what you are promoting and gives recognition to both your brand and authority. Videos motivate your viewers into taking action, watch a demonstration of a product or give authoritative value to what you say. Video marketing establishes and defines your brand. Your viewers will get to know, like and trust you before ever meeting you in person or visiting your business.

Video Marketing For Business

How Can Videos Differentiate You From Your Competitors?

If you have a local business, video marketing is a great way to “Stand out of the crowd” from your competitors.  It is easy to wow your customers and prospects when you send them a video or have them find your videos when searching.  Videos stimulate viewers in ways that are impossible with just text or a picture.  When people search on the Internet on their computer or smart phone, videos show up in the search results. For example if your back hurts and you want to look up for example a chiropractor nearby in Woodbury, MN. Videos show up in the search results which is the organic traffic.Prospects can check out your business and compare it with others in the same niche before meeting. For the most part, people like to do business with people they know, like and trust.  Video marketing engages the viewer’s senses. Video allows your message, brand and personality into the consumer’s online experience, influencing their buying decisions. When prospects feel they know you, like you, recognize your brand, they feel they trust you. The result is an increase in sales!

Click On The video Below to check out the top 8 benefits of video marketing for your business:

How Do Videos Increase Traffic To Your Blog or Website?

The most common distribution method used in marketing videos is to upload them to either YouTube or DailyMotion and then link the video to your website or blog.

By having your videos submitted to other sites, you can create an SEO benefit with back-links to your site. YouTube and other video sites show up in search results. The higher your video is ranked, the more likely your site is to increase in rank which gives you more free organic traffic. When you optimize your video with keyword titles, descriptions it increases your site rankings on a blog, website or landing page.

How Do You Take The Hassle Out Doing Videos?

Do you want to implement some of the ideas of with videos but need assistance in doing so?  No problem, we can “do it for you” at the St. Paul Marketing Team We take the worry out of taking the videos, editing and submitting them to sites. This leverages your time to do what you do best, run your business. We only take one business per niche so contact us today before your competitor does!

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