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Life Saving Writing Skills Of An Entrepreneur

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Life Saving Writing Skills Of An Entrepreneur

Good Copywriting Is One Of The Most Essential Skills Of An Entrepreneur.

life saving writing skills

A legendary ad man, John E. Kennedy, coined the phrase “Advertising Is Salesmanship In Print”. This directly translates to the online world whether you are placing ads, sending emails, or writing article headlines.

Just about everything you do in your business, that touches a potential or existing customer, requires compelling copywriting. You can spend money on email campaigns, Google or Facebook ads, and other marketing activities, but without the correct verbiage, there is a good chance that you’ll just throw your money away, or waste a lot of time and energy with no results.

There are many approaches, and many marketing strategies that require essential writing skills. Today I will highlight tips for things like email subject lines, blog headlines (or articles), and ad content.

You Need An Approach

Try to think of ways to compel your audience, or persuade your readers to click on your ad, or open your email. How can you stand out? How can you look different?

Consider what direction you want to take before you start writing. Will you ask a question that makes your reader think about an answer? Will you make them curious, or perhaps write something controversial?

Take a look at four approaches for how you can get attention, and make people stop and click.

1. Make Them Curious

Write like you are having a conversation with your friends. If curious enough, they will want to get more info. By being a touch outrageous, you look different from other businesses. If they are curious enough, they will click.


“Beware They Don’t Trick You This Time”

Your audience thinks: Who is going to trick me? What was I tricked by before?

2. Ask Compelling Questions

If your reader ponders your question, you will have connected with them, grabbed their attention.

Great subjects are things that can burden someone’s thoughts. It’s great if your reader thinks about your question for a moment to find their own answer. It means they are not clicking away to somewhere else.


“Our Economy Continues to Decline. Ready for What’s Coming?”

Your audience thinks: Will I be okay? Am I ready for the next challenge? What’s next that I need to be aware of?

3. Being Controversial

Often the best direction, and most effective, is building drama or creating controversy. Like being drawn to watching a fight, people are fascinated with a controversial situation.

The National Enquirer has a line up of high-paid copywriters waiting to get hired. Their business model is entirely about creating controversy and dramatic stories. It must be working. Since the 2008 economic crash, they are one of the few national newspapers left in business.


“Flu Cure No One Wants to Share”

Your audience thinks: I had the flu. It sucked! Why wouldn’t anybody want to help?

4. Have You Qualified?

Get your audience to act upon your subject by using numbers, a countdown clock or calendar. Create a sense of urgency. Give them a time limit. Say there are only so many that qualify, etc.


“Will You Be One of 11 People to Qualify by Friday?”

Your audience thinks: I can qualify for anything. If it’s limited, I’m still sure I can get in. I better act now before the deadline.

Essential Writing Skills Of An Entrepreneur

When you look at other people doing the same thing as you, you’ll sound just like them. Instead, try to stand out using the tips I’ve provided. Also, make sure you are attracting customers that are right for your business.

Look to other industries for copywriting ideas and styles. Follow the experts and model what they are doing. Be a constant student of the art.

Whether you are a small business owner, a home business owner, or someone looking to leave a job and start something new, you need to continually develop the essential writing skills of an entrepreneur.

About Our Guest Blogger Bonnie Chomica:

guest blogger Bonnie ChomicaBonnie Chomica is a survivor of corporate servitude. Laid off three times in 10 years, Bonnie took control of her earning potential and moved her marketing career online. She now helps others escape the uncertainty of their jobs and coaches them to become successful Internet entrepreneurs. Bonnie is a strong leader, sharing insights into entrepreneurial mindset, marketing strategies, and the secret world of online marketing.

Connect with Bonnie at Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, My Website, and My Blog.

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Top 4 Facebook Fanpage Timeline Complaints & What You Can Do To Improve Your Experience!

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Top 4 Facebook Fanpage Timeline Complaints & What You Can Do

To Improve Your Experience!

It has been just over a week since Facebook rolled out significant changes to

business timelines for every user who operates a business fanpage.

There has been no shortage of opinions flying every whichway on the web. Some people love the new Timelines and others are quite vocal about their distaste for the new rules, the new look, and the new feel.

top 4 facebook fanpage timeline

I recently shared an in-depth look into the latest Facebook fanpage changes which I’d like to share called, “BIG Facebook Timeline Changes to Business Fanpages – What you NEED to know!”

facebook fanpage changesI have found that the best cure for struggling is understanding and knowledge that may be applied. Today, I’d like to share some of the top challenges that I have been hearing people struggle with, as well as some actionable suggestions to help you get past these hiccups if  you are also struggling with them yourself.

Let’s address the top complaints about the new Facebook Timelines so that we can be proactive and constructive about how we use our new fanpages!

#1 Facebook Fanpage Gripe: It’s Mandatory

Let us remember that Facebook is free to all. Since Facebook is absolutely FREE to everyone, we should align our expectations of it. Expect to see ads targeted towards your demographic. Expect that Facebook reserves every right to change as it sees fit. This is simply how the world works!

I have witnessed a number of people taking a “but the customer is always right” assumption about Facebook.

I hate to rain on the parade, but that philosophy is not the end-all determining factor in a world that moves as quickly as the tech world, especially as it pertains to Facebook.

Cat Suggests

Keep in mind that Facebook is making markets and then moving them. The motto of Facebook is “move fast and break stuff.” If you can keep this in mind, you will see that Facebook isn’t taking time to ask what end users want. They have moved so far past having to ask questions like this because of how they deliver and analyze mass amounts of data. It is the data that provides everything these visionaries need and want before they make determinations as to how and when they make changes to our favourite social media site!

Remember that Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg has made BILLIONS of dollars in record time by offering his social media brainchild to the masses. If you want to keep up with the Titans in the industry, learn how they work and adapt your game so you can keep up and thrive in the environment!

#2 Facebook Fanpage Timeline Update Complaint: I’m not sure I even understand what the Timeline is yet…

This is a valid point where many are stuck.

If you listened to Mark Zuckerberg deliver his speech about what Timeline is (see here from ABC News) and you’re still confused, my recommendation is to visit the aforementioned post which details the changes to business fanpages due to the migration to Timeline here.

Cat Suggests

Remember that Timeline is simply a new way of expressing all the things that make each individual’s Facebook fanpage unique and exciting. It’s a collection of visual media, relevant applications, and a new way to share information across Facebook and the rest of the web. Timeline creates an opportunity for you to reach the planet in a way that is most visually stunning and effective!

#3 Facebook Fanpage Timeline Complaint: This is going to take up too much time to “get right!”

Anything in life which is new and worthwhile will surely create a bit of a learning-curve for the user, this is true. Having said that, making the seamless switch to Timeline does not  have to be an arduous task! In fact, I made the full transition to my own business Timeline fanpage in under 20 minutes – and I really took my time on it!

Cat Suggests

Carve out a small window of time for yourself to sit down with your new business fanpage so that you may acquaint yourself with the new features. I’m sure you will find that the new interface is extremely user-friendly and that it provides us with a logical and simplified way to understand what is happening within your business fanpage and how your fans are interacting with it!

#4 Facebook Fanpage Timeline Update Complaint: TMI!! (Too Much Information!!)

Now, I have heard this one come up quite a bit lately. I can certainly understand the concerns here if we were strictly speaking of personal Facebook pages (all though there are a number of ways to protect one’s private information on Facebook). However, we are discussing the business fanpages which have migrated over to Timeline.

The operative word in the last sentence was “business” (if you didn’t catch this).

Fanpages on Facebook are here for businesses. One may argue that if a business is truly in business that their doors must be open to the public. For this reason, I have seen no reasonable issues whatsoever in the transparency which Facebook Timeline serves to the world in fanpages. This is, in my opinion, one of the better aspects of Timeline: transparency.

Cat Suggests

Remember that each tool has context(s) for which they should be used. You wouldn’t use a screwdriver for a hammer’s job.

Facebook fanpages are designed to provide optimized means for you to communicate your value to your audiences and this is exactly what they do brilliantly. If you do not want specific data to be shared with the billions of potential engaging eyeballs that may grace your pages, simply do not share that information.

In summation…

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Facebook Timeline offers business owners the chance to maximize their visibility and reach to consumers and enthusiasts around the world. Consider a healthy approach to this opportunity by first allowing yourself the chance to get to know some of the nuances which Facebook Timeline offers. And again, if you haven’t yet done so, read “BIG Facebook Timeline Changes to Business Fanpages – What you NEED to know!

Always remember that there is only ever one guarantee in life and that is change. When we know and anticipate this, we are in the headspace to learn, adapt, and grow! I encourage you to embark upon your Facebook Timeline transition with a diligent approach and the intent to capture attention and engage with your audience!

About Our Guest Blogger Catherine “Cat” Alexandra:

guest blogger catherine alexandra

Cat Alexandra is a dynamic and quirky lady, who started her relationship marketing pursuits in 1997 as a “broke as a joke” college kid in Houston, TX hustling to make the rent. Since then, she’s mastered the skillsets that made her a full timer in the online network marketing business, as well as principal investor of a private equity firm. She is a mover, a shaker, and adoer who is committed to helping the 85% of folks who are sick of their indentured servitude and are ready to become the success stories that most people only dream about! Aside from marketing, Cat holds interests in energy work and is a QiGong practitioner, an animal advocate (working actively with rescues in her metro area), spirituality, researching the origins of the world’s holy texts, and alternative news from great sources like Red Ice Radio and Project Camelot . Cat is passionate about her human duty to be a good steward while she’s here, so every day is a productive one spent helping others as much as possible!

Learn more from Cat at her Internet Marketing Success blog here:

Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook Fanpage, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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Social Media Marketing-Building Relationships to Grow Your Business

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Social Media Marketing-Building Relationships to Grow Your Business

If you aren’t using Social Media Marketing to build your business, I can almost guarantee your competition is!

Now, the key is to understand how to use this method of marketing to build your business effectively. In this short article, I want to highlight a few key points on how to use social media marketing effectively so that you can leverage your time and marketing budget wisely.
SocialMedia Growing

First and foremost, Social Media Marketing is all about building relationships and providing value to your audience. You want to under-promise and over-deliver to your clients and customers by attracting them to your business so that not only will they purchase from you, but they will see you as the “go-to” person that will provide them with what they need and refer others to you.

Key Points:

• Know what your market wants. Provide them with surveys so that they can tell you what their needs are.

• Interact with your target market. When you know what they need, offer a few solutions and see which one(s) they are most likely to invest in.

• All of your Social Media Marketing should be congruent. Your message and theme should always speak to the needs of your target market and provide a solution that will lead them to their desired outcome.

• Create a follow-up system. Make sure that every person you connect with gives you permission to keep them “in the loop” and be sure to update them regularly.

• Find social networks where your target market “hangs out” such as Facebook groups, forum or market-specific social networks.

• Speak their “lingo” and as often as possible, use your market’s exact words when engaging in dialogue (online or offline).

• Always give VALUE! Under-promise and over-deliver. Don’t be afraid to offer freebies or low-cost products of high value to get people to walk through the “front door.”

Keep in mind that these methods work whether you are in an online community, or offline at a networking event. Even if your business is 100% online, these marketing methods will work offline and vice-versa. Most of all don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone; just master one method before adding another method to your marketing efforts.

One of the most common mistakes people make in Social Media Marketing is turning into a non-stop infomercial. People don’t typically like commercials and your marketing should be about providing value than selling something. As you get to know your target market, you can speak to them in a way that will encourage them to buy without you having to sell them anything. Remember Social Media is all about being social. Just be natural in your messages and speak to your clients, customers and business associates in a way that they can relate to. In turn, they will come to you for solutions and you will be ready to help them achieve their desired outcome. It is a win-win for you and your customers.

About Our Guest Blogger Joy Marino:

guest blogger joy marino

Joy Marino has been involved in Social Media Marketing for over 10 years. Her primary business is in helping Mompreneurs to write their own rules to reach their full potential as both great moms and successful business owners.

Connect with me on my Personal Blog.

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Network Marketing Is An Amazing Industry!

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Network Marketing Is An Amazing Industry!

The rewards are on multiple levels and Network Marketing in particular can be very lucrative.

As a result, it is very appealing to a lot of people who are seeing or hearing of people in the industry making 6,7 and even 8 figure sums.

network marketing amazing industry

Therefore a lot of people are working at it, and that means a lot of people doing the same thing, and saying the same thing, and in the same way.

So what makes you different from the crowd? What makes your prospects want to choose to work with you rather than anyone else?

The answer is you being your unique self! Not trying to fit in but rather not being afraid to stand out.

You are recognizing that you are something unique, and seeing the potential of what you have to offer.

You can demonstrate in your posture that you have what it takes, that you’re a serious player, that you’re a gifted leader, that you have value, that you have passion and a determination to succeed and can lead others to success as well.

If people believe in you and trust you, and if they love what you have to offer, they will want to invest in you and will want to work with you.

Napoleon Hill, the author Think And Grow Richsaid; “People buy your personality and ideas long before they buy your services”.

Click On The Video Below To See Why It Is Important To Have A Brand And A Brand Strategy. What Are You Communicating To The World? How Do You Want To Be Known?

YOU are the reason people come into your team, not your product or service-that’s a secondary decision. So don’t let your opportunity get in the way through over promotion.

Put yourself first. Let people discover who you are and what you personally have to offer and what value you give.

Invest in the most important brand – YOU – and you’ll see some great things happen in your business.

About Our Guest Blogger Ashley Woodhams:

guest blogger Ashley Woodhams

Ashley Woodhams has been involved in marketing and branding for over 20 years. His primary business is in Network Marketing and he has also successfully worked as a consultant with companies to help develop and implement marketing and branding strategies

For more on Ashley visit:

Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

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The Latest Changes In SEO…

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The Latest Changes In SEO… 

As of March 2012, Google has been making some SERIOUS changes when it comes to their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) algorithm. This change actually will change everything that we know about including how sites are now ranked and what the penalties will be.

changes in seo 2012

So here’s a quick overview of what’s to come and how you can prevent being penalized for it.

Changes in SEO (Penalties):

1)   Over optimizing a site/article – meaning you tag and hyper link the keyword consistently.

E.g. Adil Amarsi is an amazing copywriter.

If the keyword was Adil Amarsi and is constantly put as a hyper link, you will be penalized.

2)   Not having any social standing – if your site doesn’t have any or very little Social Standing then you will be in trouble.

This is a bad thing, because your search ranking will be determined by how viral your content is and how much people like what you write.

3)   Not using WordPress – Yep it’s official, Google proclaimed it’s love for WordPress as their favorite site for bloggers.

By doing so it makes your sites more customizable but more so helps the site get a higher ranking for it. Not to mention the social plugins on WordPress eliminate threat number 2.

Here’s how you can help yourself and make sure you’re safe.

1)   The over optimization of the site is quite bad but there is a way to get over it. 

This method actually includes creating hyperlinks but you have to do it correctly. Going back to our earlier example with the keyword “Adil Amarsi”. The way you would structure a sentence would be like this:

Adil Amarsi is an amazing copywriter and has done so much work for x and y clients. Copywriting Clients of Adil Amarsi”

As you can see the word “Copywriting Clients” before the keyword helps Google have the search ranking by seeming a little less optimized.

2)   By going viral you will definitely have yourself a new advantage. The best thing to do is utilize YouTube, Facebook & Twitter, as well as LinkedIn to make your site very sociable.

The best way to do this is by getting social plugins but more so using call to action buttons in your post and asking your readers to share your message. This is an awesome way to get people to syndicate your content.

Another way is to start using podcasts and having them link to your site and have people share them too.

This is something you NEED to be doing; it’s no longer a matter of “Gimmicks”. Rather a new way that Google has gone ahead and changed it’s algorithm, which can make it harder for former SEO masters.

Check out more articles and Internet marketing product reviews by Adil Amarsi at his main site – located here

About Our Guest Blogger Adil Amarsi:

guest blogger Adil Amarsi

Adil Amarsi is an internationally renowned copywriter and SEO expert. He has been working with some of the top experts in the fields of marketing (online and offline), dating, self-development and corporate businesses.

Connnect with me on Google+, FacebookTwitter and my Website.

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Book Review: Boost Your Google Ranking – New SEO Book Uses SEO Basics to Help Website Ranking

in Internet Marketing Guest Posts, Search Engine Optimization by Donna Saliter 2 Comments

Book Review: Boost Your Google Ranking – New SEO Book Uses SEO Basics to Help Website Ranking

book review boost google

I just read Andre Kibbe’s “Getting to Know SEO” book and I must say, if you need to boost your website ranking this book has a lot of great advice.

Kibbe begins by defining Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the best practice for earning a high place in Google ranking and other search engines. He then covers SEO basics, such as the concept of link building. Finally, he delves into a world of SEO advanced and walks you through the mathematical processes you can use with Google analytics and Excel to optimize your keywords and overall SEO.

In one of his most important points, Kibbe addresses the world of “Search Traffic vs. Social Traffic” (p. 8).

Using Social Traffic, you must stay relevant by constantly updating your social media profiles (up to several times a day) by posting, according to Kibbe. But with “Search Traffic,” a good search engine rank will remain on page one of Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, and other search engines’ search results. That’s IF Google’s algorithm keeps identifying it as a quality page. This is a pretty good reason to take SEO seriously.

“Getting to Know SEO” covers eight important topics including: The Importance of Keywords, On-Page Optimization, and Understanding Competition.

One of the biggest things I learned for my business was the concept of building inbound – or backlinks. which are links that lead from other web pages to yours. According to Kibbe, all page one web sites have in common a number of backlinks to their pages: “The ranking of any page is primarily determined by the quantity and quality of backlinks.” (p. 53) He really hits home the importance of backlinks and for that matter, the importance of each of the eight topics he covers.

Of course no powerful SEO book would leave the reader without teaching how to get backlinks to your web pages.

Guest posting and link networks are the most effective means to build inbound links, but there’s one key tip Kibbe gives that pertains to gaining links from authority sites. (Yes, you have to buy the SEO book to find out what that key is . And no, I’ve never met Andre Kibbe and don’t know who he is, col. I just heard about this book from colleague and WordPress expert, Sue Surdam of Artizon Digital.) Those inbound links hold the most weight in the Google ranking system.

Kibbe saves the “Competition” topic for last and advises SEO enthusiasts to keep your scope narrow: create a niche; segment the universe of prospects; utilize fewer rather than more keywords to attract a very specific audience.

He lays out a whole system that finds strong long-tail keywords, analyzes the keyword competition, shows you how to navigate Google AdWords’ Keyword Tool and gives you a few good tricks of the trade for using the tool. He discusses how to determine whether your page will end on page 1 of Google using PageRank and Exact Match Domains in a sweet mathematical formula. It was amazing to learn that I could even predict “keyword potentials” in an Excel spreadsheet!

One central theme throughout the e-Book presented SEO as a fluid process.

Today’s art of getting your website ranking high may change tomorrow. And you may experience failures in your SEO endeavors if your site gets de-indexed, or you lose Google ranking from page one. Kibbe offers suggestions on how to remedy potential problems and maintain quality content on your site. In the end, he offers links to SEO sites to keep on top of this very fluid subject. I was familiar with one of them – Search Engine Land – and follow them from my Facebook biz page.

All in all a great read for rookies and seasoned SEO pros alike. Lots of great tips and perspective give it a thumbs’ up from In Touch Promotions! If you’d like to read this and more good books on SEO and related topics, I’d go to Rockable Press:

About Our Guest Blogger Donna Saliter:

guest blogger donna saliter

Donna Saliter is the principal at In Touch Promotions, an email, digital, and social media marketing firm. She started the business in 2010 after spending 10 years in the nonprofit sector and 10 years working as sales and marketing manager, and later COO, of a family business. Donna has a Masters of Business Administration in e-business. She is a recipient of the 2010 SBDC Achiever’s Award and 2011 Constant Contact All Star Award.

Connnect with me on Google+, FacebookWebsite, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Constant Contact business parter.

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Social Media Marketing: Using Social Media For Businesses

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Social Media Marketing: Using Social Media For Businesses

Without a doubt, if you plan to build a business, whether it is online or offline, you should have some type of presence online. To do that, you should develop a presence in social media. Anyone who refuses to do so ends up struggling or may even go bankrupt. Even Coke, Pizza Hut, Oreo and other major companies have strong social media presence. The big guns are doing it and that’s huge proof on how using social media for businesses can make a big difference.
using social media for business

There are many good social media sites out there, but the 3 main ones, in my opinion are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. That’s what I’ll be talking about today. Using social media for businesses is not hard at all. It may be a bit time consuming at first and it takes a few things to keep in mind to get good and quick results.

It’s good to keep in mind that there are many social media sites, but to get results, the same concepts apply.

Tips On Using Social Media For Businesses:


It’s a must for anyone online who’s trying to build credibility and a brand to be on Facebook. If you’re not, then it’s not too late to get on. You don’t need to be an expert to monetize Facebook. As long as you take time to get a hang of it, you’ll feel the power of using social media for businesses with Facebook alone.

• The key is to build relationships - Don’t sell to people. They don’t get on Facebook to buy. They get on to connect and build relationships. People just hate it when someone tries to spam or sell them something.

• Have a personal profile - It’s important to be yourself. Don’t lie, pretend or hide. Have a real profile picture with a nice cover photo and fill up your “About Me” and the other important info. Whenever you accept a new friend request, send out a message and introduce yourself.

• Have a Fan Page - It’s good to have a nice eye catching profile picture and have a nice cover photo. Provide value, be entertaining, and be social. A Fan Page is a great way to build your brand and credibility. You can also install a capture page so you could generate leads in the process. Consistently share content, comment on other fan pages, and entertain people. Share funny videos, blog posts, articles, and make status updates. You’ll gain a massive following and get way more engagement doing this.

• Have a group - It’s a great way to stay in touch with our community. A group is where everyone interacts and shares value. What I did is created a group where everyone in the same company as I am in is added.  We share our blog posts and the community will comment on share each other’s posts for more exposure. Build a good cause and people will thank and recognize you for it.

• Advertise - Facebook is a great place to advertise. It’s become a great advantage for businesses and home business owners to advertise on Facebook. You can use your fan page and get likes and leads or use a custom capture page just for leads. Again, your offer should not be about selling. Instead, let people know how you can help them and what they will get if they opt-in. It would be nice to give something for free like an e-book or a bootcamp series.

You may be saying “that’s it?”. Well… yeah. It doesn’t take much to start making money. It just takes a bit of time. Some people get impatient and fail, some don’t. It’s all up to you.

Like I said “Using social media for businesses is not hard at all.”

For Twitter:

This won’t be as long as Facebook. Once you here doing business with Twitter you may be thinking “oh crap I need 5000 or more followers and I’ll be a millionaire.” Sorry, but that’s not true. Quantity cannot be compared to laser-targeted quality. If you’re a celebrity, than the more followers, the better, but if you’re just an online marketer, you can have 5000 followers but they don’t even care or know you. It’s better to have 100 laser-targeted fans who know and respect you. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get followers though. You can get laser-targeted quality followers at Just sign up and make an account and follow away. Once you have followers, share valuable content, spend at least 20-30 minutes reading other people’s content, retweet and thank them. Just like Facebook, be entertaining, social and informative.

As always, anyone using social media for businesses, it’s a must to be a real person. Always have a profile picture, your short bio, and your website.

For LinkedIn:

You don’t have to be in a suit to look good on LinkedIn. Just be yourself. Fill out your profile with your information and again, have a real picture of you. Whenever you get a new invitation to connect, send out a short message, and introduce yourself. Not many do this on LinkedIn so people will get surprised and will most likely build a good first impression on you. Join certain groups that are within your niche. Make friends and interact in those groups. The more you do this, the more exposure you will get and the more people will trust you. Also just like any other social network, share valuable content.

It’s always a “MUST” to be informative, entertaining and social. That’s what drives people to share the content around. That’s where the power of using social media for businesses will start showing.

Here’s a quick video from Gary Vaynerchuck about using social media for businesses. It’s powerful, people. Keep that in mind.

There you go. Using social media for businesses is not hard to do. In fact, all it takes to become a social media icon is to master the basics and consistently apply them to gain credibility, trust, rapport and a following.

About Our Guest Blogger Pj Zafra:

guest blogger PJ Zafra

I’m Pj Zafra. I’m a 20-year-old full-time online marketer. I decided to screw college and pursue something more meaningful in my life and that is to pursue my passions. Best decision ever! I partnered up with my Dad and we came to form “The Zafra Group”. This is my 1st year marketing online. I’m living and loving every second of it! 

Make sure you drop by and check out our website 

Connnect with me on FacebookFacebook Fan PageYoutubeLinkedin, and Google Plus

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